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[000:00:00;00] a ah ah, yeah, she's a registered green either use this done on a posterior composite vehicle. we need to give a give me a call when you hear doorstep. because when you're gone,
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it certainly agree with don't just on that because all emilio with no you know, great a vehicle, not with, with, of kind of why he, why not? you throw you away. now i'm frederick is stein you. why not she she away. not. i will be can leave the key or someone grandma me, he thought it will not. my name is will sheila, you not when you come, daniel? let the bill of the session run the solution but the most to see you park you h. it will not, the key is a family a and you never style. a december 2013. the los peaceful year in the history of the united ukraine is coming to an end. the year and my dance movement is gaining momentum in key protons to
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pump by the government's decision to suspend the signing of the association agreement with the european union. oh yes or so like you do, you'll see here for just you work with what you all are showing all those cooper. if you see run the book we may done and they'll show up as well. senior column tissue i left no bottom jojo store. we will, it will get the player with the us that she can will, you know, we are still, but he could get a little i'm with some of my daughter. i name, i knew bullets initially. i knew 1000000 a. we'll see it already. so i don't jack
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so oh oh oh oh, i'm with junction for the if there's a song going from eastern manuscript bonus released on my wearing a dozen bicycle dice 1st, cuz i don't go anywhere along some units proportional made on which assuming there's renewal was reason knowingly as a new model such as animal noble spring would stretch you all stop away and i'm looking for this one was withdrawn notion of law. my me,
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i'm not show up here some which she will your most less much companion the most effective to join the production. i never speak agreement partition. you jacob, who used to move moving problem or is it the worst of which you are so use most in your 1st and you will get a couple, but you will see if, because i'm, i was up on the other one, you still with my mac and you still green switch start and you would if the media with the new portfolio, you know that the renewable shirley, my last the july you into grad school. but i just said i was on the list and somebody was nuclear was, which probably would prefer because on the shilling you're going the grains of going to show you a new one using sure no one you don't need that boy,
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unless you're watched. isn't showing leaders and rank and file members of nationalist organizations admit they had been preparing for violent st. riots long before the protests and gulf key leaders and, but supposedly it still believes nathan scott has also put the green, the number of all this he can lose. but i don't much cool acumen will grow cream school creditors when actually born into. so it says 40 greens, which other greens come all the some will not really off ticket and there's a warning boy on commission. yes, i told him to put on your response to live. so you install an addition in solar layer given the window could keep from where you know, how to keep,
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stay on the the yellow green scheme for money seals, e noise. not sure. napoleon bu a junior may on the eve record to greenly up on, but i'm still here for a little while most furthermore, with some of the chill, it actually put us the edge of less, don't put it in the store in the proceeds, give me a call at the
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draw you need to use do you get the book up a new mattress up with the the new molecule. our dealership can look much you are using your style. yes. move with it. all right you she knew all of us and of us talk. i don't bustle, justice will up those 2 is you need to us among most new solution, not national union. you would just need to switch what disease most of somebody is, but the sufficient, you like somebody on my mind, we shuttle prescription we didn't was what the general dumbly cheat? well done with the tone of julia. all last. my story here. evil, different years,
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which is seen it was michelle and i hello, this is a 2 ancient kentoria resident alien road. we missed those 2 night useful optional stories. lucius lu was from police to keep us they had left was she let us back with you? go was still grading morley and just generated you, but i wish only to go on with it. or she just li from wish i was just a, she was totally study shasky new guy. you know, you're going to communicate there's about the, what he's union with the boy that with v lease with us, which is for grades for drip up because the worse than we was at, i bought them, we mean probably will protest on years up on the because you're going to do with this, the use of can put them a believe it was an acre. and we sure john mitchell by discourse was widely with and you made them and you bring a point to field,
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enter grassy until it those because it's the worst possible anybody or anybody. keep in mind, mind surgically, maybe at the low promotion list or view a voice when you, when you do business with you to a mass on the features with the scratch. wally east. oh michel, a little juice lane down. lynch. my down daily. says go. it was so big to go on to be it would be teach all. so please, you know, i'm, i mean a scholastic governance co conflict from this. you want to call the store and you put us, but it will be watching, right to play. ah, ah, a little good, nancy little, or hillary, this is feeling a little like this. she's with really little do with that show lip. you spoke
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little vio up. don't you to sell? ah, it was today shows when you talk up, but you will see on yes, but he'd say i spoke with you to do what you scared and thought c. a with the world is with you. america is with you. i'm
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with . we believe there is activity initials up i believe i need to keep us. we need your i was calling us from dollars per digital. my land records show color was loading your question more with when you came in yet. sure. your paperwork was calling about an issue with almost which is to shoot you a list for disk was up. ah yeah. look on your bill with almost a 1000000 lee and you talk a could tell you more toys,
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shop tolan. you brute joke are still you said 2 bytes. so said the usa usa thrust upon that, but the ha will oppose unused this. i know what you need from you so much conflict thursdays. what they'll see me ask you what was spoken. you are just blue sharks. putting in fulton and horse village, i will live with you. little companion for bullets, foolish with when i 1st. yep. came up. i called chris over in used cars, austell with a sala. jim schnell, is my done a lot of studies or isn't gonna cut the pro, what got said, she did not put enough law, especially in the super libya, was for potential. so be external with
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pohden is the aggressor today. i'm authorizing additional strong sanctions today. russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing. i think. yeah. switch us list of course renewed as you speak on the bill in your senior, mostly mine the wish you were banding all imports of russian oil and gas. new g, i g with the literature with joe by imposing these sanctions on russia. you has destroyed the american economy, so there's your boomerang blue needs to come to the russians state will never be as tight as i phone,
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and the nurse 19 div asking him then i can also send up, i think with will ban in the european union. the kremlin ca, yep, machine. the state aren't russia for date and r t spoke neck. even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with
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ah ah concert you cut out much in what happened to the order in order ocean tom reducer and then why don't you butch multiple don't wish to do more for the ball so sure, the blue process, the yeah, yeah, and you couldn't bring in. well, the done much release to stop. i mean, you know,
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i'll just go to relish when you're welcome just to prince bill to charles fall. nobody called up. i'm still still play with them or do you do them somewhere? total bill of the $100.00, you know, so you can proceed. you knew this was i'm sure side quality bought a new you will with here we go to somebody with the radicalization of my down is proceeding apace with barricades appearing all over central key. my dan, self defense activists seize and control government buildings. confrontations with the police. a new mir skirmishes any more. real battles are ranging in the city streets, protested wheels, iron bars, improvised batten's, stones, and stacks of molotov cocktails. i
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a with ah, journalist ruslan cut saba covered the events on my down in 2014. he saw what was happening in the center of cape with his own eyes, and is still trying to understand who was interested in keeping my down going. and why this is, who would you go to it?
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or would you mind if you in seattle and i knew if they didn't get pretty young of thomas it hooked up with you really got hope. copays got him. you talk to him, go up. it was rymer so push neither. when was why did with improvement? you lose you miss i'm is, is really beside me to bring this money. bretheren is a what between the awesome of short a history of mr. sla for the system shows christina to said no abuse of the wilder . the one of the more dinners, more jojo harsh from cuz i'm over. i'm a holler what i'm hopeless. oh i see i'm with. 6 a. 6 russian government on uber not got us. washington, gopro, chicago auto shops renewals on the webpage and jump emilio and we should airline.
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yep. yeah. use la. oh, alex on dakota. kolowski was one of the commanders of the ukrainian security services alpha group in jeanette's. he was regularly sent to keep on detach service and was well aware of the situation in the protest, written streets by february 2014. the situation on my dan had escalated seriously from albany. me. everything else i was in was it was doing a lot. so nothing to bring him up on the new, the new model that was there for them, the last name which you move in with you and you will be finals. and, and you know, like i said, if you see the modem, which is a little more me a little later than couple paula, no more than proof of birth. meanwhile, i wasn't sure that she was never up. there was no problem. i went to the with you and you mentioned that you sent, but he let them go google chrome, you do that. you would go to them, but once you go mutual,
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so when you which was just for you to go for a couple of them. would you much we could keep them dealer to a proposal, but yeah, we do you to work with so boy at the promotional, but i'm still e, so pissing them to ship when you want to shoot it's gyla cereals. and so communion with them. i just returned with
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someone to go on with him. let's do it last they'd. what's up there? what are natural in store for some us, for food, and i want to show us about bug, you buy the lose. you said, be external. put stu should like issue a problem, but you know what? so what you slow postal carlo. my name is shola sh, glued shut q g. so it will be right with that. but just to shut it down, we're still probably out as a new student or leave me a good chalet. renew as i did last year of school by the state, always told me and just look up. i just wish you use a gym,
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a choice. this report interesting little when you got then you learned paul, go don't studies, he has this, but it could. you look what it could you, bravo, b as opposed to marcia ocheskey a little would you she, you know, glass you clue g is just believe it on my down. tumble onto my them. you put out there or you know, to shut up just me body of the most affordable look when you might, before the thought of the movie. good. just go with people double folk. lavinia look a diesel to put your america was a thought it was yesterday. i was, it's, i know i got up, i'm crazy. like ask him, can we get those? you know, you know what you like a feel we think talked about on the 20 and you see shift even goes yes, but she them the begin the a stroke. it, judy, i'm the as if a probably night
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with justin's village. just cuz i g up a polasta more to produce 2 zeros in the middle school. oh for store. good. i think so let's go in for them to look a lot less. go across up and y'all are still a sequential. so the because i'm not sure ro will stop and help much took a blue. i'm not the one that you find out my dear, but can you please again, what's to by with key nose up on the let's look at move seals are you still
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a nuclear? you know, what else with a girl, with your sense akila, a yellowish bushel and all still kept as you'd say. but this all this, i'm wondering, you know, subsidize this or washington and you put yourself emphasizes reason, you know, core issue digital friendly a deal with that music or with some stuff is still school as a cultural issue go spoke with becky prestige, which makes me she is not the number of cars are still greens come or what the numbers because i was unable. who's doing this? i'm simple, simple machine. you're a models, music you can keep in with voice show like my senior got to probably be at the new cleans gulick. i'm bull, i would, she still couldn't go for the desktops,
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no guns. can you then use jewish being able to continue to wait, not communicate with each other. my name is emma flushing. your question was that she didn't want to speak when they use it for our school. why wouldn't you be able to see what's been going? so we started that kind of that was appointed to store a key business issue. you will not feel free to move. i use cuz it will not be whirlpool, nominalism, promotions, i use when you live live. i see it because you should continue to be able to say yes or from that will to put the push to place you a few. michelle, it was michelle, which is a huge it as well. whiskey was little somewhat of a snooze off and there you go. so just try to talk to command on america. yeah, it was a of the saucy shalysea beaumont from cal 1st on us. so what,
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what are the of these thoughts see will not work usually with car a can, you will be with me at garza, with a show bull. but i would say to one a master's up a little green at austin nationalist with the southern bias here at the coast credit the post on and you computer williams. i was still capital interested. dillard, an up with your token. just shoot a disc, the missile? sure. talk is sure. is there something up? would you wanna book a plugin? mm. usa usa. i bounce up is the cable with somebody at cooper slow them the receipt for ski. it was or lady or looks for this forest for, or you will think of a, should i leave us with us? frankly, there all the former were worse temperatures. lower digits are. lucille is
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a new president. i mentioned you me with ah, western politicians and their pliant media have a single and terrifying message if russia is allowed to survive than democracy in the west itself will cease to exist. apparently we live in the most existential of times. in reality,
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the west is destroying the world order it made for is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way? or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true wharf is great in the world corrupted. you need to descend so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah
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ah ah . oh when i was showing wrong, when i just don't hold any world to shape out this day becomes the advocate and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground.
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ah, with the russian president, comments on allegations of russian war crimes in ukrainian town of boucher dismissing them as faith as the west pledges and new sanctions over civilian death . with some officials calling on the colds to apportion blame around. 1000 ukrainian marines reportedly surrendered the russian by done yet with public forces in mo, you pull a suspected members of nationalist battalions, apparently tried to flee the battle ground. r t follows russian troops is a fine suspected vices. here is one such suspect. he was found apparently sneaking me a nationalist position. she is most likely fighters here tell us


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