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has destroyed the american economy, so there is a boomerang who newly as all battalion, reportedly on the brink of defeats in the besieged, ukrainian city of murder, you poll, we take a closer look at the house. i'm in the west, appraising the ukrainian unit. despite that neo nazi background on this by thing in murder, you pull is focused on the city deal with some residents hope of finding their relative to they haven't heard from in weeks. there's a stock in the besieged city here, which is a bond over in pakistan, ousted prime minister in wrong con, launch is a campaign to mobilize his supporters on the streets, demanding new elections,
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the could return him to power. ah, moscow to the world. this is our international. i'm peter scott. and these are the top stories this our the russian defense minister says the pole in the besieged, ukrainian city of marty. you. paul is under the control of russian lead forces. that's following intense battles with fighters, from the nationalist as the battalion. its other to all hostages, including foreign nationals, allegedly held by other fighters in the ports and surrounding ships had been released, remaining units of the other battalion of apparently been surrounded on, prevented from retreating. the former paramilitary units, which since 2014 is been a part of ukrainian military as featured prominently in the media. as ortiz, donal quarter explains. not long ago, westerners were mostly in agreement that the neo nazi as a battalion was horrific. after all,
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who wouldn't be upset with statements like this one? the ukranian nations mission is to lead the white races of the world in a final crusade against semi lead under mention. that was a quote from andre bill etzky, one of as of founders and its 1st commander in 2014. he was elected to parliament and served for 5 years despite the whole country. knowing that he founded not only patriots of ukraine, but also the social national assembly. these were 2 neo nazi organizations that became known for attacks on ukrainian minority groups around the same time as all was integrated into the national guard making ukraine. the only country in the world to have neo nazi regiments in the official armed forces and president vladimir zelinski still doesn't seem to lose any sleep over that age off battalion that is said to be nazi affiliated organization, operating as a militia in your country said to be committing their own atrocities. i was one of
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those many battalions key of what they are, what they are in 2018 as off sister organization called national drew gina was rolled out and it became a modern equivalent to hitler's brown shirts and pledged undying loyalty to bull. etzky wasn't long before they also began to terrorize ukraine's minority populations. the drew gina quickly distinguished itself by carrying out to graham's against the roman and l. g. b t organizations and storming a municipal council. earlier this year, g of announced a neo nazi unit will be monitoring polls in next month, presidential election, ukraine's former interior minister and close friend of bl, etzky quickly gave national regina his full support. while the growing piles of human rights abuses began to grow even faster, a man with a mental disability was subject to cruel treatment, rape, and other forms of sexual violence by 8 to 10 members of the as of and don bass battalions in august, september 2014 a resident of mary you, paul,
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was detained by 3 service men of the as of battalion. he was continuously interrogated and tortured. he complained about being handcuffed to a metal rod and left hanging on it. he was reportedly tortured with electricity abductions, robberies, extortionate executions. amnesty international pleaded with key of to get a leash on its neo nazis, but to no avail. in 2018, the u. s. ban sending weapons to the eyes of battalion. but as a national guard unit, it could still receive military aid intended for the ukrainian government. a year later, u. s. democrats tried to add it to the country's list of foreign terror organizations, but yet again, they failed. it's clear that the threat we face today is of a self radicalized gunman. somebody who has been radicalized online. whether it's in accordance with g haughty ideology or a global white nationalist, neo nazi group. take a look at the tactics of the ukrainian military and isis,
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for example, you'd be hard pressed to tell them apart. human shields, torture prisoner executions the new york times, which typically tries to whitewash the crimes of these neo nazi regiments, even verified. one of the many videos portraying them on the internet as undoubtedly authentic his to life film these marauders look, he still alive, his gasping. a man says as a russian soldier with a jacket pulled over his head, apparently wounded is seen still breathing. a soldier then shoots the man twice after the man keeps moving. the soldier shoots him again and he stops. and the minute russia steps in saying it actually wants to put an end to these injustices that people have complained about for so many years. all of the sudden neo nazis are given a free pass for the time being. we're making a narrow exception for praise of the as of regiment strictly in the context of defending ukraine or in their role as part of the ukraine national guard. to many
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in the west neo nazis have become nationalists. war criminals have become patriots . how easily people have put 8 years of crimes and terror out of sight and out of mind, just to stick it to russia. we heard from geopolitical analyst and for me, us marie and brian bella tech who told us that western power is used as a battalion for their own purposes. i think that they had always tried to use as obs battalion and other groups like it for their own ends. but they weren't very open about it. the incorporation of as off and other groups like it into ukraine's armed forces. i think it says a lot about the type of direction that you wanted to put ukraine into. i think that they they helped encourage that as off and other groups have been the beneficiaries of as you said, weapons and training provided by the west. and so, yeah, it's
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a way of trying to normalize it. and paper over the fact that you, you have actual, not the organizations in ukraine that are part of ukraine's official armed forces are not paramilitary. they are gangs, they're actually part of the military. this is just them trying to normalize it and paper over it. on this bustles rage on around the city steel plants, residents of murder, you will continue to suffer from food and water shortages life in areas free of 500 . these some. com humanitarian 80. that last reaching the area. all right guys, the reports now you the weather here in maryville has taken a turn for the worse. nevertheless, there are hundreds of people here all waiting to receive poets permits to walk around the city. they've come here with their documents, with various identification, to get these plummets that check the,
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the people who submit these documents up. i actually the individuals written in them and they need these permits to avoid any misunderstandings. we must bear in mind that fighting still rages in my removal this baby one of the liberated areas, but it is still dangerous until avoid any misunderstanding. people here get these permit. you can probably tell by the state of mary, you pull that many people are having trouble with the documents that they've lost them, but did the files and the fighting with we're carrying out a population census issuing people passes so they can move around the city. some documents always survive, we're using that. but even if people have no papers, their relatives can come to confirm their identity. understandably, there of course difficulties getting a city of running the size of mary you pulled from scratch from from the wreckage in the ruins of the cities. currently in is is a difficult task. everyone must be clothed. everyone must be fed kept warm. that is
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in of itself difficult, but getting everyone papers giving out papers, checking people's identities, especially given that people he are still in shock as still terrified from the ordeal that they have to go through. and the treatment that they received from ukrainian nationalists, we've all heard that testimony. the entire population of mary apple was held hostage. ukrainian nationalists would shoot at any one trying to flee. the world hasn't seen the like since isis jihadist held hundreds of thousands as human shields in mo, self. what time it was shorter marana of nathan afternoon, opportunity for you to proceed with my younger williams from navy to let you know career opportunities for julian wagner to move from our deliver it in through from dr to look. does a source from with them really?
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mostly for criteria. i did a coil, you put renewable fluid of new content to move, not by within aking at the closing program, yet when it nip shout, every one here went through this. each and every one of them has their own horror story. but some haven't ended. yes. so you'd want to fed neosha, son get hold of ebony. you holla, is they, you know, look, hostile is no papa. so i was just all, i, you know what? it's on as a sax. good. here it is you lou did the driver who did as a stance gaily sick look if the measured the more when use brush of i don't i ve gilmore, but you shook up to see what your wish is. children skita. sh gets every year which give wish that as supposedly at your 1st dollar dues. at the moment i had to get them to immediately go to them for them to look to some of our voices teachable in his muscles. nadine said,
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eat him with people from all over the world, have reached out seeking news of family and friends trapped in mary. you both these lists and permits being compiled, thou will help them. or i'd guys d a r t for mario, but it's been revealed. the u. s. has officially resettled just 12 ukrainian refugees of the past month. not just by president biden's pledge. jamar strike said as many as 100000 ukrainians into the country, citing the need for family unions. ortiz, rachel blevins, looks at the gap between the promises made and the reality on the ground. the binding ministrations promise that the us would accept 100000 ukrainian refugees certainly has not become a reality with the latest data showing that just 12 ukrainian were accepted through the united states official refugee program. now the white house is putting the
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blame on the us legal system as the department of homeland security reveals that nearly 3000 ukrainians crossed over into the united states through the us mexico border. so the question then becomes, is the, by an administration planning anything to maybe get it a little bit closer to the goal that it set for itself. while reports are saying that they are looking at some sort of a parole program where refugees would be able to come into the country as long as they have sponsors here in the us. and already advocate through refugees or raising concerns about that kind of a program, noting that it would keep refugees from getting access to certain benefits and protection. they are inventing this new approach to parole, which provides no security, no safety net. and so that's worrying and leaves the applicant at the mercy of the backlog and broken asylum system if they want to stay here permanently. meanwhile, thousands of refugees who are not ukrainian are raising their frustrations and
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concern as they are trying to gain access to the u. s, and they're fleeing violence from their home countries in latin america. and there's all kinds as the us border patrol has already predicted that there would be a record breaking surge of migrants looking to cross over the us mexico border the spring. i think we also did you have the opportunity to cross the border they should let us in because we're also fleeing. it's different what we're running from, but it's still a war, a war against gangs, given that ukrainian refugees aren't the ones benefiting from u. s. involvement in their country, the question then becomes, well, who is and in order to find that answer, we just have to over to the pentagon, where reportedly they are hosting the leaders from the top a u. s. weapons manufacturers on wednesday, for a meeting where the main subject is making sure that ukraine is supplied with weapons and ready for war for years and years to come. so it appears as though once
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again, those who aim to benefit off of this complex are the ones who the u. s. government is listening to the people who have the most interesting influence in the direction of the coverage are weapons makers. they have the most direct financial stake in the way we cover issues of war and peace. unfortunately, they are interested in more war and less peace when it comes to the mainstream media. their coverage here is not much different. for example, if we look at former ca, director turn defense secretary leon panetta, he used one of his many, many recent appearances on the and then to talk about how the u. s. just is not sending ukraine and the weapon and that no point or that mention. and that i also reportedly has ties to raytheon, which is one of the largest defense contractors here in the u. s. and yet with all of this, talk about the need for the u. s. decide more weapons ukraine. it never is mentioned that this trend of supplying weapons do
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a country only leads to instability and chaos, which then creates more refugees. this is u. s. policy always to make great promises and come to nothing when it comes to the people themselves. so with millions of refugees, once again, us policy is to give assistance to almost none of them and is calling on his supporters to take to the streets throughout the country and a bid to force fresh elections. oh, my fellow brave pakistanis. we don't accept the shameless government, i assure you, until this government announces new elections. we will stay on the streets and continue protesting. you have a big responsibility and you don't bow down to any one. you don't bow down to superpower. whether i am elected in government or in opposition, i will not allow my nation to participate in other countries was well,
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that address we just heard was reportedly delivered to tens of thousands of people . it comes after a similarly large protests were held in a bid to topple him. the ostrich prime ministers slammed those processed during his last days in power saying they were orchestrated by the us in a plot. so asked him that is something that the white house has denied. the newly appointed government alleges they've inherited an economic mess falling cons leadership. one early response to that has been to restart talks with the international monetary fund over re paying a bailout. those talks which did stall during cons tenure. we spoke with an international lawyer and geopolitical analyst, who said that many supports the former prime minister and feel the crisis cannot be blamed solely on him. i don't think this is a fair assessment of the situation that a stay in 2018 when yvonne fun office, he had to get a broken economy when he leaves the country, he has done
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a few things in the mean, the development of the economy so i think it's unfair to leave it on for that and you know, i believe the large a big country is going to be very divided would be a limited support. government is looking at a united states. people of august are not really behind the prime minister because they feel that there is a conspiracy. that is our 1st thing that is happening in the country. this is forced reading, have been for their eyes. this is of black me and therefore even more gone. they will not give these people to you is to provide financial aid to north african countries. a mid a few crisis has been exacerbated by the war ukraine,
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as well as sanctions against russia. multiple countries in the region have closed trade size with russia, which they used to see as a challenge to its influence. un sexy general laid by the challenges of surgeon commodity prices. 36 countries count on russia and ukraine for more than half of their within ports, including some of the poorest and most vulnerable countries of the world. and prices was already on the rise, but the war has made a bad situation far worse. which is the world's largest, we'd supply under major producer fertilizers. egypt receives around half of its impulse from russia, another 30 percent from ukraine. moscow claims a few crisis is due to sanctions, while they use top. diplomats, your said burrell alleges moscow is attacking ukraine's wheat storage and ports. political analyst, lawrence freeman says that the west is concerned with africa's interests because
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they are to blame. the idea that you be sanctioning russia, which is a major reproduce, are obviously exporting trading in wheat is going to be severely reduced if not eliminated due to the financial sanctions. and this is an issue that's been raised now by the west, but it really has not been a great concern in for the last several decades. and that's where it has to be corrected is. so africa has to become self sufficient in food production. is a massive food shortage throughout the world. prior to the comfort rushing creek, they were tens of millions of africans facing food insecurity. this crisis did not just developed in the last month. this has been developing and
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stay on the recently conditions for the last several years. european union and united states in the west, in general, have their do not have a policy for developing africa as western countries look faults. and it says, the rushing gas, one option is algeria, which of course is geographically close to europe, where relations between algeria and some western states are not always straightforward. as all the sha davinsky explains. well, let you look east towards ukraine in the war there. it's a way that it needs to keep its eyes on other issues bubbling up to joseph burrell . the books, foreign affairs chief recently hinted concerns in africa. now, while he specifically mentioned molly, there is another african nation that could be problematic. algeria,
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ah, that standoff over western sahara could be a pilot to have. why did geo political ramifications? what's happened is that spain has moved much closer to morocco's position on western sahara. this is seen in algiers as being a threat if not a liquidation of the right of the people of western sahara to so the termination under the leadership, apollo, sorry. and then as noted, you've had the resurgence of hard right forces with in spain. and so i think it's
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fair to say that in terms of islam of phobia that it's depths or probably deeper in terms of having deeper roots in spain and in france, believe it or not. because keep in mind that arab and muslim forces rule spain, or for hundreds of years. and that rule is, has not been forgotten as part of traditional contemporary spanish fork. more and algeria takes that quite seriously as well. they should tensions have risen further in recent weeks with spain. just doing a massive you tune now for years winter, it has supported a un sponsored referendum to settle the issues over this disputed territory of the western sahara. now it's chosen site, spain considers the autonomy initiative presented by morocco in 2007 is the most serious, realistic, incredible basis for resolving the dispute that apparently went down like
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a lead balloon in algiers. gas pump from algeria to spain has been lowering in recent years, but in 2021 it's still made up around 43 percent of imports. while g is isn't likely to turn off the taps. it has suggested that prices could change spain's position on the western sahara also brings a scene line with washington. under donald trump, a deal was struck to recognize morocco's claim on region. in return from normalizing relations with israel and applied in the white house is now pushing algeria to also think hard about if feature washington has a very long number. and even though there are those who might have forgotten the time, and algeria opened its doors to the black mountain party of the united states of america,
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i can assure you that washington has not forgotten. washington has not forgotten that at one time algeria in terms of a title was recent book was considered capital of the 3rd world. that is to say, algeria was seen as a militant exemplar of arab nationalism, a militant explorer about her of nationalism that was quite friendly to the palestine liberation organization, and indeed, is still friendly to the palestinian resistance. and i think that all of these fat hers tend to complicate relations between washington and algeria. and i don't think that's going away any time soon as the e. u is looking to reduce russian energy imports. algeria could be the perfect ally, it's geographically close. it already has pipelines running to spain, and it's thought to have fairly vast energy reserves. but it may not be that simple
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. recent policy brief by the european council warned that european leaders seem to be unwilling to stand up to moroccan demands. and in doing so, are seeing that credibility being undermined in algeria. so unless the block can find and then maintain that very tricky balanced plans to substitute some russian for algerian energy could be nothing but a pipe dream. tele g belsky aussie paris president joe biden has condemned russia's actions in ukraine as genocide. he also once again blamed the u. s. cost of living crisis on the russian leader. your family project, your boy. fill up your jack. not over, should he and john, are there a dictator? declares war commit genocide, half a world away. yes, i called genocide has become clear, clear recruiters are trying to write about the idea of the baby friend biden as in
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shied away from condemning russia's actions in ukraine in increasingly strong terms . lay being the russian leader, a war criminal. last month, the sentiment was echoed by canadian prime minister, just intruder who agreed that genocide was inappropriate label. germany's olaf sholtes has avoided escalating record rhetoric with president micron, also cautioning against using that word. i would be careful with such terms today because these 2 peoples brothers, it's madness. what's happening today is unbelievable. brutality unreturned. to warn you, i want to continue to try the utmost to be able to stop the war and restore peace. earlier we spoke with a former us force me to try to tension away from domestic history is very intelligent and sophisticated. it biden is none of those things. ok, he has no history or he doesn't remember. and so he has definitely by his
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reservation, so to speak. it's important to know where use this term and he was addressing a union, a local, where he was talking to port. what's left of it for kind of been a campaign that is looking not at you can't even if the economy he is looking at what's happening in november, the mid term elections for congress. it's not looking good for the democrats and biden is doing what he can to kind of excite his base. and i think that's really why he's using that term with one of the terms that's coming out of the white house and has been for several weeks now. is the, the putin gas height, i think he's calling it, he's blaming high gas prices here in america, on putin, in his, in the invasion of ukraine. not on any of the things that he's done, even though of course, you know, our economy is not in good shape and gas prices have been rising for a long time. but he is,
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he is seeking to shift the blame on what's going on in ukraine. well, that's all for this are more stories and in depth analysis. do head over to r t dot com as well as our social media channels and i'll tell the drum account and also for me peter scott's on it was great to have you with us. thank you. ah l look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence and the point obviously is to create trust rather than fear a various job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with
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a robot must protect its own existence with.


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