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ah ah ah ah a ah oh is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation or community?
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are you going the right way or are you being led to direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. you will see it's a laboratory or supposedly reco, gracie, but you will see i need to. i was here to was in time with abilities for those to go go raise issue in the global measures. alicia menu me 0 is just the concern that you do at the bull cheese to break things just to about to want us to show come back to by logical experiments on. so just employ a union use boys also dionisio to
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with with
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them or do i didn't roger my so, but i was english come in a model j e n n e he mitchell. nobody's uber. brothers. louis. that was a billing. although atlanta medium moving your niece teaching in the loop of she will need to be able to pull the washtub there that i will get or must so but our senior us no one on the back. the either probably the local guys. she said i'm pushing yes. you could just go forward until you've been done about that. we should be, i like decreased or not. probably not anybody else to know what you prosecute it in that order. what are we sure what i see here? nobody tells me but so, but it's a small one, then the sum of all is a bit you my
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a little so bullock of course you wouldn't have to spell is used in muscle a to bill you scared was it was, this was also easy for me was, or the city was next me, she you, which is a complete i was a very familiar to me. you lead social boss, me religious d and, but they knew me what boss knew. you mean fiancee lives with that. it's why the stuff, you know, bring me a minute let's you only a moment to talk to him in age, but then you have a nice guy to know a g step of school, usually a time and we'll get the see done. come, can you tell me which,
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but again we can use one vehicle so much they do more with cookie cutter. more is that over at louey? it was a celebration each for sure. right. your billing if scuttled on us. i want to lose a pretty me i live in a police or medical, but it was, it was one we have a piece of when a good she's when they gave me it was a little bit to live nichols focused on medicaid number is no. alicia. yes. when you start to listen to go the bathroom will go to the dealer. i did, but in the mid, in those that are on the door, when i left so immediately when you, me a minute to get that zip code. horrible. still to the sure and wish you would it be something that you did put it and because co contingent by going to what is proposed to bill, you just go out or re issue in it for the sport and i grant you fantastic. across the globe, that was
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a disposable. it's been a fuel door. did she feel good or smarter with was more than what you aren't opinion . you need to like if you go over here for me and use for severe scales with kentoria both are still of these more reason to put it on, but it is all and if there were a sober past nielsen by, you know what, you love your car is brand new julia said you for, for my old or her shift on the couch, the stuff exclusive, so by no actually, no more than a month due to the sports in your home sports. if it is possible, the staff can, you will, will with some a present for the business. another bill you go to us, which is the new physical solution. you go cuz if you sit on a little food here, put in your bill, are you still with as always a publishing?
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yeah. i knew when you the number. yes. the good you store. yeah. are you balls go for that is dealing with one pulls guy to me, you put them shortly. yes, no. the the other on a roku special i knew the abuse boys over the there's a new about a new position. i believe that from sniffs the degree of medical unit 731 was established in 1932, thousands of people, almost the present chinese and the 3rd russians became rule material. the subjects when treated as human beings and were referred to as logs. they were infected with cholera, typhoid, anthrax and clay pathogens. people were cut open alive and dismembered. women were raped and after they got pregnant, infected with syphilis and gonorrhea, they were still alive when their stomachs were cut open and the fetus was pulled out to see what changes had taken place. the victims were completely drained of
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blood and all this was done to create biological weapons, prepay, penal gibbon, rug, chattanooga, russia, korea, annella's. i do diagnose you with information about how many people unit 731, kill varies. some sources, say 5000. now those would that figure at twice that number sam danielle genuine in pneumonia, a bachelor company, so both of them will nonlinear because i use the annuity just to weaken that was more or less, but in union yet leniently. won't let anyone luca in consider well in the civil moment. yeah, thank you there at the bottom all a few, few in the north of phillip. how does that a mouth, elizabeth feel? pretty manella sit in a bertha more miserable. so hold on for you. still in your bill, you skirt over the years, 3 of them the parole in the middle floor in the used in luscious alicia menu,
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missouri was this, put them so, but get it here unless you move super good. it was mailing. you just get a little of but he is gonna order him must. so what i was doing, yeah, you should be should do it. so the website build them. good though, even though doug i will agree shooting is will not only put up our cool. i was a pretty she nice you mean? yeah, nice silly tip loosely at the, about the with amy i was on not. what did you guys he knew any meals on. i mean, it comes to movies, name, you know, get out of your free meals, mostly on us by the sale school say you will go to was yeah, it will credit you mostly in your state. and i mean, it comes kenya. i bought those or not, but i will and then you said he has been approved if you wish to continue today. she's gonna see miss stanley. it was
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a pretty show on the hooks premium in with a movie during that age or over a year and they'd be able to give me a smith a doing needs a shot. you claim it? bush. good, sure to personally not does. what do district up a good the on the point of crops of duty should stewart i'm good do. so she said bitterly my donkey recollected pitiful. victor, you shall come because you gentle claim a startling example of the polish to put up of control nipples up. and then to do them this will, doris, them. when you go sal dustin and you did teach, you got them good to know. great. you know if it's i know it cause good. you got to be yourself to sleep. i should see nothing but i can bump you bought our car bama, which include thing to do so well. nestle jim, serial killer. so use of blood, you be able to give you a book. but color scheme i'm. those are 2 things that are pretty mortgage. this
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little serious consumers to pull up a couple to now now should look similar if given that ability no ideal. a blessed nice and you thought of people use costanza because they list it with a some fancy you email is latonia kentoria. my glad i bought that. don't use it, but again, i mean daily news dipping. yup. us acoya both from from a lender that you need to call about a toyota williams. fish as well. and you could be bush and bush. awesome. it's come . so use a number of schema because then list you used to tell about please go to clean units abreast sleep. but the game of those to be doing a premium which nights, but you gotta get that will still be it. but yeah, it just is not a pos list, little z e that as i moved to keith and mary, not a booster, a p delete cook with us more detailed louisville. what, but useless. copper, atlanta and was in the market a saturday is to ship to is to breast feed into cup possible plasma. but then you have kentoria. but if you look, which is janice, you to watch, associates the vehicle about to put it by simile bushes. so his mom,
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susan cornelius about suit them. she be sca yes. we find yearly truly dahlia ethically. it said but again after i boil doors to mala, run mortgage, typically a puzzling lip. premier east coast, or what could dominican soup? religiously. know, caleb, that is. she got them got the colleagues there, but again, of her stomach us about boston who shifted, you know, couldn't yet scenarios of why me out of the bullet of east eastern i me to can ski is, gets at least a cut me going to be all of you got what you need me going to be. we'll get back if it is 3 killer. camille, just talk to me to come get complete audible to find them in the see for lots of disc is feeding. i need it to collect to study pretty but so you will come put pre blow gum tough wash store laboratory studies. soviets kinessa to be it's to none of them. 3, when human norman, mr. berwin is tisha a concrete and i guess to pull mentoring your girls d t a a as a creature of the gulf war, se shemika, sebastian organ. okay, name now i'm not gonna use that sort of h a club duty,
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but it would you ladies g and g? i me to cons. kister only a posley money. that's the winter laboratory style pro. what you'd say, steve, when you play cham damaged, unable to musical krinski microbiology. beautiful again. i mean you can skip it study. ah, ah, ah, i think i'm going to with this with you. is with you. i am with
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full credit. that's a good from beach. still easy to the station about in the board with
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with the order a yes store or cancel a service or a huge cobra. what is it a, you know, i should say 20 and a. so what you are seeing, you know, with solution your should go, do you wish to go pages and you, me
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a shirt from a table. it doesn't come leaving us with a, a, a sort of the machine that he's the so yes, with this problem there. so she is in a can throw in as a mean. she's in spirits and you and sarah boardman show us a glass, of course, properly by me to come sit in the study, the number for matson you through it is not with us. us not a,
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with a where is, is sharing with a and tish can store with a washer to do with billable. sure. sure. yes. the brochure alleged and still a lot of kenya, but this they did a world ah bullet to will propecia, but the tone in that again his own was up under his tanner, his getaway cher signaling. michel, comedic e posley at our, by in the village scheduled for us to attend to craig, miscellaneous, the, me,
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cisco, but on the shot e. the, pushed mr. hundreds that will ukrainian as archer, so full num of you, of pastors categories for you, cuz the tickler, but on tuesday you should got senior minimum crating. its annually does his pets, at least mostly my donna's pets, at least the soon as opposed to grade job. but the stolen yet the greater the premium to complete the does with piecewise careful school probably news bull. i'm trying to put up as little total money to finished health care funds could have listed yesterday, as clickable to object of pollution that bus my student concrete was fairly, be elegant as it's a least as blue shield could go. it either still done the club to the fish food, but the xena stores are about to its ability scuttle to know what cheaper acidic you know, to produce to twist his bread, to make a terribly district. not totally annoying, less people at the will. you know what, you know, moore, my d to papa day of keith bus to pilot crew. coastal is bull medieval, a pollution, or what i need is mirand. but tom will store play in the building. you speakers, clearly some of utica, gus, gus to kramer,
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se naive was up in the corporate polish. it was originally this pushy, conceited nipple did allegedly sharon abroad. amy's just for, but also sure was used anywhere in the world with you last year. you breed in your on the billing is qc you see on the table who gram, i'm not easy on on with the upgrade. you be watching. lobrado, louisa. she knew of euro sat on the claims. k going is a 0. so no green a shout on a spreadsheet, no grades to which on their business i just and i mean ask you do all i do is the last of she is here in the ceiling. i wish my boss was to, but i would say what your system wasn't specific officer coronado. usually when would you say your luxury or a senior when i'm going to promise to show my grain, bring you down your name and you will all my thought with honda. i mean yes, a little special, but i could keep opening on your mobile nature. looks like i just have to put in an
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issue with the linda. no, go ahead. i need someone to contact me a but i couldn't get it to. sheila could propaganda. that's an illness tongue. what principle billing you should go about the position now, but again, i'm at the not a mile a but she was you can't. now you push only 230 a 3 to costco center. i just wanted to get a level of the not with
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her. can you can usually use someone to show on your computer here, but usually with joe, if this is you can see the with a clam bill and yes with them nobody america got. i'm with nicholson to, to pull courtney. congress deal the social lobby, the clock on times and when you became a prospect not to be shameful. good at all. it was nice to keep up with. yes, michelle tucker. jalap. but you got to read a book, a mini concert, i want to quit school,
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but i tell you i need to put her pistol. americans to push the a nash ness. a couple boss of stanley. we teach cooking element tottenham problem. hi. john mogley sent me that just gets you good as the bullshit because i tend to buy me to kind of cook. now the problem. yeah. and you can use motion of dishonest, but mostly it was putting money post. new grammar to hope was contorted, which notion him showed it because it was because it is because they came in with duck, not digital. if any took a copay look, kind of would you describe camilla but authority me me stairs to my son is little use a shy immune system. i couldn't use the shiny me think what machine at the ball cheese to break me just a lot better. one is the shop, i'm glad to will you give me money? that's all about authority. get the watch to bernice ordering this process to build pollution. still been more than a whole lot about that. so. so what bus me, but then yelling me somebody wish to be a bus, missed in or in on the door of the of club with north edge, a play me j. i knew we used in the premier college to put together so creating a grimy lot of the dollar at the boiler, so bob boss, me, but the feeling it blah blah. see i so bob boss, me in 6 on is the blue. i me,
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you put a gin of category, emily chilling. they, blair, at a, you know, crane. yup. and my stacy by me small. yeah. let schneider is that a book called done the he shifted easily of the when you said to me, but the given me where to boise bobbie, which include place for my book invoke you clean up. because i to the so number is home is when i go go see on the steps, would you put your name, you or your old nature, you'd like me to pull your brain? i thank you. what i see, i am union was, was almost grown up with this just know, spoke to somebody wanting him in the plan will done a break windshield appointment for my children. and i thought you were, is us a 20 or ciocca? what, what did you break of computer you people? so as you can project i need is the ability, yan yos, least the freedom of concordia lashley, kimly little cousin muslims k miscellaneous bushes whose course i used at the door with tim, just 3 of museums and one is about to please do so. so bob, boss, me,
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my lazy, the key, cook, cut out, i couldn't, corn go. nicholas bureau was a daily chilled co. he slew builders if was distant, now come keep on the secret. if someone's going to keep it the will to raise is bureau chilly to me, but i, li, i was getting jenoma i selina, afraid to be watching at the bull. summer much w player will lives out there. but us see, getting that wilma to the yellow orchard through the, showing the school district court and she will claim will be said she is a you must call me see that he was up a postal wolf give credit for the usa. i have a girl, the world is 2018. i long before the conflict in ukraine, along for a years
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i investigated. i love the information dr. originating from the us government database. i have collected documents from i believe that the a warranted right. american companies, my $18000000000.00 for biological research, a in ukraine now. so i published document, proving that the u. s. government conducted biological experiments on allied soldiers in georgia. and you prayed 1000 your soldiers in georgia and 1400 soldiers in great, according to these documents that originated from the program,
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from inside the internal documents and b r a im gauge in biological research on local sanchez, according to the documents. it is done and i'm quoting now, this is the exact code based on here. this will be a good idea for me to do a few g, a 3. the for laboratory city on the start of the, on the is usa scope or to remove the political propellers. ridge, locker room. it was a war again that we couldn't use what a bus 130 to the variable crane. you, chrissy, but it only him, but she gave lips bureaus pretty me creams, could you mortgage? can you harass? could you want to just go to her out of order some syndrome, but your social cilia will you are not hardly to, to thought in
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a prison on the either go to her up to your, to me even the do you of you see both or you know brought us to live, let me in the horses pretty minute to relinquish girls her luca year a year left on us know when it was 94. he shook his so even that he has moved easily collaborate. so could you, ruth lazy territorial greenly dorothy walk across, you pay me theme in the kitchen. family authorities included e, we visit they to stomach was a rubbish just as then you have your quote about villages. korea construct, see william. but again, the mortar was so his fossil, the sucrose for sonya a team in the is this leanne has won't he said that you would have been in your gut village is scared. okay. wow. break the flu. fly way. honeycup skin still to me to let me get sunni is we're sure he's decamped. you say i give to the libyan also g. sure. good. allowing me on that series was gloria but a couple of processor period that she moved pretty soon. you brown, i am
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a product of when you get time, excuse sure. so that you used to pull those numbers up us down the formula to put her, let it be just as critical squares. jupiter braden euro, what was, what are some of you so you should be but what does she was looking at, but you should put on cell is special, but otherwise you though, but you do to so cousin and civil don't last. i quoted me of them is not a loss here. ah, ah, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation or community? are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true?
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was his faith in the world corrupted. you need to descend. ready have join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. who is the aggressor today? i'm authorizing additional strong sanctions. today russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing. i think you chose literally, unless of course, you know, he's become a believe senior mostly mine or wish you were banding all imports of russian oil and gas new g i g of with the letter from, you know, with joe by imposing these sanctions on russia. you know, has destroy the american economy. so, boomerang,
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would this live the when you got dorian? i got doris was margaret. she knows would you liam of shift illness. and you can say that though storm water permit that is going out. i'm not sure of video issue. he's done really, peter than alberto see they've got but as either they do kids what she has been submitted, the stablish, not that i do so on the each those go there are a premier at lauder would seriously lewis are pizza, dance you're doing and unless it is that you'd also get hipaa? did you are good hipaa career though? of suitability obasi and i'm off. i wanna do is put you on a slim. did you use them? wasn't an ideal, a grown neglige thought i was listening as you former the glitchy boy. he is still a wooden incipient, now bring it down, but he'll thank you for sir doing. you are growing, detach your sewing.


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