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ah, and her a rush essays, it's border reach, not 3 ounce accounts being shelled in a ukrainian or a strike, leaving a number of people injured despite warnings from moscow without any further attacks on its territory. good c key, abs quote. decision making centers the targeted in response to pulse with countries . it constantly talking about refusing russian supplies, which by the d, stabilizes the market and inflates prices themselves, primarily for their citizens. vladimir putin accuse a so called on friendly state, sol, delaying payments for russian energy supplies. the president also highlighted that . busy ordinary europeans will be the one this part is by the healthy russia rhetoric with
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russia reveals new evidence of what it claims as the activity of u. s. funded bio labs in ukraine, saying dangerous substances were allegedly tested on the patients of psychiatric clinics to use thrones to deploy them from this guy with from moscow to the world. this is our t pleasure to have your company today. my name's unit o'neill. local authorities in the brown screeching of western russia accused ukraine's armed forces of carrying out an urn strike on the border area. the russia investigator, the committee claims it was a ukrainian or a strike carried out by to combat helicopters equipped with heavy offensive weapons . 7 people, including a pregnant woman and child reported to have been injured in the later shelling. 2
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of the casualties, including the child are said to be in a serious condition. authorities in the neighboring belgrade region, also accused of carrying out shelling there. although there is no reports as yet of any casualties, the incidents come despite a warning from the russian defense ministry less than 24 hours ago, moscow could target this decision making centers if ukraine keeps bombing russian border regions. ortiz don quarter took me through the story earlier. russian investigative committee is saying that to ukraine, an attack helicopters launched 6 different air strikes on the border town of clim of that's located in rushes, brown region, which is on the border with ukraine and the dunbar. peoples republics. as of now 7 people, including a pregnant woman and a child who's now in critical condition, have been injured as a result of this. and according to the local authorities to residential buildings have also been damaged and the entire region has been put on high alert for
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potential terrorist attacks in the near future. so they're around the same time that this air strike our series of air strikes happened actually there was another attack on a russian border point, just about 40 kilometers south west of climmer. and they're, the local border guard said that the mortar fire began to rain down on that area just as refugees were trying to escape from ukraine into the russian federation. thankfully, that nobody was hurt at that point, but 2 cars were damaged. and just to be clear, this is not the 1st time actually that ukrainian forces have attacked russian territory. we also know that the day before these attacks occurred that i was just talking about right now. we heard from the governor of course, who said that a fire fight broke out on another russian border checkpoint with ukrainian forces. and that was that another border checkpoint, this has all collectively, basically provoked the russian ministry of defense into promising harsh retaliation
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if the ukrainian military continues to attack russian territory vision property. we see attempts to sabotage and strikes by ukrainian troops on objects on the territory of the russian federation. if such cases continue, the armed forces of the russian federation will strike the decision making centers, including care what the russian army has refrained from doing so far. out, it's important to note that these attacks we're talking about occurred after the ministry of defense, a statement we heard from the governor of another region called bell grid that that territory was attacked as well. for ukraine's part. it claims it's solely targets the military and such attacks. but as you are going through, we had a pregnant woman, a young girl among the injured civilians. this week, you've spent time in the region there as well on what's the reality? that's right. actually, i was in rushes border region of rust all covering the massive accusations of people from the danielle can people's republics. in the days before russia began its military operation in ukraine and right after that began actually ukrainian
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forces started to show civilian areas mostly in the border regions in russian territory. so these took place in the region of russell that i was in, and also took place in the border region, of course can the border region of belgrade and brianna called these regions that we're talking about right now that are still being attacked by the ukrainian military i even remember at one point that local reports had said that around 40 artillery shells fell in roster of region where i was located just over one night. so schools at that time across the border were closed just as they have been now in clim of. so they were really talking about indiscriminate ukrainian showing of russian territory that began back when the russian military operation began. just over a month ago. vladimir slammed western states for delaying the transfer of payments for russian energy supplies. this is with a flood or
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a failure in the payments of export supplies of russian energy resources, banks from unfriendly countries delay the transfer payments. i remind you the task has already been set to transfer payments for energy resources to the national currency. gradually moving away from the dollar and the euro, in general, we intend to radically increase the share of payments in the national currency in the foreign trade system in the world. around a month ago, the russian president ordered the states companies to switch to payments and roubles only for energy exports. the decision was met with a huge backlash from the west, which accused moscow breaking contracts and circumventing sanctions wherever there's still no agreement among member states on bombing, russian, oil and gas. vladimir putin also reiterated than an embargo and russian energy resources will primarily hit european citizens but would get separately from attempts by western countries to replace our energy resources with alternative
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supplies will inevitably affect the entire global economy. supplies from other countries, primarily from the united states, will cost consumers many times more would affect the standard of living of people and the competitiveness of the european economy. despite these obvious things for every one, you're paying countries constantly talking about refusing russian supplies, which further destabilizes the market and inflates. prices themselves, primarily for their citizens. with german economists, thank a hummer believes the anti russian rhetoric from e u. leaders, when it comes to russian gas will end up hurting their own countries and citizens. when they stick to the feet of the energy policy, the many supply chains will call ups in you. and as everybody knows, the supply chain, so delicate, within the globalized world of that you destroy so many other parts of it. that especially a high industrialized countries like germany, france, and so on, well,
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will suffer immediately. and it is a, it is a bypass of all the environmental talks they do if they buy the environmental catastrophic, the freaking gas from the us. so this is no option at all. they c o, 2 portrayed of this gas from the us is so bad. so this is no option at all and everybody knows this, but they just proclaim but somehow it will go. they have no clue. they are really no clue on what they are doing. and they're destroying the, the industry that has been built up for 40 years. and they are destroying and in a blink of an eye. now, waves of european sanctions against russia colliding with soaring costs in the, affecting millions of people. a staggering, more than 90 percent of your full fear. that the conflict in ukraine will have a large negative influence on the economic situation at home,
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while business owners in germany helping, expressing ner frustration that continually rising prices on the impact that having on their livelihoods, mammals, you believe the ally the energy costs. you can see it with the gas prices. the price is currently 25 percent higher than 2 months ago. and so of course, you have to allocate the prices in some way and we cannot avoid increasing costs. why is it leaking? it's against? if we have more costs, we have to think about how we can pass them on, although that's pretty bad for us because it's not just millionaires who come here . it's the case that we always want to keep our entrance fee affordable for the people. but we can't do it. nissan, rogue foyer, one thing is clear. everything that's happened is always paid for by the individual . it's the same at the gas station at the supermarket. it's the same everywhere. and of course, the prices have also increased in our marquee, like, it was. one of the key industries being hit is agriculture. with russia major producer, all of these sectors products such as fertilizers. each sanctions have led to
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supply shortages on rising prices for european farmers. german agricultural chiefs are wanting, the situation is tenuous, leather sticks of his gloves, it up, russia and ukraine produce about 40 percent of the world nitrogen market. so the question now is how the sanction situation can evolve. and because nitrogen is the very engine of plant growth, without nitrogen, no plants can grow. and therefore, nitrogen deficiency significantly affects the crop reduction, unconventional farms of any kind of novel lie. earlier spoke to the director of economic cooperation of the russian foreign ministry. dmitri birch epsky who believes that you sanctions are going to cause great harm to the european academy. while it is obvious that the new restrictive measures will have an adverse effect on the european economy. the sanction, the so called sanctions will definitely on demise. competitiveness of the you. they will further disrupt remaining value and supply chains is to get price growth up,
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commodities raw materials, food and other critical goose, european metal interest. they will also have to go through a painful process of changes. well, there are various views on that, but people in businesses will certainly suffer from the direct or indirect effects such that inflation, by the way, is on the rise across the u. n. d. in america and in japan, energy prices are skyrocketing, according to some estimates, the living standards of population on the way down to minimum levels records since 19 seventies. in 2021 and in 2020 you wrote for program repeatedly was that the road facing current of virus pandemic was on the edge of hunger condemning that could lead to multiple fed minds of biblical proportions. i quote, this estimation, let me emphasize this was made last year, not now. so russia has nothing to do with this. moscow sees it has obtain more evidence on the alleged operations of us from the bio labs in ukraine.
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according to the latest report from the ministry of defense, dangerous substances were reportedly tested on patients with severe mental health issues. ortiz from a cost rep, can tell us more. well, according to the russian army, the special military operation continues on covering facts regarding the existence of military biological labs in ukraine. now, moscow says that sec give had plans to use pathogens developed in the pentagon, funded by a lab. so attack the republics of done boswell and russia as well. now, these shilling, like really and d, chilling revelations come supported by a document that the army allegedly discovered during the 2 months offensive. peculiar cause. can these for also, during special operation on the territory of ukraine, we found out that from 2019 to 2021 us scientists were testing dangerous biological
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substances on patients at the cock of regional psychiatric clinic. people were specifically selected for the experiments based on their age, nationality and immune status. the staff of the clinic signed a non disclosure agreements. we have numerous testimonies from witnesses of these in human experiments whose names we cannot disclose in order to ensure their safety . now the commands are off a rush as a nuclear biological and chemical defense forces that says that said the documents also identified specific officials who took part in the creation of components self visa, biological weapons. now, he also added that ukrainian specialists supervised by their american curators, took war samples from ukraine's major rivers. now that was don, apparently, in order to determine dangerous pathogen sofa cholera cipher with fever and hepatitis. now, moscow believes that, so this research could be used to undermine the biological situation,
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not only in russia, but also in the blacks. i see the results, see in villaroo, small zola and poland. now documents and other evidence from the supposedly he was funded laboratories in ukraine, also suggests that he was planning to use drones to deploy pathogens against the dung boss. republics, well, as against russia, itself as well. to ship to washington, you. ukraine, sent a request to a manufacturer to place aerosol equipment on the bay rock tar drones. russian intelligence found 3 drones equipped with 30 leader spray containers. ukraine managed to purchase more than 50 such devices. now the united states has a long claim to that's allegations about military funds. the buyer laboratories in ukraine are russian. this information in march, however, us said diplomats that victorian moulins testified before the senate,
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that biological research laboratories, a new grain, did exist, and that so washington was working with t of to ensure that the materials of biological research do not fall into the hands of a russian all forces still on no other occasions, both washington and key if have denied biological research for military purposes. canada spent around $700000000.00 training, the ukrainian military including its top fighting force, the nationalist ace off battalion, dallas despite earlier pledges by canada as the fence minister that auto i would not help the regiment which he claimed was just a small group of quote rotten apples, a by 2000 members of the ukrainian national guard conducted training as part of canada as bit to help key f strengthen its forces. photos,
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posted by ukraine's military and social media, clearly show some soldiers wearing a's off battalion patches. as they participated with canadian service members also was trying to distance itself from the groups at neo nazi links. with the defense ministry insisting it was key ebs responsibility to check which soldiers were taking part. the canadian armed forces have never given any training whatsoever to members of these off battalion servicemen participating in operation unifier, have always been ordered not to train with members of these of battalion and not to have any contact with them. well, that's cross live to dr. a frame as you're off director of the human rights organization, the i'm in vice intel center in israel. thank you for your time today, sir. are you surprised by the revelations firstly frankly, no, because these revelations were not news in
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a certain sense. they were known. this information was known for several years or an will, canada will also be left red faced by this or will it not be particularly bothered that it's come to think depends or by home. in other words, there certainly people in general who don't want the money, spent the taxpayer money spent training, training, neo nazis are the a's off battalion really just rotten up those as counted as top defense official has said, or are they an example of a wider issue with extremism in ukraine, 1st of all, the number of a minority in the troops, and they're only part of this, of the regiments where they are serving. they also have these and other extreme mission ukraine or failed miserably holes that they haven't managed to get into the
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last parliament. and even when they did get into all the number of representatives was very, very small. so there's no question about their identity, problematic ideology that they have. but the question is how much, how much influence to these people have and whatever, whatever it is. ready they should be western true to any 2, should not be training them. those who knows are there directly down to one direction today was against the directed us later on. i will, this is the point, isn't it? thought you have the, the issue that in many countries as you well know, there are neo nazi problems elements. but in this case, they are directly linked to the countries military on the president knows that top officials know that in ukraine and governments are funding them. surely there is a huge issue at play here. well the issue isn't, isn't chad the ukrainians, you know,
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have heroes like by their answers to rich. and i'm assuming that they're not particularly perturbed by using these people who might possibly be the best. so just they have but the stale stress that they believe in white supremacists, i'm not something, not the west. as you all know for the last number of years i've vehemently fought against. and yet, if this is something that these groups publicly declare, this is the fraud. the problem is that the canadian defense ministry did not do profit diligence and did not fully verify exactly whom they would train. and you know, they want to spend millions of dollars on something is nebulous, is as, as trade a bunch of guys. they have no idea. i mean, that's negligent. but yet, you've got western states insisting that accusations, all nationalism among ukrainian troops is russian dis, information,
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your thoughts about anything, anything that will make, make you grain is perceived as russian dis, information. and i have noticed me when, when the book that i wrote together with a guy the holocaust distortion and lies being told by the i go to any government about the role, the complicity of open, that's the collaborators in the holocaust. they said i was what we're working to put in, which russian propaganda, that is the stand the excuse, eastern europe for anything that they don't like. so you think this story will just be blackball, he'll be ignored? no, i'm not. i don't think so. i'm not sure just one that actually i'm not an expert of 86 and they certainly should play out in canada. now when you crane with the situation the way it is and fighting a battle is very serious battle for the good territory and trying to protect
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innocence. so good who may have been killed by the russian troops. so i don't think they're going to make, this is going to be an issue at all. franklin doctors are off. we always appreciate your time. thank you very much for coming on the program. dr. frames are off director of the same on vice and sell center in israel. thank you. thank you. now the russian defense ministry has confirmed that the naval flag ship, the mosque of i was seriously damaged this week after a fire broke out, causing some of its amunition to explode. the place has not been localized on its main miss. i'll armaments aren't said to have been damaged the ship and the block c is now being towed to ports after its crew were evacuated to safety. the cause of the incident is still being investigated, but ukrainian officials claimed the cruiser was targeted by its missiles bound to the battle grounds in ukraine.
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the russian ministry of defense as published footage of anti tank missiles systems involved in the fight thing in the video bottle. vehicles on troops provide cover by taking up key firing positions before beating back ukrainian culture. it us well with almost the whole city of murder. you pulled now said to be under the control of russian and, and yet forces our senior correspondent, murat, gosti, of who has been following bottled in the key port for some time at filed this report on the latest the weather here. and mary awful has taken a turn for the worst. nevertheless, there are hundreds of people here all waiting to receive permits, permits to walk round the city. it come here with their documents, with various identification to get these permits that check good. the people who
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submit these documents up, i actually the individuals written in them and they need these permits to avoid any misunderstandings. we must bear in mind that fighting fil rages in marielle, this baby one of the liberated areas. but it is still dangerous until avoid any misunderstandings. people here get these permit. you can probably tell by the state of mary, you pull that many people are having trouble with documents in that they've lost them burned in the files and the fighting with we're carrying out a population. census issuing people passes so they can move around the city. some documents always survive, we're using now, but even if people have no papers, their relatives can come to confirm their identity. understandably, there of course, difficulties getting a city running the size of mary you pulled from scratch from from the wreckage and the ruins that the cities currently in is is
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a difficult task. everyone must be clothed. everyone must be fed kept warm. daddy's hearing of itself difficult, but getting everyone papers giving out papers, checking people's identities, especially given that people he are still in shock as still terrified from the ordeal that they had to go through. and the treatment that they received from ukrainian nationalists. we've all heard that testimony, the entire population of mary, opal was held hostage. ukrainian nationalists would shoot at any one trying to flee . the world hasn't seen the like since isis jihadists held hundreds of thousands as human shields in mo, self. my family was shrill with, i'm around the corner in the afternoon opportunity for the real twisty. sabrina was my younger william nick of nivi to let you know career opportunities to play with nath. move my delivered fidelity from,
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from doctor to little data source from with them really mostly for quite a lot of work, a coil you foreseeable future? you know, it's not like within akin after closing all day, yet when it nip shout, every one here went through this, each and every one of them has their own horror story. but some haven't ended. yes . so you'd want to fed neosha said to get hold of ebony. you holla is not possible . there's no papa. so i was just all i, you know what? it's on as a 2nd. here it is. you lose. you got to re record it as a stance gain is sick of give to measure no more wearing expression of i thought i v. gilmore. but he showed up to see what your wish is. children, skita sh gets every year which give wish that as of a supposedly at your center doors at the moment i had to get them to. i mean, if you go with them, when they deem some of the properties that people don't is puzzled.
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nadine, so even with people from all over the world have reached out seeking news of family and friends trapped in mary. you both these lists and permits being compiled now will help them more i'd guess d a r t for mario both india has hit back at washington after the u. s. secretary of state and america was increasingly monitoring a quote, rise in human rights abuses in the country. you deli, question, the motives of the comments. look, people are entitled to have views about us, but we are also equally entitled to have views about their views and about the interests and the lobbies and the vote banks which drive that. so whenever there is a discussion, i can tell you that we will not be reticent about speaking out. i think this is nothing new america has been raising several these things because they have certain
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lobby. one rides. issue is use a diplomatic and political to apply pressure all to all can say that if you, if you don't, if you disagree with me, then i will miss to keep up some pressure level with india show. i have it's only policies based on in the new test we never, we have never used the plums, which the americans have used them. we're human rights unless it is something that directly affects us. so i don't think the americans live. that is not a country. beacon do you guys as a tool, but what i think, what, what, what motivates them is that we don't, they don't that this dying lighting things up. just to remind you about this in 2017 former us secretary of state rex killers. and we should
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a memo stating the us should use human rights as a club to beat its adversary's chillers and prompted policy makers to close their eyes to human rights abuses in allied countries. in order to deepen relations above to collectively press america's opponents over the same mission. washington's annual release of its country reports on human rights practices flag the issues with india this year, and also china. beijing was quick to respond saying the u. s. is in no position to preach the content related to china in the so called country reports on human rights practices and relevant remarks by secretary antony blink and misrepresent facts. confuse wrong with right. the u. s. government slanders and denigrates, china and attacks other places in the world by releasing this report every year attempting to style itself as a human rights judge and role model. this only serves to reveal its hypocrisy and double standards. i think it is increasingly evident that the united states want to
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resort to cold war methods and they want to divide the world into that brock which is aligned with the united states and another block which is not aligned with united states. i hope the united states government will really look at its own human rights abuses. human rights should start at home before the united states will have any justification to go abroad. and to talk about human rights protection. they need to protect the american people's human rights. the united states government want to use human rights as a weapon. they want to politicize human rights. they want to weaponized human rights. they want to use human rights as a instrument in d, stabilize the many countries in the world. they want to use human rights as an instrument to launch color revolution or regime changes in other countries. this is
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really not helpful as far as human rights protection in the world. we're going to cross through some programs and moments and to join me again at the top for all the stories making headlines this thursday life from moscow. this is martina with and.


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