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tv   News  RT  April 14, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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has destroy the american economy, so there's you boomerang. ah, ah, breaking news on our international is multiple explosions are reported in the ukrainian capital here early on friday. part of the city i left without electricity . also coming up. i set up a foreign position here, a variety of caliber empty shell casings, but also i was in many places that we visited empty syringes as the battle for murder you pull and for this final stage is not the crew takes a closer look at some of the positions left by ukrainian soldiers on the cia confirmed the u. s. funding intelligence sharing with ukranian forces. this comes up to the u. s. senate select committee divided administration to ramp up
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it's strategic support. ah. just on 4 am on friday morning here in moscow moneys pizza. scott, and i'll be with you throughout the small hours bringing you all the latest hero. nazi. thank you for joining and we start with the breaking news. this our, on our see multiple explosions have been reported in ukrainian capital, where part of the city have been left without power. this comes after moscow warranty would target decision making centers if you crane continues attacks across the border, kid has denied moscow's obligations of those attacks and we cross live now to our correspondent roman cost to rev roma. could you bring us the latest developments on that situation? i know it's very new and a fluid situation yes, the situation is developing as we speak. and indeed we're getting reports from a social media in ukraine that indeed parts of the city of key of is. and now
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with that tricity as a bombing and shelling continues, there are multiple explosions and people are panicking on social media saying that the shelling is really intensive. and people are saying that today they haven't heard such explosions. we haven't, we are receiving similar reports from the city of our gulf. and also we are getting reports that the last oil refinery that is working great right now in the city all for you on a friend. cost is now also out of commission. now this is developing story, we haven't heard any official statements as of now, and we are following this information very closely. thank you for bringing that update. i just brings more information on when you get it. thank you very much.
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local authorities in the b on screen of western russia accuse ukraine of carrying out an air strike in the border region. the russian investigative committee claims it was carried out by to combat helicopters equipped with heavy weapons. a people including a pregnant woman and child are reported to have been injured in the attack with 2 in a serious condition. all authorities in the neighboring belgrade region, also q q of a shelling, with at least one casualty. the ukraine's national security and defense council reject to the allegations, blaming russia for the incidents. this comes amid warnings from the russian defense ministry that moscow could target gifts command census. if ukraine attacks carries out there's a legit attacks, ortiz don't call it, went through the reports earlier. russian investigative committee is saying that to ukraine, an attack helicopters launched 6 different air strikes on the border town of clim
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of that's located in russia's brand sc region, which is on the border with ukraine in the dunbar. peoples. republics. as of now 7 people, including a pregnant woman and a child who is now in critical condition, have been injured as a result of this. and according to the local authorities to residential buildings have also been damaged. and the entire region has been put on high alert for potential terrorist attacks in the near future. so there are around the same time that this air strike our series of airstrikes happened. actually there was another attack on a russian border point, just about 40 kilometers south west of climmer. and they're, the local border guard said that the mortar fire began to rain down on that area just as refugees were trying to escape from ukraine into the russian federation. thankfully that nobody was hurt at that point, but 2 cars were damaged. and just to be clear, this is not the 1st time actually that ukrainian forces have attacked russian territory. we also know that the day before these attacks occurred that i was just
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talking about right now. we heard from the governor of course, who said that firefight broke out on another russian border checkpoint with ukrainian forces. and that was that another border checkpoint, this has all collectively, basically provoked the russian ministry of defense into promising harsh retaliation if the ukrainian military continues to attack russian territory video to deal with the attempts of sabotage and strikes by ukrainian troops on objects on the territory of the russian federation, if such cases continue, the armed forces of the russian federation will strike the decision making sentence, including and care what the russian army has refrained from doing so far. now it's important to note that these attacks we're talking about occurred after the ministry of defense, a statement we heard from the governor of another region called belgrade that that territory was attacked as well for ukraine parts. it claims it solely targets the military and such attacks. but as you are going through, we had a pregnant woman, a young girl among the injured civilians. this week you've spent time in the region
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there as well. don't watch the reality. that's right. actually, i was in rushes border region of raw stall, covering the massive accusations of people from the danielle can people's republics . in the days before russia began its military operation in ukraine and right after that began actually ukrainian forces started to show civilian areas mostly in the border regions in russian territory. so these took place in the region of russell that i was in. it also took place in the border region, of course can the border region of belgrade and brianne fall, these regions that we're talking about right now that are still being attacked by the ukrainian military. i even remember at one point that local reports had said that around 40 artillery shells fell in roster of region where i was located just over one night. so schools at that time across the border were closed just as they have been now in clim of. so they were really talking about indiscriminate
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ukrainian showing of russian territory that began back when the russian military operation began. just over a month ago were political and social commentator alexander pottage says there's reason to believe care could be attempted to escalate the conflicts, the entire strategy of the landscape. and i must say is western handlers is, can be summed up in 3 words, escalade escalate, an escalate, anything to drawing more lessons into ukraine? anything that ah, digs an even deeper divide between russian russians and ukrainians. thus, the order of the day, say, now need of pictures. they need videos, they need video clips of russian missiles hitting care which they will immediately on broadcast over the western mass media showing that
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the russians are lacking civilian targets in historic here, you know, this is now now they're willing, obviously they're willing to use not only are ordinary people, civilians are also willing to use their own capital city in order just to gain further sympathy for for themselves and to drum up to more hates against russia. let him a putin has slammed western states for delaying payments for russian energy exports . the nurses were a failures in the payment of export supplies of russian energy resources, banks from unfriendly countries delay the transfer payments. i remind you, the task is already been set to transfer payments for energy resources to the national currency. gradually moving away from the dollar and the euro. in general, we intend to radically increase the share of payments in the national currency in the foreign trade system. in the last month,
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the russian president ordered companies to switch to rouble payments for energy expos of the decision was met with a backlash from the west, which accused moscow of breaking contracts unseen, convincing sanctions. however, this still no agreement among member states on bunting, russian, oil and gas, but even fruits and also with the dates it's, that's an embargo and russian energy resources will primarily impacts european citizens. so put, gives up an external attempts by western countries to replace our energy resources with alternative supplies, like will inevitably affect the entire global economy. supplies from other countries, primarily from the united states, will cost consumers many times more that would affect the standard of living of people and the competitiveness of the european economy. despite these obvious things for every one european countries are constantly talking about refusing russian supplies, which further destabilizes the market and inflates prices themselves, primarily for their citizens. we spoke to steve and gadget
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a professor at the institutes of european studies in belgrade. he thinks that europe, in politicians, on fully considering the impacts of their policies on their citizens. these elites have the agenda that are quite the opposite from what the, the state interest would be additional sense or what the interest of their population are. so that is why they're ready to harm of their ovulation and their own economies only to confront russia for somebody else's interest. and we already see a way of protest, and i think this is only the beginning. this is only a little breeze compared to the hurricane that will happen. and of course the political hurricane which will follow out if they continue conducting there as a suicidal,
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a policies. and unfortunately this will hurt the average the average citizen of western european country. and i honestly don't see how this will change. i mean, i do see how it will change, but i don't know, what are these elite can survive politically? what is going to come? and what we will, we will see is more strikes or more civil unrest in western europe. that is provoked of course, by this economic handbook being posed by the european countries themselves. the u. s. select committee on intelligence has sent a letter to the director of national intelligence, requesting more information is shared with ukraine. to get more on this, we can cross live now. so our correspondence in new york, caleb,
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more pin taylor was in the letter. what does it mean for the sharing of in south? well, essentially you have the senate intelligence committee requesting that intelligence from the united states be shared with you crane. ah, and they give a unintended purpose what they are helping ukraine to do with that intelligence. and this is the words of the latter. as we watch russia turn its focus to southern and eastern ukraine. we urge you to ensure that our intelligence agencies proactively share intelligence with the ukrainians to help them protect, defend and retake every inch of ukraine sovereign territory, which includes crimea and the don bass. now these stated goal was just sensually, you know, our drawing clear boarders on ukraine are not recognizing the don s, people's republic lugens people's republic, crimea, etc. these goals fly in the face of the piece talks that are supposed to be taking
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place with the aim of de, escalating the conflict and ending the fighting and the united states the same time . we have this statement from the senate intelligence committee in this letter. we also have gen saki, the white house, the spokesperson, claiming that the united states supports the b stocks. here's what she said. peace talks to something. we're always going to support the president, secretary of state or national security adviser, always going to support and we support the ukrainians in that effort. so we're having mixed messages coming out of washington on the one hand, it seems like they want to fight to the bitter, and they are holding onto some very extreme territorial claims on the part of the ukrainians. on the other hand, it seems like the united states is telling people that it does favor negotiations, and it does want the peace talks to move ahead. it does want to deescalate tensions in the country. so the united states seems we talking out of both sides of its mouth at the moment, not
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a clear message about where washington stands in regards to the ongoing conflict. ok, left. thank you for being late is all of the see a sharing intelligence with ukraine knows how to use kelly open reporting live from you know, new york. thank you. president of the european central bank has won sanctions and the one ukraine are impacts in euro's on the economy. tre, disruptions, answering energy and commodity prices are effects in the outlook for the region as continuing, fighting creates economic uncertainty. so davinsky takes a closer look at that issue. it's a storm warning for the urine. project action is needed to tackle inflation, or that could lead to loss of trust in the currency. and in the european central bank, that is the call from a former pcp executive. and he is not the only one wanting the cd to make a radical change to its policies over inflation. inflation measures how much more
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expensive a set of goods and services have become over a certain period. higher inflation means that the cost of living is going up. so unless your salary also is increasing at the same rate, you're going to get less bang for your buck. now that you see be aims to keep inflation to plus 2 percent. but across the u, it's risen by plus 7.5 percent. and some countries are experiencing even higher rates. germany's re, to inflation has also reached record highs. vendors at the nuremberg folk fest say they all feeling the strain of those increasing costs. my mother, you believe the energy costs. you can see it with the gas prices over the price is currently 25 percent higher than 2 months ago. and so of course, you have to allocate the prices in some way and we cannot avoid increasing costs rising, but we are willing to guns. if we have more costs, we have to think about how we can pass them on, although that's pretty bad for us because it's not just millionaires who come here
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. it's the case that we always want to keep our entrance fee affordable for the people. but we can't do it near me on foil. i mean, one thing is clear, everything that's happened is always paid for by the individual. it's the same at the gas station at the supermarket with it's the same everywhere. and of course, the prices have also increased in our marquee now, while inflation is lower here in france, they still is being a traumatic rise in the cost of living too. and that scene is being one of the biggest single factors as to why hard last and the hard right can do this schooled so well in the 1st round of the french presidential election though, the war in ukraine has contributed to rising inflation. but then i mix of higher inflation woo, already apparent in the summer of 2021, as the world economy was still battling with covey. 19, some economists say the c, b should have acted in grazing interest rates back then. it is incomprehensible
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that the european central bank, unlike the u. s. federal reserve, is taking so much time with the monetary policy turnaround. i don't think it is helpful to wait so many more months, given current inflation rates and inflation expectations. i have been saying for more than a year that we have an inflation problem, a more rapid tightening of monetary policy. but you see b says it's working on a crisis tools to support countries facing those. increasing boring costs is the rates, right? but the concern is that it too little too late, and a more radical approach may deleted the longer that you see be way the more difficult the course, maybe to navigate quality whiskey or t, paris or fighting in the nearly destroyed city of murder. you pull in ukraine is ongoing with the russian defense ministry, claiming that some ukranian battalions are surrounded. there are also reports that
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claim the ukrainian troops are still surrounded by russian forces. meanwhile, many residential areas have been taken from the battalions. reportedly, our team takes a look of the condition of samaria. pl apartments after the fighting, as ortiz broadcast fee of reports, every crossing on every street in every yard. the scars of battle are apparent. and today we followed in the footsteps of ukrainian nationalists as they tugged people's homes into firing ranges. as ukrainian troops retreated deeper into the city. they would then we single residential building. they would break down the doors into apartments to set up new foreign positions. again, during fire on these apartments on themselves, leaving people with no went to leave his and other apartments in a residential building that ukrainian nationalist set up
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a foreign posted all over the place all over the place, bullets empty shell casings, but also here a primed grenade launcher, it has been prime to the, as i said, it may have malfunction, but it would be very dangerous to touch it or disturb. but in any case, this is the job for suppose the high you are the better the view, the father you can see and shoot. even if you have to climb over the heads of civilians really would visibility it. there were nationalist hiding up in the top floors over there snipers to one of them shot at people walking down the street. he just kept shooting but missed. a young woman walking by was in absolute shock. she hid in a local shop for osmond with cough. we sat in the closet and prayed to god because any one of those shells could have hit our apartment when we didn't understand who
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they were shooting at. there was no one here. no soldiers, no separatist of no russian troops. they just kept shelling here from the factory. everywhere you'll find magazines unexploded shelves, bullets, even grenades that failed to designate. and occasionally the vile syringes and beals, that fueled nationalist regiments. here is another apartment broken into by ukrainian nationalists that have a great view out of this window and makes up a set up a foreign position here, a variety of calibers empty shell casings. but also as in many places that we visited empty syringes. apparently the end of a vile, he had no idea what this was, but in many of these places, apartments the where they were at station where they fought from where they have there been drugs that were seized by the, the nets police that have cleaned up the place off to them to an extent,
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but we know for a fact that you can be a nation so heavily, dependent on on that means this is something we had seen in syria in iraq, whether it was isis fight as will syrian rebels. they, they would take these unsettled means and they could keep going without sleep without rest, without food or drink o water. for days and days renew, we found drugs during the inspections captured ukrainian soldiers admitted that they use drugs to make it easier for them to fight the population of mary upa was always seen as pro russian by ukrainian nationalists. for years they tried to beat and bully loyalty into the locals. isn't the river? 2 of my friends were having a drink and nationalists walked up to them and told them to say, glory to ukraine. one of them refused, so they broke his fingers. this isn't a story from the internet. this happened to my friend and the families to that. but
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that went both ways. the civilians here never understood the fanatical habit sir. as of and other nationalist battalions. i knew bumps. yeah. they were all tattooed and they had these rituals. they had these torchlight marches over there. they also had rights. they even put up a fence so people wouldn't see what they were up to. the end result was utter disregard for civilians among nationalists. they never saw them as equals as fellow countrymen and women, but as fodder. human shields expendable bodies for the glory of ukraine, or ad gazda of r t for mary jo pal. well, 8 years ago, king announced what he called an anti terrorist operation in dumbass. this was preceded by turbulence, events in ukraine's capital t. f. known as the euro. my done, maria financial looked back at the roots of the conflicts 8 years ago. k of
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announced to what had called an anti terror operation against a to then eastern most regions of danielle and logan's ukraine's own regions. the reason there disobedience to caves, new rulers that came to power after the brutal events known as euro. my dun and the overthrow of the president traditionally have enclosed ties with russia. the area known as don boss in east and ukraine accused kids new authorities of a rooster phobia and refused to recognize them as a legitimate power. and to government protest raged in all major cities in the east key of branded the regions separatists. when they entered tara operation was declared, i was in danielle, and 4 months later travelled all across don boss. it was a full scale operation with abbey ation, tangs, heavy artillery and thousands of boots on the ground involved. while it was supposed to target terrorists, innocent civilians, often elderly and kids,
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became victims of this blood emission. the would you. ringback would you do is we need you, wouldn't you deal him with an issue with gabriel? call my or be, or barbara, but you're gonna browse quarter you even when you of the brutal military operation against its own people, burned the bridges literally and metaphorically, for any peaceful solution between kia and the countries east. that tragedy in the black sea port of odessa became the final straw. ah for 8 years the slaughter of so many civilians in the don vice has got almost completely unnoticed by the international community. since april 2014, the ukranian side has been shelling residential areas in the 2 self proclaimed
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republics using heavy, offensive weapons. at least 5500 civilians have been injured. more than 2600 civilians have been killed. more than 2200 objects of civilian infrastructure were destroyed or damage. for 8 long years, russia called time off to time for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. but that fleet to key of always fell on deaf ears. uminski, the minsk agreements were killed long before yesterday's recognition of the people's republic of dumbass and not by us, not by the representatives of these republics, but by the count authorities in kiev. ukraine's current president vowed to finally end the war, but escalation is continued. and hatred also grew. the republics backed into a corner, seemed to have little choice, but ask their big neighbor for protection. but helping them russia is also secure in its own borders and interests. mosca says ukraine strongly anti russia policies,
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and it's alarmingly fast. mildred's ation posed a serious threat to russia's own national security. and it was determined to do something about it so that you'd give those the demilitarization and denot suffocation of ukraine or a compulsory component of the agreements. we have 2 days on both sides have lost many lives, both military and civilian, and seem to be close to losing hope for a quick and non military solution. the aim was to try to be empty. my movement, which was in eastern ukraine, south to print and yeah, what was interesting on the operational, the beginning of the searching of april is that when the security council of your trade made the decision to stop this and to tear operation. this was was at the table which is officially recognized. and so the question is where the
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decision, some of ukraine or u. s. a. from the point of view of her operation. this was a nice name to cover that they started to war. i really don't want to call and teacher operation somewhere because it was you don't pick a deter operation with with the tanks and planes to 2 cities. this was a wall from the very beginning, started by key against the dump bus. after my done know, your trading government was able to make any decisions without the u. s. 75 percent of the civilian casualties because of ukrainian arby. this is something leslie meter doesn't want to show, but we know that the u. s. a don't care what she will. again, victims look at the iraq. there are 600-0021 1000000 people. died the operations of the u. s. a. and after that, it's quite obvious that the u. s. a wanted to warn you, said ukraine, for one simple reason or from geological interest of the u. s. u. s. wants to divide ukraine from russia. and what can be right to conscious better that the
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civil war? what if the russians the best against your credit government or worse or that's how things are looking at 4 30 am moscow time this friday morning. my name is peter scots, and i'll be back again with all the latest on, of course, any updates on those explosions reporting care in about 30 minutes. thank you for watching. ah, a with
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pohden is the aggressor tune chose is war. today i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions. i figure out which of the problems renewed. i just click on the billing you spending more streamline the branding all in ports of russian oil and gas turbine and imposing these sanctions are brush your has destroyed the american . in fact, there's a boomerang by way of suffering. the i was really hitting people in the pocket book, boys or girls was always there. are you using or is your, your router is literally you. this is gonna impose severe cost on the russian
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economy of immediately and overtime. there is some other stuff on there about it, but we have list so. so these are for them are sorted by the rules of phoenix this all the emeralds. bamboo m absorb it. sort of help. it's big body. how did should abs 21st century is with the asians, it. russia is also an asian country. and when to develop military cooperation, similar to what nature does in europe, propose lower infrastructure chauffeur to swing by look or can you hear me treat was the search for new markets import substitution. the word sanctions has become part of our data vocabulary. news was if i did with more and more reports of restrictions, however, sanctions has an instrument of influence and nothing new. they've been.


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