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ah, it a multiple explosions are reported in the ukranian capital, kia early on friday as part of the city i left without electricity. also, i had a set up a foreign position here, a variety of caliber empty shell casings. but also i was in many places that we visited mt syringes as a battle for mario poll enters its final stages and are the crew takes a closer look at positions left by ukrainian soldiers on the head of the european central bank was the face is rising inflation and economic instability if they abandon russian gas imports with,
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from moscow to the world. this is our international. i'm peter scott. and these, the top stories this, our multiple explosions have been reported in the ukrainian capital. here is air raid sirens blad out across the country. it was also reported that most parts of the city were left without power. according to local media, citing residents is the most intense bombardment in the region since the war begun . meanwhile, cartucker is reportedly under heavy shelling and in yvonne of frank calls, which is in the west of the country. local media claims that the last major oil refinery in ukraine has been destroyed. local authorities in the b unscrew region of western russia of accused ukraine of carrying out an air strike in the border region. the russian investigative committee claims it was carried out by to combat helicopters equipped with heavy weapons. 8 people, including
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a pregnant woman under child reports, it's been injured in the attack with 2 in a serious condition. authorities in the neighboring belgrade region. also accused of all shelling with no casualties reported ukraine's national security and defense council rejected the allegations blaming bush for the incidents. this comes amid warnings from the russian defense ministry. the moscow code target key of command fences efficient territories are threatened video to do so. we see attempts to sabotage and strikes by ukrainian troops on objects on the territory of the russian federation. if such cases continue, the armed forces of the russian federation will strike the decision making centers, including and care what the russian army has refrained from doing so far. or the for the you can see on your screens now is the aftermath of the legend shelling in brianne sc with a number of buildings on cars, destroyed, emergency services all working at the scene. but it's a cool and social commentator alexander poverty gives his thoughts on the potential
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ramifications of the alleged attack. the entire strategy of the landscape. and i must say is western handlers is, can be summed up in 3 words, escalade escalate and escalate. anything to drawing more lessons into ukraine? any saying that ah, digs an even deeper divide between russian russians and ukrainians. dusty order today, they now need of pictures. they need videos. they need video clips of russian missiles hitting care which they will immediately on broadcast over the western mass media showing that the russians are now more apparently attacking civilian targets in historical here. you know, this is now now they're willing, obviously they're willing to use not only are ordinary people,
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civilians are also willing to use their own capital city in order just to gain further sympathy for, for, for themselves and to drama, more hate against russia. fighting in the nearly destroyed ukrainian city of murder, you pull, continues with the russian defense minister saying ukrainian troops have been surrounded. ortiz, broad gasdio, takes a look at some apartments in the poor city where ukrainian forces will hold up at every crossing on every street in every yard. the scars of battle are apparent. and today we followed in the footsteps of ukrainian nationalists as they tugged people's homes into firing ranges. as ukrainian troops retreated deeper into the city. they would then we single residential building. they would break down the doors into apartments to set up new foreign positions.
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again, during fire on these apartments on themselves, leaving people with no way to leave. tens of thousands of civilians now live in the basements of their apartment blocks. it's warm of a one, but also much safer that upstairs. he is, and other apartments in a residential building that ukrainian nationalist set up a foreign posted all over the place all over the place, bullets empty showcasing, but also here a primed grenade launcher. it has been prime to the, as i said, it may have malfunction. but it would be very dangerous to touch it or disturb, but in any case, this is the job for suppose the high you are the better the view, the father you can see and shoot even if you have to climb over the heads of
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civilians will visibility there were nationalist hiding up in the top floors over their lease snipers to one of them shot at people walking down the street when he just kept shooting but missed. a young woman walking by was in absolute shock. she hid in a local shop freshman with conf. we sat in the closet and prayed to god because any one of those shells could have hit our apartment when we didn't understand who they were shooting at. there was no one here. no soldiers, no separatist of no russian troops. they just kept shelling here from the factory. you go everywhere, you'll find magazines unexploded shelves, bullets, even grenades that failed to designate. and occasionally, the vile syringes and beals, that fueled nationalist regiments. here is another apartment broken into by ukrainian nationalists that have a great view out of this window and makes up a set up a foreign position here,
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a variety of calibers empty shell casings. but also as in many places that we visited empty syringes. apparently the end of a vile, he had no idea what this was, but in many of these places, apartments the where they were at station where they fought from where they have there been drugs that were seized by the, the nets police that have cleaned up the place off to them to an extent, but we know for a fact that you can be a nation so heavily dependent on amphetamines. this is something we had seen in syria in iraq, whether it was isis fight as will syrian rebels. they, they would take these uncertain means and they could keep going without sleep without rest, without food or drink or, or water. for days and days when we found drugs during the inspections captured, ukrainian soldiers admitted that they used drugs to make it easier for them to fight the population of mary upa was always seen as pro russian by ukrainian
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nationalists. for years they tried to beat and bully loyalty into the locals. if a nissan delivered 2 of my friends were having a drink and nationalists walked up to them and told them to say glory to ukraine, one of them refused, so they broke his fingers. this isn't a story from the internet. this happened to my friend from him. but that went both ways. the civilians here never understood the fanatical habits of as of and other nationalist battalions. i knew bumps here. they were all tattooed and they had these rituals. they had these torchlight marches over there. they also had rights. they even put up a fence so people wouldn't see what they were up to. the end result was utter disregard for civilians among nationalists, they never saw them as equals as fellow countrymen and women. but as fodder, human shields expendable bodies for the glory of ukraine were at gazda of
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r. t from mario pl will 8 years ago, care of announced what he called an anti terrorist operation in don boss. this was preceded by turbulence, events in ukraine's capital care, known as the euro. my done riff and austin looked back at the roots of the conflicts. 8 years ago, k of announced to what had called an anti terror operation against its then eastern most regions of denounced and logan's ukraine's own regions. the reason there disobedience to caves, new rulers that came to power after the brutal events known as euro. my don and the overthrow of the president traditionally have enclosed ties with russia. the area known as don boss in east and ukraine, accused kids new authorities of a rooster fabia and refused to recognize them as a legitimate power. and to government protest raged in all major cities in the east
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key of branded the regions separatists. when they entered tara operation was declared, i was in done yet, and 4 months later travelled all across don boss. it was a full scale operation with abbey asian tangs, heavy artillery and thousands of boots on the ground involved while it was supposed to target terrorists. innocent civilians, often elderly and kids, became victims of this blood emission. the would you. ringback would you or do you really need you? wouldn't you deal him with an issue with the didn't gabriel farmers co my or be, or part of our o, but you're gonna browse quarter years ago when you of the brutal military operation against its own people, burned the bridges literally and metaphorically, for any peaceful solution. between kia and the countries east, that tragedy in the black sea port of odessa became the final straw.
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for 8 years, the slaughter of so many civilians in the dawn boss has got almost completely unnoticed by the international community. since april 2014, the ukranian side has been shelling residential areas in the 2 self proclaimed republics using heavy, offensive weapons. at least 5500 civilians have been injured. more than 2600 civilians have been killed. more than 2200 objects of civilian infrastructure were destroyed or damaged. for 8 long years, rush and cold time off to time for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. but that fleet took care of always fell on deaf ears. uminski, the misc agreements were killed long before yesterday's recognition of the people's republics of dumbass and not by us, not by the representatives of these republics,
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but by the council. thirties in kiev, ukraine's current president vowed to finally end the war, but escalations continued and hatred also grew. the republics backed into a corner, seemed to have little choice, but ask their big neighbor for protection. but helping them, russia is also secure in its own borders and interests. mosca says ukraine strongly anti russia policies, and it's alarmingly fast, milder is ation posed a serious threat to russia's own national security. and it was determined to do something about it that you'd give demilitarization and denot sophistication of ukraine or a compulsory component of the agreements. we have 2 days on. both sides have lost many lives, both military and civilian, and seem to be close to losing hope for a quick and non military solution. the aim was to try to be empty. my movement,
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which was it eastern ukraine, talked to print and yeah, which was interesting. on the operational, the beginning of the search of april is that what the security council, if you can make the decision to stop this tutorial permission this year was, was at the table which is officially recognized. and so the question is, where the decision from ukraine or us from the point of view of where operation, this was a nice name to cover that they started to war. i really don't want to call you to operate somewhere because it was you don't pick a deter operation with the tanks and planes to, to bump cities. this was a wall from the very beginning, started by key against the dump bus. after my done know, your trading government was able to make any decisions without the us. 75 percent of the civilian casualties are victims of ukrainian arby. this is something leslie meter doesn't want to show,
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but we know that the u. s. a don't care what she will. again, victims look at the iraq. there are 600-0021 1000000 people. died of the operations of the u. s. a. and after that, quite obvious that the u. s. a wanted to warranties the ukraine for one simple reason or from geo political interest of the u. s. u. s. wants to divide ukraine from russia. and what can be wide, 2 countries better than the civil war with ethical russia the best against the ukrainian government? or was it was we heard from one family who've been living on the con side line between the don units, republic and ukraine, controlled territories for the past 8 years. news news, william resumes. well, i don't know. we aren't ready to believe the war will end soon. we want to end as soon as possible, but i don't think there's enough will for that to happen in the united states and europe are sending arms digital numbers revealed. so it's hard to live here, but it's difficult. we are right on the borderline. i understand everything,
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but we want peace. we want to feel protected. you must understand. it's scary. it's hurtful, especially for the children. we had one situation with a woman. she just went out to wash to the kitchen and a shell landed. she was literally ripped apart. there is so much suffering, we are tired just quite tired. who can we turn to? nobody, those boys are dying. it's hardest for those who are protecting us. turkey has sought a largely neutral study since the starts of the war. and while the country has continued to send drones anal, munitions, a key of on kara has also called for peace talks and opinion polls do show a significant public sentiment, blaming nato. for the conflicts ortiz, our son, a boy could take a closer look at turkey's delicate political balancing act. they are pursuing their own interest, and it's true that they are not pro russian. they're not pro ukrainian, they're being pro turks. then the war is good for the military industry. the
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request for about out of the roles have increased dramatically. many countries are looking into buying that technology because it demonstrated itself to be very, very efficient on the ukranian front lines. but on the other hand, turkey has a very burgeoning, very luxurious trade with rush. i think it's somewhere in the range of $3000000000.00. for example, there trades that the brain is roughly 7000000000. so the turks are pursuing our own interest. plus they want to be given the role of a major, not only a regional, but global player. i'm pretty sure that president on really wants to be the one who settled this conflict on he over the past weekend, he once again extended his invitation, both to present putting in president landscape to go to turkey for direct negotiations. well, i think they had doing very well in settling that old grudges, both with with nato and more specifically with the united states and the european
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union. because i've actually seen a couple of major commentators suggest the, the issue is trying to undermine mr. add on piece making efforts because he's calling for peace. that's a please. turkey official position. we've heard they had of the european diplomacy, suggesting that they could only be a military solution to this conflict. this is the 1st time in history that they had of you. diplomacy ever said something like that. they've never heard that in li, being syrian yugoslavia. so it's pretty interesting how the tables have turned. i was interviewing one of the major turkish analyst day, and he said like, i couldn't have imagined that even a year ago, you know, all the russian outlets and how in the west, the, you know, despite its suppose intelligence to media freedoms. but they are all free to operate in turkey. so turkey also portrays itself as you know, as a country of real liberty right now, let me common shortly on the,
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an american, an anti american sentiment. because they're, they're fairly strong and target. and not only because of the current situation, but it turns believe that the americans and i see i in particular have participated in organizing several coups in, in turkey. so the anti american sentiment is pretty strong. there was a recent poll in turkey, which suggested that 48 percent of the turks laid the blame for what's happening in the ukraine, on nato and the united states. and only, i think 37 or 33 percent put direct blame on russia. so it's not just 2 sides of the coin there many, but again, that's church being typical turks living there putin has slammed western states for delaying payments for russian energy exports. nurses were a failures in the payment of export supplies of russian energy resources,
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banks from unfriendly countries delay the transfer payments. i remind you the task has already been set to transfer payments for energy resources to the national currency. gradually moving away from the dollar and the euro. in general, we intend to radically increase the share of payments in the national currency in the foreign trade system. in the last month, the russian president ordered companies to switch to rouble payments for energy exports. the decision was met with a backlash from the west, which accused moscow of breaking contracts and circumventing sanctions over there is still no agreement among member states on bunting, russian oil and gus. but im abusing also reiterated this an embargo on russian energy resources will primarily impact european citizens which is up an external attempts by western countries to replace our energy resources with alternative supplies will inevitably affect the entire global economy. supplies from other countries, primarily from the united states, will cost consumers many times more would affect the standard of living of people
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and the competitiveness of the european economy. despite these obvious things for every one european countries are constantly talking about refusing russian supplies, which further destabilizes the market and inflates prices themselves, primarily for their citizens. lillia, we spoke to mr. ben gadget, a professor at the institute of european studies in belgrade. he thinks that european leads aren't fully considering the impacts of their policies on their citizens. these elites have the agenda that are quite the opposite from what the, the state interest would be additional sense or what the interests of their population are. so that is why they're ready to harm of their ovulation and their own economies only to confront russia for somebody else's interest. and we already see a way of protest, and i think this is only the beginning. this is only
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a little breeze compared to the hurricane that will happen. and of course the political hurricane which will fall. and if they continue conducting their, i'd say, suicidal on policies. and unfortunately this will hurt the average the average citizen of western european country. and i honestly don't see how this will change. i mean, i do see how it will change, but i don't know whether these elite can survive politically. what is going to come . and what we will see is more strikes or more civil unrest in western europe. that is provoked of course, by this economic hammock being posed by the
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european countries themselves. the president of the european central bank has won sanctions and the war in ukraine impacting the euro zones. economy trade. this options and soaring energy commodity prices are affecting the outlook for the region is continuing. finding creates economic uncertainty. so to bends, can take a closer look. it's historical warning for the euro. project action is needed to tackle inflation, or that could lead to loss of trust in the currency. and in the european central bank, that is the cool form of former pcp, executive b. e, c, b faces, the biggest challenge for any central bank that it could become in itself an important risk factor. if he is not the only one wanting the cd to make a radical change towards policies over inflation, inflation was a sleeping dragon. this dragon has now awoken the e. c. b has contributed massively to this trap in which it is now caught because
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we're heading towards the risk of a stagflation area, environment. inflation measures how much more expensive a set of goods and services have become over a certain period. higher inflation means that the cost of living is going up. so unless your salary also is increasing at the same rate, you're going to get less bang for your buck. now the c b aims to keep inflation to plus 2 percent. but across the u, it's risen by plus 7.5 percent. and some countries are experiencing even higher rates. germany's rate to inflation has also reached record highs. vendors at the nuremberg folk fest say they all feeling the string of those increasing costs. my mother, you believe the energy costs. you can see it with the gas prices over the price is currently 25 percent higher than 2 months ago. and so of course, you have to allocate the prices in some way and we cannot avoid increasing costs,
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but we're willing to guns. if we have more costs. we have to think about how we can pass them on, although that's pretty bad for us because it's not just millionaires who come here . it's the case that we always want to keep our entrance fee affordable for the people. but we can't do it near me on foil. i mean, one thing is clear, everything that's happened is always paid for by the individual. it's the same at the gas station at the supermarket. it's the same everywhere. and of course, the prices have also increased in our marquee now, while inflation is lower here in france, they still has been a traumatic rise in the cost of living too. and that scene is being one of the biggest single factors as to why the hard left and the hard right candidates scolded so well. in the 1st round of the french presidential election, though, the war in ukraine has contributed to rising inflation. but then i mix of higher inflation woo, already apparent in the summer of 2021, as the world economy was still battling with covey. 19, some economists say the c,
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b should have acted in raising interest rates back then. it is incomprehensible that the european central bank, unlike the u. s. federal reserve, is taking so much time with the monetary policy turnaround. i don't think it is helpful to wait so many more months, given current inflation rates and inflation expectations. i have been saying for more than a year that we have an inflation problem, a more rapid tightening of monetary policy. pcp says it's working on a crisis tools to support countries facing those, increasing and boring costs is the rates, right? but the concern is that it's too little too late, and a more radical approach may be needed. the longer the see be way, the more difficult the course, maybe to navigate geology. boesky asi, paris. the ca director william burns confirmed on thursday that he's expanding
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his intelligence sharing with ukrainian forces. this comes up to the u. s. senate select committee sent a letter requesting for more information to be shared with key f is ortiz kelly moulton. with more, essentially, you have the senate intelligence committee requesting that intelligence from the united states be shared with you crane. and they give a, an intended purpose what they are helping ukraine to do with that intelligence. and this is the words of the letter. as we watch russia turn, its focus to southern and eastern ukraine, we urge you to ensure that our intelligence agencies proactively share intelligence with the ukrainians to help them protect, defend and retake every inch of ukraine's sovereign territory, which includes crimea and the don bass. these stated goals, which essentially, you know, our effort to help you crane retake, don bass and crimea flies in the face of peace talks. as these are one of the main points of negotiations with russia. and we also have gen saki,
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the white house spokesperson, claiming that the united states supports the b stocks, piece ox, or something. we're always going to support the president, secretary of state, or national security advisor always going to support and support the ukrainians in that effort. so we're having mixed messages coming out of washington on the one hand, it seems like they want to fight to the bitter, and they are holding onto some very extreme territorial claims on the part of the ukrainians. on the other hand, it seems like the united states is telling people that it does favor negotiations, and it does want the peace talks to move ahead. it does want to deescalate tensions in the country. so, the united states seems we talking out of both sides of its mouth at the moment, not a clear message about where washington stands in regards to the ongoing conflict. the u. s. is ramping old pressure on countries that have so far remain neutral over the war in ukraine, with cuba accused of echoing russian state propaganda. we denounce cuba,
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recycling and repetition of russia's false narrative about its war against ukraine to the cuban people in state run media outlets. this includes publishing recent stories that assert that the atrocities in butcher were manufactured in the cuban government statements. blaming the united states and nato for the conflict. cuba was among $34.00 nations that decided to abstain from voting on the un resolution condemning russia was originally an ally of the former. soviet union has long been at loggerheads with the u. s. a. no. president obama tried to reduce tensions, trump from top sanctioned on cuba. an approach joe biden also appears to be following a cuba is just one of a slew of nations and the pressure for its position on the worn ukraine. the washington post released and all pad urging the u. s to pressure nicaragua, which has left his lead to the white house, is openly condemned. and he wants to do the us of any alignment with russia, a professor of latin american in car been studies we spoke to says that the latin
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american states, outside of us had germany. the united states shooting themselves in the foot every day. they're more isolated across south america or in the caribbean. people looking for a new way forward. they're looking for solidarity. they're sick of the i, m f in the world bank, dumb meeting. their natural resources, the labor market. they want another way forward. they're all too familiar with the history of us when invasions, occupations, unfettered, pillaging in exploitation. so many of these countries have remained neutral. they haven't taken, they haven't voted in the, in the un against russia for this very reason. they don't see russia is the chief enemy of humanity. they define the chief enemy of humanity as us imperialism. is all for this all from all stories an in depth analysis do head over to
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r t dot com and check our telegram channel. my name is peter scotts and thank you for joining us. mm. ah ah ah ah ah hello in. well.


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