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very difficult time to sit down and talk ah, russian forces target military facilities on the outskirts of k, that's off to several provocations from ukraine were reported on russian territory . the latest was prevented earlier by defense systems in the border region, or belgrade. also at a set up a foreign position here, a variety of caliber empty shell cases, but also in many places that we visited empty syringe as the battle for my real full and has its final stages. and the crew takes a closer look at positions left by ukrainian soldiers and with washington only upping at toms shipments to ukraine. our team also looks at how
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such weapons append up in the hands of criminals and extremists. and finally, the wife over a captured ukrainian opposition leader claims her husband has been tortured and beaten by authorities, becomes as key of band a position in the country. the shortest, legit, victor med that she is not just a citizen of ukraine. he is a peoples deputy of ukraine. what is happening to victor is human disgrace. ah. you're watching international. my name's english. done of a very warm welcome to the program. now, straight off with the events in ukraine and brush an air defense systems have reportedly been in action in the border city of belgrade. locals have reported to explosions that could be heard in the city center. witnesses of also posted video footage, which you're seeing right now of what looks like the air defenses working russian
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forces also had a ukrainian helicopter in the turning of region and russia, according to officials, the aircraft was one that yesterday had attacked a village in the border region of brands in response to ukraine's actions on russian soil. a military facility in the outskirts of ki, of, has been targeted. the machine building plant was said to produce and prepare long and medium range, anti aircraft missiles, systems, as well as anti ship marseilles. the russian defense ministry said it will directly respond to each attack on russia. room as you would have to give you the number and scale of missile strikes on targets in kiev will increase in response to the key of nationalist regime, committing any terrorist attacks or sabotage on russian territory, wasn't it? while these commons follow yesterday's air strikes on the browns and burger regions of western russia, the country is accused ukraine's armed forces of being responsible. the russian
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investigative committee claims the air strikes were carried out by 2 com, but helicopters equipped with heavy offensive weapons. at least 9 people, including a pregnant woman and child were injured in the shelling. 2 of the casualties, including the child, are said to be in a serious condition. on wednesday, the russian defense ministry said moscow, good target caves, decision making centers. if ukraine keeps bombing russian border regions, locals and brands now told of how their houses were destroyed. as a result of these strikes, ellison of love fell asleep then through a light cried a lightly. everything has been exploding there. the neighbors have a bomb craters. the house was also had the beams broke in the barn, hulu. when there was an explosion, i was lying on the couch. glass rained down, i fell to the floor, flowerpots that were on the window sill, fell on me a yard. do me bell? i was in the house,
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then i went out on the porch. it's good that i didn't reach the gate, otherwise i would have been lying here. when i came out, i saw a blast wave that was like this way. will you do it? me? we were in the house, we looked out of the window, there was dust everywhere and then it started shaking it. i went to another house, there was black smoke there. that was the one that was burned down and where a woman was injured. will. meanwhile, fighting in the devastated city of mario po, continues, i mean, the place has been a hotspot for weeks now. now the russian defense ministry is claiming ukrainian troops have been surrounded. ortiz more gasdio has been taking a look at some apartments in the key port where a nationalist forces were hold up. at every crossing on every street in every yard, the scars of battle are apparent. and to day we followed in the footsteps of ukrainian nationalists as they tugged people's homes into firing ranges. as ukrainian troops retreated deeper into the city. they would then we single
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residential building. they would break down the doors into apartments to set up new foreign positions. again, drawing fire on these apartments on themselves, leaving people with no way to live. tens of thousands of civilians now live in the basements of their apartment blocks. it's warm up for one, but also much safer that upstairs. he is another apartment's in a residential building that ukrainian nationalist set up a foreign posted all over the pay all over the place, bullets empty shell casings, but also here a primed grenade launcher. it has been prime. the, as i said, it may have malfunction, but it would be very dangerous to touch it or disturb, but in any case,
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this is the job for suppose the high you are the better the view, the father you can see and shoot. even if you have to climb over the heads of civilians really was visibility. there were nationalist hiding up in the top floors over there snipers to one of them shot at people walking down the street. he just kept shooting but missed a young woman walking by was in absolute shock. she hid in a local shop for ashlyn with cuz we sat in the closet and prayed to god because any one of those shells could have hit our apartment. we didn't understand who they were shooting at. there was no one here. no soldiers, no separatist of no russian troops. they just kept shelling here from the factory. everywhere you'll find magazines unexploded shells, bullets, even grenades that failed to designate. and occasionally, the vile syringes and beals that fueled nationalist regiments
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here is another apartment broken into by ukrainian nationalists that have a great view out of this window. and they set up a set up a foreign position here, a variety of calibers empty shell casings. but also as in many places that we visited empty syringes upon to the end of a while. he had no idea what this was, but in many of these places, apartments the where they were at station where they fought from, where they have them been drugs that were seized by the, than yet police that have cleaned up the place off to them to an extent, but we know for a fact that euclidean nation so heavily dependent on amphetamines, this is something we had seen in syria in the rock, whether it was isis fight as will syrian rebels. they, they would take these unsettled means and they could keep going without sleep without rest, without food or drink o water. for days and days when we found drugs during the inspections captured,
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ukrainian soldiers admitted that they use drugs to make it easier for them to fight the population of mary upa was always seen as pro russian by ukranian nationalists . for years they tried to beat and bully loyalty into the locals. isn't the liver? 2 of my friends were having a drink and nationalists walked up to them and told them to say, glory to ukraine. one of them refused, so they broke his fingers. this isn't a story from the internet. this happened to my friend from it. but that went both ways. the civilians here never understood the fanatical habits of as of and other nationalist battalions. i knew bumps. yeah. they were all tattooed and they had these rituals. they had these torchlight marches over there. they also had rights. they even put up a fence so people wouldn't see what they were up to. the end result was utter
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disregard for civilians among nationalists, they never saw them as equals as fellow countrymen and women. but as for the human shields expendable bodies for the glory of ukraine, where i had gaz d of our tea from mary, you pull what's more has been revealed. the canadian military has helped to train soldiers from the infamous nationalist as of the battalion. it's led to condemnation, including from human rights organizations. we'll be covering that in more detail just later in the program. but meanwhile, we'll talk about russia. it has announced it has captured several military personnel from nato countries who were fighting as mercenaries in ukraine. one british fighter who came to ukraine long before the war ruptured has claimed the inhuman treatment of ukrainians by their own soldiers was for him. quote, the 1st time seeing reality. a warning though his words may have been made on the
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juris she sent you not someone you will fail from me. i'm really trying to build a minimum regionally. i think you're correct. and from day one, when we went to another you pool, i always said like we need to leave because because as i said before, done thus, right is recognized as independent and 100 as well. and if, if ukraine really wanted to avoid this conflict, they could have easily just said ok, we will live, we will recognize independence, fortune beginning ukraine was good side with and then eventually i see they don't make the right decisions. that would end war good. a good example was out of media everytime,
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new part of media they didn't want to negotiate with steps that could help. and the war, like peacefully, it was like 1st time seeing reality. they looted from like supermarkets, like civilians need food like survive after like in circles. and so they would take like food from the supermarkets they would stop civilians from going out to get water like like in the supermarket that was being looted. they would stop civilians from taking like water or stuff like that which they themselves were taken. while i'm staying with the subject of foreign aid to ukraine, the pentagon is upping it's supplies of arms to the country. that's after president
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biden announced an additional $800000000.00 in military assistance to keep footage from an air force base in the u. s. state of delaware shows weapons systems believe to be javelin, anti tank missiles being prepared for shipment. the armaments are being sent to the ukrainian military, but as don't quarter explains such weapons are ending up in the hands of criminals and extremists. another $800000000.00 of us military aid on route to ukraine. that's on top of the billions of dollars worth of weapons that the west has already sent. and for some reason, nobody seems to care about where these guns are actually going. there is the real threat that the ukrainian government can potentially not control of this weapons. where exactly is anywhere, well, kia has been handing out weapons to random people on the street with no military experience since the beginning of russia's military operation. ukraine's leadership
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also thought it would be a good idea not only to release felons on to the chaotic streets of a war zone, but also to give them guns will mobil. william was stung under martial law participants in hostilities. ukrainians with real combat experience will be released from custody and will be able to compensate for their guilt in the hall to spots of the war. o sanctions lifted from those people who took part in the anti terrorist operation. the key now is defense. these people aren't all thieves who stole candy from the corner store. many of them were convicted of murder, ideal candidates for soldiers, who will respect the laws of war. i guess it's not exactly the time for keys to be picky though, since, according to its own military, $15000.00 ukrainian troops have been killed in the conflict so far. at the same time, russia destroys more of ukraine's command structures with every passing day. and the outcome we're starting to see is chaotic and out of control. by all means citizens in a disorderly way, as is currently the case, the you transforms them into fighters and therefore also into potential targets.
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furthermore, without command, without operational purposes, the distribution of weapons inevitably leads to settling of schools, banditry and actions that are more lethal and effective within ukraine. a number of volunteer battalions with ambiguous loyalties to kiev have already begun stockpiling these weapons. but beyond the countries borders, there's no telling to what extent these arms will help international weapons traffickers. even before all these guns were released, ukraine had one of the largest markets for illegal arms in europe. there are 2 primary sources of elicit small arms and ammunition in ukraine. the diversion of domestic holdings and cross border trafficking officials estimated that at least 300000 small arms and light weapons were looted or lost between 201320. 15. of these, only 4000 weapons were reportedly recovered. weapons from eastern ukraine are
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becoming an important supply source for the black market. according to some sources, key of has long had problems with theft and corruption and it's military. when an official investigation was launched, the defense official in charge of it was court martialed, and that was the end of the matter. none the less, he have says it's in control. ukraine's current export control system makes a legal arms transfers from for via ukraine. practically impossible. sure, ukraine might say that. but history tells us situations like these and badly look at all the state of the art american weapons that the taliban got its hands on. when it came to power in afghanistan, libya, iraq, syria, all examples of how weapons plus chaos equals a lot of bad people, getting their hands on guns. so sure, even though the west wouldn't send its own people to fight for its ukrainian ally, it can give itself a pat on the back for flooding the country with weapons. but it remains to be seen what criminal elements the west is once again, inadvertently creating. and we'll have to fight further down the line with on
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supplies to ukraine increasing month by month. that's little surprised to find the stock value of the world's largest defense contract, lockheed martin, have been on the up on february 24th. it share price stood at $395.00. it now stands had $467.00. well, to discuss this further, let's cross live to former executive director of the national black police association, ronald hampton, mister hampton. it's very nice to have you with us. thank you for joining me. so well, if there's one side that is clearly winning in this war in ukraine, well that would be lockheed martin and cope. they wouldn't want this conflict to end any time soon. now, would they? no, well, i'm not sure about the how they would feel about it, but i know that they would want to have peace in, in, in, in, in the conflict is important. so are you at all
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concerned that this influx of weapons because i have worked in the cave region. i have seen all this for i have touched the javelin missile complex myself, and i have seen them being captured from well, very untrained people. so are you concerned and maybe surprise there isn't a tight control of the arms when they enter ukraine? would you expect authorities to know exactly where they're going these arms without them? i would expect them to know exactly where to go in and, and also have some method where they can track the weapons. because the data model weapons as well as the monetary value of weapons. mason important that they know who little whoever's on word was gone. so i just can't imagine a big woman, i'm just disappearing in go to the black market. well, with the united states, increasing the supplies of weapons and the shipments of weapons. do ukraine. how
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concerned do you think they are about where these weapons may end up and should they be consent a tool about this? well, actually, i mean, it wouldn't be invest and all that money in weapons in the amount of weapons that they provide for them. and then not have a way to guarantee that they're going to get to them as well as the they're not gonna be subject to the black box. so i'm confident that they that they will handle it in a way that makes it say, to get the weapons as well as comprehensive enough that they will happen to be able to defend himself in the continent. well right now, of ukrainian forces, they sure will be glad to use every bit of for, and help. and every 4 in supply the weapon do will do to help them fight the russian, the russian forces. but do you see these weapons after the conflict ending up in
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the wrong hands and well eventually basically well, posing a threat to western nations? well, i mean nothing desiccation in every conflict once is all with and and that the differences have been what happens to the weapons. it would be nice that weapons would be destroyed and we would, it wouldn't be added to the already all the weapon that inventory that we have in this world anyway. but i don't, i don't think that people are going to do that. but that, that is the issue that they want to have to deal with. and what to do with them have to do training has successfully one conflict. what do we do with all the weapons? and so that's going to be a challenge. okay, mr. hampton, former executive director of the national black police association. thank you very
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much for your thoughts. thank you. well, the wife of the arrest of ukrainian opposition leader victor midville church has slammed the detention of her husband and criticize the ukrainian government. her words came during a press conference here in moscow. and you can just to be sure they cross the line the situation got out of control. i want to emphasize once again that victor med, chuck is not just a citizen of ukraine. he is a people's deputy of ukraine who is acting, he legally continued to fulfill his duties and he represents the people today. i emphasize, once again, i oppose torture violence against all political prisoners as much. what is happening to victor as human disgrace? i beg you to carefully look at these photographs. there are no signs of damage in any of the photos. the next one shows large bruises and bruises that they tried to cover with hair, which means that these pictures were taken at the beginning and during the interrogation. there is no doubt that he was beaten in the 1st hours after his arrest. while the raw,
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the photos of the victor of victim adventures posted by the ukrainian president himself on day of arrest, president lansky said it had been detained in a special operation. you can see have bed bed with chokers handcuffs and the photo with signs of beating. clearly visible on his face, it's still unclear if the opposition leader was captured in fact, weeks prior to this photo. now victor, madrid shook as a ukrainian politician and one of the leaders of the opposition he had played a key role in negotiations between ukraine, russia and the republics, the people's republic of the nets and la ganske from 2018 and all the way until his arrest he was the chairman of the pro russian party in care of his wife, also complained of how all the position media channels have been completely shut down in ukraine. ah, 6 channels were closed before i left the ukraine. as far as i know,
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i'll tv channels are now closed except for one. this is the only platform. this is a country with one channel that's the lensky controls. there can be no more alternative opinions what freedom of speech. this is no longer journalism. now to his story, we announced earlier in the program, canada has spent around $700000000.00 training, the ukraine and military, including it stopped fighting force, the very infamous nationalist as of battalion. that despite earlier pledges by canada's defense minister, that auto would not help the regimen which he claimed was just a small group of quote unquote rotten apples. about 2000 members of the ukrainian national guard conducted training as part of canada's bid to help key of strength in its forces. these photos, posted by ukraine's military on social media, clearly shows some soldiers wearing as of battalion patches. as they trained with canadian service members or to what has tried to distance itself from the group and
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its neo nazi links with the defense ministry insisting it was in fact key of responsibility to check which soldiers were taking part. the canadian armed forces have never given any training whatsoever to members of these off battalion servicemen participating in operation unifier, have always been ordered not to train with members of these of battalion and not to have any contact with them. well, we spoke to dr. efraim, sir, off director of the human rights organization, the simon these and foul center in israel. he believes the actions of the canadian armed forces amount to negligence. the flag, the problem is that the canadian defense ministry did that do proper diligence and did not fully verify exactly whom they would train and you know, they want to spend millions of dollars on something is nebulous as, as trade
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a bunch of guys. they have no idea who they are. i mean, this negligence there, certainly people don't know who don't want the money, spent the taxpayer money spent training, training, neo nazis, the so a minority in the troops. and they're all part of this of the regiments where they are serving. so there's no question about their identity, problematic ideology that they have. but the question is, how much, how much influence these people out and whatever, whatever it is they should the western true. so any to should not be training them . those who knows the direct guns in one direction today was a guest on the director guns later on. it was exactly 8 years on thursday since cave announced what it called an anti terrorist operation in the done bass. it came off to the turbulent events in the ukraine's capital t of known as the euro
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. my done, which so the overthrow of the government marine if a national has been taking a look back 8 years ago. ok of announced to what had called an anti terror operation against it's then eastern most regions of denotes and logan's ukraine's own regions. the reason there disobedience to keep new rulers that came to power after the brutal events known as euro. my don and the overthrow of the president with traditionally have enclosed ties with russia,
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the area known as don boss in east and ukraine, accused kids new authorities of a rooster phobia and refused to recognise them as a legitimate power. and to government protests raged in all major cities in the east here branded the regions separatists. when the anti terror variation was declared, i was in danielle, and 4 months later travelled all across don boss. it was a full scale operation with abbey asian tangs, heavy artillery and thousands of boots on the ground involved while it was supposed to target terrorists, innocent civilians, often elderly and kids, became victims of this blood emission the would you do with you or do you really need you wouldn't deal him was renewed, she wouldn't be good with gabriel. farmers co my or be, or barbara barbara brown's quarter year ago when you have the brutal military operation against its own people, burned the bridges literally and metaphorically,
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for any peaceful solution between kia and the countries east. that tragedy in the black sea of a death became the final straw. ah for 8 years, the slaughter of so many civilians in the dawn boss has gone almost completely unnoticed by the international community. since april 2014, the ukrainian side has been shelling residential areas in the 2 self proclaimed republics using heavy, offensive weapons. at least 5500 civilians have been injured. more than 2600 civilians have been killed. more than 2200 objects of civilian infrastructure were destroyed or damaged. for 8 long years, russia called time off to time for
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a peaceful resolution to the conflict. but that the 2 key of always fell on deaf ears. i mean, excuse the misc agreements were killed long before yesterday's recognition of the people's republic of dumbasses and not by us, not by the representatives of these republics, but by the count authorities inc, he have ukraine's current president vowed to finally end the war. but escalations continued and hatred also grew. the republics backed into a corner, seemed to have little choice, but ask their big neighbor for protection. but helping them russia is also secure in its own borders and interests. mosca says ukraine strongly enter russia policies, and it's alarmingly fast, milder is ation posed a serious threat to russia's own national security. and it was determined to do something about it. so that should give both the demilitarization and denot suffocation of ukraine or a compulsory component of the agreements we have today on both sides have lost many
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lives, both military and civilian, and seem to be close to losing hope for a quick and non military solution. the aim was to try to be empty. my movement, which was in eastern ukraine, south to print. and what was interesting on the operational, the beginning on the church of april is that when the security council of trade made the decision to stop this and anti terror operation, this year was, was at the table which is officially recognized. and so the question is, who made the decision some of ukraine or u. s. a. from the point of view of antique chair operation. this was a nice name to cover that they started to war. i really don't want to call it and teacher operation somewhere because it was you don't pick a deter operation with with the tanks and planes to 2 cities. this was a wall from the very beginning started by key against the doug bus. after my dont
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know you're crazy, government was able to make any decisions without the u. s. 75 percent of the civilian casualties. victims of ukrainian arby. this is something less to me that doesn't want to show, but we know that the u. s. a don't care about civil again, victims look at iraq, the 600-0021 1000000 people died on the operations of the u. s. a. and after that, it's quite obvious that the u. s. a wanted the war and you said ukraine for one simple reason come from jill. the political interest of the u. s. u. s. wants to divide ukraine from russia. and what can divide to countries better than the civil war with ethical russians the done best against your credit government or vice versa? well that said from me for this hour, but make sure to join our to international in just under half an hour's time from a news and analysis. my guest on of thank you for being with me.


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