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i with ah, russian armed forces, say they preventative missile, a talk on a power plant in the south of ukraine, resulting and damage to a residential area. that 7 in the morning. my house was hit by our glorious ukrainian military. i love my country. i was a patriot after this. i say thanks mister zalinski investigation reveals a legit plans by the ukrainian security service to assassinate zelinski is political opponents. with allegations afford to enter detention center. we speak to the author behind the investigation. us says it won't return the frozen russian assets of private individuals back to the owners even after the conflict in ukraine ends
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with 4 am in the weekends just getting underway here in moscow. my name is peter scotts, and i'll be bringing you all the latest news throughout the small hours this saturday morning. the russian military says is prevented an attempt by kia to destroy a hydro electric power plants in the southern city of kept song to ballistic missiles were apparently shot down by russian air defense systems. fragments of the missile fell in residential areas damaging houses with several casualties. reported the russian defense ministry states of the failed attack could have led to an uncontrolled footing of multiple settlements in the region. here has not yet commented on that incident. we heard from one man whose house was damaged by the strike. this is my house at 7 in the morning. my house was
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hit by our glorious ukrainian military. i am not a military man. i am a civilian. i work as a grain truck driver. i love my country. i was a patriot after this. i say, thanks mr. zalinski and in the city of mother you poll, which has almost been raised to the ground, civilians are starting to leave the basements as russian troops have taken control of most of the city. many people have been trapped in shelters with little food or water since the beginning of march, and humanitarian aid is now making its way through ortiz roman casa reports from the city. well, once again, we are here in myrtle. once again, we are delivering humanitarian age. things like food medicine, hygienic items, and basically anything else that people here have been lacking for the last, almost 2 months. as you can see, many parts of the city are devastated. people are on the streets, there is no electricity, no running water. and of course many she,
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when it's area and missions are here now trying to help these people out at a distance you can see people are registering with. then you don't ask people's republic authorities over there, people are receiving humanitarian aid from other organizations. i hear we can see a field kitchen where locals are lining up in order to get well, their daily meal, some drama model. but while it, but more than normal way, we're near mediately with digital shockley. what's the get to what? just log on to rebuild. those are solutions value would you do? did you put the book which were you knew that while the digital phone good. you've got the the way it was. boy. what the deal will you need did? what would the use, the rule rule, you will do it or you know, leave your story or,
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and you would do it with the american is a royalist for is a dongle shipped from long island dock. them in jail in business b, blah. you do not have a cost or change thrash number v lipper. stay on the sheila's onto our la donna see no problem deal to move on. now, mcdaniel, we will continue working here until the situation is finally over. and of course, like many others, will continue bringing necessary items that people here need from on call for. i've already done this people's republic, a new report has alleged the ukrainian security services used to detention center to torture prisoners of war and ukrainian. suspected of having pro russian sympathies, ukrainian secret services use of torture in prisons has been previously covered by the united nations and amnesty international reports. and according to those
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reports, the s b u, as a number of compounds in several cities across ukraine, where people of allegedly been unofficially detained and tortured for having pro russian views. in the behind the headlines report, people shared their experiences of detention in one such present. they used a lighter to heat up a needle, then put it under my fingernails. the worst was when they put a plastic bag over my head and suffocated me. and when they held the muzzle of a kalashnikov rifle to my head and forced me to answer their questions, it was like a small guantanamo. i was told that if it wasn't for my 2nd passport, i'd be killed. i don't know how much of that was to influence and scare me or how much it was real. we spoke to the author of the report, don cohen, who showed more lights on the story. currently the s b u is rounding up. any one accused of sympathy for russia. so anyone who speaks russian, anyone who is, is thought to be in support of the russian offensive inside ukraine
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is likely to be put into this torture prison and interrogated and beaten my investigation contains testimony from 2 men who were tortured inside the s b. u. headquarters and a sports complex or gym attached to it. and they gave me accounts of extreme torture. beatings where, where prisoners were bleeding from their mouth. one man had hot needles stuck under his fingernails. he said that there were 2 men from bella, russia who were tortured to death. so it's clear, and it's been documented not only by myself, but by amnesty international and united nations that the ukrainian security service, the s b u, torture is prisoners. we need to see reporters asking the lensky,
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where are these prisoners who have been disappeared and we never, and we've never heard from again. and if they've been killed or tortured, as they obviously have their need to be, these are, these are crimes that need to be, there needs to be accountability for them. this sort of torture fits a geo political agenda in support of the united states and european union against russia. and so well the u. s. and you claim to be supporting democracy and, and for freedom it's obvious that you know, anyone who's unlucky enough to end up in one of these torture prisons may not come out alive. so there's a very clear double standard, and this has nothing to do with human rights or democracy. it's all about us, empire. and staying with the u. s. america says it will not be returning the frozen
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assets of private russian individuals but to the owners. even after the conflict and ukraine and author correspondent rachel blevins was more nuts, living was part and parcel of medieval warfare. you came, you stroll us. but even with the introduction of new weapons and technology, it appears that the practice of looting is just as much a part of the 21st century warfare president is actively looking at how we can deal with the fact that as we see these assets, our goal is not to give them back, our goal is to put them to a better use than that. but i'll be careful in what i say today because there's an ongoing kind of policy process around how we end up dealing with that question. but rest assured that the goal is not just to sit on them for awhile and then pass them all back. the white house has an officially stated the total were
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the russian assets these by the u. s. and his allies. but in addition to more than $300000000000.00 in foreign exchange reserves, they also include you off in real estate and other countries. but now washington is saying that it has no plans to return the private assets of private individual back to their owners even when the conflict and in any other circumstance that would be considered that. and the person who did it would be charged accordingly. but it seems as though when you are america, you can do whatever you want and then do it over and over again. after all, it was washington last year, the prose, $7000000000.00 where it's not dennis stands assets. after the taliban came sweeping to power, that coupled with crushing sanctions led to a humanitarian crisis. that is put millions of people at risk in response, trying to call out the hypocrisy from the us without the consent of the afghan people. the u. s. willfully disposes of assets that belong to the afghan people,
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even keeping them as its own. this is no different from the conduct of bandits. this latest example has once again laid bare that the rules based ordered. the u. s . claims to champion is not the kind of rules in order to defend the weak and uphold justice but to maintain its own had gemini. and that's not all following the 2003 invasion of iraq photos service showing us soldiers posing with gold bars, which the u. s. military quickly claimed was part of a $500000000.00 stash found on the truck during a routine traffic stop. however, it was a different case for the, for us soldiers who are arrested after and they were use, you're trying to steal $1000000.00 worth of us from saddam hussein's palace in bagdad, just one month later. as for what happened to all of that gold? well, we may never know, but the us didn't stop there. back in 2011 or rock submitted a letter to the united nations calling on the us to return $17000000.00 in profits
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from the sale of a rocky oil, which washington had originally promise would be given back to the country for reconstruction effort. all indications are that the institutions of the united states of america committed financial corruption by stealing the money of the iraqi people which was allocated to develop iraq. and that it was about $17000000000.00. the department of defense itself admitted in a 2011 audit report that it had lost more than $6600000000.00 worth of iraq's oil and gas money with a special inspector general for iraq reconstruction, calling it the largest active fund and national history. plus, there was only after 18 years of the u. s. finally agreed last year to return more than 17000 stolen artifacts to a rock after they were looted from the countries, museums by the u. s. military, another oil rich country that is received similar treatment is syria. but in that case, former president trump never hit is mode it when it came to plans for serious natural
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resources. we're keeping the oil. remember that i've always said that keep the oil . we want to keep the oil $45000000.00 a month. we secured the us military still has troops station in syria's northeast region. as report suggests, the oil continues to be smuggled from the country with the help of the us forces. and on that syrian president, bashar assad says there is one major reason. it's about money and it's about oil. of course, we are angry. every syrian is angry. this is looting. it was the same in libya with the u. s. and the u. k. freezing nearly $50000000000.00 worth of the countries assets and 2011, and then refusing to give the money to the libyan people. following the overthrow of mo, mark adolphe and venezuela were the us for more than $340000000.00 worth of the countries assets in 2019. and then announced that it would release $150000000.00 to
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our position leader, one by doe. and 2021 who washington recognizes the countries president, even though he's been elected in their criminal adventures, to plunder venezuela's, gold, oil, and other lucrative resources. both britain and the u. s. are exposing themselves before the entire world as having no interest at all in supporting human rights freedom and democracy in venezuela. on the contrary, both britain in the u. s. continued to demonstrate their utter contempt towards the venezuelan people and their right to determine their own future so much for role based order and so much for the american constitution as the us has shown time and time again, that when a pledge is to defend freedom and democracy in the country, what it actually means is that it plans to seize and control the assets of the people. leaving them was a humanitarian crisis in washington. rachel blevins r t a from on this cross live now to talk hallways, economist and founder and ceo of book trading dot com thought welcome to the
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program. now on tuesday us stop official jack sullivan announced that old private russian assets frozen by the u. s. won't be given back to the owners even after the war and ukraine. what's your take on that decision? yeah, good morning. actually listen. i don't think your problem with that whatsoever. i live in wars cross my worst cause senseless worst cost human lives. and this is a senses, worry that somebody's going to have to repair the damage when it is done. and that is part of the art of warfare is the ability to sanction. yet the biggest problem we have is that our leader doesn't really know how to handle sanctions like you could just bob oil and bring your own down. that would be enough of a sanction. but that's another story or another day. or even the fact that these are private individuals, they doesn't bother, you know, doesn't bother me because they're not home, right? if they're involved and they are involved with us and we know who runs russia and it's put in the order. so they're,
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you're getting many advantages and that's the price that you pay for 20 years. i've been that position i, i see no issue with that whatsoever. ok, well in the statement sort of and said that these assets will be put to better use, not just the money, but the yachts and the real estate. what use do you think that will be a different question? yeah. we watched governments around the globe throwing money into the garbage can nothing. i don't know that this administration is going to find something useful for that. my ok, there's a different story or right, but again, you're going to have to fund the clean up and some of the help and whatever goes on with the military. but you know, again, i can't really speak for, i don't, i'm not a big fan of how they spend our money. our money, let alone the money they confiscated. well, i guess we'll have to wait until to wait and see where that money goes. now we did see a similar scenario with afghanistan and his assets were frozen last year when the
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taliban came to power. do you think this is a new form of economic pressure will warfare that we're seeing? i think it's in ministration that has all of that week on our side that you mentioned about it. a lot of these things from happening. i me or i heard rachel talking about, you know, vandals, rayleigh, afghanistan, and iran, iraq. i mean, a lot of those are enemies of united states and i have no problem, however, they fight through their worker. ok, and of course you saw what happened in afghanistan when the troops pulled out. so i think that, you know, there's, when you come, when it comes to the art of workfare, i'm certainly sure there's better ways to do it. is donald trump, chavez, because there was much more peace in the world when he was the president. and we've gotten much more uneasy with joe biden is the president. so, you know, again, they do things and i don't, does, i don't agree with the way there. yeah. because i think there's better ways to do it. but again,
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the art of warfare is basically anything goes roles very little boys. they say now just move on to the thought. it would have one more example. before we go. we mentioned that it was way the way you s froze more than $300000000.00 of assets in 20. 19. then 2 years later, in 2021, they gave off this money, the opposition leader, one guy dough. he wasn't even elected the time. what do you make of oh, another story altogether, but in one point in time, basil was the richest country in the world. and between murderer on the godaddy wrong, i saw all my i have, i have no problem. this is not the citizens of as well. that are crime, it's the power as well. that is crying. they destroyed venezuela and could have done a lot of good people, but they turned it into a toilet and hurt all of their citizens so they can steal all the money out. and i'm not talking about arguments, i'm talking about their government agreement girl don't use well thought hoist
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economies founder and ceo of a trade in dot com. you certainly made your stance very clear today or not since national pleasure talking to you. thank you. thank you. well, an attempt to quickly cut reliance on russian oil and gas could cause recession on res poverty. within the you. that's a warning from experts you politicians urging citizens to limit energy use and replace private you cause with public transport in order to quote punish putin. ortiz shall, depends, guys more not. germany may not be big enough to put an immediate hold to all of those russian energy imports, which is the call from ukraine's presidency lensky. but it is now asking citizens to do their bit, to stick it to president putin. now how can they do this? well, the biggest suggestion is that they could cut down on energy. you spine around 10 percent. so how exactly could they do that?
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it starts with personal behavior. if you heat your home and draw your curtains in the evening, you save up to 5 percent of energy. if you low the room temperature by one, see it's around 6 percent or germany has been one of the last holdouts in the european union in regards to that immediate band of russian energy and with good reason to at leading economic in states have said that if it did that it would lead the country into a shock processional. we've heard over the past few months from german ministers saying that it would also lead to mass unemployment and also widespread poverty in the country. however, germany has been doing what it can to reduce its dependency on russian energy. at the moment it sat around 40 percent, that is down from 55 percent before the war in ukraine started. now the cutting of energy. this is just the latest of suggestion of ideas that are coming up from
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politicians across the u. here in france, we've heard from the economy minister suggesting that people perhaps could dial down their thermostats in their homes by one or 2 degrees. and on warmer days, there is also this option. you can do 2 things ah, control your own and your teenagers are showers. and when you turn off that would you say take that putin. so what more could people do to stop funding putins war? well, the war and sanctions itself already had a pretty big impact on certain products. sunflower, oil bought because russian steel. so outside this idea of oil and gas. what else could people be looking to? well, it's pretty obvious also, it's precious metals. some 46 percent of global exports of palladium come from russia and germany import some 25 percent of its palladium from russian mines. what's palladium used for? well, everything from catalytic converters to dental fillings,
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to electronic components. it has massive wind spray use. then let's have a look at nickel. this makes up something like 39 percent of imports into germany. came from russia back in 2020 nicholas. you used for everything from batteries, to mobile phones, to cutlery. so the reality is, if you really want to make a huge contribution at the moment, turning down a thermostat, maybe one thing having cold showers is another. but maybe you could think about for going that next mobile upgrade. the greek capital members of trade and labor unions took to the streets on thursday to rally against price hikes and privatization. the country has taken an economic hit with the bank of greece, cutting his growth forecast to 3.8 percent and raising inflation predictions to 5.2 percent for 2022. the officials do say this could rise over in spain.
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supermarkets continue to face shortages of certain products with sunflower oil. milk, flowers sold some rice among products in short supply. in march authorities temporarily authorize the rationing of some food items to prevent shops from running out completely amid the war in ukraine and a strike by truck drivers or correspondence spoke to people on the streets of madrid. who said living costs are out pacing their salaries. oh it's sad. politics is ruining us a lot oil, mainly oil flour, rice, mainly the cost of living has risen by at least 30 percent and salaries are the same gasoline and diesel have risen $0.20 at once. i have to come every day to see if they feel the shelves for the most common milk oil sugar. the sliced bread has risen $0.25 1st $0.15 and then 10. we worry if there is
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a shortage. what do we do next? and the worrying is that when products are missing, the prices go up. i'm latin and i cook more with sunflower oil than with olive oil, sometimes pasta rice. every time i go shopping, i become more aware of the increase in products. sunflower oil is bought from 5 liters. i always bought it at 4 euro's and $0.79. then i bought it at 6 euro's and $0.79, and today it is worth 16 euros and $0.80. us president joe biden lotes lost again after finishing a speech as he appeared to shake hands with an empty space before leaving the stage . the president also claimed that he had served as a full professor at the university of pennsylvania. and thus, despite having never till to class at the institution, me
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well that latest golf has led some means appearing on line one, editing in the ukrainian prisons lensky, and highlighting his opponent confusion while trying to leave the stage biden as also resulted to using what appears to be sheet sheets, appearing to double down on his apparently unscripted claim that bush and leader vladimir putin quote, candidates remain in power. the notes appeared to include questions expected from reporters, as well as the answers the biden should give joe biden as use notes. identifying select reporters since the 1st press conference as president jo biden's approval rating is apparently at the lowest level of his presidency. so far with a cnn poll of polls, putting his approval rating at less than 40 percent. to discuss this, let go live now the vice chair for the libertarian national committee are involved
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and welcome to the program. they show me on an increasing number of cases of joe biden, looking confused, stumbling over his words, or simply while reading off of the scripts is not having an impact on his approval ratings. i think there's no question about that. i mean, he's not, at this point, he's not really conveying the appearance, at least of somebody that really has everything you know, has with about him. there's a lot of things that are conveying the impression that there might be some sort of cognitive impairment, some sort of dementia. and the problem that we're seeing is not just the, the, the actual problem which, you know, we might have present bed does not fit to be president. but there's a secondary cover up that seem to be going on. you know right now, abide and dementia is probably one of the top google searches in the country. but if you type start typing biting dementia into google, you don't get the auto fill that you usually do for a highly popular search. so we're seeing not just the question on everybody's mind,
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but the fact that the answer to that question or information about that question seems to be be actively suppressed by the big tech companies that really back as president in the 1st place. do you think there is a risk that we can read too much into these incidents, or are they just too many of them that you know, we can help jump, you know, come certain conclusions. i mean, of course, that that's the reason that we have, you know, cognitive tests, medical tests and that, you know, people who, where there is a question. there is a, there is a set of tests that you do and actually had the opportunity to speak with a geriatric expert before this interview. and she said that based on his appearance, in the way he's presenting himself the lack of aspect when he's speaking, for example, the fact that he's using these kind of sort of like crypt sheets and notes suggest that he would be somebody where you would need to check not that necessarily has dementia, but that you really should check and verify to make sure that he is able to make
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the type of decisions that a commander in chief would need to be able to make, you know, really at a moment's notice. well, you mentioned, you know, you might raise questions about his decisions and, you know, we do see him with the list of journalists on those pre approved questions, which, i mean, i'm not the president, maybe it's standard procedure, but if every press conference to bite in those is entirely scripted. what does that say about the authenticity of what he says during those conferences? yeah, i mean the fact that he has a sheet of who to add who to call on is not just problematic because it suggests that you know, maybe there might be some cognitive impairment is also problematic because he's not calling on everybody's not calling on his critics. not calling on the people who are going to challenge him for the american people method the press as opposed to do. it's supposed to challenge the leader if he's pre deciding who to call on based on presumably a favorable question or a favorable follow up. that means the press conference is themselves, are not legitimate press conferences, but rather
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a bit of political theatre. and what do you think the effect is that this is having on the image, the by doing projects to the world? unfortunately, think americans should be concerned about this. i mean, i don't, i don't know that it, i mean, i can tell you what, what image he's projecting domestically domestically. there are a lot of questions coming up of, you know, does he have the cognitive ability to do this job? and he can see this is not a partisan issue, because if it's showing that he doesn't, the person who would take over it would be vice president harris who is also a democrat. so this is not a republican versus democrat or republican versus libertarian versus democrat. mean this, that the part is not going to change, but this question, it has become a question that you know, on the minds of the american people. and some people are seeing it actively. some people are maybe sort of subconsciously looking at it, which is why you're seeing his domestic numbers plummeting. if i had to guess, my guess would be that his born perception is also not doing too well, but at least domestically we see those approval numbers plummeting. because people have very real question about if you fit to even do the job well of in
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vor, a vice chairman for the libertarian national committee during his life in washington dc. thank you very much for your take. on the latest stumble by present jo by them . thanks dr. me on you. well, that's how things are looking. the 1st thing this saturday morning in moscow, mine is peter scott's, and i'll be back with more news and updates in about 30 minutes. thank you for watching. ah in with
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oh is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, whole community? are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend.


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