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i don't think it would be dangerous for russia in any meaningful way. i mean, right now, there are nato troops in the baltic countries and in poland across the border from bell ruse. and so i don't think there's any significant escalation of tension in the region. sweden doesn't border russia at all, so there's no direct issue there. finland, of course, has a very lengthy border of more than 800 miles with russia. but nato troops will definitely be stationed in those countries on probably a sort of rapidly deployable, but rotating task force. i don't envision any significant new nato basing or military deployments in those countries that would take time and we'd largely depend on the scale and scope of any russian reaction with us all for this are for most toys, an in depth analysis do head over to r t dot com on our telegram channel monies be to scott's and he's been great, happy with us. thank you.
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like a leading your one. remember gallery in new globbed always to model with foam. so a menu easily bringing lots of people to store useful green and you could keep what you used when you put in the paper with my sure go i be of course the new shows recently on. yeah, i'm a lot more reasonable as it to promote the interesting i'm sure people publish a book my me about if you read it was possibly no more like how much you've been too much of a new study of begin to answer for a particular don't know shows on that you thought 3 of the coaches, a, with
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2014, was a watershed in the history of modern ukraine. the countries agricultural west and industrial east have always differed in outlook language and traditions. conflicts and contradictions exist things a decade, turned into civil strife and then walk it and you maybe get to saying that doesn't mean like, i mean you state them sort of dumpster diving daneisha most okay. those are put a, a claim. it does have a bekins or a euro. my down movement, which again, is a struggle for ukraine's integration new to the european union rapidly via to
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warrants nationalists thinking and radical groups began to play a leading role in my done with social studies. but it's pretty ski. look, the more options. i'm a little more push it all key west. gotcha. bar on this. got you play must got muscular when the he like we are calling your schedule. awesome. get last name. yeah. you will just on the claim in your computer and frustration. i wasn't michelle. i spent almost went there. it's like a cool journalist patrol with, oh,
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i'm smith, i'm a little for you. but i almost moved to florida because i forgot to mention it. ah ah, the regime change? my dan was seen in se ukraine as a cood at tar, because the power that one and key immediately imposed a new direction for the nation. one of the ukraine parliament's 1st decisions was
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to cancel the special status of the russian language. thousands joined the protest in the se in regions. don ed scarano ganske proclaim themselves peoples republics with the protest, as copied my dan tactics that was fine and worked for the protest is in kings, but it didn't work out well for the people of se, ukraine. the new authorities responded with force in the spring of 2014 keyvonte. what then called an anti terrorist operation.
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it's almost like when you buy them or does really want to show where you have a machine more than a bullet. support is which she a part of the come with a multi what you were intellectual youth you maria, paula: it's the paula and shane. your ball would be my cousin list teeth that will store with, with the news portion that you store. i usually think garage door doesn't like that, but the reason why the, when you get the, with my to for you not there's that come on the let but come on the beach or she with movable as you get with shock. i knew was dealing with a lot. yes, there will clean the ship them last. i'm thinking that i'm good at east. i mean that's a huge crate but i'd say could you please read through it? need to know how you like what i'm not gonna get them. it's just some feel new ways
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to put one of them. you know, they're still not too sure. it's actually a sure. i think we just got put up the class. i just look in the car wash in yet what, what you think would be a new as well in that because studies that the book which can you for the new authorities didn't just send the army to pacify the rebellious regions . far right. radical groups hardened and proven on campus. my dan became a major force in this effort in odessa nationalist rampage through a pro russian activist 10 city and hunted down those hiding in the nearby trade union building.
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when the building was set on fire, those who escaped the flames by jumping from windows were finished off on the spot . with a week later, armed radicals appeared in mario, but fearing uninvited guests dunbar organized emergency self defense squads of alicia, set up road blocks. the city of slave yann's became
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a 10th hot spot. the militia controlled the city hall and the police department. and locals had already elected a new mayor with a issue, you know, we'll sort of deal with just a walk shanice. right. thank you, mr. bro. with all these is a, with a,
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with a school might done. we've also got to see both with not to go with a g with new teachers are, are often just the beginning. another thing you like to do is place some military pressure on the countries that you're talking about. we have a responsibility for the whole war and we need to make rules for the rest. because without us there will be
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one. 0 ah, a with with
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with in the early summer of 2014, there was still so about as expected from the new ukrainian president piazza parish ankle a gentle box which all of them do most of you are still good to go. what else put on logic on his meal scale, so when you get to use, kimberly nobody to pull it up. i get the by the way not be in the what you will will is chance will unit them decent nino bowler. you can, you can, you can really push them then you have to provide you with. then you peer with. then you can talk about the, the good righty about the police. my team at live dot com just thought got go sheets as we to music. if you got the she teach much appreciate a she teacher and then you'll scroll down. starkey was wanted to be teach him some
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but there are some given them up a you know, pretty project number or she keeps up at the work. i think the push teach should be for this prophecy, and we should want to close to what? sure. well, great person could prompt or contribute to you or you bringing which lesson will still it. i just want to let you be a business from that other. when you give them a, a shelling and bombing of civilian houses and residential areas by the ukrainian army left the residence with no choice, they had to defend themselves this time with and so new recruits rapidly enlisted in the militia. ah, anybody holding it?
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cuz ultimately, totally get them when we show call dr. joe, i'll see them in eula says no, and for you we'll talk with mother me. of anybody near us cause like i can also refer you on blooming them. why don't you missed him? yeah, you would have gone up. you may are usually lower when you're pressed teacher. he a kicker. with eloquence usually unless you saw the name, the socialist. yes, because a fucking thesis. mil affordable must be nearly. then you got the more of the dental girls, any custom work through each? no, a flight of which mortgage will kill j. i get really quickly and i have done this. a mealy, it was a good one. you thought, of course, a, give me a been time with which it can will, will have this vision that you are switching just all right? yes. when the but if possible with,
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ah, and with with
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a don. it's a new guns. people's republics, militia squads, well far from being a pro the army. you could count militia med with real combat experience on the thing is if one had the fight was on equal. after 2 and a half months of battles, militia were forced to retreat and leave slip yonce with his goal. both brought up of china. yes. and so when you go, when is that from that list there's a similar to that. there's a new book, save a little of it from the consult with william stump
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. a bullshit with burst from a will, but at least we shouldn't always give you your most unusual local blood your digital good. don't worry about a little bit with donald, you v she g of q v. she told me that almost we vs just by you. i've got here, we must shoot. we're supposed to grow up. i'm new a booster issue or speakers or garcia is in. you remodeling is just as a machine when you want to still preschool, global. go down to the bottom. where would you most liberal, whatever you're supposed to do more because you could talk about moving a little more complicated to presumably marshall kumato stop. you want more did the dot org, richard bullock, restoring grandma dora. now when you thrash you, do you get his name was to pull double on this. as soon as keys forces entered savion, they began violent punches in the city. mass house searches and arrests. every one
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came under suspicion. people were apprehended on the streets. the ukrainian forces and radical groups were beyond the law. basil, a process of formally highly placed with ukraine security service, smuggles documents out of the country to prove their crimes. he was the 1st to reveal a secret jail at my own plan ports. ukrainian law enforcement called it the library officially the jail never existed so they could do whatever they wanted with prisoners for the quote to be
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a ticket. the diesel engine come in and shut your time. was medina to walk me through it to dora altura. mm hm. yeah. i mean she, how jeanie commutable to luca will post a will to come up usually as nice. jimmy motion had years a car wash, took a color, you know, the jeep 1000 years, riley. nor yet until julian boy, leveling the machine molar lesson. to teach you to come look at you, what can you went in to the pros? a partially the process will, would she will go up, adult abilities will change to live coverage ocean the system will leap key at the ocean, just keep the pool. so this video, molly completely done the words that you're sure all of them will come bull these grove, usually what she did,
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the steering is set up when they normally do because they're still up nearly attention to them. still good. a bullying solution could be tricky to tell you what do you but the most are not book minute. thank you. what it was, who was born in your mealy yes. now look at the guilt. it because i, li, crockett the dealer to come by to. but the deeper i, you know, when she leaves, eyes can still go through with hope of the comfortable to no idea purpose, but you call them waste. this is ryan appa cham unblocked account. you just missed your thoughts as a genuine. i'll get her to school by itself. deborah, i say can you learn is used to she was that when you come here is what i ask you. um automated is bit slow. and you, brad, your book was right, depreciating all rings to know what she to buy. so the problem yeah. video or cookie, just as will sure that you're comfortable doing that is really sh area and that each other kind of home on in 2022. after the start of the russian and annette gummies, joint operation in ukraine,
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they managed to drive ukrainian forces out of mary opal airport. rosara was unable to show the secret jail site and the conditions prisoners had been camped in total, just wanting to go through some troubleshooting issues. a clue to will. sure. michelle shows if crenisha post abroad and i'm gonna pull up a little bit. there isn't really, really what i need in design because this will be with your money for residents, for august viet. scott had been a prisoner in the library for the willow, which is rule of law, which is faster. for them you have to leave when you moment know that that will give you the older and you let us show there's a we need to see a couple though it was the only way to get a procedure. here's a we me, you thought to offer you a brochure in the brought the whole award. you live shooting policy,
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which you can you wish to do good deal it or both of it the get it all those and that will she can little you know, the progress earlier. probably lead to read there. so you need to who you are you sure you for when you digital monthly but really delicious. give which you have you knew you were dealing with, all of us value will prescribe with the only 2 of you will follow follow just there still will be annual with the shots. so if you go to turn, you know, what are the, what about the scarlet pool was to reach you at
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the the me the me the listen to take control over most of the ukrainian 50. if not, are you full civilians begin to leave that basement receive aid after weeks. this fighting with an investigation reveals the legit plans by the ukrainian security service to assassinate the landscape. political opponents with allegations of torture and a detention center. we speak the author behind us investigation the u. s. as they won't return the frozen russian assets
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a private individual's back to the owners even when the conflicts and ukraine.


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