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tv   News  RT  April 16, 2022 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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a full, pitchy with germany is involved in the work of bio weapons lives in ukraine together with u. s . allies. that's the latest revelation coming from moscow on the west. a legit, biological, military activities in the region? an investigation claims the ukrainian secret service used guantanamo style torture techniques on political opponents of president vladimir lensky. we speak to the author behind the prob, who says the practice was supervised by the cia. a russian troops take control over most of the port city of mario. both civilians begin to leave their shelters to receive a following weeks of fierce fighting with
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4 pm here in moscow. and you're watching our teacher national my. i'm your host on recorder. welcome to the program. now russia's foreign ministry is claiming germany has conducted military biological activities in ukraine with its u. s. counterparts. according to confirmed reports, germany closely cards needed its work and biological security with its american allies that established a network of at least 30 biological abort, reese, in cream, and addition to their other activities. they were involved in dangerous research. the fact that it's official go is to improve the biological defense and security situation. the crane, particularly in these of the country, gives rise to the rhetorical question of which border, the german military biologists consider an outer border for the purposes of their professional interests. is it the russian ukraine border? how to get more on this? we go to ortiz eager donna here in the studio. thanks for joining us. eager. so can
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you just explain what has been established as fact about these bio labs? well, donald, essentially it's hardly, it's an open secret that the united states, they have a very expensive and extensive biological program with this bile up program. they, they host basically there is plenty of host countries and ukraine because began to take part in this program after the events of 2014. when basically, during a revolution, the government was ousted and basically the new government, the new imported government to cause towards a more, you know, towards integration with the west, the. so washington had, sees the opportunity and well it establish numerous. it, it, it expanded its biological program into ukraine and they were multiple labs, operational, they're very, very, very, highly secretive. and very few people knew what was going on there. but now with the russian operation, ukraine. now the russian military knows
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a little bit more as to what's been going on there and a lot of facts and a lot of a lot of evidence points that it wasn't just the united states, but its allies like germany, for example. they, they have been taking part in it to have a listen to something else said by the spokeswoman for the russian foreign ministry, maria, the harbor, the white house, things that offense is the best defense and has launched yet another propaganda campaign centered on the false assertion that our country's efforts to draw the attention of the international community to the activities of the us military biologists in ukraine. our allegedly, nothing more than a smokescreen, which they say moscow will try to use to cover up the potential use of biological or chemical weapons during the special meal 3 apparation that is conducted by the russian armed forces. so essentially the point she's making here that the united states, they doing everything in their power to draw attention away from these labs, like nothing to see him move along. it's all good old fine, and supported in this effort to draw the attention away. the united states is by
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germany. so that was probably quite unexpected for the russian officials will maybe, well, some intelligence pointed to berlin there as well. well, we still to find out, well we have we heard from the united states or germany on this issue? have they given any comment? well, again, the united states, everything that we heard from them is along the lines. again, nothing to see here, move along. germany has remained silent to this matter, but we did here. i mean, it wasn't, it didn't come right away. it's not a new statement. but here's for example, how victoria newland of the united states. once reference to these labs, ukraine has biological research facilities. we are working with the ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of russian forces should they approach. so there you
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have it under such labs that presumably working on biological weapons, it is concerning. well, for russia, obviously, but for, for the rest of the world to because now and because of conflict, the russian defense ministry has established that ukraine, in fact, reached out to turkey, which supplies the ukrainian forces with bio drones, unmanned aerial vehicles. trying to figure out if these drones, if, if these by wreck tours can be equipped with like, spray with spraying equipment or something that can be used to spray well, chemicals or well probably like something biological onto, onto the enemy. so this is what the, this is what they've done according to the russian defense ministry. so definitely an alarming revelation was, you said, of course, this affects the rest of the world. so how has the rest of the international community responded to what's, what russia saying about this? well, it is these labs, it's something of an elephant in the room that most countries,
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especially american allies, are trying not to not to see, not to notice. but well, we've had some reaction from china who woke spoiler alert. they weren't happy at all. may work day. united states has not yet given any convincing explanation. fritz by a military activities, undertaken consultation and co operation to address concerns is a requirement of the biological weapons convention. the u. s. has no right to reject discussions on the issue. u. s. remarks have so far been ambiguous and even self contradictory, which roused greatest suspicion from the international community. so if there's one solid fact about this, is that the united states, they don't want russia laying hands on anything that will could have come out, or is it remains in any of these labs in ukraine. because right now, there is, there are 2 different forces acting against each other the united states trying to kind of sweep this under the rug and russia and china who are kind of urging other
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nations to pay attention to this as well. especially given if any of this information were substances fool in the wrong hands. acres, donna, thanks a lot for bringing us the details on that story. now a new investigation has alleged that the ukrainian secret service has been torturing prisoners of war and ukrainians. suspected of having pro russian sympathies, the report contains the accounts of people who shared their experiences. they used the light to shut up a needle than put it under my fingernails. the worst was when they put a plastic bag over my head and suffocated me. and when they held the muzzle of a kalashnikov rifle to my head and forced me to answer their questions, it was like a small guantanamo. i was told if it wasn't for my 2nd passport, i'd be killed. i don't know how much of that was to influence and scare me. oh, how much it was real. currently, the s b u is rounding up. any one accused of sympathy for russia. so anyone who speaks russian, anyone who is,
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is thought to be in support of the russian offensive inside ukraine is likely to be put into this torture prison and interrogated and beaten my investigation contains testimony from 2 men who were tortured inside the s b. u. headquarters and a sports complex or gym attached to it. and they gave me accounts of extreme torture. beatings where, where prisoners were bleeding from their mouth. one man had hot needles stuck under his fingernails. he said that there were 2 men from the russia who were tortured to death. so it's clear, and it's been documented, not only by myself, but by amnesty international and united nations that the ukrainian security service,
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the s b, you, torture is prisoners. ukrainian secret services use of torture and prisons has been previously covered in reports published by the united nations and amnesty international. according to those reports, the f. b, u has a number of compounds in cities across ukraine, where people have been allegedly tortured and detained for having pro russian views . we spoke to the author of the report, dan cohen, who said such practices should have consequences. we need to see reporters asking lensky, where are these prisoners who have been disappeared? and we never, and we've never heard from again. and if they've been killed or tortured, as they obviously have their need to be, these are, these are crimes that need to be, there needs to be accountability for them. this sort of torture fits a geo political agenda in support of the united states and
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european union against russia. and so, well the us and you claim to be supporting democracy and, and for freedom it's obvious that you know, anyone who's unlucky enough to end up in one of these torture prisons may not come out alive. so there's a very clear double standard, and this has nothing to do with human rights or democracy. it's all about us empire . the wife of ukraine's opposition leader has asked for british prime minister boris johnson, to swap detained british mercenaries for her husband, victor med vitro car. was arrested this week by ukrainian security services from 2018 until his arrest met the choke was the chairman of a pro russian party in ukraine. he play the key role in negotiations between ukraine, russia, and the people's republic of done yet can lugens, and his wife says that his arrest was completely against the law. danica pamela
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johnson. i'm not sure of i have of the vision. well addition element of your grand government ritual, i appeal to your for help in exchange and my husband who was illegally that then. but keith, a purchase for political reasons and south and his asians for citizens of your country. i then ask him and some pina. hello, this family and friends. i'm and song, help me brit on victor. earlier russia said it detained several military personnel from nato countries, including 2 british citizens, iden ashlyn and sean pinner were fighting as mercenaries in ukraine. they were captured this week as prisoners of war and mario pl, along with hundreds of ukrainian soldiers. this comes after boris johnson's flying visit to kiev, where he pledged to provide more military aids to president lansky. there. i've
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already been several reports of british citizens fighting in ukraine. however, johnson himself has completely ruled out the possibility of british troops officially fighting in ukraine against the russian army. we spoke to a political scientist who believes that the appeal of metrics wife to boris johnson is unlikely to succeed as the west turns a blind eye to political repression in ukraine. more managed to med juke was a trump card. he was left for a later period. they somehow want to influence the determination of russia. ease the pressure in a military sense. they used him only when they were convinced that russia would not leave without a victory. the west will turn a blind eye not only to this case, but also to many other sins of key f. 2. in fact, this conflict is more between the west in russia and not russia and ukraine is up. but the west, despite its democratic principles, will continue to support kiev and turn
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a blind eye to lensky. sent another news. the russian military says it's prevented an attempt by key of to destroy a hydro electric power plant. in the southern city of kirsten to ballistic missiles were apparently shot down by air defense systems. and fragments of the missiles fell upon a residential area, damaging houses, and reportedly causing several casualties. the russian defense ministry stated the failed attack could have led to the uncontrolled flooding of multiple settlements in the region. we have yet to hear from key of about the incident, but one man did tell us about how his house was damaged by the strike. this is my house, that 7 in the morning. my house was hit by our glorious ukrainian military. i am not a military man. i am a civilian. i work as a green truck driver. i love my country. i was a patriot after this. what can i say? thank you, mr. zalinski. the warren ukraine is not just a conflict between ki,
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of in moscow for some, it's a fight to be who they want to be and speak their own language arts. he heard from one such person called dmitri who's from murray opal, and joined the daniel militia in 2014, to fight for his land. solemnly the less felt offended when some people came to my city in 2014 and began to tell me what language i should speak. how i should live. we held a referendum. we want to be with russia. we are russians. mario paul has always been a russian city. we began to fight for our land light years of fighting. and finally now i've returned to my native land. i'm overwhelmed with emotions. for me, there is great happiness. it's impossible to scribe what's going on in my heart. it's sad that the city is destroyed, but there was no other way out. and no one had the strength to wait any longer. i will rebuild the city. i'll be glad to put my whole soul into making it better. we are russian people. we can do it, they would not so many difficulties. of the russian defense ministry has released new footage of an advance of a column of russian forces in the heart of region. settlements are providing
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humanitarian aid, along with primary and advanced medical care. the picture show local, greet locals, greeting the column, which is protected by helicopter air support and tanks. meanwhile, in the devastated city of mario pal civilians are starting to leave their basements after russian troops took control of most of the city. many people have been trapped and shelters with little food or water since the beginning of march. humanitarian aid, though, is now beginning to get through as ortiz roman culture of reports. well, once again, we're here in the marine people. once again, we are delivering humanitarian age. things like food, medicine, hygienic items, and basically anything else that people here have been lacking for the last, almost 2 months. as you can see, many parts of the city are devastated. people are on the streets, there is no electricity, no running water. and of course, many shoe in italian missions are here now trying to help these people out at
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a distance you can see people are registering with. then you don't ask people's republic authorities. i over there, people are receiving humanitarian aid from other organizations. i hear we can see a field kitchen where locals are lining up in order to get well, their daily meal, subdural modernist rule. but while it but more than normal my, we're near me. yes. we do additional show you. what did you have to which is luck and that he built those ashley losers value would shoot with a d $20.00. what though is a clear book which thought, well, young knew the volley, digital phone, good news, a lot better. we have you need these and what would the yield of the resume? but what are you the latoya to one. 0 yeah. and what do you do um do you still have your your guy breach my associate generic gun is a wireless or is she ledner?
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she mewing little worship from long island oak de mer gillian, visit the in the bowl. a mall. are you doing on the boat? got doraville. got there? linda castillo, chins thrash. number vina postilion through sheila's. onto our la donna senior problem, villamor, which is young. now mcdaniel clinton will, will continue working here until the situation is finally over. and of course, like many others, will continue bringing necessary items that people here need from one culture of archie, done as people's republic, waves of european sanctions against russia colliding with soaring costs in the u, affecting millions of people and the greek capital members of trade and labor unions took to the streets on thursday to rally against price hikes and privatization. the country has taken an economic hit with the bank of greece, cutting its growth forecast to 3.8 percent,
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and rising as inflation predictions to 5.2 percent for the year. the officials say this could increase further. spanish supermarkets continued to face shortages of certain products with sunflower oil milk, flour, salt, and rice among the products in short supply. in march authorities temporarily rationed some food items to prevent shops running out completely amid the war in ukraine and a strike by truck drivers. we gauged the mood on the streets of madrid. water. oh, it's sad. politics is ruining us along boil mainly boil flour. rice, mainly. the cost of living has risen by at least 30 percent and salaries are the same. gasoline and diesel have risen $0.20 at one uniform. i have to come every day to see if they feel the shows for the most common milk oil sugar. the sliced bread has risen $0.25 1st $0.15 and then 10. we worry if there is
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a shortage. what do we do next? and the worrying is that when products are missing, the prices go up. i'm latin and i cook more with sunflower oil than with olive oil, sometimes pasta rice. every time i go shopping, i become more aware of the increase in products. sunflower oil is bought from 5 leaders. i always bought it at 4 euros and $0.79. then i bought it at 6 euros and $0.79. 7.79. and today it is worth 16 euros and $0.80. a senior us official has accused russia of driving food shortages in yemen and beyond laying all the blame on moscow for the river. the rapidly soaring price is being seen around the world. the world food programs march report identified yemen as one of the countries most affected by wheat price increases and lack of imports from ukraine. this is just another grim example of the ripple effect rushes unprovoked, unjust unconscionable war as having on the world's most vulnerable us. ambassador
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to the un linda thomas greenfield, linked rushes, actions and ukraine through yemen, crippling hunger crisis. at the same time, she praised saudi arabia and the united arab emirates for their humanitarian support to the country. though not mentioning that re ads ongoing bombing campaign had allegedly targeted on purpose food production sites and vital civilian infrastructure for more than 7 years. currently, up to 19000000 people in yemen are classed as food insecure, and even more are in need of humanitarian assistance. with 3500000 women and children suffering from the cute malnutrition. russia responded to the charges during the un session, claiming us sanctions have damage the supply chain and caused global food shortages . the main factor for instability and the source of the problem today is not the russian special military operation in ukraine. but sanctions, measures imposed on our country seeking to cut off any supplies from russia and the
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supply chain apart from those supplies that those countries in the west need. in other words, energy. this is an outrageous accusation. the entire world knows why yemen has no food. it has no clean water, it has no medicine. and that is because of the u. s. backed war, there is an old saying that if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. and i think that's what we're seeing here. this war in yemen, led by saudi arabia, participated in by the united arab emirates and with the military backing of the united states has been going on for a long time. and it's because these 3 countries just refused to accept the fact that the government of yemen has changed. now, what they are able to do in order to choke off the new government of yemen, is to stop shipments of food and medicine. they can bomb 24 hours a day, and that's exactly what they've done. they're hoping now that the world will be
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distracted by another war in ukraine, and will ignore the war crimes and the crimes against humanity that have been committed by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates in yemen. ah, jo biden's critics have been taking a swipe at the president's faculties again claiming he looked last at the end of a speech by trying to shake hands with thin air. the president also claimed he had served as a full professor at the university of pennsylvania, despite never having taught a class at the institution. ah, the latest gaff has unsurprisingly led to a flood of means appearing on line one, showing bite and shaking zalinski hand, and another highlighting his apparent confusion while trying to leave the state.
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it's the latest in a string of recent biden blunder. only last week the president appeared confused, as he was apparently ignored at a white house event. ah, buttons also resorted to using what appears to be a cheat sheet when he double down on his apparently unscripted claim. last month that russian leader vladimir putin cannot remain in power, the notes appeared to include questions expected from reporters as well as the answers that biden should give. biden is used notes, identifying certain reporters since his 1st press conference as president. i was also important to note biden's approval rating is apparently at the lowest level of
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his presidency so far. the cnn pole of poles putting it at less than 40 percent from a vice chair for the libertarian national committee thinks americans are increasingly beginning to question the president's ability to lead their country. there's a lot of things that are conveying the impression that there might be some sort of cognitive impairment, some sort of dementia. and the problem that we're seeing is not just the, the, the actual problem which, you know, we might have present bed that's not fit to be president. but there's a secondary cover up that seem to be going on. you know right now, abide and dementia is probably one of the top google searches in the country. but if you type start typing by dimensions into google, you don't get the auto fill that you usually do for a highly popular search. so we're seeing not just the question on everybody's mind, but the fact that the answer to that question or information about that question seems to be be actively suppressed by the big tech companies that really back as president in the 1st place drastically. there are a lot of questions coming up,
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you know, does he have the cognitive ability to do this job? and again, this is not a partisan issue because if it's showing that he doesn't, the person who would take over it would be vice president harris who is also a democrat. so this is not a republican versus democrat or republican versus libertarian versus democrat. mean this, that the part is not going to change, but this question, it has become a question that you know, on the minds of the american people. and some people are seeing it actively. some people are maybe sort of subconsciously looking at it, which is why you're seeing his domestic numbers plummeting. if i had to guess, my guess would be that his born perception is also not doing too well, but at least domestically we see those approval numbers plummeting. because people have very real question about if you fit to even do the job. twitter is board members are set to block a hostile takeover bid by 11 months after he announced a plan to buy the entire social media platform with all the details. here's ortiz,
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caleb martin. the billionaire alon mosque is talking about buying the top social media app known as twitter. the u. s. political establishment is up in arms saying this is a threat to democracy. i am frightened by the impact on society and politics. if you on musk acquires twitter, he seems to believe that on social media anything goes for democracy to survive, we need more content, moderation, not less. their argument is why should one man have so much power? for those of us who care about equity and accountability must appointment to such a prominent role and a platform that serves hundreds of millions of users daily is highly disconcerting, a slap in the face, even. it's a bit odd that they're so concerned about mosque when the washing post is owned by jeff days over the new york times is owned by carlo slim and mark zuckerberg owns facebook. i guess these ultra powerful american oligarchy are not a threat to american democracy, even though they all have a record of getting in a hot water over who they allow to say what on their platforms. but it gets better
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. one of the major shareholders of twitter at the moment is a saudi prince. the very person who rejected alon mosques bid is the member of the ruling family of an autocratic kingdom. that is absolutely okay with regular mass executions. after all, jeff bezos, washington post accuses mosque of racketeering. in his new attempt to take over twitter, ilan musk is turning to a bare knuckle tactic more common to the corporate raids of the 1980s. a hostile takeover bid last because now taking the opportunity to conduct some classic twitter style trolling free speech is essential to a functioning democracy. do you believe twitter rigorously adheres to this principle? most of these top accounts, tweet, rarely and post very little content is twitter dying is a new platform needed masks, rivals and the american billionaire aristocracy are now maneuvering to stop him
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from taking control of twitter. amid this power struggle, the hypocrisy of many u. s. media voices is becoming very apparent kayla bobbin art a new york. you're watching r t international stick around for more news in just about 30 minutes. ah ah. with
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. oh is your media a reflection of reality? ah, in the world transformed what will make you feel safe, isolation, whole community? are you going the right way or are you being that some with direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths. or remain in the
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shallows. ah, fee you started the war against the dumbass republics in 2014. but the authorities didn't take civilian casualties into consideration. ukrainian armed forces moved remorselessly towards that goal. taking control of the rebel regions capital was done as a new gun.


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