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ah ah, the russian defense minister says moscow is almost taken the don't bust city of mount you for been told remaining as all fighters to lay down the statement from the ministry claims. the fighters are running low on supplies also coming up in the program. they have them set up a foreign position here, a variety of caliber empty shell casings, but also i was in many places that we visited empty syringes. ortiz crew has been the whole thing from the front line. mother, you pull throughout the 5th fighting russian at defense systems intercept a parent ukrainian strikes on the border city of b. l. a good. dr. village in the russian region for young school was allegedly show by kia, causing several casualties. we were in the house,
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we looked out of the window, there was dust everywhere and then it started shaking. i went to another house, there was black smoke there. that was the one that was burned down and where a woman was injured. amid through 10 slums, european countries for delay on energy payments and as the european people were the ones hardest hit by the anti russians sentiments of their leaders. ah, welcome to the weekly hey on, on the international. my name is peter scotts with some of the stories the shapes the week. but 1st we start with the latest from ukraine. the russian defense ministry has said it is almost taken the poor city of now do you poll, which has been devastated by the fighting. it said the remaining forces of the as of but selina, surrounded in the besieged city, still far tree and given them a chance to surrender on sunday or from on this we can cross live now to our
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correspondent roman culture of roman woke. he tell us what is the latest statement by the russian m. o. d absolutely walla. we've been traveling to the city of mario ball from mud de anesco most so on a daily basis. and indeed the city has been devastated by the fighting at the moment. ah, most of the fighting is taking place at the us all fuss thought metallurgy, a plan. that's where the us all battalion and all the ukrainian forces have been holds up. well, we've heard statements so from the russian defense minister earlier, where the cold on the remaining forces that have been hold up in the besieged, see the city of variable to a lay down their arms and surrender to the dentist, peoples republicans, a russian of forces. now they have all been guaranteed as safety if they accept this proposal and come out with
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a white flags arranged now. moscow terms, moscow's service of surrender. i have been broadcast will continue to be broadcasted in 30 minutes interval intervals for throughout the day on notifying the military that is still holds up at the a sofa style missile as your plan said to come out and surrender. here's, here's a statement. the content of radio interceptions indicates that the resisting militants are in a hopeless situation. practically without food and water, they persistently demand permission from the official authorities of kiev to lay down their arms in surrender. at the same time, representatives of the ukrainian authorities categorically forbid doing this and threatened with subsequent executions under the terms of war time. so of course, so fighting continues along the rest of the front line here in the,
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the netscape people's republic, including here in dennis can all the areas as well. well, a russian defense ministry is also calling on the rest of the ukrainian forces to follow suit. and lay down their arms. we appeal to all servicemen of the armed forces of ukraine and foreign mercenaries, with the cynical attitude of the key of authorities, such an unenviable fate awaits all of you. given this, do not test your fate. following the example of the mary, you, paul, tragedy. but take the only right decision, stop hostilities and lay down your arms. now, wherever your curators force you to fight for the ideas of naziism. now back to the city of murray, you pull all that place, saw some of the most the fierce fighting with when the combined forces of the nes peoples, republic and russia against the ukraine. sen nationalists, the battalions and irregular army, now ukraine's presidency. vladimir us lensky,
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made a briar at santa trying to show that his country's forces were still in control of the city. the destruction of all our guys in mary u. paul. what they are doing now can put an end to any format of negotiations. i think it is their big mistake to say that they really want to end the war. so 4000 self civilians have been killed in the city of murray all alone, now russia and in his people's republic. so officials claimed that these civilians have been used as a human shields by the nationalist as all battalions in the floating well for the last week or so. they have been holds up a style, metallurgy plants and other areas. at the moment, russian defense ministry claims that the entire city has been well freed,
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according to them from your grains forces and national battalions. however, some elements are still holds up within that plant will are these remained casa reporting live from the dentist republic. thank you very much for being the latest on that russian m o. d statement. i guess a lot to wait and see how that officer under plays out later today. residents of matter, you pull, have been clearing up to receive much needed essential goods. this comes up to fi thing is reported to a stop in the residential areas and he's now confined to the industrial outskirts juggles guy did it already on my door below the entire urban area of mary impalas completely clear to the militants of the neo nazi as old battalion foreign mercenaries and ukrainian troops, the remnants of the ukrainian group a county completely blocked on the territory of the ever stell metals plants. there any chance to save their lives is to voluntarily lay down their arms and surrender . during the liberation of marian pole, $1464.00 ukrainian service men have already surrendered. the number of those
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surrendering is increasing daily, including those who escape from the territory of avar. still today, the losses of ukraine amount to 23367 people. there was no longer a big the announcement by the russian ministry of defense would mug a milestone, perhaps the beginning of the end of the battle of mary. but because it was the urban combat raging throughout the city, that was the worst of it, the most brutal part of the fighting residential building to residential building. busy where, where tens of thousands of civilians were held hostage by nationalists, a who shot as anyone trying to escape from the city, people were confined to their apartments, to basements, as fighting above them, a rage assa. i'd have ferocious in a terrified pace. nevertheless, with the announcement that the city proper had been the liberated from nationalists and now that the fighting will be concentrated on the as of steel. and the ard
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works industrial complex that will be of relief to civilians who are no longer at threat. because the compound wall, it is vast, it is devoid of civilian infrastructure, residential buildings. nevertheless, it will still be a difficult fight. there are miles and miles of tunnels and the underground floors areas spanning the entirety of the complex which will have to be fought over again . earlier i reported on the beetle fighting in the city and how nationalists used people up a peoples apartments as foreign stations. every crossing on every street in every yard. the scars of battle are apparent. and today we followed in the footsteps of ukrainian nationalists as they turned people's homes into firing ranges. as
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ukrainian troops retreated deeper into the city, they would then we single residential building. they would break down the doors into apartments to set up new foreign positions. again, during fire on these apartments on themselves, leaving people with no way to live. tens of thousands of civilians now live in the basements of their apartment blocks. it's warm of a one, but also much safer that upstairs. his and other apartments in a residential building that ukrainian nationalists set up a foreign posted all over the pay all over the place, bullets empty showcasing, but also here a primed grenade launcher. it has been prime to the, as i said, it may have malfunction, but it would be very dangerous to touch it or disturb. but in any case,
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this is the job, the suppose the high you are, the better the view, the father you can see and shoot, even if you have to climb over the heads of civilians. really, what is vicki? there were nationalist hiding up in the top floors over their lease snipers to one of them shot at people walking down the street when he just kept shooting but missed. a young woman walking by was in absolute shock. she hid in a local shop for ashlyn with conf. we sat in the closet and prayed to god because any one of those shells could have hit our apartment when we didn't understand who they were shooting at. there was no one here. no soldiers, no separatist of no russian troops. they just kept shelling here from the factory. go everywhere you'll find magazines unexploded shelves, bullets, even grenades that failed to designate. and occasionally, the vile syringes and beals, that fueled nationalist regiments. here is another apartment broken
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into by ukrainian nationalist that had a great view out of this window and they set up a set up a foreign position here. a variety of caliber was empty shell casings, but also as in many places that we visited empty syringes, apparently the end of a vile. he had no idea what this was, but in many of these places, apartments the where they were at station where they fought from where there have them been drugs that were seized by the, the nets police that have cleaned up the place off to them to an extent, but we know for a fact that you pay the national, it's a heavily dependent on amphetamines. this is something we had seen in syria in the rock, whether it was isis fight as will syrian rebels. they, they would take these uncertain means and they could keep going without sleep without rest, without food or drink or, or water for days and days when we found drugs during the inspections captured,
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ukrainian soldiers admitted that they use drugs to make it easier for them to fight the population of marybell was always seen as pro russian by ukrainian nationalists . for years they tried to beat him bully loyalty into the locals. isn't deliver it to of my friends were having a drink. and nationalists walked up to them and told them to say, glory to ukraine. one of them refused them, so they broke his fingers. this isn't a story from the internet. this happened to my friend and the families to that. but that went both ways. the civilians here never understood the fanatical habits as of and other nationalist battalions. i knew from sierra we were all tattooed and they had these rituals. they had these torchlight marches over there. they also had rights. they even put up a fence so people wouldn't see what they were up to. the end result was utter
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disregard for civilians among nationalists, they never saw them as equals as fellow countrymen and women. but as for the human shields expendable bodies for the glory of ukraine, or i'd guys d a r t for mary you pull. renee defense systems were in action on saturday in the border city of bel, good look was reported to explosions that could be heard in the city center. witnesses of also posted video footage of what looks like the air defenses working in response to ukraine's a legit actions on russian territory. a military facility on the outskirts of kia has been targeted. the plant was said to produce on the aircraft on the ship and on to ship miss our systems. the russian defense ministry is that it would directly respond to each attack on russia. room if you would have to give you the, the number and scale of missile strikes on targets in kiev will increase in
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response to the key of nationalist regime, committing any terrorist attacks or sabotage on russian territory. those commons follow earlier strikes on the brians in belgrade. regions of western russia, the countries accused ukraine's armed forces of being responsible both the ukrainian military has not commented yet on the incidence. the russian investigative committee claims the s shikes were carried out by to combat helicopters equipped with heavy offensive weapons. and the states people, including a pregnant woman and child have been injured in the shelling. so the casualties including a child, were in a serious condition. on wednesday, the russian defense ministry has said that moscow could targets. he has decision making centers. if ukraine keeps bombing russian border regions, locals, embryonic consoled of how their houses have been destroyed as a result of these strikes isn't of love. so we've been through a lot of cried a lot. we, everything has been exploding there. the neighbors have a bomb craters. the house was also had the beams broke in the barn blue when there
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was an explosion. i was lying on the couch. glass rained down, i fell to the floor, flowerpots that were on the window sill, fell on me a yard. do me bell. i was in the house, then i went out on the porch. it's good that i didn't reach the gate, otherwise i would have been lying here. when i came out, i saw a blast wave that was like this way. will you do me? we were in the house, we looked out of the window, there was dust everywhere, and then it started shaking it. i went to another house, there was black smoke there, that was the one that was burned down and where a woman was injured. the wife of ukraine's opposition leader has asked british prime minister boyce johnson, to swap detained british mercenaries for a husband. the term idiot shook was arrested this week by ukrainian security services in 2018 until his arrests. midville true was the chairman of a pro russian party in keir. he played a key role in negotiations between ukraine and russia as well as the public's re people's republics of done yet. and lou ganske and his wife says the rest was
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completely against the law. damn it could cramming as good johnson. i'm a telemachus guy of their position, politician and day of your grand give them individual. i appeal to you for help in exchange in my husband, horse it then bud keith, a purchase for political reasons and false accusations for citizens of your country. i them as him and some piano, healthy family, and friends return item and song held me based on victor. earlier, russia said it's how did same several military personnel from nato countries, including 2 british citizens. aden oslyn was captured after joining the ukrainian army so that she sent it to you, not someone you fail from me. i'm really trying to reach and i think you're correct
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from day one. when we went to murder you pl. i always said like, we need to leave because because as i said before, don bus right is recognized as independent and hands as well. and if, if ukraine really wanted to avoid this conflict, they could have easily just said ok, we will leave, we will recognize independence. fortune beginning ukraine was good side wouldn't then eventually pay, see, they don't make the right decisions. that would end war good. a good example was how to media everytime, new part of media they didn't want to negotiate with steps that could help. and the war like
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peacefully, it was like 1st time seeing reality may looted from like supermarkets, like civilians need food like survive after like in circles. and so they would take like food from the supermarkets, they would stop civilians from going out to get water like making the supermarket that was being looted, they would stop civilians from taking like water, stuff like that which they themselves were taken ashore. pena was also captured this week as a prisoner of war, and now you pull along with hundreds of ukrainian soldiers. we were in the fact your malware fall. in early i was a tuesday morning. it was decided removed from phone from the area of the factory.
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but we didn't know exactly where about 4 in the morning. we left the factory in vehicles. come out. this comes up the boys. johnson's flying visits, a key of where he pledged to provide more military, a presidency. lensky. they've already been several reports of british citizens fighting in ukraine. however, johnson himself is completely rode up the possibility of british troops officially fighting in ukraine against the russian army. meanwhile, the russian foreign ministry spokesman said johnson was aware of the situation surrounding the u. k. nationals, boris johnson recently visited kiev is certainly aware of the situation surrounding the u. k. national. he will respond soon unless trusts will tell you what the british were doing there. but my son was sure to by enlarge to lensky has a free hand today to finally strangle political freedoms in ukraine. so lensky could not have an honest and democratic dialogue with the victim of a church in a fair political competition. in fact, we see
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a typical dictator in the center of europe, and unfortunately today, both forest, macro and other european leader will turn a blind eye to this. they see it like this. so if he does something bad to russia, then this is our guy for the reasons they will turn a blind eye to political trials to the arrest from an opposition political leaders such as victim at the chip onto the activities of nationalists and radicals. a lot of humour inside the army that the european commission has said that you countries are considering a 6 wave of anti bush in sanctions, which will potentially targets the energy states, including the oil industry. thought the body may pretend earlier. slums, some nations for delaying on payments for russian energy resources. the nurses with a flood, you're a failures in the payment of export supplies of russian energy resources, banks from unfriendly countries delay the transfer payments. i remind you the task has already been set to transfer payments for energy resources to the national
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currency. gradually moving away from the dollar and the euro. in general, we intend to radically increase the share of payments in the national currency in the foreign trade system. and almost a month ago, the russian president ordered the states companies to switch to payments in roubles only for russian energy. the decision was met with a huge backlash from the west, which accused moscow of breaking contracts, answer convention sanctions over the still no agreement among member states on banning russian oil and gas. but in that region also reiterated that it's an embargo on russian energy will primarily hit european citizens up with attempts by western countries to replace our energy resources with alternative supplies will inevitably affect the entire global economy. supplies from other countries, primarily from the united states will cost consume as many times more would affect the standard of living of people and the competitiveness of the european economy.
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despite these obvious things for every one european countries are constantly talking about refusing russian supplies, which further destabilizes the market and inflates prices themselves, primarily for their citizens. well meanwhile, the head of germany is federal network agency which oversees the countries energy needs recently claimed that if for some gas supplies were caused by berlin, germany's reserves will only last. and so the autumn form, austrian foreign minister carrying can i sole told darcy it would be hard for germany to deal with the consequences of cutting energy imports from russia. the impacts will be much larger than just the old metaphor that people might freeze on all 3. should bear in mind that it's also all about the commodity natural gas for electricity generation. german government is taking also administrative, legal steps in preparing a gas supply emergency situation. they even talk about nationalized
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ation, conference cation or russian property. we can't imagine, i would say the ultimate outcome. you can see how pressure is filled up against germany within the european union. it's not only from us, from your brain or by public opinion. it's really from within the european union. the real issue right now is, how will it be accomplished then germany resigned to the fact that it has to agree on that and post oil and gas embargo by the european union. it's not a very long time. i would say everybody was stuff and everybody's are ready. despite the storm warnings, always energy reserves bill in is still seeking ways of completely stopping energy and ports from russia saying is going to give up on gas in 2 years. and coal,
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even before that, independence from coal can be achieved the fastest by adam as far as oil is concerned, we intend to do that by the end of the year and gas, by the summer of 2024. we are currently checking how to create the necessary conditions in order to speed up the process even more. germany currently impulse 55 percent of its natural gas from russia 1000000000 has acknowledged it will be difficult to rapidly remove russian energy sources from its supply chain. while the u. s. on the recently announced their intention to boost liquefied natural gas supplies to europe by the end of the year. and amid wave after wave of sanctions on russia, some e u members have been forced to reconsider the green plants and prevent using coal as they work their reliance on n g from the is r t donald quarter across the european union painful losses for the green agenda and frances recent presidential election, the greens didn't even get the 5 percent needed to reimburse campaigning costs. and
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in germany, a choice between harming vladimir putin and sticking to sacred green principles. spoiler alert, berlin chose the 1st one and decided to return to call so much for what world leaders were saying just a few months ago. countries are turning their back on coal. the end of coal is in sight. on the contrary, coal is returning with a vengeance. why the west is willing to go to any lengths to heart russia over its special operation in ukraine, even if it means playing dirty and replacing russia? natural gas, not with solar panels, not with wind mills, but with dirty old coal. there is a temporary role for coal, which we had hoped would be out of the energy mixed by the end of this decade. but it will stay longer. we will need it until we find alternative sources until the time even the greenest government will not phase out coal, italy, romania, bulgaria, greece, among others are all reviving their call industries, even the world's greenest utility company, or stead is now stock piling. coal,
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however much we hate it, we are very likely going to see a temporary increase in a coal use compared to the trajectory that we have been in. for countries that can't extract enough coal at home, they're already ramping up imports from coal, extracting countries like the u. s. australia and indonesia. $27.00 countries said they would reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 55 percent by 2030, and they're back in the coal mines. it looks like the use head is in the sand at the same time because brussels is telling everyone all as well. what we will do in the next couple of weeks is work towards what i call the re power you initiative. and as part of that, we want to accelerate the energy transition. the core of what i'm offering is a long term strategic relationship that starts with ellen. g. then quickly moves also into renewables, especially hydrogen shipping, american, ellen gee, across the atlantic to save the environment. really with the environmental harm caused by chilling shipping and re gas defying natural gas. these countries might
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as well just use coal. just ask the experts building even more l n g export terminals would lock in fossil fuel infrastructure and pollution for decades to come. so who wins out from the west? stubborn attempt at spiting moscow. the fossil fuel executives who progressives have hated for the past several decades. cold prices are likely to rise further, as demand increases. oh, how quickly principals are gone with the wind when the west doesn't get its way. and over in sweden, riots are rooted in the city of all. re bro, on friday as council protest is class with police at of plunder rights when extremist demonstration ah, demonstrations and violence with objects thrown under police vehicles such a blaze. demonstrations took place of to far rights. activists allegedly plunged to
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burn the muslim holy book, the koran. those are the stories that shapes the week here, nazi international for more and any of them do head over to r t dot com minus peter scott. and i'll be back with another look in just over 30 minutes. ah. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is offensive, very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk ah,
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[000:00:00;00] a with dom option retention your what you're going on the ground, the team and i will be back soon with a brand new look despite nature nation and you censorship, but until then we'll be showing some of your favorite shows of the season so far coming up with this show, while bar a strong to new fight for its political life, this weekend may have opposed charging those involved. the world is but hours away from commemorating a 10 minute massacre. bloody sunday, we investigate. and after the vatican last week, beatified as priests slaughtered by alleged so called us back to death squads in el
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salvador. what should we expect from the country supreme court, opening up a new investigation to the murders of jesuits clerics that inspired st. oscar romero himself mounted 45 years ago. we speak to an expert witness in the case dollars more coming up in today's going underground. but 1st, we are on the eve of the 50th anniversary of bloody sunday, which sparked global outrage against the british government for parachute regiment, soldiers killing unarmed civilians in ulster, no one has ever faced trial in boris johnson's really good government has been considering legally immunizing all soldiers involved and atrocities. joining me now from cook's down, northern ireland is soon found. m. p for middle sta. francie malloy? thanks so much traffic coming back on. i mean people were waiting this week for sue gray in the inquiry. of course, when it comes to bloody sunday, there was a witchery inquiry that people may have forgotten about it. tell me and remind us about what bloody bloody sunday was and the whitewash committed by british civil


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