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ah ah you will. yeah, i totally. oh yeah. but you will you let me know what you said, angela did. this would've 3 of those little sidebar for him to want to do it that i'm with you. brush line you gumble w. austin bohlman. yet with the law, but we're those numbers he's doing people done the money you want. we don't go to the local. my guys, the idea of old that you see you will do. yeah. we'll new show modeling to me at
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the bottom. you approve of that yet. what do i want you to come up with a new way to bed rails or looks like it could be a legend worth of school cuz you're kinda keeping it. we had a bus on my one, you need to wear proficio. if actually it was in you julio, caput official to do it the work that needed to put a official sheet. yeah. to be opposed. she moved as reasoning, but the more as just what was continues to yield to the bill, dot someone. i lose that you are telling you a
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i was like a lead near one. remember gallery a new globule, wish to muzzle with all speed, forms a venue, easy to bring them, lots of people to fill in the regional grade. and you could keep what you used to. but you can put in the bible must go over the course. the new shows you on yup. and build up, got more removable to promote, which is to be that should be a bubble published, a book my mean published if you read it was probably no money, but how much you've been too much of a government from new studies are going to answer and i was in your, of the key for the little shows on the capacity of the quote you a with
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2014 was a watershed in the history of modern ukraine. the countries, agricultural west and industrial east have always differed in outlook language and traditions. conflicts and contradictions. existing for decades turned into civil strife and then war it and maybe get to saying enough, does english like i mean the state i'm sort of don't. saddam that i couldn't use most. okay. those are put a little nose up. okay. it does have to say leaking starting a, the euro, my down and movement, which again, is a struggle for ukraine's integration new to the european union. rapidly being towards nationalist thinking and radical groups began to play
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a leading role in my done with social stella. but it's funny to ski, look at the more options the normal push that bulky was gotcha. fall on the sketch of play. must guys muscular when the he luck. we ask for michelle lawson get not naming. yeah. you just on the claim in your computer and frustration. i wasn't michelle. michelle almost went there. it's like a cool journalist for the control group. oh, i'm spent time in middle school. i was able to put on the rule for him to call you,
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but i was mr. flores because i think because i forgot to mention the issue with the regime changed. my dad was seen in se ukraine as a coup d'etat because the power that one in ki, immediately imposed a new direction for the nation. one of the ukraine parliament's 1st decisions was to cancel the special status of the russian language. good thousands joined the
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protest in the southeast region. this done ed scarano ganske but claim themselves peoples republics. the protest is copied my dan tactics that was fine and worked for the protest is in kings, but it didn't work out well for the people of se, ukraine. the new authorities responded with force in the spring of 2014 t v, which will thing called an anti terrorist operation. with all the
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crystal sla like this automatic would up my waterfall machine when you mobile disposals, will take us to show your workflow and she'll tell you to come on. there's going to come on to a sports interval of our video dumps. you decided to prepare linear appropriate, your mom and he was up a little brain if you please, could get it to someone process while war. yeah, well no from calls to proceed. what is the, what from the other is delaney is bul. me lead. say i'm meaning to spy, really, that would be like a linear approach reports for somebody to call it would have to go for to multiple dumb human choice for somebody to partner with somebody privately, almost and willing to partner with the model driven under sure your machine movement boys,
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she applied to the comp or the multi what you were intellectual, due to my earlier follower love to pull noah. a sheer bullet is my cousin list teeth. i will schools to be able to use force by you store i used to be people, are you garage door to bill to stay with the when you to pull visibility, march you for you notice that campus to let but come up with one. meet, pushy winnable. as you what your sharp and he was doing with a lot yes, there will clean the ship them last. i'm thinking that i'm good at least i mean the use conductivity scraped up. so could you please read a lot of good to me or something. but anyway, sca bristol part one, you one of them, you know there's still
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a shot especially when i just i don't come from a lender to this other brochure. shaka rules couple of requests. i've spoken the car wash and yet what, what, what you think would be a new as well. and that's because study that the book can you was up to new authorities didn't just send the army to pacify the rebellious regions. far right. radical groups hardened and proven on can you, my dan became a major force in this effort in odessa nationalist rampage through a pro russian activist 10 city and hunted down those hiding in the nearby trade union building.
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then the building was set on fire. those who escaped the flames by jumping from windows were finished off on the spot. with a week later, radicals appeared in mario, but fearing uninvited guests dunbar organized emergency self defense squad, alicia set up road blocks. the city of yarns became a 10th hot spot. the militia control the city hall and the police department and
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locals had already elected a new mayor with a issue. oh, sorry, a walk. right. thank you, mr. bro. with a, with a through in
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a need not to go with a grain. i'm a little it is a g, a, it isn't with the one, you know, maybe a month
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with no discipline, a lot of the life b, b a l look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence. at the point obviously is too great truck rather than a very with artificial intelligence,
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real summoning views, a robot must protect his phone. existence with 2 ah keep control is security forces. nationalist battalions tried unsuccessfully to retake soviet then began shelling the city on a regular basis. at 1st, locals couldn't believe their own army would open fire on their homes. nevertheless,
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key brought in and used heavy artillery. who's with a lawyer with forced to do the good joining your what's your question? you're with
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you and you put it with like home for home. i see with with her the
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water to put it into great. in the early summer of 2014, there was still some hope that conflict will be resolved peacefully, that the bloodshed would stop. and they key would start negotiating with the citizens of the southeastern regions. it's what vote is expected from the new ukrainian president piazza parish ankle a general, but those which all of them do, most of you're still good to go. what else? but a lot of you got his meals coastal and you get both, you can but nobody to pull it up. i get the by the way not that would be in the account. you wish johnson were union. um you sent me a quote and you can, you could really push them then you have to provide you with any peer was done, your compartment group headed out, but that is the good right. what's up with my bill? i just thought got girl sheets of reach your music. if you got the she teach
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martial project acquisition teacher and then you can start nipples with 1st given them up a, you know, pretty project number of the she keeps up at the work. i need to push, teach them based on his prophecy. and what's your portrait of, of sure, well, great from the company, or could you put it up to a new britain, which was still it just won't unless you win business from that other one you a with shelling and bombing at civilian houses and residential areas by the ukrainian army left the residence with no choice. they had to defend themselves. this time with and so new recruits rapidly enlisted in the militia.
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ah, anybody holderness? cuz ultimately totally get them. when we shook with dr. joe, i'll see them in and for you. we'll talk with mother me of anybody heard him? yes. cuz like i can also reach troy on blooming them with one of you. we are usually lower when you press teacher a kicker with when you use the last new sweetening the socialist. yes. because a foot and thesis miller affordable, it must be nearly. then you've got them one of the dental girls and you cut them through each not a flame of kit shipped with pneumonia to will kill j. but usually i don't have done this. a mealy a good when you thought, of course a you may have been time with time with which it will will have especially the olympics and your 6 inch as well. yes. one.
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but it was the bulldozer for infection with ah.
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with a don. it's a new guns people's republics. melissa squad's, well, far from being a pro the army. you could count militia med with real combat experience on the thing is if one had the fight was on equal. after 2 and a half months of battle, the militia were forced to retreat and leave slab yonce with his bull. folk brought up of china. yes. and so when you go, when is that for? let's move since it's a new book, save
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a little lunch because i did it from the consult with william stump. a bullshit with burst from a wheelbarrow list. wishing that all we could do for you most unusual, but you will show complying your digital program to web a little boy with v she g of q v issue thomas it almost we vs just by your video, we must show you a sure spotters garcia's enable i'm in the marketing is just exhaust machine. when you understood bruce wouldn't go down to the bottom. where would you much look forward hearing from you as well as a new model? because you can talk a little more complicated, but you marshall come up with you one more did the dot org. richard bullock understandable what doors? you know, when you start, you can use most people double on this as soon as key sources entered savvy,
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and they began violent punches in the city. mass house searches and arrests. everyone came under suspicion. people were apprehended on the streets with the ukrainian forces and radical groups were beyond the law. by silly prosperity, formerly highly placed with ukraine security service smuggled documents out of the country to prove their crimes. he was the funds to reveal a secret jail at my over them ports you any in law enforcement called it the
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library officially the jail never existed so they could do whatever they wanted with prisoners to quickly educate the vehicle and you know, coming at noble shirt it was medina, the walk of tory, it took dora alterman and i mean she, how jenny, can you double to little bit pasta will to come up usually as nice. jimmy motion had years a car wash took a color. you didn't you promise? 90000 years, riley, north end until june. william more leveling the machine boiler. let them just need you to come look at you. what you are in need of the pros. a partially the brush will would she? monogamy? adult abilities will change to wearable to live coverage ocean. the system will leap key at the willy ocean. just keep the ball so this to the dealer, molly completely done words that you're sure all of the outcome.
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ball vs grove. usually what she did, the steering is set up on the north. would you go to the highest let jeremy still probably nearly attention to them. still good ability and so she could be trick deliberately, but the most are not book minute. thank you. what it was call is born in your mealy years malik at the george it because i, li, crockett, the dealer to come by to become a deeper i, if known, she leaves eyes. constructor cooper will hold up up the top to bottom, a dear participant column, which is ryan appa, cham envelope account. you just missed your thoughts. is that a genuine? i get it to slow by itself. deborah, i say, can you let me see used to she was subordinate, can i ask you? um, automated is bit slow and you brought your post was right, depreciating all rings to know what she to be told the problem. yeah, video or cookie, just as we'll check the check up on the one that leadership at each other in
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2022 after the start of the russian and de nascar is joined help or ration in ukraine. they manage to drive ukrainian forces out of murray was closer and was unable to show the secret jail size and the conditions. prisoners had been camped in to one of the stuff which was issued to been sure was she just couldn't issue close to the level of any of them. what's interesting is maybe what i knew in designing this with muddy resident. oh, good guy. i've been a prisoner in the library city of apple, which is really good, which is faster. for them, you know to that, if you, when you moment know that that will give you the older and you let us show that there's a way to bring him over to you to couple though it was the only way to get
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a procedure. we me, you thought to offer you a brochure in the brought the whole award. you shouldn't policy which will cost you about which may do good deal it. both of it gives all those and that she can little, you know, the progress earlier. probably lead to need to show you who you are. you sure you're going to see when you do them, but really delicious. give which you have you need to do with all your prospecting with the only tools you will follow up all are just they're still the annual with the shut. oh it it, it says no, you get that. yes. because i, you know,
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with us going to put the what that without the scarlet a couple of 2, we have to chew it. ah, ah, in release the russian state will never be tied as on the nose landscaping with we will ban in the european union. the kremlin media machine, the state on russia for date, and c, r t spoke mckibben, our video agency, roughly all bands on youtube. and still with
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me. i missed perception is very easy to make. if you're very good. i did, for instance, if you work in the media and you know how to do it, you can do a very good job and manipulating public opinion. you can paint white as black. you can totally trust reality and sometimes not even by lying. sometimes just by picking what you want to pay or putting things in a certain order, all putting human emotions into one side of the story while not giving a rational analysis of the whole picture.
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ah, with the russian defense minister says moscow is almost taken. the dom bus city of mario both sold remaining as of fighters to lay down their arms to claim the troops running low on supplies. also, i had lake uh, set up a foreign position here, a variety of caliber empty shell casings but also as in many places that we visited empty syringes parties. crew has been reporting from the front line, the motor you pull throughout the fist fighting with personnel defense systems intercept, apparent ukrainian strikes on the border city of bailey good. after a village in the russian region. brianna was alleged michaud by keir, causing several casualties. we were in the house.


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