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yes, i have a great week, i have that. ah, yes, i got you off a minute. i think witnesses the capture of expensive ukrainian weapons inside the dorm bound city of mario pole. as a russian led for his continued their advance than some of the fighters they pro kiev radicals are still using civilians as human shields. what are the blue? there has been many civilians in the city who the nationalists have been using as human shields. that's why we couldn't shoot, but once they retreated to the factory, we easily took it under control. you and wanted to have a one face that the world's population could plunge into poverty and hunger as the conflict of ukraine disrupt this crucial international food supply chain.
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italian journalist, 'cause ukraine's president, an obstacle towards peace accusing vladimir lensky of neglecting civilian casualties. property lensky seems like a very dangerous character. he is leading a campaign that can actually bring about massive destruction and casualties among the ukrainian people. but this doesn't really bother him, therefore, i considers a lensky, one of the main obstacles towards achieving peace class monuments to soviet soldiers hate defeated. hitler are torn down in ukraine for kids mediate, glorifies. not collaborated as hay rice with thanks for joining us. this is on the international with the latest news headlines . now, western sanctions have failed to seriously affect russia economy, according to vladimir putin who has praised the country's handling of the financial
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challenges. while reminding americans and europeans about the backlash they're now facing at home. but i sure will not boosted i asked him, it was a 2 week lee destabilized economic situation in our country to provoke panic of the market. collapse of the banking system. large scale, the shortage of the commodities in the store. but we can be confidently saying that such policy has failed. and then the strategy of becoming a blitzkrieg fail with more than that. sanctions also belt of law against the initiator and same in the inflation and unemployment trade worse. and they come into the dynamics in the us and european country decrease of the living standard level elevation we worked at san from russia has with student this unprecedented fresh for this situation as to believes the rural rate has back to the rate of january and is defined by the stable situation of the and the positive,
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although is more than $58000000000.00 as well as the cleaning official say at least 7 people have been killed as a result of 5 miss all attacks on the west and ukrainian city of lieu of a rush of as ministry is not commented on these latest allegations, but moscow has previously said it's only targeting ukrainian military science. this verified amateur video appears to show a cruise missile flying overhead. the footage, reportedly from inside the city shows plumes of smoke rising above several buildings in the distance. according to the man of all 3 missiles did in fact hit ukrainian military science them will keep you updated. now of course, in the don varsity real paul electricity supply chain stations have been fully restored in the aftermath of some of the heaviest fighting local battles continue between russian lead forces and entrenched ukrainian radicals. you've refused another author to surrender russian. antonia it's republic force. he said they
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opened an exit window full key of troops on sunday, for most of them remained hold up inside the sprawling territory of the local still was found which spun dozens of buildings and multiple underground tunnels. the defenders are reportedly running out of ammunition and food, but have been ordered by kiev to keep holding the factory, which remains the last stronghold of radical forces in 5, my real poem. earlier president lindsey claimed ukrainians prepared to find the against russia up to 10 years and will not concede any territory. motion that forces have seized multiple caches of ukrainian weapons and ammunition in floods. mario pulling, including land mines, which are found under international law, as well as some expensive heavy weapons as ours. he's more garcia reports from the c with every passing day, the new se titans and ukrainian nationalists didn't marry you both. they have
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refused russia's offer to surrender. unlike thousands of ukrainian regulars, the offensive against them rages on across my renewable nationalist lines are buckling here. a group of chechen fighters shoot the aftermath of a gun battle 8th nationalists were killed in this warehouse alone. among them, we are told, at least one foreign mercenary, $400.00, a believe to be in maryville, florida, beula. there have been many civilians in the city whom the nationalists have been using as human shields. that's why we couldn't shoot at once. they retreated to the factory, we easily took it under control sooner namely, at the iliad factory. pro russian forces are still clearing away minds and booby traps left behind by ukrainian troops said nationalists. they are still finding new caches of weapons and ammunition sometimes worth millions is another huge
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oh, room of the brain ego. i shall village, auntie, and miss of it. glove. also abundant here. go to be careful. oh, stop fall of shoulder launched and hear me. sounds again, the same things he gluck missiles just left them to vanden here. steadiness is full grenades, as well as various rockets and munitions each. e. glad man pad has a market value of about $200000.00. half a dozen were abandoned just in this room. there are dozens and dozens more warehouses and buildings that haven't yet been cleared. including collapsed ones. here har, ukrainian armored vehicles which they hid inside buildings,
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industrial buildings in the each factory and thought the vast industrial zone at the heart of mary over again these, these vehicles were hidden inside civilian areas where ukrainian nationalists also co cover in these industrial zones. they held hundreds of people as human shields, workers, and nearby residents, aside from holding civilians as human shields, they saluted them if they tried to run and even poisoned water supplies as they fled the muscular leaping, leaving 5 leader containers with water in apartments. but the water was poisoned with drugs or toxins. the spot, the damage done, the fanatical corps of the ukrainian as of nationalists here, unlikely to surrender. they knew the crimes that they all wanted for. they knew that they face decades in prison and they have chosen to drag lease out,
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hoping to buy enough time for the ukrainian government to somehow save them or had gas the of r t for mary you. pl. unless western media outlets continue to demonize russia, my 1st operation in ukraine and don bass, a prominent italian journalist has gone against the sla keesing ukraine's president of hindering assets sipping about peace. this is to be simple as legible to particulars. lensky seems like a very dangerous character, but he is leading a campaign that can actually bring about massive destruction and casualties among the ukrainian people. but this doesn't really bother him. therefore, i considers a lensky, one of the main obstacles towards achieving peace. but we must remember that this war, besides everything that we are talking about, is a war of the united states against europe. that the e. u is the real object of this war. the united states is interested in severing
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ties between russia and europe and also china. so, oh, amid the war and ukraine on the sanctions imposed against russia, the u. n. z chief say the global food and energy supplies as well as financial systems have been disrupted. and will inevitably lead to an increase in poverty and hunger in developing countries beyond ukraine's borders. for out of the media, attention, the war has become a silent attack on the developing world. the crisis could plunge up to 1700000000 people, more than a 5th of the global population into poverty and hunger on a scale that has not been seen a decades. masika has condemned the western sanctions as damaging crucial global supply chains. russia has traditionally been a substantial global food expo to and also a major supplier fertilizes used in food production. he crate and russia produced 30 percent of the world's wheat and barley a 5th of the corn, and more than half of the sunflower oil exports have been critically obstructed by
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the war and western sanctions against russian banks that shipping companies and airlines. meanwhile, germany's food and agriculture minister has claimed the global food a crisis. it could be averted if only ukraine gets more weapons from western countries. the food minister is pushing for an increase in arms deliveries to ukraine in order to avert a global famine. brushes, war against ukraine is increasingly turning out to be an attack on the international community. the greens politician told our editorial office, that's why it's so important that the west support ukraine with more effective weapons. the minister complained that african countries where many people already have too little to eat, particularly affected by putin starvation strategy as well. western politicians are trying to assign blame some african countries, including kenya allow facing a shortage ally to products and it's 4 in costs of living. we had some sort of people that who say that barely making ends meet. i mean him, guy, jim we,
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we are living in a difficult moment here in kenya, and everything is shooting up in price getting daily bread or even meals for a day. as a miracle, there is a shortage of foods, especially for people like us who depend on hand to mouth. korea or russia has been highly boosting the economy of ordination and wheat from there is used in making animal feeds. may be that is why all this is happening, that of course, so many of them are weed floor as not affordable. and especially for us who live on the outskirts of the nairobi area. we don't have permanent jobs, and yet we must provide for our own families at home. politics and war and other places like ukraine has played a major setback in our suffering of that. i should a good if it's true, not every one is capable of having 3 meals per day. and as you can see in my shop, i don't have much stock, even sunflower oil and wheat flour. nowhere to be seen, things are getting worse on a daily basis. they met in my day metal it, affording 3 meals in a day. no,
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not yet. the little money i get can only sustain me for a day. then i look for another alternative. either visit a friend of mine at least to share a little. but failing that, i will sleep hungry. oh, well, now let's go live now as a whole economist, cassandra, the chair of the international relations that african national congress is league. thank you for joining us on. the program is good to see. now i had to connie the crisis i, the ukraine has led to an increase in food shortages in prices across the globe as we were just listening to and africa in particular, the population of that region is extremely vulnerable. how alarmed are you by this developments? i am in a thank you for having us firstly, as young people in the african continent we are alarmed by their continued lies. and we do not think that to hon. guy and poverty in africa is communicated by m rushes, action steam, euclid. we believe that to developing nations,
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most of whom, most of which are former colonies of retain as spain, france caught sugarland the rest. and they asked, we asked of him because we are not owning the land that we are on in. and the resources that have been stolen over 300 years here in africa have not been brought back. that is why we're having blue, a hungry because of imperialism. that is clipped. our continent, people will continue to plow and plow our resources to grow and make cell phones you. we know tesla just signed a deal with the t or c of kong. so we think that what is happening currently, which is a food shortage is around the world in developing nations is lead as it was as a result of pressure sections. it is as a result of america and it's kind of style plants and for global dominance, we maintain it, is it okay that it,
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russian kids must of and on the basis of sanctions imposed on russia? is it okay for cuban children to stuff on the basis of the economic embargo imposed on tobac till to day? is it ok for zimbabwe children to stuff on the basis of sanctions imposed dancing bob with? no, it is not okay. we are saying america's actions have always lead to disaster in the world, and it does not begin to day. and we do not think that it is s as a result of russia. so if we went to alleviate food shortages in the well, then let us exceed 2, said that the requests of the people of russia who have clearly stated that they just went to sleep on peace and safety. we do not have to find ourselves here. it is the actions of need talk of instead of taking food to claim that taking weapons . well yeah, i want to leave off kill or not. i thought that's and because so as which is reported, a german minister is code on the western countries to ramp up weapons supplies to
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ukraine, saying that that would help avert the global fannin. what do you make of us? we shockingly amazes at those it, it words because how do you give distribute weapons to citizens who do not know how to use them? i mean, what happens when, when, when there is long i russia in euclid, what's going to happen to those weapons with distributing weapons to millions of citizens who do not know how to utilize them. yet people who are vulnerable and who are used by a state that does not care about them, we do not agree with those sentiments. if there's anything that must be sent to claim is flowers of peace. to say that we do not want weapons in that area, because that is the point that the lesson people have always made that the issue that starts this incursion is the weapons that continue to find themselves in new
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clint. we know that america has been trying to create weapons of that, of biological weapons in euclid, it's weapons, weapons, weapons, weapons. we cannot stand up as people of the world. we want peace and more peace. and we are saying that we encourage the negotiations and the peace talks between the russian federation and you claim. and we think that it is only through dialogue that we can resolve this issue and it is not through weapons. so we do not agree with any sentiment that says web web points must be sent to clear of what kind of risk might hunger and poverty present for political stability in africa at the honda that is found in africa and the in stability barrel politically. and i mean, you've seen it, is it? the purpose mainly is usually to create
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a gym change in african state by making sure that the economy is suffocated. and the people they are not able to make means by themselves. and it, that is why in 2021 alone we had about 5. who's 5 could that has in the african continent, something we have never seen before. the undermining the continued undermining of democracy. we say that democracy is for the people by the people, but lead to democrats. it seems to be by the americans for the people. because if it is not the american wait, then you will suffer. you will get sanctions and that will make sure that they kill you in the same manner that they kill purchase mobile. i do think that we should expect a further transformation of the global food supply system and how exactly do you think it's likely to change? we think that we are quite encouraged by the width of the president put in those
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who unto, by oil it, you know, cooking oil and those one to buy wit in russia. there must be, there must also be told to do it in the locals because we cannot agree that the russian child must suffer. and the european charity child must it nicely. if america imposes sanctions on russia, russia has a right to respond and we maintain the shortage of food supply in the world is not extension of russia. it is as a creation of america who chose to utilize you claim as upon m as a proxy to confront russia. and we say that if a new foot, so if foot shortages are to be at the best, then which functions that i had been imposed against, russia must be withdrawn. and we improve every one to recognize the fact that america continues to utilize sanctions as weapons of war 2 beds, 2,
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they have been suffering because of the economy, can buckle imposed on them. and we cannot smile and say that is okay because it's not appearing one. see and it's sort of getting one german admit. we think that if there is a food shortage, then we need to address their lien problem. and the little problem is that america control continues to make it so a big brother and the lead of the world when nobody has chosen to be such. click on his katana, chair of international relations that african national congress state lake. thank you for your time. thank you. now, permanent polish journalist said he's been compelled to resign from one of the country's most popular newspapers in protest at having to describe the cranes near nancy forces as simply far right. if we cannot come to an agreement on the essentials, we will have to part ways. but journalist who is also a jewish national, announced his resignation from the weekly column,
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had been leading for years. in cranes, notorious as of battalion has already become a controversial issue in the mainstream media with some atlas refusing to openly call the neo nazis despite the radical group self proclaimed agenda. ukraine's issue of though, can i get magazine, has now jumped on the bandwagon of denial and has published a piece praising an infamous ukrainian nazi collaborator as a hero. r t easy cost on us investigates. oh, bendara road by ukrainian nationalists and despised by every one else, at least when they find out about his romans with adolf hitler. but there is legacy has long been torn with on the far right fringes of ukraine society. but with the latest i've been pushed to support kids in whatever this nazi collaborates has
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being normalized in the mainstream to it was pandora who managed to bring the activities of the organisation of the ukrainian nationalists to a new level in the early 19 thirty's, turning it from an underground opening zation into a liberation movement known in every country where there was a diaspora all the years in exile. he was the leader of the organisation of the ukrainian nationalists, which was reckoned within europe and an outstanding theorist of the national movement. and pandora publications and public organizations spread the truth about ukraine ban. durham headed the most radical iteration of o u. n. the organization of ukrainian nationalists there openly and officially fascist roots, maybe shamefully tucked away in media articles now, but back then bunder and his followers proudly wore it on their sleeves. along with anti semitism. the jews of the soviet union are the most loyal supporters of the bolshevik regime and the vanguard of musk of imperialism in the ukraine. jews often
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referred to by racial slurs within o u. n. weren't the only targets of been dares, fascist discrimination doctrine. russians, poles, gypsies were to be exterminated to, according to one of them dares closest allies and another hero of 21st century ukraine. it is necessary to hurry up with the liquidation of poles to their full extinction. villages with silly polish populations are to be burned down in villages of mixed nationalities. only poles are to be wiped out jews, and gypsies, or to face the same treatment, full annihilation without remorse. it's vital to take care of doctors, pharmacists, chemists, nurses, and keep them under watch and field hospitals. when their work finishes, they must be murdered without announcement. hardly surprising adolph hitler chose bonder as his henchmen and chief in ukraine whose organisation is estimated to be responsible for some $100000.00 deaths and been there is bloodless,
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knew no limits. the organization of the ukrainian analysts, valleys, the lives of its members very highly. but we accept that our glorious idea requires not just a few, not hundreds, but millions to full victim in order to be implemented modern day ukraine has been repeatedly urged to stop glorifying these people who could have recently added a few pages to the rule book of iso or al qaeda, but president zalinski thinks it's a cool thing. there are indisputable heroes, steppin bandera as a hero for certain ukrainians. and this is a normal and cool thing. he was one of the defenders of ukraine's freedom. and of course there's plenty of ukrainians. horrified by, been there as monuments springing up all across the country. it's just hard to tell how many ukrainians and since any sacrilege of these nazi idols could cost people their lives. she, british con buttons captured by russian forces in the dom bassetti of marielle.
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paula, asking britain's prime minister to facilitate their release through a prisoner swap. dale that was c captured, ukrainian opposition figure victor medford, chuck handed either by keith. he's a statement from the british prisoners, he may have been speaking under duress, risdon, at which her chris been detained. and we are low to exchange myself and aiden as an info mister medford took for sir. i'd really appreciate your help in this matter and push in this agenda. burris johnson, if you're watching this video, i speak on myself on behalf of sean pinner. that if you really care about our lives and the lives so richter than you would do the right thing and her help exchanges for victor. so victor can return to his family and we can return to our family safely. as we await a statement from london regarding the status of the prisoners, we'll take a deeper look at the u. k. military involvement in ukraine. it's since it's weapons,
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it's age. it's prime minister in person just last week. and now the times has revealed. it's very own troops when it comes to the war. the u. k. is clearly offering ukraine far more than just emotional support. so british special forces have their boots family on the ground in ukraine, despite none other than burst johnson himself previously wanting mercenary members of the so called lads all me, that they could be breaking british law by going over to join the wall. i can understand why people feel as they do, but we have laws in our country about international conflicts and how they must be conducted. but it seems the words of the p. m. once enough to tear those brits determined to fight as russia has detained. 2 british citizens, they were captured while trying to flee a steel factory, mary opal, where according to the russian defense ministry, some 400 foreign mercenaries have been fighting. hayden, ashlyn and short pena were both detained after joining the ukrainian army on sean pena. i'm says, and if the u. k. r,
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as in mary awful. i was fortunate article for 6 weeks now. armand didn't people's republic, sir. j. a. cooper and we were in a factor merkel in earlier i was a tuesday morning. there was the saw did remove form phone from the area of the factory, but we didn't know exactly where about 4 in the morning. we left the factory in vehicles, commerce, a fortune beginning for ukraine was good sword would. and then eventually a see. they don't make right decisions that would end war a didn't want to negotiate with steps that could help. and the war, like peacefully, it was like 1st time seeing reality may looted from like supermarkets, like civilians need food like survive after like in circles. and so they would take
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like food from the supermarkets, they would stop civilians from going out to get water and is not just the boots of muss reasons. special forces that have been on the ground in ukraine, although not so much boots, but the polish shoes of the british prime minister, burst johnson himself stepped out on to the streets of his story. kiev, as he strolled alongside, present zalinski last week, becoming the most senior at western leaders so far to step foot in the wall zone, bringing with him not just woods of support, but a pledge of yet more military aid. it was a visit designed to send out a clear message to the well that the u. k. is there to help? what one that ukrainian hoping that'll be exactly the case. his the wife of the countries detained opposition? leda given that johnson apparently has zalinski, is if she wants to british p. m. to pressure the president, to swap the captured british must race for her husband. victor at medford chak was arrested by ukrainian security services. he played
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a key role in negotiations between ukraine, russia and the peoples republics. have denette, can le ganske his wife claims the rest was completely against the law and was done to suppress dissenting voices in the country, then confirming as good on. i'm not sure i've, i've of their physician the addition of a day of your grain government issue. i appeal to you for how in exchange in my husband, who was english that day in that keith, a purchase for political reasons, and foss, inches, asians for citizens of field county. i had an as him and some pina. hello, a family and friends, written item and song held me based on victor. prime minister johnson is staying tight lips, not a word about the british mercenaries is so far been spoken. although russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman claims the p. m knows far more than he's letting on. boris johnson, who recently visited kiev his certainly aware of the situation surrounding the u. k
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. nationals, he will respond soon, and les tress will tell you what the british were doing there. well, even aside from the most res britton's clearly been doing plenty, there already. 2 countries standing side by side in the fight against russia, but who's leading, who he crane has released any video sharing detained opposition? think a victim made of a choke, possibly speaking under duress, asking to be caught a prisoner, spoke dale with russia. young is bishop. you told me my name is victor. madrid shook, and i would like to address russian president vladimir putin and ukrainian president of latimer zalinski with a request for the cranium side into change me for the defenders and residence of mary you pull were still there today on and have no means of safely leaving the city through humanitarian corridors going it is joining us our nazi international web, back in 30 minutes with the latest ah,
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ah nato's appetite for continued expansion. peters. they have no in sweden and finland may suit join the military alliance. the same alliance that deems russia as an enemy. still, nato calls itself a defense of alliance. is it only a matter of time or article by isn't both. ah, i ah, i'm absent retention, you're watching going underground.


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