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[000:00:00;00] a, a few people who with policy witnesses, the capture of expensive ukrainian weapons inside be done by city of mario poll as russian that forces continue their advance, that some of the fighters say pro carry radicals are still using civilians as human shields. border, the blue there have been many civilians in the city. nationalists have been using as human shields. that's why you can shoot. but once they retreated to the factory, we easily took it under control. the un ones that have a one 5th off the world's population could plunge into poverty and hunger as
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a conflict of ukraine disrupts crucial international food supply chains. with italian journalist code ukraine's president an obstacle towards pace. the key thing, lot of insulin scans neglecting civilian casualties. particularly lensky seems like a very dangerous character. he is leading a campaign that can actually bring about massive destruction and casualties among the ukrainian people. but this doesn't really bother, therefore, i considers a lensky, one of the main obstacles towards achieving peace. awe . thanks for joining us. this is almost the international with the latest news update. now, western sanctions have failed to seriously affect russia economy, according to vladimir putin who has praised the country is handling of the financial challenges while reminding americans and europeans about the backlash.
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they're now facing at home that i should belittle salute. the aim of the western countries was to quickly destabilized the financial and economic situation in russia to provoke panic on the markets to make the banking system collapse and to create a massive shortage of goods in our stores. but we can now confidently say that this policy has not worked. the strategy of economic blitzkrieg has failed. furthermore, the sanctions have now swung back to hit the initiators themselves. i mean, the inflation unemployment rates, the plummeting economic dynamics in the u. s. and in europe, leading to a decrease of their living standards, the valuation and so on. russia has withstood this unprecedented pressure. the situation is stabilizing. the ruble is now being traded as it was in the 1st half of february, and is being defined by a positive trade balance. and as military action continues across ukraine and don't bass, he crane officials at least 7 people have been killed as a result of 5 missile attacks on the western city of evolve. which is defensive
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industry has not yet commented on these latest allegations. but moscow has previously said it is only targeting ukrainian military size this, i'm verified how much a video to show a cruise missile flying overhead, either so situ, reportedly from inside the city, shows plumes of smoke rising above several buildings in the distance, according to the mass of laval, 3 mythos did, in fact hit ukrainian military science there will keep you updated now close in the done by city of my real poll electricity supply station that has been fully restored. in the aftermath of some of the heaviest fighting local battles continued between russian lead forces and entrenched ukrainian radicals, he refused another offer to surrender russian and don, yes, republic forces said they opened an exit window if a key of troops on sunday, but most of the remain, hold up inside the sprawling territory of the local, still works plans which spawns thousands of buildings and multiple underground
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tunnels. the defenders are reportedly running out of ammunition and food have been ordered by kiev to keep holding the factory, which remains the last strong code of radical forces in size. mario poll earlier presidents landscape claims ukrainians prepared to fight against russia for 10 years and will not conceive any territory russian, that forces have seized multiple caches of a ukrainian weapons and ammunition inside mario paul, including land mines, which are bound under international laws. as well as some expensive heavy weapons. as ortiz, more gazda reports from the c. with every passing day, the new se titans and ukrainian nationalists in mary. you both, they have refused russia's offer to surrender. unlike thousands of ukrainian regulars, the offensive against them rages on across my
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renewable nationalist lines are buckling here. a group of chechen fighters shoot the aftermath of a gun battle. 8 nationalists were killed in this warehouse alone. among them, we are told, at least one foreign mercenary, $400.00, a believe to be in maryville, florida beula. there have been many civilians in the city whom the nationalists have been using as human shields after listening, that's why we couldn't shoot at once. they retreated to the factory, we easily took it under control. new mogley at the iliad factory, pro russian forces are still clearing away minds and booby traps left behind by ukrainian troops said nationalists. they are still finding new caches of weapons and ammunition, sometimes worth millions. yes, i love you. oh, room of the brain ego. i shall village, auntie,
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and miss of it. glove. also abundant here. got to be careful. oh, stop fall of shoulder launch and hear me. sounds again, the same things he gluck missiles just left them to vanden here, stetson aces full grenades, as well as various rockets and munition. each e. glad man pad has a market value of about $200000.00. half a dozen were abandoned just in this room. there are dozens and dozens more warehouses and buildings that haven't yet been cleared. including collapsed ones. here are ukranian armored vehicles, which they hid inside buildings, industrial buildings in the each factory and thought the vast industrial zone at the heart of mario full again, these,
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these vehicles were hebrew inside civilian areas where ukrainian nationalists also could cover in these industrial zones. they held hundreds of people as human shields, workers, and nearby residents, aside from holding civilians as human shields, they slaughtered them if they tried to run and even poisoned water supplies as they fled the muscular li been leaving 5 liter containers with water in apartments. but the water was poisoned with drugs or toxins. the spot, the damage done, the fanatical corps of the ukrainian as of nationalists here, unlikely to surrender. they knew the crimes that they all wanted for. they knew that they face decades in prison and they have chosen to drag lease out, hoping to buy enough time for the ukrainian government to somehow save them. were
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at gazda of r. t. for mary, you pull ah, fall nice to western media outlets continue to demonize russia for its operation in ukraine and on bass. a permanent italian journalist has gone against the slo, accusing ukraine's president of hindering as, as to bring about peace. but there is, can be simple, natural to pity for lensky. seems like a very dangerous character. he is leading a campaign that can actually bring about massive destruction and casualties among the ukrainian people. but this doesn't really bother him, but therefore, i considers a lensky, one of the main obstacles towards achieving peace. but we must remember that this war, besides everything that we are talking about is a war of the united states against europe. that the e. u is the real object of this war. the united states is interested in severing ties between russia and europe, and also china. ah, amid the war in ukraine on the sanctions imposed against russia,
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the u. s. chief save one 5th of the global population could face poverty and hunger as the conflicts disrupt, international food and energy supplies, as well as financial systems beyond ukraine's borders. far out of the media's attention, the war has become a silent attack on the developing world. the crisis could plunge up to 1700000000 people, more than a 5th of the global population into poverty and hunger on a scale that has not been seen in decades. moscow has condemned the western sanctions for damaging crucial global supply chains. russia has traditionally been a substantial global food exporter, and there's also a major supplier search allies is used in food production. ukraine and russia produced 30 percent of the world's wheat and barley a 5th of the corn, and more than half of the sunflower oil exports have been critically obstructed by the war and western sanctions against russian banks, shipping companies, and airlines. meanwhile,
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germany food and agriculture minister has claimed the global food crises could be averted if only ukraine gets more weapons from western countries. the food minister is pushing for an increase in arms deliveries to ukraine in order to avert a global famine. brushes, war against ukraine is increasingly turning out to be an attack on the international community. the greens politician told our editorial office, that's why it's so important that the west support ukraine with more effective weapons. the minister complained that african countries where many people already have too little to eat, particularly affected by putin starvation strategy. and while west and politicians are trying to assign blame some african countries, including kenya and now facing a shortage of vital products and soaring costs of living, we heard from some of the people that who say they're struggling to make ends meet . i mean him, guy, jim, we are living in a difficult moment here in kenny and everything is shooting up in price getting daily bread or even meals for days a miracle. and there is a shortage of foods,
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especially for people like cars, who depend on hand to mouth life to where russia has been highly boost in the economy of our nation and wet from there is used to make an animal fees. maybe that is while this is happening uh, crystal white floor as not affordable. and especially for us who live on the outskirts of the nairobi area. we don't have permanent jobs, and yet we must provide for our own families at home. politics and war and other places like ukraine has played a major setback in our suffering. it's true, not every one is capable of having 3 meals per day for. and as you can see in my shop, i don't have much stock, even sunflower oil and wheat flour are nowhere to be seen. things are getting worse on a daily basis. my affording 3 meals in a day. no, not he at the little money i get can only sustain me for a day. then i look for another alternative and either visit a friend of mine at least to sure little, but failing that,
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i will sleep hungry. we lead. we spoke to the chair of international relations and the african national congress, news delete. he believes the west to should look closer to home for those to blame for the global family threats. we do not think that a guy uncovered in africa is communicated by russia's action. steam you claim, we believe that developing nations, most of whom, most of which are former colonies of retain spain, france, portugal, and the rest. the us. we are starving because we are not owning the level that we are on it. and the resources that have been stolen over 300 years here in africa have not been brought back. that is why we're hungry. 100 because of imperialism. that is clipped. our continent, the shortage of food supply in the world is not extension of russia. it is as
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a creation of america who chose to utilize you claim as upon them as a proxy to confront russia. if put shortages are to be at the best them. sanctions that i have been imposed against russia must be withdrawn. and we in pro, everyone to recognize the fact that america continues to utilize sanctions as weapons of war. turkey has launched a large scale offensive across the border into iraq targeting kurdish militants in the north of the arab country. so case defense ministry says it's force is carried out as strikes on the ground assault against the kurds. with anchor, claiming the militants were in the final stages of preparing an incursion into turkey, has been no comment from iraqi officials so far. although some local media report that baghdad had allegedly been briefed on encore, his plans ahead of the cross border operation,
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which monks turkey's latest attack on kurdish militants and region. and he, paul, in the u. k. has found that public support for sanctions against russia is following the approval of sanctions as has plummeted to 36 percent down from 50 last month. furthermore, 54 percent of respondents believe the financial situation in the u. k. has deteriorated since the latest wave of sanctions against russia, with many of them expecting the situation to keep getting worse. now this comes in a soaring full fuel in food prices in europe, boxed by the backlash of western sanctions as well. you need his voucher reduce that dependence on russian energy and poets that busy trying to get your opinion. citizens to slash that and spending germany's agriculture minister has suggested locals plus need and take showers less frequently order the name of trying to hum rushes economy. however, some your officials have already admitted that sanctions against moscow will have
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a severe effect on the cost of living in europe. well, let's just discuss this more debt. now with our panel of guests were joined by agile kim a. john, i did a research in india today, professor mohammed moran, the political analyst at the university of to wrong and shooting door, political analyst senior fellow at the pango institution. many thanks to all of you for joining us on. the program is great to have you on a 1st question to mohammed please. european leaders have been forced to rapidly accelerate plans that to reduce the dependence on russian energy given how much damage sanctions are appearing because european citizens with higher, hey thing bill is more expensive, diesel and so on. do you think that decision makers in europe are prepared for the backlash? definitely not. i think the europeans under estimated the resilience of the russian economy,
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which is quite foolish because they should have known from their experience with the rom that sanctions targeting women and children basically are not going to bring about the sort of change that europeans and americans look for iran, aside, the united states has not been able to bring about regime change in venezuela or cuba or any of the country. united states, as opposed along with the europeans sanctions, are here that are to start the country. but they fail to bring down the united states as the saudis and the europeans, the saudis, to create, to bring about genocide, the worst humanitarian crisis in living memory. yet they fail to defeat the people of yemen who are resisting the song. so when it don't work against these countries,
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then obviously it's going to be against russia. so i think it's because of their eurocentric arrogance, their tradition in the west of being over the past few centuries in charge, more or less of the world being able to dictate terms in the past that they have not really seriously calculated the fact that they don't have to sort of power and influence that they had decades ago. i next question to shape please that the do you think you are paying politicians are pads to with years of recession at home to punish the russian government for what they don't like. i mean, how long could they possibly keep as stones on this? yeah, i see me. right? yes, please. i don't think they are preparing to see the economy into recession. i think they still care very much about the economic performance.
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but unfortunately, i, you know, i agree with the warranty, basically, the, you, the european congress are not in a position to impose sanctions or russia in particular on energy sector. usually the impulse or not of the exports export, which softwares the most evil, there is the disruption of this, the energy supply. and this is what's happening to the european countries. and also remember even before the war, there was already a times of increase the fuel prices and the european people out to say they in the you and also in the u. k. the worst bring the high cost of the field, even before the war. after the start of the war, obviously the some sanction, but unfortunately, you know, a boom right back also worked on their own people. and that's why i think that led
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with the lack of reduce the support for the u. k. moment in the ukraine. well, alex, question to address please. how do you think your opinion leaders are expecting to deal with outrage from the citizens? what we see though, most of pay more for less well, you know, i think the european leaders are actually, you know, serious because if you want to use that american expression because the world has suffered 2 years of gold with pen dynamic, which has resulted in a terrible economic crisis, old england, u. k, and the u. s. are supposed to enter the recession by the end of this year. i mean, that seems to be the prediction by majority call them is. and several experts have pointed out that the severity of the economic sanctions is almost as bad as basically, you know, having sort of a back having
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a sort of weapons of mass destruction. that's the expression used by the rom, roger, and who was earlier in the i m f. and now they're not the university of chicago and india an economist. so the point is the sub for those from this particular he cannot. the effects of economic sanctions are actually the poor. it's the poor who gets the major blunt of a and the middle class. i mean, the lead those in the euro, who's claiming that people should be eating less of need and you know, having less or bob, they'll be the 1st one to have ab waste water in having a full bath and using every day for sites for the poor people will suffer during the exam exemptions and the to be other the of the economic sanctions is
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unparalleled in the history of you can all be sanctions that has never been exam week sanctions with such have yet to be ever so i think it's really foolish as as previous speakers pointed out, syria is a very good example. when the, when, when need to back lydia. i used to be in the lock up there at that time. and you know, it could make sanctions or fax when you do, your continued even today, the office of our government today seems stronger than in the past. the sanctions. i never had the right back to whatever the do the intentions are right or wrong. so this inside of sanctions on russia and cbs bomb b sanctions, which are having negative repercussions all around the world is basically unfair. and it's specially unfair toward what population, whether in europe or the rest of the world. question, fema harmon, please. what are your,
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what's your response to those recommendations like i was saying from some european officials to this, it seems like eating less me taking showers less often. do you really think people are going to says except that well, it's sort of reminds me of the french revolution and know the quote attributed falsely to maria when that when she asked about what was happening and they were saying people have no food and she said, well, they can k, instead of course, she didn't really all the attribute. but the point is that it's, it's just meaningless. nonsense. it's, these leads are not in touch with the realities that are going on in their own countries. people are suffering as the previous guess, right? the fact people are suffering across europe because of the increased price of fuel because of the increase in the price of food and because of the general rapid
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increase in inflation. and this, of course, comes after koby and a general decline in the fortunes of western economies. that have, that has growing rapidly worse since the 20082009 crisis. so when leaders in that sort of language calling on people to shower less or less, i think it's more insulting to the bulk of society than anything else. and all the people who will probably take her seriously, are you lease like themselves? i question to change or please, and different restriction for europeans like bands on flights, causing city center. the thing last meeting. so i'm really helps containing justify the growth of inflation in the eyes of people. and know, as that pointed out,
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you know, those who made us the gestures that usually don't stop or remember the, in the stronger position, the senior officials, you know, for any country guys, the economic impact folks w, recession, unit rich people. they are much more stronger in dealing with impact. those who suffer other poor people, a low income or, and if a thing like a germany, france or any other european countries. and those that were made a suggestion, our senior members in your officials, of course, you know, based on their salary, they will not stop or they don't need to care bothering and showering less all along. so the, you know, it's a such a suggestion itself shows like a failure. failure to tackle this economic problem, the failure i promise to prevent the war in the 1st place, folks down, quote, the new clearly ukraine will not be
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a part of nato. should have made it clearer. and then we can talk to russia because the us make them rush that probably negotiate approach will have being found out. and also, you know, the government, for example, is partly because the clinic government, the current government refused to implemented the agreement. and then the french power, the rest and germany, that european powers, and they were not able to basically force such anchor image. and the united states was not helpful at all over the face. so that's a failure. failure of the new romance video you promised me and then that lack wall applicants. and also i think you could talk to europe. europeans. no, absolutely not. right with them they would say blaine, russia, it's like the was february 24th. but if people like outside the region that we will
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use the this wall, you know what much, much back in history, the nato expansion. and there is no legitimate concern of national security on the russian side. and you will be countries on how to think of the all right, because they have the right value, the democracy, and the they don't need to respect, let them a concern of national security. obviously that was wrong. and even today, i don't think of people reflect upon that, and the think about it, you know what we have been wrong. and the only thing that russia simply washes, ought because we are having whitening fuel prices. but that, you know, that may be made for some of their people, but not for long probably when the harsh reality by the people leaving the vendor, i think, you know, we've gone out in the, okay, are you some other countries probably as time goes on, people rid of a whole lot of people will tolerate that kind of situation with a listen repass or
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a writing quietly. who can all, you know, full price is focused on so it's really a matter of people. i think the government will feel the pressure from the public question to ada camacho, please. how do you expect this situation to effect upcoming elections in the european countries? well, a problem to the hub. i always seem to have some technical difficulties, but let's then pose that question to mr. mirandi. so question for you please. i think is going to be a rising challenge for western regime by dragging their countries towards greater poverty. and as a result of the many wars that they've carried out in africa, west asia, such as syria, iraq, honest with you have
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a huge influx of refugees. so when you have rising poverty and you have a huge influx of refugees, what happens obviously is going to create a huge changes within those societies. and one of them is the rise. all right, we get, ironically at such a time when the right wing is on the rise in much of europe, we see that you in the united states are 40 militias and ukraine that are not the so it is very similar to what they did in syria. in syria, nato countries, and the regional allies, this re regime and others, they supported, i. and these groups, they lost control of them and the devastation was widespread. in europe, when you have this dangerous situation, when you have rising poverty, when you have a huge influx of refugees that are coming in as
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a result of their own policies and then they are helping nazis very close to home. then you can imagine how dangerous that is. one final question, which i'd like to post all 3 of my guess, but if you could just on a very briefly short on time, i'd appreciate that. i'd like to ask what you expect to see is the toughest consequences, the europe, as a result of the sanctions against russia. let's go to all 1st we face. well, yeah, i think it, you know, energy is the harsh realities, like we have this, the, basically the amount of energy supply. they take russia out of this global market always the prices will continue to go, continue to rise for quite a long time to come. and all the can choose to stay as the same as a school. that is continue to import a guess from russia. otherwise, the pressure will only rise. and mr. monday,
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i think european countries in the united states that made a catastrophic miscalculation and by sanctioning russia, they're only going to cause the price of oil to go off. and what the result of that is, is that countries that the americans and europeans have sanctioned already tried to prevent them from exporting oil. now they need their oil such as iran and venezuela . so the united states is not only empowering countries like you run in venezuela, but they can't stop the russians from exporting their oil. because as your previous guess, right, the point to be dependent on russian energy, oil and gas, as well as other materials. and finally, they are suffering as a result, as we've been discussing the decline in the fortune of people, the economies in europe. this is going to lead to a very, kind of, in my opinion,


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