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aah ukraine, a big and rich country that's always been hand in hand with russia. until recently . 2014, a qu divides ukraine and leads to fratricidal war and on a war that continues to visit with on the edge of a large field near lo ganske, the mass grave. local say that the people buried here are mostly civilians who are allegedly killed by ukrainian paramilitary groups in the summer of 2014 or does this, what with a mr. alcorda? what did of stuff?
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but it just, that means it would be the when the british start. okay, what's the crane said things of a sudden form you not to under. so rocca leads a special committee for collecting evidence of the ukrainian government alleged walker arms against the people of lou ganske. when you go about doing is i'm doing a freshman. there are many burial sites like this and done bus. i'm here for 5 minutes and then i'm told the 1st 5 people they found it was 5 decapitated head. they were all civilians. who does this to people? you can't say that there isn't. there wasn't war crunch flu in the area around venetia, verifica, a village and, and against the people's republic. 36 civilian bodies are being examined. mm hm.
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georgia license and american journalist claims he repeated he sent reports of alleged crimes like this to europe in an american media. my hope is that this begins a process to bring this into an international forum. but when you see these grave travesties, you want to help bring that closure to them. that's why i am here. unfortunately, in most conflicts that we find around the world atrocities have been committed, extra judicial killings. ah, this is how charles crypton, who served as special assistant to us president barack obama, explains the situation in don bus. unfortunately, when you have conflicts of this sort, those kinds of, of incidents take place. you can't walk into this and say, well, it was war,
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it happens. no, doesn't. people don't have each other's heads off. and especially not civilians. armies don't do this. maybe i just this. and what do you do with, with groups like isis? how you brain different in areas where ukrainian nationalist battalions reportedly rampaged, burials like this on? not uncommon. mm. you can't say that there isn't. there wasn't war crimes. it started on december, the 10th 2013 u. s. assistant secretary of state victoria newland arrives in p. f, accompanied by jeffrey pilot d u. s. investor to ukraine. the american politician visits the my done key of and hands out biscuits among the crowd. the color revolution is ready. when i saw new and handing out the cookies,
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i understood that this was also the work of the criminal united states government. i don't think that there is any thing really untoward about having an american diplomat. they're handing out cookies. i'm a patriotic american. i love the american people, but i hate the american government. it is the forthright. it is the equivalence of nazi germany today, lou salma, u. s. army, cultural and nell of initial member of the don't ask people's republic. russell bentley says, this is what happens to countries facing nato and the usa ah, the devastation of wool, syria, iraq, afghanistan,
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and olivia yugoslavia. now ukraine is joining the list of countries devastated by the outcome of a color revolution starters, i wouldn't call it a cou. i would call at the popular overthrow of a of an illegitimate regime. ah, i was in widen, in 2014, when my dad started not to plant grain disease, a civil war situation forward from abroad. not from russia, but fully from ben donnell, fullerton, washington from canada. p. lundy ah! directly from not. and you're thanks to the finish,
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journalist, vienna's, but couldn't get people in the west can know what's really happening and ukraine groups and not just what's reported by western media. this is a serial war situation, not war between crane and russia, but war from the west against russian world. on february, the 23rd 2014, just after my done, the ukrainian parliament looks to repeal the law on the basics of state language policy. they suggest limiting the use of the russian language in a country where most territories are populated by russian speakers who consider russian than native tongue. when i was just reschedule it, as she did you wanna switch is sheila will at the boys will not that partially me. can you merely make india but shortly we middleman when it's like last name is phillip is sonya stuart is dempster or i see it is somebody's actual brother fella
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where i go, minus eyeglass gemstone, or cranes cusick at the us. now neu, bmw, dont bestways. andre, to mocking the legislator and teacher with 30 years experience felt he had to take up arms to defend his ideals condemned on my done or went to soluble my boss voice. it's key about probably i left or when you like last a 2nd there. why jim has a lot more. i'm you to shut civilians on. ah! on april the 13th 2014 military action began in southeastern ukraine. the authorities and kia called it an anti terrorist operation. mm. mm.
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abolla, how to me a poster official. i that ship you customarily will you? not should i t t mm. actually anyway, uselessly on to think it was dance going commando, roman america has defended cities and villages in don bus. since it all started was that with sasha uglier camacho, but she more emotional. you could do it in like a daughter anymore with states we bother. the would've been east. you know, my mentally visit with the west's true intentions. i'm no secret to the people have done bus according to edward bassoon, and who says, 1st of all, it's about pressure on russia. and richard was crokert motive, william member, jim, believe not. who is away? and i was in the throne, lumber, florida, needs that little girl, gus will. darcy me. lucy is christian heroes and thought really my bud luther. i
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live or you. those are listed here on your finances lives near a desk. i suppose people take streets to demand a referendum oh, near with them as well as yours, somebody, joe? no grey knows a pretty much the bill was a specimen, eager to polish, yet witnessed those tragic events in odessa and believed that his survival was nothing short of a miracle. a slouching should, he wasn't your master, but what stiff is shalaya is worse. they all know more
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than up with me at a storage on my avoid. residents of odessa insist that the authorities must listen more to their requests. come to the negotiating table and find a suitable compromising mm. with grace and especially studios with so short to show some nation even deal with may. the 2nd 2014 people who asked for a peaceful referendum and the chance to speak their native language were burned alive in a desert trade union building a
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deal genuine. but also if you just normal procedures with the why, the balconies a reporter for dallas, a sport, the lenimosa with many were killed by shots to the head of a bargain because i wanted to do, she could develop a neutral sort of course. and julia massage, did it go much when she's in motion, but the most so or just a remarkable was a bit watching are going to g. is sheila, at a dorm? they said it is alleged by them or any will to george just about all the way to
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christ with life. i need but gesture with the grand stiffness on that list of artists your carry on that not a trade union building supposedly simply called fire. but many reacted differently, a ah ah, with 30 i school broker legal work. so for what are your thousands of people still live in small towns and villages that have become the new frontline towards that brick,
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what they call this area. the gray zone you don't like the really only focus premium that was only about a used vehicle with the village olivia jail door. so no way it was so that similarly was him dumb, also had a derogatory show. berella. i knew i through english hisco australia, lennox on roku lou, she'll not tell us that. she made us feel pleasure. was that what does that double hit? thump gave what video leslie was before he boise cool. here scott reply grow your favor from last night. i just didn't think we're,
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why did we have sent you a quick look with nissan engine and i got it and you should be had with it is so good. are you the pursuit dealer, flush vila, that he, he's, you know, you've got to do with that is, be sure you can talk and when you 3 lead to a deal is that the with nobody did that? i see you or does any of those now? ross k. moore's jan. now grime, guy who tries game moves in novel scale. but us, la bella, i'll see just on for me by now. my store. oh,
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crying c e rosky bilateral. say it. but you know that they might give you the will advice that he shakily really not sure was more than that was immediate. like he was more it is immediate dumb bus at a level scan them both at the shia in a b. yeah, they did not know he won yet. he had endorsed or used and that's on the list. you skip but you only, he was only for the middle and you know, crane and i took my moms especially in the machine to, to do it. we love with off to them. i wish him that you like. he just kicks up wiki, kept today, appraiser sleep. do me put up, say, use of what usa after events in odessa,
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the head of the new guns people's republican learned message. nick was left with melanesians about kias intentions. used to, but we have been issued to ms. d square belastrary, not just addition. i said he was there, he's in your most of ukraine was broken, but done thus has stood its ground. mm hm. but was the 1st place ever in history where the globalization and the wish to hedge a monic war starboard by collection by very, very different people than they have used to cope with. desperate to resolve issues peacefully. don best citizens have called for a referendum on may 11th, the done yet can no guns regions voted on their status. the dynamic and la guns
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people's republics declare themselves sovereign states. mobile. the shawl must sum up issue the call, but you are on the road now. are you a new video card? will medium ludy personally put your what the, what she was yesterday and he was causing his word, which was it interest when you, her job to reach like will gradient people still that believe in a substantial war, all though the streets of don bus but already being controlled by ukrainian soldiers between usa and much relish in one meantime, for a meeting at a fit in them or to ship hostile poly. peer were on the alexander tobar, the respected physician in august because operated on thousands of the wounded, who, being taken to his hospitals in the war, began wishlist war is for, for no should hit the bully, me an injury to cato. delia bus metate no bulk wanted to praise,
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who did to walk, nor eliza literally shortly. poorly. events in don bass and odessa had painful repercussions for russia. volunteers headed to don bus on that it is shovel you on at nash to me as press your mama gas know. she said getting sandwich and quarter to his ashley and they say yes gazelle. yes, he began beloved marcia. yep. and then the end of july after what the partial, as a share says, deeper billiard could shy, enlisted as a volunteer and took up arms. but okay, lose you the graph with ashley palmer back to rose kim. i used to live up there. so i walked in. yeah, i thought moisten. alexander blossom was professional. can you go ahead,
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monica? the team should not to pull my good. yeah. well, scott, all augusta national emotional margaret out of 45 people who enlisted. 40 died. mm. ish, there's those up at the mirror stadium. okay too. but sure. with crow you switch continues up on the ceiling in the left on a she utmost out a she? yeah. come we sincerely, children's urology, product use key will take you see teaching you all storms like you junior thinking the chinese pushy talk. i feel like we had this i thought my, you bloody shampoo. i woke, excuse me, on the ian national but shall thought that he got a chance. so when you go in talk thus via the events unfolding in ukraine or a cause for concern among anti fascists around the world. people love different
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nationalities and from various countries have gone to don bus. but i served with some great people, the suit of remedy regiments, which was maybe 50 guys volunteers from all over the world. became here to defend the idea of russian people that were being attacked by the ukrainian army from serbia, from spain, from italy, from the other side of ukraine, from russia as well from america. i'm not the only american that spot here who's the called fusty stuff, some stuff just on the movie, that's pretty slow. so noodle see below noto alexis castillo, a spanish anti fascist, and his minded friends were watching events in ukraine closely so so saying no, they sell like a my they are so last came marianna, finance employment. this is dawn money 1st on the computer. i look at our inquiry
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and on my gun here, miss a moment to postpone, say renew producer from dismantled the 2nd vienna korean. both in march april in may, 2014 hostilities f eating up all of dumbasses through the blaze. civilians like miners, teachers, and laborers pouring into recruiting stations. ah, was thea actually to them was visible there. but he just gave me that again his up in just a quick about jensen with us deal of what was only visible thought of me. but you boiler mush that had built that bug. you wanted me to. and as regular, he obsessed in last e prestige garage than you need. you know, the brush ellis. yesterday she muffled my mental. i still grania spruce bird, if she dropped ros mune and put your despite that, the ukranian government decided to designate the self proclaimed republics as
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separatists and terrorist organizations that you can do anything you want against terrorists. the road to devastating fratricidal war is now open. to school though the deal easier. june 2nd, the airplane attack the air strike against the lou. god's good city hall. wow. with there was a photo made after that a jack in a loser. a woman with red hair. both of her legs were blown off. she's sitting there looking up one moment before she does, she's looking into the camera going, what are you going to do about this? what are you going to do about this? and it was like, she looked into my saw, she was asking me. so i said yes,
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of course, i'm going there to fight. i'm gonna, i'm going to avenge the murder of these innocent civilians. on that day, 8 people were killed and 28 wounded. oh, that jumble up under my tip at somebody does achumba that i get. they beat by bringing that up and, ah, it's a bummer! but so, so book i need you to predict dory, this by give, ah, heavy fighting continued for done yet. can't thought it was a strategic tell get the crucial foothold for the ukranian armies advance. it
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is from beside the thought that the city is subjected to heavy shelling with and it's not just military personnel who parish civilians due to p epsky district and jeanette's closest to the adult is almost completely destroyed from what i wish personally showing what the ukrainian army did here and on boss the brutal murder they did on the dornbush population on the infrastructure and private homes. blogger, ronald vent american from the kingdom of the netherlands, has been covering events and done since the coo and my don.
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mm. wasn't the military war so much until this day. they target civilians not so much military targets. and that is pure terror. pulling the voice with the day, but the mushroom them gets the still natalia companies with, according to finish and up in mckinney. why is it comfortable gas company in your review? muscle weight. you're not, you're not with almost familiar with steel, the garage. mm hm. or to know the bell according to
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come in today. i will try to throw me some nice too much. she's ah, so much a secret place for the people who don't mess or during world war 2 more than 23000 soviet soldiers died in battle and fighting to liberate don bus from the nazi and venus or dis impressive memorial complex was built in their honor with history repeats itself with to old as
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2014 ukrainian army battalions attack the high ground. the hottest bloodiest days fell to soldiers of the vast dock battalion out of $32.00 defenders. only 5 survived. ah. 27 lost their lives. but they held the ground. ah, soviet soldiers are buried, there remains were found while tearing the ground of shells. ah, the ukrainian army dest tone is in the hundreds to slavic nations, are destroying each other for the benefit of the west. ah, from during that terrible summer of 2014
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heavy artillery shells don bus cities, villages bombs, full snipers, a game. ah ah ah oh no, he's the guy. he's on of course much. and i think this made the mistake. hoping so why would it be known? so behind despite goes ahead said for why space providing to blame,
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but no single american soldier cost the same thing with o is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community, are you going the right way? where are you being led to somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows.
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oh gosh, nobody will at she listen see to she actually we're not a miley on the city on their point there. this is a lot osha, laura, that the she's us. yeah. i didn't have school or g, f q by period. i z 8 you she's leeway or sale it's or chris, you are a bit of us with it. here are still pretty what i to you se, and about the warrior you message on the phone serious. you on talk where yeah, jean mm, what was mother you had a little should he done bus not on bus associate or any kind of reasoning. damn, come on to.


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