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tv   News  RT  April 18, 2022 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] a with breaking news on the international. massive shelling is reported on the dunbar front line as ukraine's president zalinski says, russian forces have started a long prepared, offensive vows that ukraine won't give up any more territory. with an italian journalist slams ukraine's presidential entity as an obstacle in the way of peace and says, key of leader is neglecting the civilian casualties. jupiter lensky seems like a very dangerous character. he is leading
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a campaign that can actually bring about massive destruction and casualties among the ukrainian people. but this doesn't really bother. therefore, i considers a lensky, one of the main obstacles towards achieving peace. and a storm of criticism erupted over the u. k. decision to deport masses of illegal migrants to rwanda, as some officials say that it will affect only people from the middle east and africa, not from ukraine, with broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow. this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. now we start with breaking news. this our ukraine's president zalinski says, quote, the battle for the don boss has begun with massive shelling reported on the front line.
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the. this is unverified footage purportedly showing the showing of ukrainian positions in the bass. meanwhile, explosions were also reported in the major ukrainian cities of que park of. and nikolai, as zelinski again says, russia has begun a long prepared offensive in the dawn bass. a claim that moscow is yet to confirm that is more than a constant law to show. we can now confirm that russian troops have begun the battle for the dawn back, which they have been preparing for a long time. the large part of the russian army is now dedicated to this offense, no matter how many russian soldiers are brought here, we will fight. we will defend ourselves if we will do it daily. we will not give up anything ukrainian and we do not need what's not ours, buddha moore, or what i've got the reports from don. yes. about the latest updates on the done by the front lines. well, this claim that sees to of the russian operation here in ukraine has begun
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earlier during the night during another artillery rocket artillery salvo that apparently stretched across the front lines from nikolai in the south to the dumbass, the havoc of in the north. well, that is a claim that has been made but by president zelinski, along with, with several experts. but at the, the, the sound that we've hud of rocket artillery and artillery. it isn't quite the same as what we heard in the 24th. when, when the russian operation began proper. nevertheless, there has been footage and verified as of yet online showing these launches, showing missiles and artillery shrieking towards ukrainian positions. also images of exclusions designations on the ukrainian side. but again, not quite as many as we saw on the 24th of february. when the celebration. i kicked off, of course, the, the epi sent a political and military
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a percent of what is happening is in mary opal for now the spot. the fact that in mary's bill that was about $20000.00 to so you create the nationalists and, and regular army troops in the dont bass, which ukraine believes russia wants to surround. there are many as 100000 ukranian troops battle ready veterans of the h years civil war in east and ukraine. we have spent most of our time in mary, you both watching the ukrainian nationalists, their thousands and thousands of as all flies is supplied and trained by nathan nations. we have watched their numbers dwindle. many of them fallen battle many, many surrender. now at this point, they have foremost entirely been confined to the as of steel industrial site, which is at the heart of the geographic heart of the city. the battle lay easy, still very much ferocious,
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but the nationalists of loss. most of the residential areas that they controlled at all, the civilians, the 10s of thousands of civilians that were trapped and forbidden to evacuate from those areas by nationalists who use them as human shields. there are no reports coming in from the nationalist themselves. the a i been luna, uncertain amount of people are still trapped civilians in the as of steel industrial side. but from what we have heard on the front lines that he's just several 100 people, and most of them are supporters and relatives of the nationalist fights, is trapped in mario pool. or we can cross live now, 2 independent political analysts to allison are bruno alessandro. it's night in the us in the west, if you will. what reaction do you expect from the west if the purported russian
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offensive is confirmed? i mean, could there be more sanctions against russia? well, that wouldn't surprise me. i. the only thing that would surprise me is what more they could find to sanction. because i think russia is already the most sanctioned country ever. everything, it's more than iran. so it'll, it's difficult for me to imagine perhaps there might be more expulsions of the diplomats by that the same time. i think there's more evidence. there's evidence that the russians have of more western interference into this war and going back to perform the war, which could make the, the situation more reciprocal in terms of escalation of diplomatic tension. i just can't imagine how much more tense things could get it. it's already at never before, certainly my lifetime, and i think we are well beyond even what was the situation during the the missile
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crisis in 62. certainly, it is unprecedented to say the least now talking about that tension. zalinski says that ukraine won't give up any more territory, but could the changes on the battlefield compel him to recognize crimea and the done boss to republics there? well, this is what should've happened before the war and power actually, if a proper diplomatic solution were truly sought for. and if the lensky truly had the ability and the willingness, and of course the permission to do it, he would have done so before the war began. and this is the entire problem. and as someone said, a i've heard in the headlines is an a time journalist who supposedly accuses zalinski being completed because he's not surrendering. well, i would have to agree because he's, i would add though,
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that i don't really think he's in charge. this is the in the entire problem. there is no interlocutor on the other side for, for the russians to seriously negotiate a treaty that would allow for an exchange of territory and then, and the, the agreement not to join nato, but this is not happening. so i would, i expect that zelinski will continue to go along with the statements that he's made so far, which is the ukraine will fight to hold it till the end, whatever the end will look like. so at this point, one can only hope that the fighting goes quickly so that this war can end as soon as possible. well, you bring up a good point about a lack of an interlocutor. there was the kremlin, says that there has been a lack of progress in the peace talks in general between russia and ukraine. what you see as the main problems standing in the way. well, as i said, the main problem is that the lensky, the president,
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is not really in charge. i mean, the evidence for this is not, you know, it doesn't take a brilliant a diplomat to figure this out. in 2019, in his speech upon becoming president, the lensky said that he would. and ending the war in the dawn best that, that was one of the main aspects of his mandate. but these after nothing happened. so we've had 3 years for the situation to try to improve. instead, we had an escalation because of course, one of the reasons for the russian intervention was, as has been as has come out in the past couple of weeks. accumulation of troops on the don barza contact line. ukrainian troops, which are effectively makes the special operation
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a preemptive attack on something that the ukrainian side was already preparing. so hardly seeking the piece that we heard about during sealants his campaign and his integration speech. so well, the independent political analysts are under bruno. we certainly know that it is going to get more interesting as the days move forward for sure your thoughts. thank you. now, while most western media outlets seek to demonize russia over its military operation in ukraine and the dumbass, a prominent italian journalist has gone against the flow, accusing ukraine's president's zalinski of hindering efforts to establish peace. that is to be simpler, but we're not able to pity lensky. seems like a very dangerous character. he is leading a campaign that can actually bring about massive destruction and casualties among the ukrainian people. but this doesn't really bother him. therefore, i considers a lensky,
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one of the main obstacles towards achieving peace. but we must remember that this war, besides everything that we are talking about is a war of the united states against europe. that the e. u is the real object of this war. the united states is interested in severing ties between russia and europe, and also china. meanwhile, peace negotiations between russia and ukraine have stalled. the kremlin has confirmed the talks or ongoing, but leave much to be desired. last time, both sides have a face to face meeting at the end of march, in e stumble reported killings of civilians in the ukrainian town of butcher added to the impass. those allegations were dismissed by the russian side as a provocation meant to derail the talks. not within us interests, that's how the white house has reiterated that joe biden does not planned to send american troops to ukraine, to quote, fight a war with russia. the u. s. however,
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will keep providing ukraine with military aid despite moscow's warnings. the statement came in response to a suggestion by a high ranking democrat that the u. s. must act against russia to prevent ukraine from devolving into the next syria. i deeply worried that what's going to happen next is that we will see ukraine turn into syria. the american people cannot turn away from this tragedy in ukraine. i think the history of the 21st century turns on how fiercely we defend freedom and ukraine. and that putin will only stop when we stop in. the world knows that the situation in syria is largely the fault of the united states since 2011. the united states has been meddling in syria, trying to expand and expand discontent in the country and ultimately try to topple the government. between 20142017 alone, $12000000000.00 was spent by the united states on trying to conduct regime change
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and intensive live the conflict in syria. and if the congress is so concerned about not having syria and their situation become something similar to what's on the ground and ukraine, why are they talking about sending more and more weapons? we now know, united states is looking to put heavy artillery into ukraine. that'll only exacerbate the fighting years. some of the reason announcements, it is true that we believe will be able to begin a process of training ukrainian on forces on the howitzers that will be shortly heading over. that training will occur outside of ukraine. it will be more of a train, the trainers kind of environment, so it'll be a small number of ukrainians that will be trained on the howitzers. and then they, we re introduce back into their country to train their colleagues. these words about not wanting ukraine to become the new syria, are quite hypocritical, and absurd on the part of us leaders as it was the united states that exacerbated
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and prolong the conflict and syria which created all kinds of refugees and all kinds of suffering. and it's also important to note that in syria, the united states promise there would be no boots on the ground. the by the time obama had left office, he had broken that promise. and there are us troops in syria even up to today. so these words from a member of the u. s. congress, just kind of fall flat for anyone familiar with the situation. now to the middle east, where tensions have been rising as nato member turkey has launched a large scale offensive across its south eastern border into iraq targeting kurdish diligence and turkeys. military has said that had conducted air strikes and ground assault against turkish forces alleging the militants were in the final stages of preparing an incursion into turkey. there has been no comment from iraqi officials so far, although some local media has reported that baghdad had been briefed on on cars
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plans ahead of the operation. the offensive came after us congress members met with senior turkish officials in the stumble on monday. there has been a storm of criticism at the case, newly announced plan to deport masses of illegal migrants to the east african nation of rwanda. it has raised allegations of double standards as the government rejects asylum seekers from africa and the middle east, while simultaneously welcoming refugees from ukraine. u. k. government rightly provides asylum refugee ukrainians, fleeing war, but wants to send others seeking asylum, thousands of miles away to rolanda for processing. and you still question whether this heartless, tory government is institutionally racist. such arrangements simply shift asylum responsibilities of aid international obligations and are contrary to the letter and spirit of the refugee convention. it cannot carry the weight of our national responsibility as
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a country formed by christian values. because sub contracting out our responsibility even to a country that seeks to do well like her wanda, is the opposite to the nature of god. who himself took responsibility for our migrants trying to get to britain illegally in recent years, have resorted to dangerous efforts, organized by people smugglers tying on trucks or fairies and even trying to cross the english channel. and inflatable boats that appear hardly see with the new deal would see such migrants transferred to rwanda. thousands of kilometers away from the u. k. rwanda has said it would receive $120000000.00 pounds sterling under the agreement funds supposed to provide quote, opportunities for rwandans and migrants. meanwhile, the total number of ukrainians who have fled,
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the war is estimated at around 5000000 people with neighboring poland. taking in a substantial portion, poland has provided the refugees with accommodation and financial support, both by the government and regular citizens, as polls have opened their homes and raised funds for arriving ukrainians. but as pope francis has unfortunately noted, ukrainian refugees have been much better received than migrants from other parts of the world. suggesting a potential double standard changed with racism. it is true, refugees are subdivided. there's 1st class, 2nd class, skin color, if they come from a developed country or one that is not developed. we are racists, we are racists, and this is bad. political sociologist, eunice abra, you. but says that the double standards and the treatment of refugees, based on whether they're from ukraine or the middle east and african is unethical. you've seen how your premium, i refugees have been welcome to which is
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a good action in and in a way. but that doesn't mean that the, the other migrants or other refugee is coming from other countries who happen to be of darker skin coming from the global south, shouldn't be discarded or treated like criminals. even with this issue, just ship in my room abroad will not solve the problem again. just turn in a blind situation and shifting the responsibility on other countries which are already kind of the burden and the development and problems of the on the u. k. is doing is basically not ethical and does not help solve the problem. it will make it worse. actually vladimir putin says russia has endured the western latest economic onslaught with the rubles strengthening back to its pre conflict levels. despite the sanctions, the russian liter pointed out that such measures have actually backfired against the us and the e. u, as regular people struggle to cope with skyrocketing costs. but i sure will not do
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. the aim of the western countries was to quickly destabilized the financial and economic situation in russia to provoke panic on the markets to make the banking system collapse and to create a massive shortage of goods in our stores. but we can now confidently say that this policy has not worked. the strategy of economic blitzkrieg has failed. furthermore, the sanctions have now swung back to hit the initiators themselves. i mean, the inflation unemployment rates, the plummeting economic dynamics in the u. s. and in europe, leading to a decrease of their living standards de valuation and so on. russia has withstood this unprecedented pressure. the situation is stabilizing. the ruble is now being traded as it was in the 1st half of february and is being defined by a positive trade balance. you leaders have suggested that people cut down on their personal spending in an effort to cope with the soaring prices. as western governments seek to cut russian enter, she imports. germany's agriculture minister, who is a vegetarian, has even suggested that people eat less meat to help them make and me
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a german newspaper has said that skipping a shower might also help reduce dependence on russian energy supply. but some e u officials have admitted that the sanctions against moscow are having a severe effect on the cost of living in europe. in france, there are warnings that the you will pay a high price if it imposes energy sanctions against russia. ahead of the 2nd round of the friendship presidential election, opposition candidate murray. the pen has even demanded that washington compensate france for potential economic losses. if the e u complies with us recommendations for energy sanctions against russia, news, it doesn't even supreme in the us wants to stop the import of rush and guess it will have consequences to gas and electricity prices will probably multiply by 6 fold for the french. the americans would sell liquefied guess and will therefore make significant profit, so they should probably compensate france for the difference in prices. according
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to le pen, if washington succeeds in stopping russian fuel imports to the you, that will lead to a drastic increase in energy prices. frances inflation rate right now is already is highest in 3 decades. one let's, let's cross live to the economist john perkins. thank you for being with us here in our international to kind of sort through this the finances of it if you will. sure, thank you. so french presidential candidate, the pen says that the u. s. should compensate france for losses. if you bands, russian energy based on us recommendations. do you think that you will actually impose sanctions against russian energy? i mean, with the u. s. actually paid such compensation? i can't imagine the us paying such compensation even if i didn't want it to do that . the republicans written allow it so i can't imagine that happening. i can understand why the pen might say that because france is certainly difficult
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position. and le pen has, has always been kind of a needle in a haystack for, for european union. you know, she's, she's, she's, she's suggesting the, probably about of the european union. and she's always opposed sanctions. she's, she's, she's a ship her sanctions and in some of the earlier incursions and, and amazon so happened between russia and other countries where sanctions were imposed. she opposed them. and so this is surprising and i think it's a reasonable thing for her to suggest. i think brian moved politically for her, but i can't imagine the united states ever agree to such a thing. it just wouldn't fit within our politics. and we do know that is a very tight race there in france, about 3 percent in that 1st round was separating the 2 leading candidates. now, le pen has also talked about expensive us liquefied natural gas being sold to europe, saying it only profits american businesses, while french people faced soaring prices. to what extent should the french public
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be concerned there? well, i think there's no doubt that it does war. if you want to call it that, it, and it is a war and ukraine is processing certain businesses in the united states in europe, industrial, military, industrial, complex. and some of the energy companies are making money. i think there's any question about that. but i think in the long run, what is going to mean is that countries are going to move against fossil fuels more and more, which will be detrimental to russia, as well as 2 other countries. because there's a very strong message going forward that is also supported by the whole climate change movement and so forth that we ought to get off. also feels especially well, i guess, i think this is, this whole process is going to speed up that movement toward non fossil fuel fuels. indeed interesting now, so campaigning and governing are 2 different things entirely. the pen has raised
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a truly pressing issue for the french about the skyrocketing prices there. why do you think so? few other politicians in the you are willing to address that issue? well i think because they're trying to stay united, sean, and keep on the united states aside and stay united against russia. so much of the rest of the world are parts of africa and asia and other parts of the world abstain. asia votes are actually very against sanctioning russia but the up until now including now, mostly european countries have supported the u. s. as any union their tenants elected. then that, that of the that'll break down to some degree and we'll see what happens with the rest of the countries. but i think it's been a real attempt to keep native together to get your opinion together here in the
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countries of europe. not want to aggravate united states at this point in time. indeed, now, europeans are suffering from high cost as the sanctions against russia. how do you think this will play out? i mean, how long do you think e leaders will maintain these policies? despite the outcry, i mean is the solidarity in the anti russia that hatred so strong that the politicians are lovely, ready to let their people go shattered as an impossible one. to answer it, just like it's impossible to figure out exactly where this whole thing is going to go and ukraine it, i just can't imagine what's gonna happen because i can't see either son giving it from a political standpoint. it just doesn't seem like he either. so i can hear him, certainly president couldn't in a very difficult position in terms of trying to, to create some sort of a negotiation. and if in fact the ukrainians agreed to be neutral,
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not to join nato, i think would come out looking like a winner. but the united states and europe would come out looking like losers, and they wouldn't be happy with that. so it's a very difficult situation. and how long will country stay into this situation? is very, very difficult to, to conceive. and of course, a lot of that depends on who gets selected, who gets elected in the united states in the elections that are coming out the mid term elections? this november, weather can actually, yes, elected or not. and how the politics move in, in other countries in europe. and as it gets earlier stated, much more can they actually put sanctions on rush at this point? economist john perkins. interesting to hear thoughts. thanks for being with us here on our international. my pleasure. sean. thank you right now. meanwhile, in the u. k, a new poll has found that approval for the sanctions has plummeted to 36 percent down from 50 percent last month. furthermore, 54 percent of respondents believe the financial situation in the u. k. has
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deteriorated since the latest wave of sanctions against russia that comes amid soaring fuel and food prices in europe. as western sanctions hit russia's transport and energy supply lines. we discussed the effect of anti russian sanctions with a jeep come our job research editor at india today, and political analyst kinda well june and a political analyst at the university of ron mohammed, mirandi. i think the europeans underestimated the resilience of the russian economy, which is quite foolish, because they should have known from their experience with the rom that sanctions targeting women. and children basically are not going to bring them out of the sort of change that europeans and americans look for the u. u. p. companies are not in a position to impose sanctions or russia in particular on energy sector. usually
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is the impulse or not the exports exposure which suffers the most if there is a disruption of this energy supply. and this is what's happening to the european countries, the suffers from this, what the color, economic sanctions are actually the poor. it's the poor who gets the major blunt of it. and the biggest plus the lead, those in the euro was claiming that people should be eating less of need. and you know, having less or bob, they'll be the 1st one to have ab wastewater in having a full bought the new thing. we did the day people are suffering across europe because of the increased ice fuel because of the increase in the price of food and because of the general rapid increase in inflation. so when the leader speak in that sort of language,
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i'm calling on people to shower less or to eat mass. i think it's more insulting to the bulk of society than anything else. and all the people who will probably take him or her seriously are he leads like themselves when the harsh reality bites the people's leaving standard. i think, you know, as we find out in the u. k. i some other countries probably as time goes on, people is really of the holland. people will tolerate a side kind of situation with evolutionary pressure, a rising prices. all your, i mean, i know a foot price is, for example, is really a matter of time. and people, i think the governmental will feel the pressure from the public eye that does it for me, this hour. i will be back in 30 minutes with another fresh look at your news. this
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is our international that had to move ukraine a big and rich country that's always been in hand with russia until recently. 2014, a qu defines ukraine and leads to fratricidal war and on the us. a war that continues to this on the edge of a large field near low ganske, the mass grave. local saying that the people buried here are mostly civilians who are allegedly killed by ukrainian paramilitary groups in the summer of 2014. who


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