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tv   News  RT  April 20, 2022 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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[000:00:00;00] a ah, russian lead 4th is close in on remaining ukrainian positions inside the dumbass city of mario pulse, or at least 5 nationally soldiers reportedly surrendered on wednesday. we report from the front line with his court will to extradite the jailed wiki league found a duly nathan's to the us on espionage charges. that's if my to the early decision by the same code saying a songs could be treated harshly and american custody. also this out with the west concern for ukraine and ukrainians is opportunistic, unselfish ukrainians, and needed today only as cannon fodder in
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a proxy war with russia until the last ukranian hate to the exchange of the un security council. as russia slammed western efforts to increase their weapons supplies to ukraine with a warm welcome, this is all the international with the latest world news headlines is good to happy with us. a lot of my parents and has reaffirmed rushes commitment to keep up its operation and dumbass until locals can return to their normal lives. a sort of the tragedy that took place and john boss, including the le ganske people's republic force russia to begin its special military operation. and like i said at the very outset, the goal of this operation is to assist our people live there. we will take gradual action until we bring about
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a situation when life will gradually normalize their. and the ambassador dumbass city of mario po, 5 that ukrainian soldiers have reportedly surrendered. on wednesday this, kansas russian led forces step up their results on the last stronghold of calves troops in mariel pole. the remaining defenders are still holding the sprawling territory of the as of style industrial plant. their exact number is unknown, but they are reportedly in short supply of ammunition and food. russian lead forth is say they have been making very cautious, moved towards the enemy positions more. local civilians have managed to take advantage of humanitarian corridors and flee their homes of the hiding investments for weeks. some of them have said that their experience with us before would suit your home and we really need medicine and more humanitarian aid in order to deliver it to different parts of the city. for the elderly people there, my long ocean was the most important thing is that our children all study in russian. it was a nightmare. how they tortured us, the russian speaking population. i feel so sorry for the children mutual enough.
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i'm listening but like i know that we were living in the basement for 2 months. we are very happy to see you guys. stay alive. but everything was bombed and burned down. we lived in a basement, no water, no food. we just grabbed what we could didn't do, which could be alone. you're already there. got a pregnant girl was killed. she left 2 kids and this girl was wounded. we've been treating her since the 7th of april. and i think she never moved like this before. doing it and now you are evacuating right here that i my sister and 3 nephews ah, the as russian lead forces evacuate any remaining civilians from the area. the trips are now moving in for a final decisive battle against the ukrainians. in mario poll ortiz moore, i don't see a report from the c. this is the last residential neighborhood,
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or what's left of it that still controlled by ukrainian nationalists in mario bull . and they have done everything to hold onto with these machines out to change that with heavy armor bod, me with a movie. yeah. close to the as of still industrial not affordable with just fine. those buildings with infantry
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can only do so much against fortified positions. heavy alma is called in for the heavy lifting and the troops, chechen volunteers in this case know where the weak points. ah right now these are the fibers are covering this tag crew. they're receiving, targeting directions from troops here on the ground once. once they have those all fixed, i goes that do its job. once everything is agreed, the action begins. that is now in position has a target inside attack you thought that initially withdrawn ab vehicle has south take its place
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firing nationalists to keep them keep the pressure day in day out for weeks on end. fighting for every building, every floor, every room off to the heavy vehicles finish up. the infantry moves in middleton as my task is to follow the soldiers and provide cover for them. yes, we are on the lookout for any enemy movement. every one knows exactly what they're doing. the as off nationalists in the industrial zone at the heart of the city, are in sorry, shape. they're short and food, water, ammunition, and morale. chechen fife is here fighting on russia side and who the nationalist promise to humiliate are pressing on. we literally go to their cobra. we remember all the videos that they made saying they were going to shave our beards off, because you can see who's being shaved now, their morale is low, many of them want to surrender, but some of their allies won't let them. russia has repeatedly offered them
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a seat far and the chance to surrender. the nationalists have refused. in some places, ukrainian troops were found shot in the back by their own as they attempted to surrender. it is clear that despite their situation, the as of nationalists mentality has not changed, and the most fanatical of them are still very much in charge. more i guess give r t for mary. you both want about breaking news stories to day jailed wikileaks found a julianna's sanchez, one step away from extradition to the u. s. s. after a london magistrate court ruled in favor of the name is now to present time secretary to confound the decision which would c assange handed over to the us when he's wanted on espionage charges. he faces up to 175 years in prison if found guilty. the activist has the 9th. the allegations against wednesdays ruling comes
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despite an early decision from the same chord saying a songs could be treated harshly in american custody. the editor in chief crispin robinson claims the latest case is an attack on the freedom of speech. multiple times would mean a risk to the life that it will be equal to that. now this court has been ordered to that been something that is what happened here today. now to live is in the hands of johnson. they need to do the right thing. you need to make sure they do the right thing. they have the power to start to end this, to save a man's life and stop tech on the you know, the press are joining us now to discuss this further is international journalist which had met her. thank you for joining goes on the program. richard. now,
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this legal tug of war of the face of julian, us on just been going on for years now. he's still has a chance to appeal this latest court decision, but because they look like that's likely to help. at this stage, i sat me on what we had this morning was really a rubber stamping i was in the court of virtually this time and i still the judge. he actually had to legally speak directly to us on break down what's happening right now. and he told them that, you know, i, this is all really up to me. i'm duty bound to send this to send your case to pretty, but tell the home secretary for her to sign off on the exhibition and you have a right to appeal. but you can only appeal after she has made her decision. so that means in about 4 weeks, songers the lawyers they have until may 18th to to make submissions to pursue patel, to make their case for it to not sign off on the extradition because the ultimate decision does line her hands. and after that a songs put appeal. busy if she does order the expedition, honestly, given
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a pretty good tells policies you know, i, i don't, i don't really hold out much hope for songs because it's just last year where she was trying her office was trying to make recommendations that journalists in the u . k. be in prison for up to 14 years for you know, publishing government secrets, things that embarrassed the government. so i don't really think she's much of a friend of freedom of the press. again, i do hope she does the right thing because she, she has the power in her hands right now as well as johnson to take a stance for press freedoms to show that the u. k is not working at the best of the united states. and to stop a, you know, a journalist being shipped off to face to centuries and jail. and which is one of the reasons the case i've been reluctant to extradited sanchez, the allegedly harsh treatment he could face and us custody. but back in december, washington managed to convince persons supreme court. their sons could be treated fairly. are you convinced? no, not at all. i mean, if you just, if you read the assurances the united states is giving itself a back door,
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a way out of abiding by them, right? they include not putting a song in these isolating a special administrative measures. they're called sam's. they include sending us on shore straightaway to serve a sentence which doesn't work as australia have said nothing so far. so just at face value, they're absolutely worthless. so i'm just partner stella moore said they're not worth the paper. they're written on a song just lawyers in the british high court last year. they cited the case of david mendoza as an example where the united states had given diplomatic assurances . they even gave mendoza a written contract. so signed by spain, by the us, and by himself, that if he were to be expedited to the u. s. after his trial, they would send him back to spain to serve a sentence, which is really what they're offering a sons, right? they're saying come to the u. s. for trial, and then you can serve your sentence in australia. and the mendoza's case, you not only had assurances you had a written contract and they still broke it. and i, and i published these documents, these classified documents from the state department, from the department of justice. and you can really see step by step, how they violate to their funds,
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to sustain. and i'm actually quite shocked to learn that in a song just case, the judges have not seen these documents. they only saw a few of them. they didn't see the contract, which is really the, the, the damaging document that shows united states breaks its promises. and this is very, very bad. i hope that in the future proceedings there's a chance where the judges were dealing with assumptions. he's actually see this document because it really shows that you come across new us. and as usual, we saw people rally and supportive a songs today during get the court ruling in london. to what extent do you think public opinion is a factor in this case? i think, i think is the biggest factor because this is very obviously a political political trial. when you have a journalist being, you know, being charged with 17 counts as a spy, that's political by nature. and so when you have a political case like this, you can just when it in the court, you really have to win it through public opinion. it's a battle that has to be fought with lots of stamina, long term. and it's very good to see these assange activists coming out. quite
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often, they're very determine they're very driven. it's actually, thanks to them that i and other journalists were able to get in the court during a sondors extradition hearing, because they would cue up since 5 in the morning. and thanks for them, we were able to report on this. so i think it's crucial. i think there has to be a pressure on the board johnson government to block this expedition. they can do this. they, they, you know, under the extradition treaty between the us and u. k. that was signed in 2003. and under article 4, you can block in extradition if it's for a political offense. and again, charging a journalist as far as the classic textbook, political offense, and so forth. storms and producers, though, they really do have the power to block that. if you know it's on just health, it's not a concern to them. if press freedoms are not a concern to them, they still have the chance to block it for, for its political nature. and so i think it's, it's power amounts that people put public pressure on the government. international journalist which had med has many thanks for that. thank you. now junior songs has
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been a high profile target for washington ever since 2010. that was when we can, it's really the trailer of leaked us documents depicting alleged war crimes committed by american forces during the occupation of afghanistan and iraq. ah, ah, a
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with a bunch of one of our top stories, the conflict in ukraine and on bass. now i rushed in a facial at the un has a slammed western efforts to send more weapons. the key of as part of an apparent proxy will the west concern for ukraine and ukrainians is opportunistic unselfishly. ukrainians and needed today only as cannon fodder in a proxy war with russia until the last ukrainian at the same time, the west does not forget about its own benefit. so weapons manufacturers in western countries that joyfully rubbing their hands were counting their own profits from the increase in defense orders retain member body that lead. the united nations convened a meeting, the topic of which was refugee created by the ukraine. united states and allies unloaded a lot of allegations and accusations against russia,
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but they're neat. recall janski's. he took to the floor and defended russia and called out and get bogged. a lot of the accusations that were being made. now, he went on to say that russia has actually taken in refugees starting since 2014 when united states and allies toppled the government and total 2500000 people have fled to the russian federation as a result of us actions in ukraine. he went on to talk about political repression and ukraine and how attempts to portray ukraine as being some kind of democracy. being threatened is just simply not accurate. political opposition forces are being rounded up and repressed and have been repressed. and for the past 8 years, they've been waging a war against their own population in the eastern regions. and don boss, he called out the u. s. military industrial complex. he talked about how a lot of the military hardware united states is given to ukraine, doesn't even work. some of these vehicles have not been function on. they've just kind of been jumping them on ukraine and how the claims that it cares about
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ukrainian lied. but at the same time, it seems to be trying to prolong the conflict then throw the ukrainian lives away. i have heard you heard russia, you based on that, he argued that calls for a cease fire coming from united states and their allies seem insincere. and there's a legit, this is simply an opportunity to, to let the extremist, not the forces regroup, and continue their efforts not just against russia, but against ukrainian civilians. now, later after we heard from the countries making up the un security council, we did hear the ukrainian representative get up. and he made a lot of accusations against russia, one being that russia is not allowing civilians to leave a factory and basically is enabling and causing civilians to be killed. this is what the granting representative said when addressing the security council. the situation in mario remains the most critical. thousands of civilians are still in the city congress of them, including children,
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have taken shelter in the old style plant. they need immediate safety occupation, and the russian forces are well aware of these. instead, the russians deny all requests from the ukrainian side world leaders and the u. s. u n. hi, officials for iraq creation car doors for civilians. major poly and gay, representing the russian federation, spoke and explained very clearly that the presence of these civilians in the factory was hidden. despite repeated requests on the part of russia to make sure that no civilians were in harm's way. and now russia has been calling on to influence the fighting forces there and allow the civilians to leave the factory. so essentially, ukrainians are being used as human. she'll buy, you know, by these extremist anti russian forces that have been armed and trained by the states and ukraine. now it's also important to note that at the security council meeting, shina,
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it's up to the floor and talked about the dangers facing what we call them. and how the targeting and manipulation of current it as a result of us sanctions of having a very long term and serious effect, not just in russia, but in other places. now the world economy has been badly affected by these moved by the united states. that the escalation of the conflict. so i was quite a meeting of the un security council, a lot of allegations against russia. russia didn't have an opportunity as a permanent member of the un security council, a body that was formed among the countries that defeated fascism in the 2nd world war. they had an opportunity to give their side with story and they presented facts that are being ignored in western media and ignored in the high rates of western leaders. so i was quite a meeting of your counsel, not a lot of unity among the countries there clearly some very different understand and other dance on the ground in ukraine as a lot of people are becoming refugees. and
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a lot of people are clearly suffering. washington is now lying and arms raising us all bits with us. 5 presidents come la harris and i think a ban on anti satellite weapons tests. i think it will encourage more responsible behavior in space. yesterday, vice president announced the united states commitment to not conduct the destructive director sent anti satellite missile testing, and to work to establish this as a new international norm for responsible behavior in space. despite the latest rhetoric from washington, the u. s. had only rejected several key international treaties that ain't to bound the placements of weapons in orbits with american officials, claiming the proposals offered by russia and china were flawed. the director of russia space agency was cosmo say the us has apparently develop its own. 6 covert space weapons program. well, it's now close at to karen korea tasks retired us air force, lieutenant colonel, thank you very much for joining us on the program. it's good to see you. now the u
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. s. vice president has announced his band on anti satellite weapons test even though the country had previously rejected. similar proposals. what's your reaction to these mixed messages from washington? well, 1st you have to understand that the messaging is very often directed domestically. this is a political thing, the democrats in the fight and supporters in this country. they are tuned in 2 environmental issues. and this is an environmental issue. there's, there's space garbage and we're going to not support space garbage. i mean, that's part of the message. and the other part of it is misleading to the international community, and that is that the u. s. is already completed the testing that it needs to do. and so this is one more way to point the finger at other country, specifically rush in china. i come and how is explained that the u. s. bond alons he satellite weapons tests will encourage more responsible behavior in space. does that seem like a credible statement to you?
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well, it sounds good. it sounds good, but again, i see it is rhetoric to try to portray the united states as the responsible global citizen and be able to point the finger at others in order to criticize them . you know, i don't, i can't see much more beyond that. it's a major goes in, he's the director of russia, ross cosmos agency, and he says that such a shift to illustrate that the u. s. has already finished all necessary space weapons tests was your take on that allegation. i mean, if you look at the markets for the defense contractors that contract with us space command, boeing in particular, which is had a major role in anti satellite activities. their stocks are, are fine, they are level and going up. ok. so there was no market reaction to a cancellation or a stoppage. u. s. government investment in this area,
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which tells you that either the investment is not stopping or it is already been made and they're moving on to other things. all right, earlier the u. s. brown, international space demilitarization projects is fundamentally flawed, but now the country is calling for broader responsibility in space. what do you think? washington has changed? it stands. well, there's, there's 2 things. one is to continue to point a finger at particularly russia, because russia in november did conduct a satellite destruction. so they're trying to make this about russia to one extent . and to another extent, there is so increased chatter and concern. well, believe it certainly in the united states about a disruption of our global communications disruption of our domestic communications . and of course, that's all heavily reliant on satellites. so if something happens, this sets a rhetorical stage for pointing the finger again at russia and china,
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and those who would not be on the us side in that concrete ascii were taught usaa 4th. lieutenant kennedy, thanks for your time. we appreciate your insight on this. ok, now france is gearing up for a crucial debate between presidential rivals, emanuel crohn as marine le pen head of the 2nd round of a vote for the presidency on sunday. sheila gibbons, he takes a closer look at what makes the candidates so different. although the polls are increasingly showing a swinging emanuel mack corns favor this fight will apparently not be a breeze. mack on faces the challenges of defending his record over the past 5 years. a record that provoked public anger and protests across france and as both contenders for the lease a face off against each other varies a significant chunk of the electorate who are furious. that once again,
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this is the only choice. ah, so what do the candidates stand for? emanuel mack on is promising to cut taxes to some he wants to raise the retirement age. he is a devout believer in the you. project of a more integrated block, he promised is to create $10000.00 police and on jobs. and he wants to make it harder for immigrants to enter the new policy. it's a project for a more beautiful and stronger from united europe. it should be reinvented with all interested actors, doctors,
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nurses elected impatience. this change should be deep. marina pan also wants to reduce taxes, but for young people, she wants to restrict welfare payments to those who are not french citizens. she also wants to lower the retirement age for those who started working before the age of 20. she wants to reform the you with a france 1st policy. she wants to stop uncontrolled and she is one of her. she pledges and she wants to make it a crime for muslim women to wear. his job in france was really buffered on the present. on a shannon, i sometimes read in the international press that an imbalance in nato, or french disengagement would be feared, including across the atlantic. in the event of my election, i simply wish to be connect with the policy that was hours. i will simply never place our armed forces under a command that does not come under french national sovereignty. this race is
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expected to be much tighter than it was in 2017. some pundits are arguing that the pen strategy of focusing on the cost of living crisis could pay off for her. however, others say that the increased scrutiny that she is currently under will unpack her plans and push voters into mac once camp. what is clear though, that is to win this race, both candidates need to find a way to reach out to those who simply didn't vote for them. in the 1st round, the biggest chunk of voters from the hard left, the man that they wanted to see become the next president of france has urged people not to vote for le pen. however, only financial hasn't said that they should vote from mack on either in a poll of millen shores party members. some 66 percent said that they are intending to either spoil low vote or to not vote
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a tool. one supporter recently describe the choice between emmanuel mac on an marine, the pen as having to choose between the plague and cholera. but that is the choice. wednesday's crucial debate should help voters make up their minds, geology, welski, r t. paris. and thanks for joining us here in arty international web, back at the top of the hour, with the latest ah ah, i,
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ah, i'm absent retention, you're watching going underground team and i will be back soon with a brand new look, just white nato nation and the you censorship, but until then we'll be showing some of your favorite shows a for season. so far. i'm action or t as in, you're watching a special edition of going underground 54 years since the tet offensive. a turning point against us was in the vietnam region that killed 6000000 as american forces fought that toward to make the world safer capitalism. in america, the youngest mayor of a major u. s. city was waging his own war against unrestrained corporate power targeting his city of cleveland. his stand against the privatization of the publicly owned mooney light company echoes fights all around the world against neoliberalism. joining me now from cleveland is that mad dennis goosenich, former democratic nominee for the u. s. presidency and author of the division of light and power. dennis, thanks so much for finally being ongoing underground dam,
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i should just start to by the fact that we're being warned here in london, that vladimir putin might turn the light and power off. in that your view, your thoughts on the fact that the nato, a briefing we are on the brink of war in europe, and the biden is preparing thousands of troops to fight awards. russia. i can tell you eric, from our american shide and talk to you from a neighborhood including ohio and no one around here. it's thinking and talking about war. people are just trying to live their own lives. you get through the pan, derek, of find a way to survive initial economy. and i think that people are going to pretty typical of most americans. i think our country needs to finally come to a on time with, with russia. resolve the underlying issues are truly related to energy. now what's


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