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for korea, but that apparently doesn't apply when it comes to russians. bruce, a phobia is the new bigotry a lead force is close in on remaining ukrainian positions inside the dumbass city of mario, or at least 5 nationally soldiers report to be surrendered on wednesday. we report from the frontline i with what is called will to extradite jail, wickedly founded julianna's songs to the us on espionage charges. finally, decision by the same thing. a funds could be treated harshly and american custody. also this out with the west concern for ukraine and ukrainians is opportunistic and selfish. ukrainians are needed today only as cannon fodder in
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a proxy war with russia until the last ukrainian exchange of the un security council. as russia brown's western efforts to increase, that weapon supply for you. ah, i will welcome to you. this is on the international with the latest world news headlines. it's good to happy with us. now about peyton house. we offend russia's commitment to keep up its operation and dumbass until locals can return to their normal lives. the tragedy that took place and john boss, including the la ganske people's republic, force russia to begin its special military operation. and like i said at the very outset, the goal of this operation is to assist our people live there. we will take gradual action until we bring about a situation when life will gradually normalize their. and the ambassador dumbass city of mario paul,
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5 ukrainian soldiers have reportedly surrendered on wednesday. this comes as russian lead forces step up their assaults on the last stronghold of kit's troops in mariel pole. the remaining defenders are still holding these sprawling territory of the as of stall industrial plans. their exact number is unknown, but they are reportedly in short supply of ammunition and food. motion lead force is say they have been making very cautious. moved towards the enemy positions. moorlick was civilians have managed to take advantage of humanitarian corridors and flee their homes of the hiding in basements for weeks. some of them have shed their experience. you food, city room and we really need medicine and more humanitarian aid in order to deliver it to different parts of the seal for the elderly people there with mom. no, she wants. the most important thing is that our children all study in russian. it was a nightmare. how they tortured us, the russian speaking population. i feel so sorry for the children mutual enough. i'm listening, but like i know that we were living in the basement for 2 months. we are very happy
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to see you guys. stay alive. but if everything was bombed and burned down, we lived in a basement, no water, no food. we just grabbed what we could get in there. which cool deal on your voyage there, cause a pregnant girl was killed. she left 2 kids and this girl was wounded with been treating her since the 7th of april. and i think he got a, she never moved like this before doing it. and now you're evacuating. right. he's that i, my sister and 3 nephews. ah. as russian that forces evacuated any remaining civilians from the area of each trips are now moving and for a final decisive battle against the ukrainians. and mario called us even more garcia reports from the sea. this is the last residential neighborhood or what's left of it that still controlled by ukrainian nationalists in mario bull . and they have done everything to home. don't to,
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with these machines out to change that with heavy armor. find me with a movie. yeah. close to the as of still industrial not afford with just fine those buildings with infantry can only do so much against 4 to 5 positions. heavy alma is called in for the heavy lifting and the troops. chechen volunteers in this case knew where the weak points
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are. right now, these are the fighters, are covering this type crew. they're receiving, targeting direction from troops here on the ground. once once they have those, all fish die goes to do its job. once everything is agreed, the action begins that his thou in position has a target inside ah, attack is not here, it's an initiative withdrawn. a p m d heavy vehicle has now taken its place. foreign nationalists to keep them keep the price of day in day out for weeks on end flights into every building, every floor,
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every room off to the heavy vehicles finish up. the infantry moves in middleton. a small task is to follow the soldiers and provide cover for them. yes, we are on the lookout for any enemy movement. every one knows exactly what they're doing. the. the as off nationalists in the industrial zone at the heart of the city, are in sorry, shape. they're short and food, water, ammunition, and morale. chechen 5 is here fighting on russia side and who the nationalist promise to humiliate are pressing on. we literally go to their cobra, we remember all the videos that they made saying they were going to shave our beards off, because you can see who's being shaved. now their morale is low, many of them want to surrender, but some of their allies won't let them. russia has repeatedly offered them a seat, fought, and the chance to surrender. the nationalists of refused in some places. ukrainian
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troops were found shot in the back by their own as they attempted to surrender. it is clear that despite their situation, as of nationalists mentality has not changed and the most fanatical of them are still very much in charge. more i'd guess, give archie from mary. you both shout. we can expand a julianna's sanchez, one step away from extradition to the us. now after a london magistrate court will then favor of that. in the middle, the news is off the person's home. secretary to confirm the decision which would c assange handed over to the u. s. where he's wanted on espionage charges. wikileaks editor in chief, kristen robinson claims the latest decision amounts to a death sentence for a surge. 15 a month ago this quarter are actually writing a songs would mean a risk to his life that it will be equal to
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a death sentence. now this court has been ordered will issue that sentence. that is what happened here today, like unions live, is in their hands are pretty whatever award is johnson they need to do that. i mean, you need to make sure they do the right thing. they have the power to stop it too, and is to save a man's life and stop this attack on the food or the press. she listens faces up to 175 years in u. s. prison if found guilty. the activist times denied the allegations against and wednesdays ruling comes to find an early decision from the same court saying a songs could be treated harshly in american custody. we call it reaction from international journalist which had met her. she believes the latest court decision was made without proper consideration. what we had this morning was really a rubber stamping. you know, i was in the court of virtually this time and i saw the judge. he actually had to
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legally speak directly to us on break down what's happening right now. and he told them that, you know, i, this is not really up to me. i'm duty bound to send this to send your case to pretty but tell the home secretary for her to sign off on the extra mission and you have a right to appeal. but you can only appeal after she has made her decision. so that means in about 4 weeks, because a sondors lawyers they have until may 18th to, to make submissions to patel. to you know, make their case for it to not sign off on the extradition because the ultimate decision does line her hands. and after that, assange could appeal. busy if she does order the extradition honestly, given a pretty good tells policies, you know, i don't, i don't really hold out much hope for science because it's just last year where she was trying her office was trying to a make recommendations that journalists in the u. k. be imprisoned for up to 14 years for you know, publishing government secrets, things that embarrass the government. so i don't really think she's much of a, of a friend of freedom of the press. again,
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i do hope she does the right thing because she, she has the power in her hands right now as divorced johnson to take a stands for, for students to show that the u. k is not working at the mass of the united states and to stop a, you know, a journalist being shipped off to phase 2 centuries in jail. this is very obviously political, political trial when you have a journalist being, you know, being charged with 17 counts as 5, that's political by nature. and so when you have a political case like this, you can just went in what you really have to win it through public opinion. it's a battle that has to be for us with lots of stamina, one term, and it's very good to see these assange activists coming out. quite often that they're very determined, they're very driven. it's actually, thanks to them that i and other journalists were able to get in the courts during a song just extradition hearing because they would queue up since 5 in the morning . and thanks to them, we were able to report on this. so i think it's crucial, i think there has to be a pressure on the boards, johnson government to, to block this expedition. they can do this. they, they, you know, under the extradition treaty between us and you came that was signed in 2003. under
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article 4. you can block in extradition if it's for a political offense. and again, charging a journalist as fi is the classic textbook, political offense, and so forth on some pretty fidel, they really do have the power to block this. if the, you know a sanchez health is not a concern to them. if press freedoms are not a concern to them, they still have the chance to block it for, for its political nature. and so i think it's, it's, it's power amounts that people put public pressure on the government. but it's not discussed this with martin j, a award winning journalist editor and on their pundits many thanks for joining us on the playground. martin, now the legal it tug of war that the fate of julianna's songs has been going back and forth for years now has been that he's still half the channels to appeal this latest the latest decision. but doesn't look like as likely to be any help at this stage. i don't think so. he goes to the previous guess. but what this is completely political once it leaves the distribution system. sandra
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callow, the respect, the principal or something. but i think it's more or less complete watch. it is a system which is simpler. james actually goes back to about the same day or sunday for journalism. norco says he believes in reading, this is not the last moral sanjeever position. one of the reasons the case, i thought we looked into extra dot as sanchez, the allegedly harsh treatment he could face in us custody. but back in december, washington managed to convince person supreme court that assault will be handled fairly. are you convinced in north america didn't have a shot from 74 with some backwards
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from what are some circumstances to the question? this was so close, especially relationship is far as small going to what it is for me to bring to the company in a different one was going to want them some of the whole back this process from where we go. but i think a lot of which is politics, which is on the form of john, was punishable or, or what to become a commodity. and i mean, this is what the most important thing that we see much as a multitude of trade. i think we will now say continue to live in washington to region 14 months to form that whole u. s. new k america,
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us trades. we used to be part of the multi environment where the whole straightened goes on and the son won't be in that. so i think we have to be quite on place. you know, what about what business from them to motivate? she actually or looks for liquids, johnston. we should go any in front of the americans. it's all about sharing songs to russia. last to move russia actually supporting the sun during the hedge. i think the bars johnson is much more about making this phone showed him his arm, for example, towards any one who sent us may change or to double check
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on the group so much. just don't cross the line because who on down the that the on the bridge, you live restaurants in history. we seem to have lifelong this picture of media and speech. this was often jemison 75. that sounds more close if he doesn't have a good shot. but it's, it just stinks, walking through that republic morally wrong, and some lovers have recently another decent turn out and supportive julian songs during today's court ruling in london. that's what extent do you think public opinion is a factor in this case? it's a huge, huge factor the much where is that? the only thing is what i think we have went on for a whole times
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a week position and very low level of government. it seems to me the legions of the west romans, those that are something that will so far as johnson buy them on the vertical examples that they will be probably has a chance. maybe the window is more of a smaller closing of the day, that it has a charles to rang it from titian to like nothing instructions to take. so she showed one of our wor, almost many who approach which from to john the dish, enjoy such a portion of britain. since we're going back with some apparently on the well, almost or was safe with gemini, so full of 6. how public opinion re my
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phone must a j, a award winning journalist editor, and on a pungent many thanks for your time, much and appreciate it. now jillian assange has been a high profile target for washington ever since 2010, when wikileaks released a trove of leaked us documents to pick thing alleged war crimes committed by american forces during the occupation of afghanistan and iraq. ah, i mm.
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i met her so not one of our top stories, the conflict in ukraine and don't bass. a russian official at the u. n. has slammed western efforts to send more weapons to key of as part of an apparent proxy will the west concern for ukraine and ukrainians. is opportunistic unselfishly. ukrainians needed today only as cannon fodder in a proxy war with russia until the last ukrainian at the same time, the west does not forget about its own benefit. so weapons manufacturers in western countries that joyfully rubbing their hands, counting their own profits from the increase in defense orders 15 member body that leads the united nations convened a meeting, the topic of which was refugee created by the conflict in ukraine. now,
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the united states and allies unloaded a lot of allegations and accusations against russia. but there, dmitri pollyanna, he took to the floor and defended russia and called out and get bogged. a lot of the accusations that were being made. now, he went on to say that russia has actually taken in refugees starting since 2014, when the united states and allies toppled the government. and in total $2500000.00 people have fled to the russian federation as a result of us actions in ukraine. and he went on to talk about political repression and ukraine, and our attempts to portray ukraine as being some kind of democracy. being threatened is just simply not accurate. political opposition forces are being rounded up and repressed and have been repressed. and for the past 8 years, they've been waging a war against their own population in the eastern region. and don boss,
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he called out the u. s. military industrial complex. he talked about how a lot of the military hardware, the united states is given to ukraine, doesn't even work. some of these vehicles that have not been function on, they've just kind of been jumping them on ukraine and how the claims that it cares about ukrainian lied. but at the same time, i seems to be trying to prolong the conflict then throw the ukrainians live the way i average you heard russia, he based on that, he argued that calls for a cease fire coming from united states and their allies seem insincere. and there's a legit this is simply an opportunity to to let the extreme nazi forces regroup and continue their efforts not just against russia, but against ukrainian civilians. now, later after we heard from the countries making up the un security council, we did hear the ukrainian representative get up. and he made a lot of accusations against russia. one being that russia is not allowing civilians to leave a factory and basically is enabling and causing civilians to be killed. this is
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what the granting representative said when addressing the security council. the situation in mario remains the most critical. thousands of civilians are still in the city congress of them, including children, have taken shelter in the old style plant. they need immediate safety occupation, and the russian forces are well aware of these. instead, the russians deny all requests from the ukrainian side world leaders and the u. s. u n. hi, officials for iraq creation car doors for civilians. major poly and gay, representing the russian federation, spoke and explained very clearly that the presence of these civilians in the factory was hidden. despite repeated requests on the part of russia to make sure that no civilians were in harm's way. and now russia has been calling on kiev to influence the fighting forces there and allow the civilians to leave the factory. so essentially, ukrainians are being used as human. she'll buy, you know,
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by these extremist anti russian forces that have been armed and trained by the states and ukraine. now it's also important to note that at the security council meeting, shina, it's up to the floor and talked about the dangers facing the global economy. and how the targeting and manipulation of currency as a result of us sanctions, is having a very long term and serious effect, not just in russia, but in other places. now the world economy is being badly affected by these moves by the united states. that the escalation of the conflict. so i was quite a meeting of the un security council, a lot of allegations against russia. russia didn't have an opportunity as a permanent member of the un security council, a body that was formed among the countries that defeated fascism in the 2nd world war. they had an opportunity to give their side of the story and they presented facts that are being ignored in western media and ignored in the high rate of western leaders. so i was quite a meeting and security council, not
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a lot of unity among the countries there. clearly some very different understand of the dance on the ground in ukraine as a lot of people are becoming refugees. a lot of people are clearly suffering. some news just in now president payton has congratulated the russian military on the successful tests. launch ever brands, new intake, continental ballistic missile. we can get the details now from our correspondent maria phenomena. maria, get to see you. so tell us more about this as saw. much missile? yeah. hi nikki, yes. rushes defense minister. he says that earlier on wednesday carried out a successful tasked launch of this armored super heavy intercontinental ballistic missile known to the west. as satan to all the tasks, the ministry says were fulfilled completely and precisely. the giant may sal was launched from place sets cost my drama and rushes north commenting on the launch rushes present wide more potent, sad that it would make all those countries daring to threaten russia. think twice.
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let's take a listen. the good boy sure is. this is a big advance in the development of advanced weapons systems for the russian army. the new complex has supreme texaco and technical characteristics in his able to overcome any exist in missile defense systems. it has no equivalence anywhere in the world, and there won't be any for a long time. this truly unique weapon will reinforce the convert potential of our armed forces reliably and show russia security from external threats and make those who are in the heat of friends. it aggressive rhetoric or try to threaten our country, think twice. i would like to express my gratitude to everyone who participated in the development and production of the new complex huggins. soon i would like to emphasize that when creating the saw mod, only russian made components and parts were used. and this will simplify the serial production of the noun. cell complex was 1st heard of the sar might, may solve back in 2018 when widen reporting and vill 6 news talk to dick watkins
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and back that it was announced that they sar months 1st wide a would happen in 2022 with the weapon ready to enter service in the country later the same year. so from what we hear today from russia's defense minister, we can say it may happen even a little bit ahead of the shadow. back to you. michelle, thanks for the update on south maria phenomena. thank you for joining us. hara naughty international web back at the top of the with the very latest say that ah oh, well sure seemed wrong when old groups just don't hold any rules yet to shape out. disdain becomes the advocate and engagement
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equals the trail. when so many find themselves will support, we choose to look for common ground. oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, whole community? are you going the right way, or are you being led to some direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the
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shallows. i spoke with i just threw both, both the models, you need to do both with a, a, a, a, a, with
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a personal number. you know, we're a little bit i i um ah, ah, ah hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered. i'm peter level,
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we're told one of the hallmarks of western liberalism is the idea and practice of tolerance. more specifically, it is said we should not judge an individual or group based on their race color or creed. but that apparently doesn't apply when it comes to russians. bruce, a phobia is the new bigotry. ah, cross stocking russo foby, i'm joined by my guess. arthur. claire ruined toronto. he's a liberty advocate and freelance editor in ohio. we have oliver boyd barrett. he is a professor emeritus of journalism and public relations at bowling green state university, as well as author of russia gate in propaganda. and here in moscow we cross to robert bridge. he's an american writer and journalist based in moscow or a gentleman, cross sack rules and effect. that means he can jump in any time he want. and i always appreciate arthur, let me go to you 1st and toronto. what happened to the liberal tradition?
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i mean, it seems of all crashed. i mean, every single minority group a marginalized group, we have to have tolerance. we, you know, it, we hear all the time. 247. but there's one exception. it's russians apparently go ahead and toronto. it's interesting because there's a are almost a rejection of that original liberalism that the west kind of developed over the last little while. and it's turned into a new religion. a new state, religion almost in which there is something called a repressive tolerance. and that is based in this kind of neo marxian, post modern ideology, that is very brant and throughout, throughout the western general that sort of gets found here. oliver, if i go to you very early in california, you're, you specialize in these kinds of things here. are you surprised that the.


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