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tv   News  RT  April 20, 2022 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] ah, [000:00:00;00] with russia says it give, has, again refused to use a provided safe zone for ukrainian troops in the besieged as a stall field factory and mar, you pull to release civilians and surrender as the fight for the nationalist struggle. bridges on reports from the battle ground with a foreign nationalist to keep them keep the pressure going
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against the flow. prominent italian journalist angelo dorothy, a contributor to top national news outlets stands up against the west establishment narrative and says, the us is to blame for the war, new grain. we hear from him in an interview. technically it's russia that in least the war. but in my view, it's the united states that prompted russia to do that. it states the number of publications, including with nato expansion, the united states figured out that it's losing cloud is a global hedge. and so it's behavior is a kind of a reaction a death sentence, that's how wiki leaks describes a london court's decision to extradite whistleblower. gillian assange to the u. s. where he faces up to 175 years in prison on espionage charges. that is despite in earlier ruling that he could be treated partially in u. s. custody with
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kathy live direct from our studios in moscow. this is our 2 international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. are now the danielle republic, fragments of a ukrainian missile, intercepted by a local air defense system, rained down on the city of shock yourself with at least one person reported to be killed. now this unverified footage that you're gonna see here reportedly shows the destruction in the city where authority say a child was killed and for other people were wounded. the missile is believed to have been a torture you widely used of ukrainian military. russia says kiev has again refused to use a humanitarian corridor for ukrainian troops after the besieged as a star feel factory and marble to safely release civilians and surrender the calls to surrender. have also been announced through loudspeaker.
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images of good bush. let me just a little bit while 5 ukrainian soldiers have reportedly surrendered to don, yet, republic forces remaining fighters are still holding onto the sprawling territory of the industrial plan. their exact number is unknown, but they are reportedly ensured supply of ammunition and food ration led forces. save that, they have been making very cautious moves towards the enemy position. but i got your reports from the battle graph. oh yeah, i bought me with a movie. yeah. close to the i was up still an industrial call for norco board with just fine. those buildings with infantry
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can only do so much against fortified positions. heavy alma is called in for the heavy lifting and the troops, chechen volunteers in this case, know where the weak points are. right now, these are the fibers are covering this tag crew. they're receiving targeting directions from troops here on the ground once once they have those all fish that goes that do its job. once everything is agreed, the action begins that his vow in position has a target inside attack, it's not true, it's administered, withdrawn. a pm
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d heavy vehicle has now taken place. foreign nationalists to keep them keep the price up day in day out for weeks on end. fighting for every building, every floor, every room after the heavy vehicles finish up, the infantry moves in digital till a small task is to follow the soldiers and provide cover for them. yes, we are on the lookout for any enemy movement. every one knows exactly what they doing was the, the as off nationalists in the industrial zoom that the heart of the city are in, sorry, shape their short and food, water, ammunition, and morale. russia has repeatedly offered them a seat, fought, and the chance to surrender the nationalists. the refuse in some places ukrainian troops were crowded, shot in the bag by their own as they attempted to surrender. it is clear that despite their situation,
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as of nationalist mentality is not changed and the most fanatical of them are still very much in charge. more ad guys v a r t for mary you both. the russian army claims that soldiers have managed to evacuate more than 120 civilians through seafront from the as of sol industrial area. meanwhile, kremlin spokesman dmitri pest golf, it says that russia has sent a new draft agreement to give, to resolve the conflict. and is now waiting for a response hescol for caution. that kid has so far been reluctant to work out the details of a potential arrangement with moscow, or g has heard from some of the civilians who managed to flee the dangerous vicinity of embattled as of some factory. you i think, oh no, not hosted. that's neither, we want doubt to get water. a sniper shot me in the leg. i didn't see who it was you that it was in an area controlled by the ukraine supply as belts because the resolve militants told us that anyone who goes on to the ration control territory
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would be shot dead. please let him make like he didn't. a soldiers kicked us out dead. we grabbed our passports and money. when we came back to our apartments, we saw our belongings. food. everything was stolen after again as of soldiers have taken everything, but i do to red, nauseous, yoga breath. i did not let him out as of the least shot at the legs of any one who tried to get out. prominent italian journalist to angelo dorsey has suggested that an alternative view of the ongoing conflict in ukraine breaking with the western establishment media narrative. he says, the us is to blame for the war the memory go to that, but we must remember that this war, besides everything that we're talking about is a war of the united states against europe. the e. u is the real object of this war. the united states is interested in severing ties between russia in europe and also china the contributor to top and tell you media outlets. dorsey has called out italian newspaper,
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las tampa on allegations that it committed fabrications. and it's reporting on the ukraine conflict, one of at least most popular news organizations, lots of posted a photo of people killed by a missiles attack and done you ask, as supposedly victims of the russian military operation. but russia has insisted that missile was launched from territory controlled by ukrainian forces. we have spoken with dorsey and got his insight on many aspects of the conflict a, my mentor, welcome each other little. technically it's russia that unleashed the war. but in my view, it's the united states that prompted russia to do that. it staged a number of provocations, including with nato expansion. the united states figured out that it's losing cloud as a global hagaman. so it's behavior is a kind of a reaction. it definitely doesn't want to put up with its new role amid a shift into paula centric world. in my view, zalinski is now the main obstacle to achieving peace. it's obvious that he's ready to sacrifice his country in his people in order to stain power. he's also hindering
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a diplomatic solution if we want peace talks to succeed, then the compliance with immense que agreements should be the starting point, but zelinski as opposed to that for him. i think that today we're seeing 2 wars being fought simultaneously. one is being waged with arms bombs and missiles on the battlefield, whereas the other is unfolding in the media with newspapers, television, and the internet. and the latter one is no less serious. media outlets are being shut down and employ to we can rival power zalinski himself basically silenced the opposition. so it's not correct to say that the war and defense of zalinski equals a war and defense of democracy. i have never before seen must media acting as indecently as they do now. i'm struggling for the truth. seeking to my own opinion without buying into the official version of it. my daughter was in crimea during the referendum. she worked. there is a photo journalist and sent me images showing people joy about returning to russia
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. that the referendum embodied a national unity that it was considered liberation back then while covering the situation and the don bass, she managed to survive miracle asleep while her 30 year old colleague was killed in a mortar fire. she was very upset to see the violence that the authorities and key if used against the people of the don bass sanctions. never heard governments and fact they heard the pop lation and because of that they are moral. they are also inefficient if their objective is to shift power and moscow. furthermore, the sanctions have already impacted european economies. the italian economy has already suffered and it's going to get worse. only the united states will manage to get away with it. probably for now the you doesn't see that i'm surprised by how short sighted our politicians art. wikileaks at founder gillian assange is now one step away from extradition to the us. as a london magistrates court has ruled in favor of the move. it's now up to britain's
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home secretary to confirm the decision, which would csr handed over to the us where he faces up to 175 years in prison on espionage charges. wiki leeks editor in chief, kristen referencing says the latest ruling could essentially amount to a death sentence for such 16 months ago. this port or i could, i didn't know songs would mean a risk to his life that it would be equal to that sentence. not his court has been ordered will issue that sentence. that is what happened here today. not julians alive is in the hands are pretty hotel and bored. is johnson. they need to do that . i think you need to make sure they do the right thing. they have the power to stop the 2 and to save a man's life and stop this attack on the freedom of the press. julian assange has
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adamantly and repeatedly denied the allegations against him. the london court had earlier admitted that astonished might face harsh treatment in american custody. we got reactions from political commentator, co worker, almost ian and international journalist, richard metters to say political motives underlie the decision to extradited fonts as fundamental principles of freedom of speech are compromised. this is very obviously a political, political trial. honestly, given a pretty patel's policies. you know, i, i don't, i don't really hold out much hope for science because it's just last year where she was trying to make recommendations that journalists in the u. k. be in prison for up to 14 years for you know, publishing government secrets, things that embarrassed the government. so i don't really think she's much of a, of a friend of freedom of the press. again, i do hope she does the right thing because she, she, she has the power in her hands right now, as does more as johnson to take a stance for press freedoms to show that the u. k is not working at the past of the united states and to stop a, you know, a journalist being shipped off to face to centuries and jail and western are
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countries on the governments are moving a gradually into authoritarianism. they are not going to condemn themselves by pardoning julian as font or, or, or stopping the extradition of julian assigned. they're all in one team. julian assange wasn't biased towards any country. he published documents that condemn lots of government, and it is only the united states that is trying nowadays to extradite julian assigned to the united states. and this will be a death sentence for him. and this will mean, in my opinion, the end of the so called freedom of press and freedom of opinion and expression that the united states brags about and says that it is spreading this values around the world. so we cannot really tolerate this talk anymore that the united states is championing this freedoms around the world because it has killed it. it has killed it, witness case against an assange. ah, montenegro has become the latest nation to follow the use crackdown on russian media bending coverage by
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r t and fellow russian news agency. sputnik that's as the balkan states strive to become a member in the block of the measures, prohibit local broadcasters and internet providers from allowing content by russian media outlets. the move complies with an earlier decision by the you to ban rti and fellow russian news agencies put nick over what the block said is quote, systematic information manipulation about russia's military offensive in ukraine. your book, knowledge, gay, serbian american journalist and senior writer at r t says the latest move by montenegro once again testifies to the use censorship of opposing viewpoints. you really have to look which governments are enforcing they're the officially stated principles and which ones are using just power for power sake. obviously that you doesn't believe it's on principles, but only power. it's sending a message to the world that they don't care for any sort of points of view that are not officially approved for brussels. and that's pretty chilling. all of these states that are, are rushing to become independent since 990 have basically just traded their
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nominal independence for being a vassal of the u. s. so it's not really about independence. it's about changing masters by doing this. they're spitting on themselves and their own identity and their own history. i don't expect it to be very profitable. i mean, obviously, yes, the european union will say, you know, good boy and pet them on the, on the, on the head for this. but i don't necessarily believe that this will get them as close to membership the bricks, emerging economies, brazil, russia, india, china, and south africa are planning to hasten the introduction of their own financial system to rival the western lead. swift network. that's as western powers have lashed out at moscow with sanctions, including cutting, some russian banks off from swift rushes. finance minister says the new system will help countries shift away from dollar dominance and create a buffer against shocks. in case of a global economic downturn, bricks countries,
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and also plan to use their national currencies for import export operations and more closely integrate their bank card systems. the director of the geopolitical economy research group, radical decide says that the dollar dominated system has been hindering the world economy the americans and the european, you know, acolytes are try doing what they're doing. that is putting sanctions in russia cetera. in order to scare the rest of the world into coming and becoming part of their system you know, to, into, into leaving close to the west. in reality, the effect of these actions is to actually not unite the world under the domination of the west. but actually to divide the one between a small part of the world, which is essentially the old imperial core of the world economy, which is centered around in decaying financial eyes spread to re speculative american economy. and on the other hand,
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the rest of the world which consists of the vast majority of the world countries and overwhelming majority of the world's population, which will be centered around a more dynamic china. and of course, is russia and china get closer together as seems to be the case. then it may be a very powerful do. busy because what china has, in terms of its labor force, et cetera, and what russia has in terms of her resources. and also of course rushes highly trained labor force. i think this is going to be the most dynamic, dual ever see the europeans in launching the euro. we're the 1st sector of countries, and in fact, it goes back a long way back when the dollars link to go was broken in 1971. that was when the europeans began their, a long journey to was monetary union who spoke was, was precisely to eliminate the dollar from their mutual payments. the euro, euro doesn't look in great shape right now. but that is just the way these things
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work out. so i think the russians, the chinese, the indians in many ways, different countries are trying different ways in which to assert their independence from the dollar system, which has been extremely destructive. because the donor system rests on a sort of, of a band of financial i zation, which is the eisley, what has been doing the 2 biggest economic, 2 biggest thoughts of economy damage to the world. number one, increasing inequality just such an extent. that demand remains a problem in the world. and number 2, ensuring that the vast, vast amounts of money, we're just rushing around the financial system and not invested productively, but are rather invested in speculation and paris, the decal preservation on the, on the incomes of a, of those who actually worked for a dollar system has been deeply contradictory from the start people just talked as though the dollars dominance was completely natural. what they forget is that it
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has required, as i said this, this, this, this, this foundation of financial ization, which has been destructive while inflation in the u. s. is its highest in 40 years, the by did ministration seems to be more focused on gender and sexual orientation issues. as the word gender was mentioned to 40 times, more than the word inflation in washington's economic report for by the 1st year as president ortiz, rachel blevins has the details. after that report, many americans certainly at the moment, are not happy with the white house as president biden continues to blame russia for everything from soaring inflation, due skyrocketing gas prices, but it's the president's 2022 economic report that is now raising a number of questions as it uses the word gender, 40 times more than the word inflation. even saying that if the u. s. really wants
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to address economic inequality, then the country needs to take a look at a number of different gender identities. the u. s. census bureaus, household post survey designed to provide real time tracking of outcomes during the coven. 19 pandemic. for the 1st time, introduce separate questions about sexual orientation and gender identity on a census bureau survey in july 2021. so what exactly does that have to do with economics, especially at a time when the u. s. economy is getting worse and worse. annual inflation is over 40 year highs at 8 and a half percent. americans are having to pay more all around. whether it's trying to keep their lights on with energy prices up, 32 percent or paying more at the gas pump with gas prices up, staggering, 48 percent. but by then continues to try to put the blame on russia for his own economic policies. the 2nd big reason for inflation is rather prudent, not
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a joke. and when the mind administration isn't focusing on gender studies, they're focusing on ukraine signing off on another $800000000.00 military aid package just this week. but biden's approval rating continues to hit new record lows with nearly half of the country, referring to the u. s. economy as poor under the bite administration. now biden does say that he's going to run for a 2nd term in 2024. but the question remains, how many americans will support him after his 1st term and office economic and political experts jack rasmus says the focus on gender issues. not the economy reveals a dubious strategy by the by the administration. the emphasis on gender reserve, you know, it reveals that the democrat party focus is on identity politics as it has been increasingly in recent years as it excludes focus on, you know, real issues, wages and jobs and so forth. that benefit working and middle classes in this
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country as far as inflation is concerned. it was a big problem before ukraine than before. blaming putting. it was a problem because of global supply chains were in bad shape. and because the stimulus ran out last summer, there's no solution going on to the inflation. and it's going to accelerate washington is targeting the weapon zation of outer space with us, vice president, pamela harris, announcing a band on anti satellite weapons tests. yesterday, vice president announced the united states commitment to not conduct the destructive director sent anti satellite missile testing, and to work to establish this as a new international norm for responsible behavior in space. but despite the latest rhetoric from washington, the u. s. had earlier rejected several key international treaties that aimed at banned the placement of weapons in orbit with american officials, claiming the proposals offered by russia and china were flawed. russian space
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agency roscoe's most says the u. s. has apparently already developed its own covert space weapons program, retired us air force, lieutenant colonel turn petoskey suspects. washington has been trying to create enough time for to complete its own arms test. first, you have to understand the messaging is very often directed domestically. and this is a political thing, they democrats in the fight and supporters in this country. they are tuned into environmental health issues. and this is an environmental issue. there's, there's space garbage and we're going to not support space garbage. i mean, that's part of the message. and the other part of it is misleading to the international community, and that is that because the u. s. is already completed the testing that it needs to do. and so this is one more way to point the finger at other country, specifically rush in china. i mean, if you look at the markets for the defense contractors that contract with the us
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space command, boeing in particular, which is had a major role in the anti satellite activities. their stocks are, are fine, they are level and going up. ok. so there was no market reaction to a cancellation or a stoppage. u. s. government investment in this area, which tells you that either the investment is not stopping or it is already been made and they're moving on to other things. ah, china and pakistan have announced that they are expanding their partnership as part of a new economic corridor. in pakistani nuclear power unit, powered by a chinese developed reactor, has also started working this week. the new round of cooperation comes as pakistan's, newly appointed prime minister forms a coalition government pm. shabazz sharif has also hosted chinese envoy to pakistan for talks in islam about your political analyst. on a long shot and paris school of technology and business. professor benjamin shall say,
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close ties between the countries go beyond the current change of power. you got an enormous when it comes back on. there are certain cavities or to with chinese are definitely one of the bug. it's funny. governments have reached out to, in the past, it's not subject to the genome governments, it's beyond the governments, it's a strategic state to state relationship. so this was really much expected. and the 2nd thing bear in mind is that strategies and had a very good relationship working with the sheriff's in the past before romulus to ship was sharif. recently gaming to paula and his algebra and chemistry was an hour for him for a good 4 years. 5 years and it was during that time also the chinese development with relationship. so i see this as a can you leave of it relationship or just the on any change? economically, the,
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the china pakistan economic corridor is of power. mel importers decoy is not just about connectivity, is about cooperation, industrialization, agriculture, and tourism. it is estimated that decoy dog would create 2300000 jobs between 20152030. and he would add 2 to 2.5 percent h point to the pack his time. so annual quote. the value of this project is worth about $62000000000.00 us dollars as alpha. 2020 more. that all the foreign direct investment in pakistan since 1970 as it does for me this hour, i will be back, let's say in 33 minutes of another phone. just let you know this is archie international quite a few of us. ah
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ah ah ah ah oh is your media a reflection of reality?
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ah, in a world transformed what will make you feel safe, isolation or community? are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? which direction? what is truth? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah . with
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hello and welcome to cross stock. we're all things considered. i'm peter lavelle. we're told one of the hallmarks of western liberalism is the idea and practice of tolerance. more specifically, it is said we should not judge an individual or group based on their race color or creed. but that apparently doesn't apply when it comes to russians. bruce, a phobia is the new bigotry ah cross sucking russo foby. i'm joined by my guess arthur. clearer. in toronto, he's a liberty advocate and freelance editor in ohio. we have all of her, boyd barrett. he is a professor emeritus of journalism and public relations at bowling green state university, as well as author of russia gate in propaganda. and here in moscow we crossed to robert bridge. he's an american writer and journalist based in moscow or a gentleman, cross sack rules in effect. that means you can jump in anytime you want. and i always appreciate arthur. let me go to you 1st and toronto. what happened to the
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liberal tradition? i mean, it seems of all crashed. i mean, every single minority group a marginalized group, we have to have tolerance, we it, we hear it all the time. 247. but there's one exception. it's russians apparently go ahead in toronto. it's, it's interesting because there's a are almost a rejection of that original liberalism that the, the west kind of developed. lastly, while and it's turned into a new religion. i'm a new state, religion almost in which there's something called her crescent tolerance. and, and that is based in this kind of neil marxian, postmodern ideology that is very brand throughout, throughout the western general. so that sort of gets sound here. oliver. if i go to you very early in california, i'm, you're, you specialize in these kinds of things here. are you surprised that the, the,


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