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adult with almost the sled poster. now. no push of us talk. well, no, it's the result. notional said that you put your solid progression in them. so that mean tedious notion, it is literally not ok. just learning a little bit of rock or log a delegate or ceiling in medical center is kinda the same, same name. and you said somebody in your door and you're there and it's just a bunch of material and it was like, he was goes on, you know, and then you're still at a situation where you must get a tuition but he isn't like them. okay, so let me mention this to you. you bother you. mostly a lot of the shows the new principal when you go the other is i'm going to get with this as well, but, but i mean, she, it's amy, can you hear what would you tell a little bit easier?
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you spend a minute watching, which is boys all the way so you should be feature knots with them because they should be would the gave you the nature of what will you go to you? i didn't do she was she when you got only euros to she machine which know where the where they are. they are slowly stood up. i was a be like east. it was close to building the should do with not the good will totally sure solution. the little you and wish those that was number and
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who was the p g? me me. she was still on the side. me could dates you move everything over. ah, oh boy, she must do it as much as silica when the billing is still using it, though. if there was a billing issue, the other more than you would on the zillow thing. just because they said that the billing is not even the billing each year. but he's still in your total is a little bit even you should know way when you minute let's chip full bill use. but
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the most them, what movie did you go? you go through you that goes with it. then this motor process the students need to be, but you were saying, you know, was just what you and then you're presented with google pretty much you live in unit 10. you're probably going to check on you, but there's a wire store or maybe days, but then sell them for the mission. know, and they're still could i get back on your joy? you could. i knew him and i should be ready to go. so run your boys not at the car now years know which it's but i was actually a car. in other words, i had them another says the stomach, i thought it was a chill area. you moved us walking him with his voice to to hear us about that. he
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got more than that says that roxanne, a bridge over us are still there and you got those discuss i was meant to book or nancy nor i'll probably just send you and start the venue vessels that go to the city and you don't see, but really and ship systems to come up with it. you probably aggressive, you know, it was good when you might have to grows and you splashing issue study b 3 will present bomb is a pretty due process to provide you that gives you the designer should both with respect to change the sheets that i will to seattle much more again, is that symbol? because any particular piece, unless you don't know a litigation fix on the one, you know next that the doctor for which one the initial sure to get to see. and then the ocean version, the a lot of the news over the last year when you choose to combine your daughter, you sent me as soon as i miss you, then you finish the dump. a lot of the news all,
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and you sit with you when you get a bottle of us need new, a slow got sure. what is now we can see a dumb production, but it just it just them over to them. ok. so she's a b one. if could tie of that and it just stuck me at, at that with a kid that does or what? no, what on can you part the bush and i thought, well, the course of a mr. what the issue with what i just showed, the billing is karlesha that sunday, a book on global and a much started chima a with nuts which medusa for a long detail. so you would put it all. yeah. did you wanna use a photo visibly when you do the move on to it more
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when we laboratory for the if you wanted to walk through a process, it would mean yet it was going to do with us economy. just keep us live there. a, have you do the full credit dynasty smear instead? and you throw in? yes, you said you don't and we will d. c. but you to pursue mural the talk to mom with a notion of center of just there's not clearly when you probably end up with that i came to you. it was nice and she most of the spoke when they switched off schema to your private. you will buy me to court where you see where you me to skip it is just like a case. yeah. and you can create
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a little bit more e mailing e s q l e b as in boy. oh, so you probably didn't say i could use the lu, i'm giving you the new system, but on the show i don't store into him was a new completion of what shouldn't be an issue to rothko some vendors. okay, so it looks good. you're done with the move union bullet by mission or spoken to this with him in the rules. q manion koreans of up ross,
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position you system about on a respirator called precision reduced and they could put in a brush with just a couple of no, probably not to show even in the morning. and a great wisdom, the only good store took over the grant me, this is just so much to suggest you when you know of the problem, it's don't store here. well, isn't it the reduced lunch? you not know a glitch in the teacher's carol's. go to craig, so the police could put a would be one that would be great for me. the ship facilities lucille mission, a number of the miscue nearly triple just hope us more is in the school roper rules q grades. bill. it also will move by like a loophole with the funding. you fund
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a bill to him in the bottles, can you pull grain, some easy bottles, chemo grain, some knowing you ball and the amount of red amino you function of the quarter? well, more of the cells that you folks still more than the cells don't lease convolution or yes, mr. washington, the thinking research has been with us. okay. because natural usual, pretty cheap because mr. so, but on the initial walk into the thoughts that you mean you sure abreast to children, even that all score at no additional ah, only one main thing is important for not as an internationally speaking that is, that nation's thoughts are allowed to do anything. all the mazda races, and then you have the minor nations who are the slaves. americans, brock, obama,
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and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism. international law exist as long as it serves the american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist by turning those russians into this dangerous bogeyman that wants to take over the world. that was a cut your strategy and walked out of it on your own. i not leashed a tablet block. nato said it's powers. we move east and the reason us here, germany is so dangerous, is it. the law is the sovereignty of all the countries. the exceptionalism an american uses in its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nature, what is founded, shareholders in united states and elsewhere in large obs companies would lose millions of millions or is business and business is good and that is the reality of
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what we're facing, which is fashion. oh, is your media reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safe, isolation, whole community? are you going the right way? where are you being that somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows.
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ah, ah, i look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to great trust or rather than fear i would like to take on various charlene with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect his own existence with
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oh, nice to come to the russian state. total narrative. i've studied as i'm phoning northland scheme development. i'm not getting those lamps end up with 50 babbled speedo keys on i need to find speaking with we will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine restate on russia today, and split ortiz food. now given our video agency, roughly all band on youtube and pinterest and with with
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me, oh listen, you. you still urls in google ne village. so sport of e m would go that one us hadn't used quickly of nas up to the ups was they did the search. nobody else had been the boss knew up also president of the to with and you know, it's so big double a c o which you know as a mom, those dishonest bills like a thorough hit in the store near that then you was more nice that the user was so core ordering is miss shania, is anybody she had the she either bailey a know what should the key i should those 2 a couple in your but sure. are you still done like more than that? new kid is that good and i'm so you wouldn't even use houston, although most of brains have been by video where the should that you as was now with when you go, if you're visible, you ask a couple of it is a chill and also as of you lose here and, and so full immediately the group today peter's dania moore's good. amelia, nancy, it missed the gill. you see a young meal, the support an
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e 0 on showed us that you can you bring out num, lithium nemea, epidemiologist, you the cousin last boy and 2. so one last, no, what is it as a will you? i mean, i see thought of you would only be on the medium gum switch. it was a blue i noodle stiff near below and you smell it out of the blue. and you see you're doing this. michelle pro, florida would come. yes or no, but it's the linear bombs through the buttons. i love us, navy laurine played amazon. you might say eating now, but with music you months of did those 2, but i mean, and you produce d sugar make up of postcolonial. sure. the game you to know, it's just, there's almost 50 avoid him. is that the sticky jest in give you the oil misty is made and there was a little bitty michaud in your grade as have been avenue that is that and i just enjoy doing this. desousa said that it wasn't, that goes up so the stupid day and since it, oh wait, unless you like that those that needs are already new was more than the youngest of your nation. her stubb mistakes she would even doesn't you, she therapist is not on the station would mean yet the gift, knowing you got to remove it says they taking care of you co redoing your boy to
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quote that gives technology, but almost the bernetta church awareness they struggle you yet, church kirkwood took the cook over the breeze nuclear chariyuka nash issues of toilet. no nuts. your goodness analysis, you look at the school group there where you are still more. i billy scotia, i visited it escabido's pocket, that big net of new. what does she need? concrete, which layer is issue. you were getting a chip is a shift strain you again of the cookie to produce. think you got to do more with the t shirts. you approach of cut off more snow for this. it's pretty, some of the machine says that for quick enough rolled in there, it will show closure. i took on yesterday. i took roger boot the sticky token i had to actually can no, sure. and now group allergic authority, me, it was a please. but you will ship it, but i do. they are supposed to like go crazy. which you more story color, what are 3 millan age and i know crane you you put your move. see i need to and i
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was here to was entangled. no idea. and i wish that, but i didn't turn around, i should kick another the villages to say it goes, i use it on the phone. you should been out of my linelle. what are you? who can i use community schools wishing millions of girls? can it themes emotional support as it was united heaps, i knew who grahams. mazama gardner today, douglas called the style is to be able to tell you, is that i she's catherine wasn't though, as nature's okay. he was, she's crazy. sneezing. when you william teaching e g t, docket brace crazier will. she means that it was a process to get a girl godson. you're the crap known in the place. convenience. a few months, still the community club, the oven lapreski, the one you told me to call customer or to boston. we've done some sort of immune logo, but really see if the company should ability to go about a podium store. damper would you like just put on your mobile lancaster city is
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a patch of water. is lea, a bill in your sphere to where you may be? l o g e. bravo, genius, the keys, but than you sleeping of don't sleep magazines, come they selenium, rosie, you probably live felonies wholly even older. nor passcode who is your total. foremost from the hood, you support control em, sasha. just live in front of so nice feeding. just and then of course, come that way. can you please could deal with the computer you got to get a cheaper move for the stuff that she was in last a year. my son in a studio is a good deal is when do you know, i mean, i mean is a, a,
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a, a, a, a, a scan, she has a glass, it should be a house that are here with a, a some of the complaint to help the georgian soldiers, they were, they would catch the same disease. healthy young one will live,
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one would die. i don't know why. i don't know what they were testing on. maybe god knows. the information i had about george and soldiers is about the blood based on information. and this is the same project that's in ukraine, and they're using george and soldiers because they're young. they're naive that they feel obligated to participate in these dangers experiments. they, they claim they give them informed consent. they explained to them the risk involved. but when you're young soldiers, you do what you're told to do, or you will have, you will be beaten up later that day by your colleagues, you get back to the barracks. so you don't see a few last, you know, you got a lawyer and i, you know, i was a lawyer and i was just a mom and always, you know, my mom was the she, you know,
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like you see and the one. yeah. i do it. well, it is, you know, i mean, and so, and i'm telling people, and i repeat, laboratory is not so much in the lab, but the whole country of georgia is a human laboratory. and if dr. wrangler was alive, he would be very impressed with what they're able to do in georgia and for the georgia government to be totally uninformed. when people in america don't even have basic health care, many people and they are spending $21000000.00 a year just to operate the lab for over to paying salaries, maintenance, electricity. the water, you know, $21000000.00 a year. a, a, a that's an issue,
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but we've been a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a and i see,
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and i don't want them a got a is a boy by us. yeah. oh, i a, i'm a member to research by weight, or i can do it on their own territory. you're talking about a around that in $25.00 is across the world. many countries bothering only, you know, you know,
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these can only one, but this is because this is not in the united states. this is in countries that location in, based on this or injury to the local population. any history, i think out to the local governments of the country, a scientists working on the program to perform what, what their project is, the ones are involving a without being able to a new use that on the sales. and when you do it, because the only one you had to,
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which was the middle a new, but he chose ludmilla thought, said you unless the medium a bla gazoomba. appreciate it. no, you should look a bullet go in the vehicle. some one thing is a pretty loosely a doing you, if you got say, know what the rooster on you. thank you for she, the stuff on no good possible as a petition or if it's a you only start i music. if you said it was me, you said that they wouldn't have given up, but when you see that when you get your youth up, are you looking to roll them over to him when it comes to about with the mental. but i see, you know, i need a full got neutral to a crocker see for crockett, dietary tosto. you guys have been speaking to cooper, that you are me to counselor the dealer with was new show up rules, the prostate, the, the just the me pretty cheap the me of them as a way more than i can use the on the floors know that you know the global was a lazy can boil your school used to, to begin with. can you, can you get you in them?
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you see of doing mobile too because i still at the village to scott over, but i was like a christian me. and i thought i can finish it with special ed, which is what i just didn't want to put on. so the cool carol schwinney with me. so i you need so i was not seeing it. i'm going to ask my lawyer. no, i know he's a lawyer, a
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nice the way you want us to move to fuck them. beloved miss, be signing up saying that she didn't do it that way and we we use the news. possibly. she's a much unable daily interest. give me a minute longer human language. is it windows? nobody cares. the wooden bush associated with a demon, especially the spanish race. mm.
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ah ah ah ah needs to come to the russian state little narrative. i've stayed on the north lansky
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with eclipse in 55 when. okay, all righty. still speaking with will ban in the european union. the kremlin, the media machine. the state aren't russia today and split ortiz sport mckibben our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with me. ah, ah,
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ah bill again. i consider the proposals dorming of the industrial zone impractical. i order you to cancel it. the other person calls off the assault on the as of style factory and mario paul warning it would lead to casualties among the russian troops, while the remaining ukrainian forces inside the $45.00 plants are expected to run out of supplies and surrender. as, as russia defense ministers, they is the civilian areas of mario paul have been fully committed of radical troops and residents can now start going back to normal life we had from some of the locals, he managed to flee the fi, think around the as of cell size, drake, who did not, you have to do it. we walked out to get water and a sniper.


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