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in the the, the russian embassies in western countries resemble besieged fortresses, vacations that surrounded by picket lines and bombarded with verbal threats. once in a while projectiles are thrown at them. for jump or sole launched, their mark. wisdom must personal care. i'm, i mean, you know, there's no pressure ceiling unless you're coming down the wall. i was not sure this is not the use of as well. i don't for them. it's just not a lot of numbers as over of fish,
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russia, that i see that i see as opposed to the estimable hours tomorrow . and they're small, but i'm at the sensors, especially sneaking he's lost shows we just witness, purchase them or to live in use or there's there's no, what i say shower law funky form such. and he was curious as to what goes on and why that is more that is solely assigned a classical block heater, which oh so on on the april the see
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a vehicle round the gates of rushes embassy and book arrest. the car caught fire and the driver died from bones of the scene. it was later discovered that the day before a court had found a man guilty of abusing his daughter procedures. i mean on the head, you know, in the police are good at your shift. wrestling it's funny saying you can, i've done them. i mean you can factor teachers k at same teacher or not that i'm going to for my new person yet a dish parish is my problem. with my case, the renewal was partially new. now fornia and it was a great storm maybe because always nice. there must be
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for you the food you just want to you. if it was, it's in stickers like this appeared around london transport. it's not clear who initiated this, but many british people found it unacceptable. the british communist party condemned it, and demanded the stick has be removed. they say russian hysteria is becoming irrational. we believe that the interests of ordinary people, whether it's in the ukraine, britain or russia, should always come 1st. encouraging them stealing up, trying to hatred is not in anybody's interest. there are lessons from history that was being made in the tweet. you know the m t jewish wisteria that was an hatred that was being whipped up in nazi germany. of course, led to the most terrible consequences you're well aware of in russia and the former
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soviet union. and people in eastern europe must be well aware of. and people in britain must be well aware of, you know, the, the sort of the only good russian is a dead. russian is not a strategy for you. but there are certainly a minority of people who have extreme reviews or unkind. under course, they're being being encouraged, perhaps unwittingly, but they're being encouraged. the kind of propaganda is so widespread in our mainstream media. so it's never to be consequences and goes the stream. the one sided anti russian coverage that we have in our mass media. in, according to some estimates, russian is spoken or at least understood by up to a 3rd of israel is ironically many israelis who repatriated to their ancestral homeland and now being attacked because they considered russians or pro russian
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serving in europe, israel in the us, there's only one way out now. and that's via an airport yet that you lose. you got going this, the reason you think right actually moved by you did receive the dumpsters, give me a she, shank nationally jacket is telling you what are boise where you stand by me. the most is it will your own skin not back in the through i think my own tv. we got the bushel. i think it was the other honesty wasted enough with the lily. now, you know, just i know i got like i would, i used dr. fisher twice sibling, at least. i mean, oh, i see. yeah. give me a dip to wish out my, the boy who is going well with you got the was i shut the new credit out of the lot . i'm logging you correct. that the be honest and see what you did equally. not clement by going national a. she knew that also that was session frost crap money into that credit. i was not on that or his gave was it to just bring him out
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into a buffet of the starter. know when you put a choice yet, cause that for us, meet its process. mediate fast info ran your pastor in the planet with more just with the country, with the cost a smart younger class not allowed to just work with dawn east. east came up with our streaming into the process. yeah, just my daughter came one number. let me just put you on a little sky. some doors under one person, you know, you know, doesn't like us to go there. so once a images don't deepen, artificial dog or stunning into 2 additional cleanings, a company with vulnerable can you get your locals?
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nice to come to the russians state. little never, i've side as i'm phoning most landscape div asking him then i'll set up for it within the 55 when. okay, so mine is 2000 speedy. when else with we will ban in the european union. the kremlin. ca yep. machine. the state aunt, rush up to date and support our t spoke neck. even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with oh, is your media
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a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation for community. are you going the right way? where are you being led? somewhere? which direction? what is true? wharf is great. in the world corrupted you need to descend. ah. so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah!
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north atlantic alliance, recognizance aircraft wolf shipped, cruising close to russia's borders, have become commonplace along with military hardware redeployment and large scale exercises. nato has also developed its offensive capability near the russian borders. ah ah, every year a russian bank resolution is submitted to the un against the glorification of naziism the outcome is always the same, few as votes against it. and in recent years with ukrainian backing with typically that you obtains, ah, but with most countries voting in favor, the document is accepted. but it's only advisory
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lou meter causing a writer in history professor with the american university in washington summarizes the usa official position. united states says that we're not going to prevent freedom of speech. united states as that even neo nazis have the right to speak. and to assemble the german journalist and filmmaker, mark butler, my sees the ukrainian and u. s. positions differently. that certainly i'm like on our knee. my knee does torn he's of a phone, a name or do you cry, you know, shown garnish via the building damage for all time vasey zaps, tune a. the mountain western world generally considers hitler's naziism to be thing. i typically european democracies. the fear is, doctrinal, superior and inferior races, rather appeared out of thin air in europe due to an unlucky turn of events,
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a pre requisites for it had never existed before. but here's the pre world war, ma'am. the u. k. ad colonies in africa, india, china. the commonwealth of australia, asia, north and south america from said captured half of africa and half of indo china. belgium possessed congo. germany had colonies in africa, asia, south america, and osi. anya, italy established colonies in somalia, ethiopia, libya and eritrea. the was spanish colonies in south america, and africa thought to go lucky by colonies, several times its own size and population. the usa also kept up with the europeans . and so by the early 20th century, most of the world was divided between
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a few colonial nations pop what was going on in the colonies as well known and documented millions of ruined lives from slavery. mm. ruthless and remorseless exploitation with the phone of british diplomats professor of political ideas and also william melanson has studied europe's colonial system and the reason for its rise and fall. only one main thing is important for knox ism internationally speaking. that is, that nations or that state that allowed to do anything, all the mazda races, and then you have the minor nations, who are the slave for the europeans. this, these were indians africans, a hitler, they were jews, gypsies, and sobs. naziism is truly convenient. it's
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a cynical justification for wiping out some cold inferior races and shamelessly rubbing them at the same time with long before the 3rd rice appeared. naziism had been common in the west with there is only one sane and logical thing to be done with a ready and fairy a race. that is to exterminated h g. wells, english author. all these racial ideas and anti jewish ideas were circulating everywhere in europe. and this led or helped to so called justify the grabbing of other people's resources around the world, including what is today united states of america and has it, has anything altered only the colors. i do not admit, for instance, that the great wrong has been done to the red indians of america, a stronger race. a higher great race has come in and taken that life
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in winston churchill. the 2nd quote refers to the genocide of native americans that continued for around 300 years. about 90 percent of the continent indigenous peoples were wiped out. mm. counter terrorist expo dent fully yasamin analyst scott bennet investigates crimes against humanity. mm. the american indians who are seen as a scourge as a social pariah, that needed to be expunged expelled and exterminated from much of ah, the eastern seaboard. mm hm. the elimination of so called inferior races and extermination camps typical of the west . hitler had hardly come up with anything new bloemfontein 19 o one british concentration camp bout house 1945,
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but not the extermination camps. ah, the wisdom well, did anyone living off exposing its colonies bridge and power extremely profitable for the bridge? the french tried to, to copy in his books and articles. paul, craig roberts, professor of economics and well known journalist and former u. s. assistant secretary of the treasury for economic policy analyzes the economic factors destabilizing the world. i don't think that we care and attribute our european colonialism to anything other than the money making. the sun never set all the british empire. the callers were, were everywhere,
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had the same powers, far, far older than the lancers. i like the british people, they colonial policy was unthinkable. cut off hitler. sashes m is always attributed to the 3rd rife without mentioning help other countries contributed to the idea. this team, this versus more starts is on it because ashes mosquito finished with her father. she had to work. that's the few v. dubois that as that he burned along con, my little trust, michel and polito. hypo hope of our freshest ish concord inch banyon and i infectious vicious regime post to guide var, fascist ash mannion officers langon officers. frank, i had that in a fresh official color boulevard to us that will be v. she video deutsch of
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russia's most villains on our end to u. z. our stock of districts warden oust in was our finance yet the father hut, hitler. although the heater from not shown i went into nostrand, uncomfy thought in his books bent on let. so a history professor gives a thorough analysis of the reasons that brought germany to wal mm. he died chained or stay planted. archer has to send us the border o fca bow it me paid for that. i'm a karnicia one, a border a lot of elements in britain and france and the united states were pro fascist sympathetic. that hitler and mussolini american business was in bed with the nazis throughout most of the thirty's and into the early forty's. ah,
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the standard oil company, st. crude oil to the germans on a monthly basis and collaborated with. i g far been the conglomerate that produced as i can be gas used against people sent in to the gas chambers with about half of their market vehicles. what produced by opal, which was owned by the american company, general motors before 940 ford supplied the german army with motor cars and crude rubber. with in july 1938 for his a hold of nazi germany, the american manufacturer, henry ford, received the 3rd rice highest puzzle award for a foreigner. the order of the german eagle this afternoon says idle dies you are fought each if you read each bit. draft the henry thought i'd my in
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the in spirit should on him law 90 and feel fancy should fought is i know the via toys these, these guys that i can call camper d n as the r p. what as a stark finance here at the office and it was on, on the on from the bank of america, doctor nominee leash on the mountain bush. in warm gold foxon. when george bush of west president, i think is this money from you young. and it was on the, i mean, on hutton, that's all pong, our deal was of it on you long and i'm tree. castro valley the 20th century, so a confrontation between 2 opposing systems,
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capitalism and socialism. the example of the soviet union live proclaimed equality of all nations and all classes of society posed a threat to capitalism. united states and great britain or equally suspicious of the soviet union, which communism was saying, you know, it's a direct threat to the democratic trapped las systems on the west. and so they were as uneasy their what server, you know, as they were with germany. 1938 the austrian angels. the petition of czechoslovakia by germany, poland and hungary, the beginning of world war 2. having realized the danger in march 1939, the soviet union proposed an anti fascist alliance to western countries.
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this i've been trying to rally the west, make a stand with them against fascism. they opposed munich. they oppose allowing hitler in to check his ma vakio. but nobody would do that. so wasn't just in 1939. when the soviet proposed and elias britain and france against hitler, it had been actually throughout the late last half of the 900 thirty's, that the soviets were pushing for that. had that happened, we could have stopped hitler. we could have prevented the holocaust. we could prevent the world war 2 because hitler was weak and he was weak. and he was bluffing. and assuming that the west was not gonna stand up to him at the west was hoping and many elements in the west were hoping that he was just going to go east and so in the thirty's, the soviets are the ones who are most strongly opposed to the nazis ah
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ah, ah ah oh is your media a reflection of reality? ah, in a world transformed what will make you feel safe?
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isolation, community? are you going the right way? where are you being led to somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend. ah, so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, the moscow negotiations between the u. s. s. r. e. okay. and france had stalled. because at the same time london hosted secret anglo german negotiations. in exchange for the british empire integrity, the british green, let a german march to the east. despite
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the absence of a formal agreement, hitler was given to understand that he was free to act in the east and shouldn't worry about the west with when we speak of new territory and europe today, we must principally think of russia that colossal empire in the east is right for dissolution. cut off hitler. my income for hitler makes clear in mind comes $925.00. that the real goal is to take over ukraine has going to the east against the soviet union. that was always hit. there's real call and the europeans understood that in some ways a poland 2 was preparing to invade the ussr with handler, a dismemberment of russia lies up the
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heart of the polish policy in the east. the main goal is to weaken and defeat russia. from a report by the polish army, general staff intelligence branch. but angela had other plans that didn't involve poland. i don't know as well for those in and enjoy. oh dian room does they go? graphics are now offering damita wanted it beside tom dole desert. that's why the loud dash rust. mm. journalist, young engel, god is curator at the museum of polish history and also his nightly i. michelle. just so photography on to what ops at stop shop, a sport on dish. loud their voice, a jet squeaking, uminski, repossession concerns. humans have chest a glitch of hon. paul, actually been trump amount of phase, wasn't it photography?
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upset savion of it as an artist, ski by mean she he storage mailed bit of about of the vision with all that. and you have to pay me thought not for any he thought he brought back your faculty snell. ah. but there were other facts too about which the west prefers to keep silent. the molotov reuben dropped pat was only signed after all leading european powers that made deals with hitler. 933 in germany, france, u. k. and italy signed the full power packed 1934. poland and germany signed a non aggression declaration. 1935. you okay, and germany sign unable agreement 1938 the okay france and italy agree to the petition of czechoslovakia.


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