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of a dozen extra f r a ski. i mean she, he started snail bit of a better the reason with all that and you have to pay me thought not how funny he thought he brought back effective snell. ah. but there were other facts to about which the west prefers to keep silent. the molotov ribbon dropped, pat was only signed off to all leading european powers, but made deals with hitler. 1933 in germany, france, u. k. and it's a lease sign, the full power packed with 1934 poland and germany signed a non aggression declaration. 1935 and the u. k. l. germany sign a naval agreement. 1938. the u. k. france and italy. agree to the petition of czechoslovakia between germany, poland,
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and hungary. 1939 in latvia under stony assigned non aggression pact with germany. as fox law, as i. i'm an golf from deutsch front door to want brandy's of it on your knees, pushed him to mos mcduffton heter some type point don via designed for far less ish t v isn't oh, the magnum folk gave me. well then, i guess he wagner and england stayed on dark guns. army no field is what? well known american also dean henderson thinks of past events. poland and hungary invaded czechoslovakia before hitler invaded poland because poland and hungary work and already with the nazis and france in england basically through chuckles havoc yonder, the bus. and they don't really want us to remember that part you see, but they just and then them again,
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if had been for stalin coming on the eastern front, they would abandon a lot more people in eastern europe as well. mm hm. however, on september the 19th 2019, the european parliament adopted a resolution stating that it was germany in the u. s. i saw that paved the way for world war 2800 mark. think it doesn't offer that interesting colorado us in biological mando house, poor in the guns stock lobbyist most the time i listened, extreme nuts analysis cuffed with not everyone in the you agree, is with the official line of new vanya starting at dawn sheet lead. i. e 0 vanya and i just giggle gum when used, what i just giggle social diesel zamiah's schema. now jesus, your stop signal enough bud wash. he started not to go to school. there's fear to
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zeniah e. nip of you know, bridge to go do not to go to pool joe, the falla, these off here till noon. island doubt foot was a ha the slight, vague, astonished n. is us national as mine, as a finance think? all was his tools for the complex out owns in united europe seems keen to arrange from history of very unflattering fact. which is that officially, the wall was declared on the soviet union by nancy, germany, along with italy, france, the governments of slovakia, hungary, romania, bulgaria, and finland unofficially. the war against the ussr involved. no, we gents danish m swiss as part of the viking and nordland s. s divisions. the dutch netherland s. s. 1000000000 ss volunteers. the flanders legion,
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the spanish blue division. the albanian scandal. bye, as ask, as well as notoriously vicious as ass offices from lithuania, estonia and ukraine, with almost all of europe, led by nancy germany, took part in the slaughter of soviet nationalist, 1st and foremost slavic people. when he plan older, must get a kick off the dam on ebay to neu elf. tie in contact with the 2nd front. so loaded in the west was formed mid 11 months before victory day
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when it became clear that the red army could manage on its own in, [000:00:00;00] ah, throughout most of the war, the americans and the british were confronting 10 german divisions between us, by the soviets, were confronting more than 200 german divisions by themselves with honda. so the addition died from fund license and the dodge into mobile homes or
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cruise the distant debt. so register again jeffrey disciple, i lose read me. the one that i gave this is dusty deutsch under vest front in the bed. reverend on minnesota think creek in england or america that certainly i am bandon shook life, threatened to dodge now with a creaking. rutland dave for bend at an angle on daughter via our phone politician. good. the scope is for art or more. i listen. positioning is from the gone. mr. praken and in march 1945 britain and the u. s. enter into secret negotiations with germany to negotiate the surrender of german forces in northern italy. dissolve it on the on the smithy, common natalie on darkish date day to name it is
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with al bob kelly and the best. mr. paulette da mit. no for ended as cuz you're a priest, owen, can me with as of italian. i'll either if in middle of it or not along our lee it or for i'm because i didn't friend. in his letter to president roosevelt, an openly accuses the allies of negotiating a separate piece with jelly. already on his deathbed, roosevelt writes back saying, you have been misinformed, stony responds with laura foreman, so humble and honest people. judging position is more aggressive. he approaches the us with his plans for operation, unthinkable and alliance of anglo saxons and nazis and the massive bombing of soviet cities that refund anisa, but stand no longer needs to emergency our churches. i turned in all staff her
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date and her 9 priest run is march least and i have i, and i'm good of all these other 2 in your grand and among void, the da by putting that to 1000 feronda visit the forgotten the dutch in b. i must, dash to character is ian, does the years and then come then i and the lesson plan you santa, on nearly noon i get up every morning and pray of star and is alive with wealth only stolen can save the world. b. winston churchill, ah, once the world was saved with churchill, changed his mind. any attempt by the soviets to compete against the anglo saxons had to be crushed forever. the usaa has to be eliminated immediately. general george s. patton,
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commander of the u. s. 3rd army demands that the troops do not stop at the elbow, but move on toward stalingrad with on june 29th. 1945 stone. and who already knows about the operation orders. marshall shook off to move troops to combat positions in the west. mm. it is now clear to the allies that a surprise attack is no longer possible then charger. the conclusion. he died from creek scuff hammond and started our mobility. tut, dean di chanda annoyed the buffalo chapter genie chavo my story in north iceland there too. but some of my friends calmed starting in rocky. i was east and i see. so i found my theodora on charges or you had that beneath me thing
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for me. it was him him phone yet these as dupage speed i can dish. divest mister, that's enough. we're no longer interested in a union with the russians, so we don't have to abide by the agreements with them. we need to make the alter records non existent, mary truman, her. but the, i need the red army in the far east, where the one and a half 1000000 strong quinton army is waiting. the us and britain had a hard time retaking several islands from japan and would welcome some help. with a japanese read the most was the idea that the soviet might come into the pacific war. truman understood this solid assures that the russians are coming in on schedule true and rights in his diary. first dollar will be in the jap war by august, 15th finney japs when that occurs. ah,
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the invincible cleansing army was able to hold out for just 20 days. ah, the red armies outstanding, manchurian operation ended in complete victory. but even those of new military reasons for it to russia, annika, saki, the bond or the bomb, was not actually dropped on japan. it was dropped on the soviet union as a warning of what it's going to have to soviets. if they interfered with americans post war plan, ah, now it's showing ra a to see out. d, c becomes the african,
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and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground ah . awe on november the 3rd 1945, just a month after the war ended. the u. s. joint chiefs of staff receive report number 3 to 9 and select 20 targets to attack in the soviet union with nuclear bombs.
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the time was right, because the u. s. s. i was devastated by, well, it either states last about 400000 people at the brit sloss less than the americans did. and the soviet suffered 27000000 deaths with john kennedy k american university commencement address. in 1963, he said that what the soviet suffered of world war 2 was the equivalent of the entire united states. east of chicago. have you been destroyed? mm hm. initially the plan to attack the u. s. l was code named trojan over time it evolved into pincher bush, lega, crankshaft, half moon, cold wheel,
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off tackle, and sherry, a december 19th 1949, so the adoption of the best known plan to wipe out the soviet operation. dropshot date of attack. january. the 1st 1957 in the plan outlined the complete annihilation of the u. s. s. under the democratic guise of liberating the nations from communism. but those very nations would be wiped out along with communism. in the 1st phase of authoration, dropshot in visits dropping 300 nuclear and 250000 tons of conventional bombs on the soviet union. in 100 soviet cities were pre selected as targets. the 2nd phase,
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the u. s. sr is attacked by 250 nato divisions. soviet thought so taken over by nato naval forces. the 3rd phase, annihilating the u. s. i saw wiping it off the world map to that end, all new weapon types that to be deployed, nuclear, chemical, radiological, and biological, as well as small items. the final phase, breaking the ussr into full zones and posting nato troops on its territory. ah, old and 80000000 people. the majority of the huge countries population would have died in the intense bombing and subsequent fighting. we have a series of these kinds of war plants, like kennedy briefed on them in the early ninety's sixty's. he was, are by no means that we call ourselves the human race. but these plans continued
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for preemptive attacks against the soviet union. but this was in essence an updated version of the nazi general plan. aust, that envisaged eliminating millions of slavic people and as in world war 2, when much of europe stood united against the usaa for the u. s. plans to muster all nato nations under the aegis of operation dropshot. in 1949, the soviets acquired the own nuclear weapons. so any plan to annihilate the u. s. s . i had to be postponed indefinitely, but the idea remains the same. the united states have to be seen as the only major player in the international arena, or anyone who sold otherwise had to be white from the us. with the soviet union itself is no mold. this is
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a victory for democracy. and freedom of these events clearly fell on national interest. george bush was, i'm good. dance of it on you one irish v. i'm jan. ok. she leashed to call him. zebulon and tablet block on man was to the one of the dean and he's in the latin sound unsigned. saucen men. mine's a young child as an annoying cl analyst on plus he had to say that a competitor to know jesus landis. mm hm. united states became the indispensable country are worth exceptional people whose obligation was to lay down the path for all of the countries. and so it became a new i renewed justification for
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american aggression in the world. it was the justification for the 20 years of war and the 21st century and the middle east for the attack. so on 7 countries, us between an afghan is ton this neo colonial. that's also twins. julian is neo colonial until because i'm tired in kingwood him. none of the state. you honest old idea. get you hawkiss is neo colonial iraq. think they asked, that's why to iraq keep bound kind of of violence key you're asking is almost allah, wait for in put in prison. iraq to provide as game on saddam hussein for a job and had to from best on dia, a dana national getting don't know if our coast had libyan gaddafi, a skin notice guy. she give you what's,
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what our irish fooling fear did in go to museums. you liam, until you want to dish w zealand via i know dish w 0 to you on this, on the mesh need all single moms and best i can totally, unless the reason us, hey jim, it is so dangerous is it denied the sovereignty of the country ah but march 24th 1999. the day yugoslavia was annihilated and it was covered on live tv.
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with with lawyers and an exemption, and general bush village, witness the events and still remember those terrible days. a report close it being the middle part of the exam request source, it was not seem on our be my and i would on medical demo. correct me small. no, she wouldn't. again i'm yeah, we don't tackle motion sada williams from know he's already so which is not in the proceed in our full basil granulation as yeah. summer with regional b is, is one on medical curtis of operation allied force has been called a genocide with slow, but on melissa, which is tyrannical regime,
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the justification but many say the real reason was yugoslavia economic independence and refusal to join nato. loya gordon, patrone average spent years were searching documents that he says corroborate native crimes committed in his homeland equal plan. you build us a bulk of stifled control over this debug it. done down a senior course like to get fish as a dodge a little skewed on it. or could you and you will see that a 3 will be will last a little shame me with the wall. so treaty organization gone. the world had become unipolar. pretty unsuccessful marshal for the other scottish mission i just on time for you know, kind of now i shall for to rock it is 1st one would off there is oh so one campus creek of banking
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valley with to here the new the a full hill. some they said a little that you really are said that mm. in autumn 2000 the district court in belgrade. here's a case against those who gave orders for yugoslavia to be bombed. usa preston, volkswagen, below korea, donald branch to produce, drink to now buffalo, new yourself. mm hm. and the others who was sentenced to 20 years in prison with a french president, jacques iraq, the german chancellor. gerhard schroeder, the u. s. secretary of state, madeleine albright, the nato secretary general, heavier selina, the supreme allied commander in europe, wesley clark,
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and native ministers of foreign affairs and defense. who give to the eloquence, studying on it's a lead that even after a year below, you put a buzz up around anybody to stop those. she said it's for koya, so casual cuss at the movie. runaway companies with the early kebraw, you know, the cultural studies, silva, molina, virginia, where they'll be all today's thought or sit on mission of would anyone be awesome? said this is good enough, was slit affected? not as bully. we've got 3 so totally up to marie some of betty, so soon as the family called, what's lisa or seattle? washington. what?
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mm. yeah. something. oh really cool with any of this lu collateral content to not just upon i thought he was lucky and sim only yet. on so yes mm mm. you beat those on campus to movie then up at nathan williams. same any over what you tube is with emily sunglass most we have been unique nazis. i that that was made last year. you don't get in touch. my niece will use like less no sizes. that has to be additional push the lead consanzo school created will not go back to the attack. we're done or to the award or to truly chiquita was it when i that you select school, see little not for peter. do puerto slide view, vision. neil, a legal 22. not the buck with us. good sky, need cordelia. charlotte,
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that issue. we won't rushing it probably in my last oil that he thought. can the bombing of yugoslavia be, can see that the wall crime are most emphatically yes, it was not approved by the united nations period. it was a nato operation. it was in legal nato operation. they killed over 2000 innocent civilians and frankly, innocent soldiers who hadn't declared war any body a i look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings,
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except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at the point obviously is too late truck rather than fear a job with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with a robot, most protective phone existence with o was news, media was cards and that if you speak russian, keep your voice down while out and about a couple don't put your human symbols on display
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a guy so you guys don't talk to strangers. i avoid noisy gatherings with them, or actually even your colleagues and perhaps also your friends. think you're guilty because you'll, russian, a specific social with the usaa, its nato allies claim they are containing dis, and massive military aid to ukraine. at the same time, washington appears to have no interest in
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a negotiated end to the conflict. this begs the question, what is washington's policy goal? could it be direct conflict with russia? it was also of the carrier swore it was intended to show russia the new russia. they couldn't go too far. the some excuse. i was mean level amiability authors one i scenario niga, others vienna illegal staying up this year? we say no good. i'm here in the grocery, visio. oh, a national you was lewinski scenarios, not as be any with talk other psychiatry or say the one. yeah. i don't school go doors. yeah. you know what i mean was not he is ashley sweeney theater yet. and his in there go, yeah,
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but that's not that cool. mm hm. after the collapse of the wall, so a treaty organization, nato expanded east, despite having promised not to. but they did. nato said ha, it's ours. we moved east international law to exist as long as it serves american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist. so truthfully, there's no such thing as international law. since the soviet union is collapse, the u. s. a has been surrounding new russia with a belt of hostile nations. probably will swans and in more to become not the stop. come tom. gus is on the own stand, then fall are not high on our price.
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this is he kinda ignorant illustration. not sure. oh, the color revolutions is a strategy to overthrow these regimes install puppets. and that are there from that point forward are very susceptible to influence kurdistan, georgia and ukraine. these countries were targeted by the george h w bush, or george w bush, the senior vice president of ronald reagan and bribed with hundreds of millions of dollars. and these monies were given the countries in exchange for their acquiescence and their submission to american military and economic and political objectives. a ring of nato military bases is being formed around


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