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tv   Documentary  RT  April 22, 2022 8:30pm-8:46pm EDT

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i actually spoke to president zelinski when he was a candidate, before he was elected. i mean, i wish the walk, did you think he was a good candidate for president of ukraine? no, i thought he was the only candidate because i knew the poor shanker was a mass of crook. everybody in ukraine, that liberal side, conservative wash agreed that he, he basically took anything that wasn't nailed down. and, and, and, and the bird regional occasion. the only question is, did he take $100000000.00 or $200000000.00? they gave the comedian, like 70 percent of the vote. and the guy, the guy was a guy was a television committee look a book. but each person wish than this one. to put that yeah. think to the bottom one you we shall see a petition. you put this the yeah, yeah, of one have
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a book. conflict with begin might get on your political numbers. didn't. okay. hold it. nipple, can we enlisted or get on with it? would you ship this amendment with mr. zalinski has successfully resolved the national issue in ukraine. on july 1st 2021. he signed a law on the indigenous peoples of ukraine. it's almost a direct copy of the 1935 right citizen law of hitler's germany, according to the law. the 2nd largest people in the ukraine russians are not fully fledged people. zelinski also suggested that those who consider themselves russian to leave ukraine are way video and in fisma media. you know, whether it's gina, not fisma here. he was already in a fisma choice and i did it for you to go out for the ordinary course. melissa, this k, get my name,
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michelle. it is i think it was in here. let please let me know that it. oh, do you have under president zalinski? the question was directly posed to ukrainian society is ukraine self sufficient state. how do you assess the curious relationship between united states and a training right, like equality, a partnership or something else? i mean, the korean became sort of the client said, i'm not safe with her. but of course, that he could get it done for deborah keith and there's the sellers. michelle, so loss will care business for the show. not a problem with somebody or keep it in me or a fiduciary. a singular stuff in the business,
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green micro gree, according to the constitution of ukraine. the land is the basis of ukraine sovereignty. but under the terms of the loan, land reform must necessarily enable foreigners to gain access to the basis of sovereignty to the land. in reality, nobody stops with simply the land, the terrain tedious for commercial jordan, or she just teaching us to understand that us martin degrees because she can like most of them, are zillow crossing that there were below richie here was a bush joe, he don't where showed beatrice little day will korean you was raised, shall not put the ribbon mid sleigh. so you suppose, you know, south america with a medicaid social will put medicine luggage claim not in my but when you start to light that to kim i shit on lucky. at least so it is us. yes. hello. kinda catch you before you know what i got screwed last night. delivered
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lawson and were threats each now but mess with the blue. but maestro, he must wish length will not the. when you this is the mulling atolico's. believe it for the next year. you're komar patel. you go ma'am country boy, him ensure the but speckle but the nucleus, which was because i think we have him. graham. ashland, nothing. smith is 63. i think it may be recorded on missouri to put the rob lisa rosa, martha, thank you for sharing promot quibbling, finance. you'll never get to receive well graham a day. it came with the you of american school political put it mash up with them. said potomac cousin dennis, you hadn't my lump of italy movie, she wrote you wouldn't be a new se,
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wilkins, akin cheerless, a purse with you though. i be in the very similar to sequential as through us though of you know, unless shipple che, it means can we would omega dia and you cool the horseshoe was he could the what sugary clutch alone will clean the damage guy wash will hold the was, i'm so, so the use of williams if you look in the us, but it will it the other and all those blue ah, every year on august 24th, ukraine celebrates its independence to hang out state flags, seeing the national anthem. and rarely does anyone wonder what exactly 3 years of independence has given ukraine mostly will, will, but a will ethridge search and they see kamesia rookie of nashville has the norman reeves long would say, miracle, miracles,
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america ms. is my water provides full dual credit. um, we are scheduled for the upload. do you agree with utica read? no. linda in the list. my super disk here. mm. so was no, no, cosmo green. so he was familiar with a bunch of his workers. ah he's so good as he gets to lose a piece of land that's up with you to farmers unless unless you mean like you did it sort of a story when you come from so many machine you see him is there i'm on mute because what i'm you greenlee me giving you the us player when julia can get here. so bills will tripping to your so. so small my ceiling still browser with even though briscoe was, let's just
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a minute. but here you go. it must be is the last minute somebody i just want to say after you were with us through it regina, did you live or not? you still want to use b nasty to barsky light? is it natural? and i know my counsellor t. ellen saw crane's cow last spring and she wore beaming leasing was to greenland. no lancer, yes. i mostly just ukraine. now it is the genie at the casa in english? no. but he's in the anthony. you print those shaw? yes. yes. but he's in the anthem filling a low grade, a low show or did i was on hold was submitted pursuant. initially most i do not fully are there, but a sense of we're pretty early as there is so. so the loaner of some inch there's
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from dallas of all that is there is from there you could, they had known for the queen, but of if you went to someone that i slept yet, she burst use a visa, a garage, original music to my set up because normally, nino, maybe 7th grade, i mean is a reason when ease of use them, i guess without the big rush hour westlaw chase there. there was the by need us because i did not grad school g. tom read either you to probably near boston dates or wounded. so me at the the some of us with us as a resource and others. sure. let me save you some. i saw that i want to get up with that are both of you. what's it the quarter if 1000000000 cbs or chines guardiola me it didn't the fleet feel you big a deal is mother love with would would would well as issues that they yeah. i think what she said grades of surprise. mm hm. mm mm. once upon a time,
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the lord god loved this country very much. who was a huge territory, a land wonderful climate, inexhaustible wealth laying just under ground. he gave all this to hard working friendly people. for many centuries, they decorated and built it up and defeated their enemies now gave birth to children and wanted to live in happiness and joy. with at some point, god turned away from this land. there is no peace on it. let us shed when people are fleeing and everything created and accumulated over the years, turned out to be plundered and destroyed overnight. what will happen next to this once beautiful country of ukraine? ah,
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a pretty and was focus, wanted to know you probably a little bit at the system. was it here or i'm that to your technical year. okay. i like to know how did the shore segment then be a robot to venture anybody? my son nicholas. yeah. my son no, but he is that about that watching that say do my dear sure. tore his blood t a good buddhist so so no green. it's on a border there by some him or a bit lost with g e. america reserve it still it's in the us here or she had with the neighbor, dora alert or in the book backings. a person on the grounds. you demography is sort of not broad. was a block of our busier division. used to greenland is through of which is on the soaps, laughing juliessa when you whistling them of nothing else from america for your root canal can shake and let me skip mustang. until greenland,
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you will be short of this will. most of this teach best i will in late see ladies fit another would be nice, but i will keep watching as to which they play at them. we have to submit a mega to them. stall, crane those nice boys awaits soaps need. what can cell if lee was motionless kid nestled between the videos of it. yeah. what it will korean is biased from your cell posing there. don't just let me know. probably a good answer she plaza. they still telling me they want to look up on me. it's gray lot from want less than they need to tell you to come on there. go to san raphael within the setting it up was lethal. crane that's most of the street that can come like a mission valley. my shipping it. ah, me ah,
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ah blue, only one main thing is important for naziism, internationally speaking to that is that nations allowed to do anything, all the mazda races, and then you have the mind, the nations who are the slave americans, proc obama and others have had
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a concept of american exceptionalism, international law exist as long as it serves the american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist by turning those russians into this. danger is boy man that wants to take over the world. that was a conscious strategy and walked out of it on your own. i not leashed off tim zip on and tablet block. nato took it out. we moved east. the reason us. hey jim, it is so dangerous. is it the lie? the sovereignty of all the countries, the exceptionalism that american uses and its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nato disbanded shareholders in united states and elsewhere in lodge obs companies would lose millions and millions or is business and business is good and that is the reality
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of what we're facing, which is fashion ah, the last a nobody must come with the story that these know with and alexis, mr. alexis, thank you very much for your time, ron. thank you for inviting me, is that pa cov nick? once colonel of the yugoslav air defense myself for says, now you are
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a retired officer back in 1999 when nato was ruthlessly bowman. bell grade you and asked nick serb, we're part of a unique operation in which they ask 100. 17 knight hawk stout fighter jad of america's air forces was shut down. as far as i know, this was the only time when the aircraft of that type was lost in combat. how did that happen? with richer that night, i was at the command post of the 200 and 58th air defense missile brigade, which was guarding belgrade, chief of staff. colonel dragon, stank, of which was the commander of the task force. my zone included, the 3rd battalion, which was under the leadership of colonel danny's alton. we were in touch and he was telling me what he saw in his raid up and i was relaying to him the until that i got from our control and reporting center. at some point, a target appeared and the intercept zone of the 3rd battalion. and i gave danny the order to shoot it down. as i said, did you know what the target was? yes, me and his law.


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