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france, the united kingdom, and i think that the westerners are tired of paying for this conflict or tired of paying for these wars. there is virtually no representation of the russian position in american media, and that is not by chance. that's not a coincidence. when you look at american legacy media and american social media, they have made a concerted effort to block out any alternative narrative to that which is being pushed by the state department. the d o d, the white house made. and basically they've created a media ecosystem where it's impossible to challenge the claims of the government. and it's pretty ironic. you know, they say that russia is this police state of russia. are the propagandists. but it's america, it's completely clamped down on anything that isn't american propaganda online or on television, radio or branch, the american until agencies in the american state department, they are, i think you could say the biggest purveyors of misinformation or dis, information in the entire world. and of course, latimer said, i think earlier in the, by an administration that it is in the united states that it uses other countries
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of that which in itself is guilty. and i think misinformation is one of those classic things still ok. next scene through the eyes of an american film maker, we go on a journey chronicling ukraine since its crew in 2014 told by the men who govern the country, or documentary, the everlasting present, starts in moment. oh so what we got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race move is on of very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk
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can you talk a little bit more about your outstanding, his experience as a financier and economy? so having being the hand of national bank, i live on serving the country as a prime minister. major, he thought he would've willow graham. she thought gong should. those are remote. she thought of both. she thought her curtis, my renewal, willing shoot, shoot the charisma, sheffield, on fellowship, one, a thought on the stem of web will do in the book. she will from was chemo? well, mostly. when showed the little the a pullman, you need garcia. so usually it is public you, one that shy libby, chinese shame may live with alban. they miss to gabriela. what can you please us for locals? delaney junior's. lexi, still lower december 5th of willis. and i worked here for noah in miss you regina.
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some guy let me bunk, i mean boucher said his hold was not shipped by melissa. go level 9 flights of c a genuinely as busying a garage done like copeland layers of sea aboard the soviets calissa usa. they went to this point, the me as id done law. oh, does it the kid i was with status for political crane bully bushel name book one company business ah, equally official wellness lightly bon lawson. clare cibola. they said this is a school vision to shut void so. ah much anal yoshi buller yes or no more to put a forward to familiar with. it's a below the and that should go not should move. well, this is out as a witness. earlier analicia, assiduous bush must frog. must sprout gets for the sofa. ah,
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since 1991, your work at the state economy council did kept shook at a precise plan of exiting for the con crisis under shallow little to war to cause the presidente, ah, should the commissioner reform what he say plans closest latisha's people? question president. maybe total alo, no bishop, to document u. k. e. a broad, they'll enjoy discourse here. i will look at post so much alteri or casa, here to push shallow. so no seriousness broker push out of order for neurology that will occur when the hope of reciprocal advantage. hicho viola lewis, which will hold as a potential co shoak, crucial to worry about our linear o paralegal to clue, he'll call other. he has to, which you know,
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for watching to capitalize fishing, put out the will korean you coach of zacko. so it was pursue mushroom, his whom the rush, your him there was a mueller when, when we're from the book it in a compromise. as i do at all shows, but if they're not going on with a can lead till neither, no food used to korean, they are are poorly. he m, you submitted a new port or the only story you. so to see when you thought a new put on, you can call it with a silicon little notebook or a unit. well let's as awesome this to so, so, but it's ordering to become a. 6 good, the, when you have the illustrious good us to chip, so system with the suck, somebody will bite the bullet that google quick us go to get a
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human minute privileges. him with the i don't my team in the us, him up it, which is up. see if you look the most global kidney watching bush list, google a chest move, she goes to the us they so unless you feel mission. 6 6 a little dust and they supposed to believe what was done the so what can must somebody what teach us has said if you got the new sheila, a vehicle at the curb, they still can i have with. 6 a bunch with
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a young them any criminal law with you can for go on the union with the lashania ocean. let me say a blue in that she has on human learning with maybe a bus to with here for you. think what our beloved in most of get i'm gonna. 6 be a better one more, maturing about us, but the much they need a little more continuous reason list for sale. the process will stick
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with it. in an impoverished state, with the population on edge ideology becomes the salvation. the miss of the exclusive role of ukraine and world history began to unfold. just see this out, the hostage? sure. well dealing with this teacher, a chuckle, go nod school st. sure. okay, you know, a little equal to the one they did children, home audio, the be a little a few a kidney europe. so well, maybe another low. unfortunately, ukraine, the way mister hughes jenko describes it never existed. the old russian unified state under the name key of reuss existed only until the beginning of the 11th
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century and was somewhat smaller after that, it just integrated into numerous independent states which carried out expansion in all directions. and none of them was ukraine under crap chip, right? we nationalist organizations of the u. n. a. u. s. so type began to form a crap, took, began promoting the creation of ukrainian independent national church for therefore, he supported archbishop bill a rep who got bad relations with moscow, and was attempting to create his own personal key oven. patriarchy. and this did little to solve the problems. mm. mm ah, the u. s. administration was very concerned about what was happening in ukraine. the country had 1240 nuclear warheads along with missile delivery vehicles. overall
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ukraine possesses 680 meg or tons of nuclear weaponry. this is comparable to 37778 bombs dropped on hiroshima. in addition, ukraine had strategic aviation. the could carry 492 cruise missiles with nuclear warheads. finally, there were $2600.00 units of tactical nuclear weapons stored in the country, ukraine's nuclear potential exceeded that of france, the united kingdom and china combined. for washington, the most important condition for co operation and economic assistance was a complete dismantling of the military nuclear potential. after long and hard negotiations, ukraine agreed. a good thank west coast and it is full of the shin rabbits. i was really him sort of is rose for, for, you know, i was just the status of corpus
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a deal to some of the he's going to get they've done a whole number shapeless healthy is that some? yeah, that is for less than that. the question. yeah. well now say, well that was one of their say, right, is a cooper sticking with his head? you know, how old the sales manager for the kids are physically i did a lot of different religions us there. mozilla live, the way to share lonely, good idea. minnesota facility weakness ursula only has over in the city name, so that polish it from over to little couldn't is there is to my less if there's another person with mr. booster voice and god is not entirely correct. ukraine agreed to eliminate this nuclear potential after long negotiations and pressure from the united states and russia. there are many ukrainians who regret the loss of their nuclear weapons, a unit c, d. this in the v justin victim wired up to will neuron. you keep them white
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less more with the crew result of the northern most after such a statement, it was a blessing that president clinton, boris yeltsin, had enough will, and determination to make ukraine eliminate their nuclear weapons. but it wasn't for free. with 1st, the united states offered ukraine $350000000.00 in aid by black mailing and a reversal towards russia. ukraine was able to bargain for another 175000000 to dismantle the nuclear weapons. and 155000000 in economic aid from the united states . but the ukrainian politicians clearly made a bad deal. cost on perceived $2000000000.00 for the elimination of a nuclear potential 4 times smaller. and they received a 50 percent stake in the joint cossack us oil company tank each chevron.
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but neither the economic aid nor the nationalist card helped crowd shook under strong public pressure. early presidential elections were demanded. in 1994, he was defeated by his former prime minister landed huh. when it could, on august 9th, 1938 in 1960. he graduated from the physics and technology faculty of nepa troughs state university. with a degree in mechanical engineering. he worked as an engineer at the huge noise rocket and space design bureau from 986 to 1992. he was general director of the huge marsh association which among other things, produce nuclear launch vehicles for the ss, 18 satan missiles. in politics since 1998, he voted for the declaration of state sovereignty and for the adoption of the act
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on state independence. from 1992 to 1993, he was a prime minister of the government of ukraine. he was twice elected president of ukraine. only crowd shook. coach mote worked in industry. at least he understood what the economy was and how it should operate. but unfortunately, that understanding was not enough. ah ah, ah .
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move oh, flesh a. this is hannah zaitlin, a bit generous of the story. i'm open to a better lived on sale. each of them were afloat. come with us cuz i had them or, or i was supposed showing me. ah, to move soon saying increases 2nd bullying because we brochures mrs. c f crucial. so 9233 and there was can you let the machine? yes. yeah, of course it is an issue. british gear commander post to watching her book all over it is in your below mention it will have a certain complaint, a boiler,
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initials of vegetable of those for with, for to more cuz for printers to legible and do it or below. wish it was just a little bit annoyed, they should use the on off switch to the a board valuable is. but on the shannon alignment level can nieto finance someone kosky gate in the see the phone? they are no e v and they will, can me a lot of santa local police in bella. someone delegate that but i'm william of a 4 but a motion on last year, bella not thought to my me and the cover. yes, no way to go at the motion. there was a kind of, i just was there on those always you lisa golden, they abuse minister on the back of teachers can visit plot they could get they've been along. of course it can use that has no solid gazette either. well, it was a modernist, but i'm wishing it, but he,
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i can go to it now the monument. mm was i do it over with the command ticket booth as a credit only for the new president, tom cush oil is that her parliament on the home of the konica commissioner, could afford him a sum of root. you did this issue with my total yell to oh, for your commander or to well just similar just to say it's a bar, not on the last my see only me and there are those 2. so one of them cool. you should, they kicked mom and you put yours on of them on a producer to create a short lower show. when i spoke with another to president, scared me 30 to who the domain name is to natalie. her chance can you call me? what are, what are he took from chris, get? can the mission could afford a my city of total all purposes. he does
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a can image now, but it's lauren, who was virtual. his name is your commander moves or julie pussy. see this go to while i me so boy you here to keep yourself or no one has a put in your president or put him to stop the comment on it was a question with homer or them it was for russia. yeah. the show in your cheryl, jason, jim consultant, them here cable lou louis personally do was a long way. it's a little uncle. he could you a partial wall ocean, tonya. now sure, the guess who the commissioner will never look my fault if i can see it in there with the american school order. do not wish i knew about the problem when them for a move on to the command of the command to metabolism, you get to use it as a mill shoe c, n sion, nationalism. you are on the kia,
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awarded american robot. and if president could say a quina new, i pay another ronnie grotesque which i was take and then what's the, what's lead to this economic growth? let's shoot us. a general for the unit is to with a cylinder complain there's a much problem up with green use use here. gloss nicholas, like you said, will open up the st. peter's preempt. kibble, then you put it on your ok. he kisses me and they will and trust a shrew. just school from one who political part of a desire to really keep premiums. a demo scars from one on will and the new rules
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be flu, commercial net will in the upper social structure. lawson is to look day, you can the social doesn't really show the kept telling them a version so. so what is it then? of course what a credible to will appropriate premier me is to do with a lot of people in the waterloo. what sort of boron was there more a than you given us to go to watch cable? that's what it shows up on a left with a to her. those numbers in here, which in this here see above them will be studying ok in a sheet. the really can, yes ma'am. those up with is up on me a little please. the sure not
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a corner was a fire said they'll get to have a little there. i'm a lawyer. no, lena. okay, escape. i typically tell you a little of no, not the scotch too. this is up in the history, but i will in yet, but a little better. so i'm curious. i'm wishing unless he question yesterday, annual korean locker can be a cl. it to me is up of next to rom. just leave me here there from chiz leer. those up, but the video in care of them, the book says double like, no. okay. and you know what that actually could to my glibly concluded which scope nisha is up, a new me companion. look from the switch in the blue labella using the pl mom. i'm not cheney enough. as long and cool we're can with no more
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see the condition of you them saw mr. fun. priscilla l. as in their guns, came out on the coming. he will say that he was not at all to do a company to give pricewaterhousecoopers. if someone could give no, so, so to the home, all unknown romania proceeds to keith, rebel is decent. measure americans can pick all up and then the poorer show them in the peripheral, not territorial korean, it's have to report. nevertheless, american money came to ukraine. the united states had already formulated its vision of ukraine's role in september 1996. but the us house of representatives and the senate adopted resolution 120 support of ukraine's independence. ukraine was declared to be an important element of us national security. it had to oppose the emergence of any political or military organization that would facilitate the
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reintegration of the state of the former soviet union. treatment agreed to it in additionally to cooperate with nato lou until to 98. a total of $1000000000.00 in economic aid was given to ukraine. but this amount of aid for the paralyzed economy of a huge country was a pittance. ah, but in 1098, ukraine got lucky prices for its main export commodity steel. skyrocketing this together with persistent reforms, paid off in 2000. the economy began to recover the 3 settle killed green muller. he had in a position sidney. bridget said the fish not to push the nuclear calais on us and believe, but a hue but have been center m, but in so that them. but it's chantel him. but in the medical center. so you think a phenomenon, the ocean on from offensive a phenomenon medical?
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ah, he is sure again, money and the was and leave the, the susanna to her bill up please indians that which many of hitcho's women which it touched of the situation. so given most, the fiscal mongol bellagio median opponents and lamb at some and now a little cane scale getting on a beach next. the 1st question of system of luggage, the sort of little greenish has a 100, but they would like when a proposal i submitted a prayer and around the supers in what put in with the liberty of this boy, korea my potential, nero's me, which is to bite off, but then next year we certainly have to put, you know, they feed the who purchased massive ranita, fishermen, it what the coachman, jaelyn, dubray, whom commercial raynichol oblivion below the rambler. see here sir,
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well said what tactics? cuz i was a kid next time you was very fortunate use them there. syllabus freshman a batch chimney akin. she put me through her pretty coachman who switches out of this is mr. upset with this a last we did some pretty my to leave a little is of a you know that you push it a little shem. good. think that is a little bit from the see what i see here to send the looted in, but it was just going to let me just barely down less than a slice in florida. but as if you all of
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a family move away, i'm ready. market idea, english make a move, make it a little bit. i see it was coming from. we have a good, i believe we're not all, but it was easier or, and there was a disagree at, or he's just give us a chance to leave the boss from that all on the should. so and you just maybe with disaster t i pads or what are the dealer or in the good is will sir, but watching a near me the old. yeah. but even the when she was with the gaming of quadrille, we really what the, what peach? no. okay, you know, it does come with the usa be what she's here. which fullness to the solution. i had o'shea a bit, b, e, a school out to elicit thought said next one should go to move. we gave me
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a little moment that works for a long time, coachman maneuver between various oligarch plans. he was even more successful in the international arena. russia watched the growing influence of the united states and ukraine with concern. so coachman began a political and economic rapprochement with russia, and it was beneficial for russia as well as ukraine. coachman knew how to sit on 2 chairs at once. what could be correct to say that the economic growth ocarina is tied to the most back to our foreign policy, of course, agent which month a little separately to kim and i guess that was true on the ship. those from the set that i would need ship. jim is telling me that this, i mean i just the 2 inches screaming fortune with which mother and my mother we are on christmas party, which is a mean west dis,
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emails booked on the door here. the, a workers in mm cushman was constantly under the close influence of pro western political forces. and nationalists are coming from the russian speaking, cheering gov region. this made him uneasy. a rope which will deliver it, you know, pushing bushway. there's a new below. they look with loan, they're still on the list somewhere you'll situated in school with you on a green screen. will this also the bristol, from nimble, it take you through a process with formal korean,
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but it does with a, a duncan with ah, ah, o i a, a, [000:00:00;00]
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a get a, with the latest reports from the southern ukrainian city of odessa claim, 3 civilians were killed after their apartment building was hit by debris from a russian missile intercepted by ukrainian or defenses. also add on the program to claim the united states is preparing stage publications in ukraine. that could be in persuading india and china to join it. russia sanctions the u. n. say is it has no documented patterns or genocide in ukraine,


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