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tv   News  RT  April 24, 2022 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah, 8 civilians are killed with around 20 more injured are there apartment building was reportedly hit by debris from a russian missile intercepted by ukrainian defences in the southern city of a desktop with russian forces claim control of the city of new pole. and president putin cancel the storming of it on the ground factory, holding the las pocket of ukrainian forces. that says locals, claim evacuations with sabotaged by
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a nationalist forces. with the ongoing conflict un raises concerns about rising levels of global hunger. a u. k. court decision to expedite join us on sparks outrage in the international community with protest taking place in belgium. ah, city, i'm on sunday morning here in the russian capital. mine is peter scott and welcome to the program. a people including a 3 month old baby have reportedly been killed in odessa. ukrainian officials say their apartment building was hit by a russian missile while the russian m. o. d says it was hit by debris from a missile intercepted by ukrainian air defenses. it comes amid reports of russian
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rockets being fired to military facilities in the city and verified footage, posted on the line of pace to show a missile flying over the port city. ah. and this footage allegedly shows the destruction left in the wake of the strikes report say, fall rock, his targets of the cities military infrastructure and aussies, eager to done of has more you're gonna deal with the numbers than this afternoon, high precision long range. air based missiles of the russian aerospace forces disabled to logistics terminal at a military airfield near odessa, where a large batch of foreign weapons received from the united states in european countries was stored on lowering the russian defense ministry has indeed commented on the events in a des, so rather in the vicinity of the southern port city, apparently a russian rockets have hit a logistic center next to this town where a lodge stockpile over western supplied weapons. it was stored up. so this is a,
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this is what the russians were aiming for. but also we've heard from the ukranian side and from the ukrainian, our local authorities are essentially they admitted to trying and to shooting down russian cruise missiles over the city above the city. during the conduct of combat operations, anti aircraft missiles, systems destroyed to enemy cruise missiles. unfortunately, 2 missiles had a military facility and to hit residential buildings. they for openly admitted to shooting down to miss howls over the city over a very densely populated city. and that you don't have to be exactly a nobel prize winning met mathematician to well, to literally add to and to our initial reports suggested the total of full rockets were fired by the russian side. the ukrainians officially have admitted to shooting down to. and the other 2 hitting a military military facility. so essentially because that's what russia targets the target had military facilities and the to rock rockets hit them. so it's not hard
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to see which ones exactly hit the residential buildings hit these apartment blocks . those were the ones that were shot down by the ukranian, so it wasn't exactly the missiles themselves, but rather the falling debris that will rain down on people's heads after after the ukrainian air defense systems, decided it was a great idea to shoot them down in the air space of this highly and densely populated port city. that was a very high precision. michelle, it's, it's called basically it's name is ha, $111.00 or one. it's an air to surface muscle. it's base it's carried, it's carried by russian military planes that they for so called strategic ivy. ation that fly, very high in the, in the air space are very high precision. so if you know what you're doing, if you are trained operator of this of dismissal, if you, if you worked with it, it's impossible to miss with it. russia has
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a rather long history of using these missiles against, you know, terrorists in syria against iso, against military facilities there. we also know that a military facility involved was, that's a town in the, in the west of ukraine. they're essentially a manufacturing plant, a repair plant was targeted by a missile, of this or of this caliber and type we're hearing, you know, more basically more and more information comes in the points to the fact that indeed the ukrainians decided to shoot down a russian cruise missile and then the debris hit, the civilians are they, they also have history of doing so as well in care of at the very, in the very 1st day of the russian special operation in ukraine for the key of the, the defense, the defense systems in you could in the ukrainian capital, they shut down a different but also a cruise missile, a russian caliber missile over the ukranian capital. and that's where the
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residential a residential building was hit now very, very well famous photograph of a centrally corner of an apartment building being destroyed again by the falling debris of a mess. all that was meant for a military facility, but well instead was shot down and rained on the heads of civilians. we heard from military experts, alexander, stepan of, you told us that the russian military was targeting military airfield. we surely understand that the main goal was to destroy this weapons that were brought from the united states and then they turn members and surely these high precision systems as, as the main goal military objects. not the suit will in once i understand that now, and the great media will try to blame the russian part of using these type of me so to destroy us to be than objects. but surely,
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we can clarify the situation using these satellites images and understand and where are these f, heels, me this and the near a serial. then object is 6 to one inches away from it. so please try to check the information of creamy and media. also in a desa, the russian defense ministry has alleged the ukrainian special services of putting a quote provocation using chemicals after queues moscow of targeting civilians. officials say the kiev could accuse russia striking a naval base alongside nearby cooling plants. moscow claims several tons of ammonia and protective equipment has been delivered to the death region in preparation. this tunnel artsy is found no sign of a legend mass graves near the devastated city of murray. you pull up despite west immediate claims of another future. the location, media reports, claim satellites,
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images show the sights of mass graves and pits alleging this is evidence of russian war crimes. give alleges up to 9000 people that buried on the rights of the screens . you can see footage shown by western media outlets and on the left is footage film by our crew. our team travelled directly to the site to verify what exactly the satellites images showed. and as this footage shows, the sites contains individual graves with the graveyard open for journalists to visit with mall. not his ortiz roman coarser. if all they say is the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it said the runaway mayor of the city of murray. paul made a claim that there are at least $3.00 to $9000.00 people that have been buried at this particular cemetery on the outskirts of variable in the city of mon. gosh, now he made a claim,
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according to the satellite images provided by an american company. i claim there are of 30 by 45 meter trenches here and mario ball and that's at least a 3 to 9000 people have been buried here who and also a several, a wester media outlets have picked up that use. and i claiming that russian forces did this according to the mayor of the runaway mayor boys anchor and basically accusing them of atrocities. and they also said that this information can not be independently verified. well, i am here now. i've had an unlimited access to this cemetery. here i have discovered so all up to 300 new individual graves i here. and so i walked by all of them. now, most of the grades have a placard with a name search named pension m mc, and
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a date of birth as well. some of the grades here only have a number, so that means they have not been identified, but that's a far cry from what the mayor. the runaway may or variable is saying that this is a mass grave. i noticed a group of cemetery workers that were digging a fresh grave. i wait until they finish their job and i came over to them to find out whether they know anything about what was going on here. what these graves are . finishing a boom boom. of course, this place would be closed or this is all intended for people. human beings are buried. these are not mass graves, and they don't dump them into a common grave here. but you brought a coffin and a grave are intended for every person, even if he is a soldier of the ukrainian army or a civilian. this is a human being at the for it. this is nonsense and fakes. there is one grave for one person here, or there are even graves for soldiers of the ukrainian army coffins for everyone.
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if he is identified, she has a grave in a sign and if not, she has a number. so he could be found wasn't for sure. go move, so i want to tell boy jenko my former man, i want to say hello to him when i want to ask him why he didn't take out civilians, at least women and children who died. this is and but he himself left on. he who worries about the city for these people get a big hello to you, but the water there are, there are a freshly dug graves. i hear. nobody is denying the fact that of civilians have indeed died in the city of maria full. but once again, this is not a mass grave, each grave is individual. now i came here with the, with a colleague of mine, a yellow bar. let 1st of all your impressions from what you've seen here today. and from what you've read it for all you've read earlier. ah. so here's a headline from the guardian. it says russian forces accused of secret barrels of mariel civilians and it says the corpses are thrown into a mass grave. now,
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other reports were saying, there are trenches, 38 meters wide, and it to the reader. it gets an implication of a pet with a number of bodies turn into and then covered up. what we see here are orderly rows are sometimes those rows of, for in this case there are empty grapes here, not yet filled, but the media is not noting there. they're including this in their tally. ah, and these are all orderly when it's possible. the names have been given the date of birth when not birth, when not, they are given numbers. these claims are never substantiated. there always claims made by people who are not even on location and in small. and he will say, you know, we were told a, we are led to believe that there's never any concrete evidence behind claims because they don't need it. all they need is half the propaganda emotional scenes. and, and it's very persuading to the public course of them. everyone is working on their own narrative, but we will continue bringing you the truth from here in the next people's republic . we try and visit every single place,
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so that becomes news ourselves and this speak to the people speak to the eye. witnesses and not judge our opinion by, according to some one, what someone said, who is not even here. for now, i'm a romana cauthrin for eva bartlett. from mario val, indonesia people's republic. the earlier this week, the russian defense minister declared that russia alongside the nears republic forces had taken full control of matter. you pull the hours of style, a steel fight tree with multiple underground levels to still contain pockets of resistance with ukrainian forces. rejecting calls to surrender putting lagoon through which resume should i consider the proposed storming of the industrial zone impractical. i order you to cancel it. this is a time when we must think, we must always think, but even more so in this case, about preserving the live and health of our soldiers and officers. there is no need
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to climb into these catacombs and crawl under ground through these industrial facilities block off this industrial area so that the fly doesn't fly through once again. invite everyone who has not yet laid down their arms to do so. the russian side guarantees their lives, putting such an important center in the south as mary you pull under control is a success. congratulations. and while rushes defense minister litigation roy grew has said, the city has been cleared of ukrainian forces with around a quarter surrendering president. zalinski has rejected this claim, and ukrainian troops are still fighting. our t correspondent rod gasdio spoke to civilians who say they were prevented from leaving the factory. russia has given ukrainian nationalists, said mary, you book one last chance. the surrender and leave
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with during these unilateral sees far civilians who for 2 months had been held as human shields seized their chance to escape the nationalists during a troop rotation. but nobody, i vote upon my little brother with one elderly man, we found crawling his way out of the woods old. this was a horrific scene. thought a sniper shot him just below the knee. the wound is severe. bits of shattered bone, protrude from his leg. yeah, oh, what a coin. chill ish, you shall do. i am. i wish people wouldn't wish to nachos to judge neither
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postilion off on legal wiggers does good valeri luck. lucky placebo was defeated. an irish like virgin. yet, here are several dozen people that were able to get out of a building of a place multiplied by a ukrainian nationalist. and all of them say the same thing that they were prevented and threatened if they try to leave the last from the threatened to shoot them if they attempted to cross in the territory controlled by russian forces. but you around me was i for profane episode with gog above. sonya was gone. so you won't go to it because i need you to study or you can you the one you, i'm divide it with. all of them are dirty, exhausted, and visibly crushed. they all have
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a horror story to tell the nationalists used and abused them all. i've got a lawyer, you move it out of the home of the young and the old. even those who have see more in all its ugliness. express shock at what has happened here. this 85 year old woman still remembers the german troops here through the battle of mary, you both has been
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a showcase of nationalist depravities. yet these people are hailed his heroes by the ukrainian government and all who support them. here the entirety of the western media have shut their eyes and close their ears to the horror show that ukrainian nationalists have put on more. i'd gas div o t for mary you, paul. amid the ongoing war in ukraine on sanctions imposed on russia un chief says over one 5th of global food population, faces poverty and hunger. as, as the conflict disrupts international food and energy supply chains, as well as financial systems beyond ukraine's borders. far out of the media's attention, the war has become a silent attack on the developing world. the crisis could plunge up to 1700000000 people, more than a 5th of the global population into poverty and hunger on
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a scale that has not been seen in decades. moscow has condemned western sanctions for damaging crucial global supply chains. russia is a major global food export on supplier fertilize is used in food production. ukraine and russia produced 30 percent of the world's wheat and barley was the 5th of corn, and more than half of sunflower oil supplies, exports have been hit by the worn western sanctions against russia, banks, shipping companies, and airlines. and continuing with the story and i m f. official warned of a double crisis from the conflicts in ukraine under covert pandemic, adding, rising food and fuel prices have pressured family budgets to breaking points. this statement comes as the mess flushed its global growth forecasts, predicting inflation to average 5.7 percent in advanced economies and 8.7 percent in developing economies this year. meanwhile, germany's food and agriculture minister claims the global few crises could be
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averted if you could get more weapons from western countries. the food minister is pushing for an increase in arms deliveries to ukraine in order to avert a global famine. brushes, war against ukraine is increasingly turning out to be an attack on the international community. the greens politician told our editorial office, that's why it's so important that the west support ukraine with more effective weapons. the minister complained that african countries where many people already have too little to eat, particularly affected by putin starvation strategy. while some west and polish shames call for more sanctions. some african countries, including kenya now faced a shortage of vital products amid soaring cost of living. we heard from some of the people there who say they are struggling to make ends meet. having him cried yet we are living in a difficult moment here in kenny and every thing is shooting up in price, getting daily bread or even meals for days. a miracle if there is a shortage of foods, especially for people like us, who depend on hand to mouth to where russia has been highly boost and the economy
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of our nation and wet from there is use to make an animal feeds. maybe that is while this is happening uh, crystal white floor as not affordable. and especially for us who live on the outskirts of the nairobi area. we don't have permanent jobs, and yet we must provide for our own families at home. politics and war and other places like ukraine has played a major setback in our suffering. it's true, not every one is capable of having 3 meals per day. and as you can see in my shop, i don't have much stock, even sunflower oil and wheat flour are nowhere to be seen. things are getting worse on a daily basis. my affording 3 meals in a day. no, not yet. the little money i get can only sustain me for a day. then i look for another alternative, either visit a friend of mine at least to share a little. but failing that, i will sleep hungry really? well, in the news this week, india condemned and on official visits by an american congress woman's the disputed region of kashmir,
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or to returning from the area of the lawmaker. also could it claimed the u. s. should focus more on the issue which new delhi has seen as meddling in their internal affairs. if such a politician wishes to practise her narrow minded politics at home, that's her business. but violating our territorial integrity and sovereignty makes this ours and we think the visit is condemning the disputed region of kashmir has been a key point of contention between india and pakistan for 75 years. the countries are for several large scale conflicts over the region, even sparking fears of a nuclear war as both possess atomic weapons. but just last week, india is prime minister, congratulated his newly instated pakistani counterpart saying india wants peaceful and stable relations. but he's dunn's new leader in return called for better cooperation between the 2 countries. we believe that peaceful and co operative ties between pakistan and india are imperative for the progress and socio economic uplift of our people. and for the region. this can be best achieved through
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meaningful engagement and peaceful resolution of all outstanding disputes, including the core issue of german kashmir. however, it clashes between militants unsecure to forces are still a regular occurrence in kashmir. the latest incident took place on indian territory, claiming the lives of 4 rebels up in just 2 days out of some days, visits of india's prime minister to the region. we got further insights on the development of relations between new delhi and islam about from a former indian and pakistani officials. and they believe relations could improve though the customer dispute is still a sticking point. the impact is done, especially when it comes to relations with india. the army plays a substantial role. you know, the elected government generally goes by the advice of the military. so that is one key factor, but yes, you can have prime ministers who choose to go in a different way,
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but they will have to be careful. and i have known the present prime minister a long time. he's already able administrator who was a very good chief minister. he's the brother of mister new, i should leave and also he has visited india and mit last prime minister doctor montmorency. so i think that he will try and keep the relationship on no sort of balanced. we're not in the movie writing to the new prime minister suggesting about ways to good relationship in the future. but unfortunately, well, the problem stay as they have always been for the last 7 decades between india and pakistan. and at the same time job, i should, it may not be in part for too long simply because the fractious political environment in by august is almost pressing and calling for an immediate election might not be as immediate. it could be a few months down the line,
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but it seems that that could be perhaps the beginning or the starting off yet another a government. and yet another had a we can not say that really because meet is a site where we're willing to move one on other areas. but we continue to work on cash made. and that's the thing that goes on. he's like to see. and then the problem jailed wikileaks founded, joining us on g, one step away from extradition to the u. s. as after london, not just this court ruled in favor of the move. this week is now to britain's home secretary to confirm the decision, which would see a son turned it over to the u. s. where he's wanted on espionage charges. we can he's editor in chief christine coffins in claims. the latest decision amounts to a death sentence. assange a few months ago this quarter i actually i didn't know sons would mean a risk to his life that it will be equal to
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a death sentence. not his court has been ordered for issue that been sentence. that is what happened here today. no julians alive is in their hands are pretty bottle and borders. johnson they need to do that. i mean you need to make sure they do the right thing. they have the power to step is to end this to save a man's life and stop this attack on the feeder or the press. julian assange faces up to a 175 years in prison. if he's found guilty, the activists has denied the allegations against him. and wednesdays ruling comes despite in early decision from the same court. citizens could receive harsh treatment in u. s. custody. we got reaction from international journalist which emitters who believes the latest court decision was made without proper consideration. ah, no, not fun. what we had this morning was really
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a rubber stamping. i was in the court of virtually this time and i saw the judge. he actually had to legally speak directly to us on break down what's happening right now. and he told them that, you know, this is not really up to me. i'm duty bound to send this to send your case to pretty but tell the home secretary for her to sign off on the extra mission and you have a right to appeal. but you can only appeal after she has made a decision. so that means in about 4 weeks cuz a sondors lawyers they have until may 18th to make submissions to pretty patel, to make their case for it to not sign off on the extradition cuz the ultimate decision does line her hands on. and after that assange could appeal, or if she does order the extradition, honestly, given a pretty patel's policy, you know, i, i don't, i don't really hold out much hope for sans because it's just last year where she was trying her office was trying to do it make recommendations that journalists in the u. k. be in prison for up to 14 years for you know, publishing government secrets,
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things that embarrass the government. so i don't really think she's much of a, of a friend of freedom of the press. again, i do hope she does the right thing because she, she has the power in her hands right now as those boards. johnson to take a stance for press freedoms to show that the u. k is not working at the mass of the united states and to stop a, you know, a journalist being shipped off to face to centuries and jail. this is very obviously a political, political trial. when you have a journalist being, you know, being charged with 17 counts as a spy, that's political by nature. and so when you have a political case like this, you can't just when it, in the courts, you really have to win it through public opinion. it's a battle that has to be for with lots of stamina, long term, and it's very good to see these assange activists coming out a quite often that they're very determined, they're very driven. it's actually, thanks to them that i and other journalists were able to get in the courts during a song just extradition hearing because they would queue up since 5 in the morning . and thanks to them, we were able to report on this. so i think it's crucial, i think there has to be a pressure on the board johnson government to,
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to block this extradition. they can do this. they, they, you know, under the extradition treaty between us and the u. k. that was signed in 2003 under article 4. you can block in extradition if it's for a political offense. and again, charging a journalist as a spy is. busy the classic textbook, political offense, and so forth on some pretty well they really do have the power to block this. if you know a sanchez health is not a concern to them. if press freedoms are not a concern to them, they still have the chance to block it for, for its political nature. and so i think it's, it's, it's power amounts that people put public pressure on the government. morning he those stories had oh it's all websites are t dot com and our social media pages. my name is peter scott on the back back with more in half an hour. but do stay tuned for worlds of parts. we are on a boy co thank you for watching. ah
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ah ah ah ah ah welcome to well the party that efforts to isolate and the west comparing it far south africa claiming that depression were to have its own nelson mandela government, which to be ostracized and the country's economy. boy quote, it is a viable historical lesson to be applied again or perhaps another international


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