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ah ah, a new nation with, by thing in the don't boss, region continues and archie cru visits and abundance school used by ukrainian troops is a defensive position. also coming up ah barricades buyers and violent clashes with the police, a seat on the streets of paris under the french cities incumbent president micron when the presidential race and western media pushes the harsh sanctions for the
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countries refusing to put off russian gas. you agree to moscow demand for gas payments in revolt? ah, let's go to the world. this is our international finance, peter scott, and it's great to have you with us. a large fire has broken out in an oil f o in the russian city of brians, which is close to the border with ukraine. local officials confirmed the incident as a fire of increased complexity was a quote that an emergency services from local regions are at the scene. the cause of the fi is not yet known, with no casualties reported residents of nearby areas say they heard powerful explosions before. flames in gulf, the depot, they're also own confirm reports. it's another nearby facility, allegedly, a military targets or objects is on fire. we'll give you more details as and when we come in, they come in is always on. this fighting continues to rage in the dumbass,
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our correspondent broadcast d. a visit to the local school, which was abandoned by the ukrainian military and was used as a defensive position. phase 2 of russia's operation, ukraine is in full swing. vast convoys of troops and equipment. continue to pour into the wall zone, day and night. and as you get closer to the front, the sky lights up with russian forces together with local didn't. yet militiamen are sweeping along the regions administrative borders. one of this was liberated from ukrainian nationalists and regulars. within the past week, it's easy to find where they were quoted and re supplied. often, you just have to head for the closest school. for 8 years as you grade, waged civil war against separate as provinces they. they tried to convince everyone
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from you out of the country was united here just across, across the hall from the lock and belonging to novak senior ukraine, who said over the years, and i didn't wanna go through a military school. joe was for piano. pray. good paula. samuel nation, the one. 1 pods, a show the loom anti and missile. and this is the scene in every single village taken from ukrainian troops that they would pose holes in the military bases. social media platforms are flooded with videos, showing ukrainian troops setting up bases and arms depos in schools. even as frightened civilians pack the basement of village any settlement wherever we
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go, they make their firing positions in kindergarten schools, churches, the nationalists live side by side with civilians. in the end, when they begin to retreat, their artillery hit suppose us and civilians. this scenario is repeated every time after our troops arrive, people relax, they begin to live. normally they calm down. russian and allied forces here have almost reached the border of ukraine's near perimeter of screech, and they are at the gate severely. can of a shortcut, a large fortified town. close to the front lines, we found a full wood medical station. russian and local medics receive stabilize and send on troops injured in the fighting. we arrived as 3 danielle militiamen wounded by shrapnel, received urgent care. like personal, labeled,
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ah good. none of the injuries were life threatening. though one soldier was heavily concussed. 3 at once is rare, but not unseen. this he, the savage war, even though some humanity remains in the frontier of the world way being at the forefront. we are holding on, we have a sufficient supply of everything we need. we accept everyone including civilians, even captured enemy soldiers. we provide them with the necessary medical assistance and send them on further for medical care. we feel great. we have support from our command and we believe everything went soon. russia's strategy here is clear. the intent east who encircled ukraine's forces nationalist battalions and regular troops in the don bass region. after 8 years of fighting and preparations to retake separatist areas by force,
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they are both experienced and well armed. this battle will neither be short nor easy, or ad guys the of our t from the nets. the stain in the dentist republic, his some footage for muddy pools polls showing the level of destruction after incense fighting. a number of ships are badly damaged with some even thinking and cause and buildings in the area of also been destroyed with some unexploded minds left in the area. we heard from a russian soldier and a captain of a bulgarian ship, we saw him. does it look dishes to discuss those learning? the ukrainian army had a fortified position in almost every building here. this is evidenced by the large amount of ammunition that is present here, including western weaponry. if the building is untouched, that means there was no one here. below the digital of nike pleasure. it was hard for the crew because we are civilians. it was a lot of stress for us to hear the explosions of mines and grenades. good on that. it was terrible. no one can work here. now cranes are damaged buildings. computers
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papers are destroyed, there is no one in the port who would work here. and while some semblance of comma lease returns to the city of motor you pull orthodox christians, there celebrated easter and naughty crew delivered humanitarian aid with traditional food to one of the cities, churches, and helped one family find her local family members. so we are taking the agenda to the border with russia, as you can see, a lot of people as seen her off who are here. this is, these are all the things that she has left. so remains of her previous life and we'll take her over to her relatives. hi sweetheart. we really looking forward to your arrival. if you knew how heavy i am, i am slowly starting to come to my senses. now, people are wonderful. it was very hard when a. com, i'll tell you everything you need from us. and then, you know, the most important thing that we have despite any efforts to change that from
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outside is mercy. you can't kill camaraderie, you can't kill empathy solidarity, you can't kill unity. and i suppose the greatest thing that no one can take away from us is our ability to love it over to france. now, where the incumbent president is to retain his post for 5 more years. that's according to the final results of the 2nd round of the tories between micron and right wing. fire bron marine the pen. and the gap between the opponents was far closer than the last election. and opponents over manuel micron took to the streets to show that discontent. ah, emanuel michael was greeted like a rock star in front of cheering crowds at the eiffel tower on sunday night in paris. but even he had to admit that his wing wasn't because people necessarily
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supported his policies. but because they had been trying to block marine le pen look, would be it between our countries full of so many doubts, so many divisions. so we will need to be strong, but no one will be left behind. it will be up to us to work together to achieve unity, are not the candidate of one camp anymore, but the president of all of us emanuel my call talked about uniting france about ceiling, those divisions. and it's not the 1st time that he has made such a promise. but even in the hours after his re election, it was clear that those divisions still persist. over the last 2 weeks, we've seen protests by students by other factions of the heart lacked all unhappy that once again, it was this choice between macklin and le pen this election. and as those results came in, protests erupted in cities across the country from ma say, and to lose, to not to vanity he in paris. now for the most part,
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those protests were peaceful people just coming out to say they were unhappy with that choice. however, some were mod in violence and the arrests made to ah, what many of the electorate had wanted was another choice. the man they had been looking to is john mcmillan shaw the and bowed. france leader is now gunning for the legislative elections, which will take place here in june. it wants to deny mack on a majority in that vote. and another personally, who is gunning for exactly the same thing? is maureen le pen, yes, she lost this election by a wide margin than had been predicted in the polls. but she categorically increased
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her support compared to where she was back in 2017. what we saw on sunday evening was a result that showed unprecedented support for the hard white in france. we are more determined than ever. i have no resentment. we will not forget the france that is forgotten. the ideas that we represent have reached new heights in this defeat. i can't help but feel hope, and it's in these elections that the focus will now be where the next battle must be fought. a president mac warn, has, you know, talked about healing at these divisions. for a long time, but his 1st 5 years in office were really marred by protests and divisions, particularly violent protests in the form of the yellow, vast movement that we saw back in 2018. that sparked huge discontent. here in france, particularly over the tactics used by the police which were described as overly
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violent by many individuals. now present, macklin was also called arrogant by many on the left and the right. and his mon, occurring many of those pressed protest who's that he was the president of the rich . what this election has shown us is that it was an election of historic proportions. whether that's because mack on was the 1st person in 20 years to be elected. whether that's because he abstention rate was the highest in 50 years, or whether it was because there was the highest turn out ever for a hard white party in the 5th republic. what these results show us is how polarized france says what thighs likely to harbor is that they will be a rocky 5 year term ahead of president michael european commission, president ursula on the line will meet with indian prime minister nor render modi's today as part of a string of diplomatic attempts to reduce induced ties to russia. well,
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this is the 1st visit to india ever since she took over as the president of the european commission. she is on a 2 day visit to india. cheer. i cheer on sunday. yes, the day and she's later to be going to hold a joint press conference with tracking stuff there in there. more the agenda of the visit is seeking cooperation. we've been deal on defend security, climate and technology cooperation. this is yet another visit from european union leader last 2 weeks and seen several lead us visiting in. we are trying to your india away from russia on its strategic and historical relationship with law school. and the best is also been trying to use all kinds of methods to read off india and limit its violent
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relationship with russia to several measures. part of the strategy has been to apply pressure on india. for example, the u. s. and joe biden expressed this leisure against the b r o, what it stands on your screen, and it's relationship with russia at the same time, just a few days ago you case. prime minister board is johnson, was here seeking trade relationship with being. and you do thing in the as cooperation with russia on defense, india, at the same time actually is dependent and also has been historically giving most of its end weapons from russia. this also indicates that the rest is interested in speaking
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a greater cooperation india. but india has made it very clear that it is not going to change its dance on ukraine. are russia? in fact india, the finance minister near my last seat. that man, in an interview with bloomberg has said that even though india wants to be friends with the rest, but it is also, it also needs russia fought in defense on its borders. the west, the media is ramping up. the pressure after the european commission allowed payments for russian gas in rubles with germany and austria declaring a quick caught off for morrison gas, and it would devastate the economies. the countries now phase calls for tough measures for refusing to fall in line with so on tuition sanctions, ortiz don courts has more. you're either with us or against us. that seems to be the message, the western media, sending berlin just for being a bit apprehensive about slapping more sanctions on russia. we could impose
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a 6 month ban on german exports and keep extending it until the war was over or the gas pipelines closed down. alternatively, we could organize consumer boycotts after all, any one buying a new b m w, or volkswagen is indirectly paying for putin's army. a point worth keeping in mind when choosing a new car. according to the telegraph article, germany should end up right next to moscow on the sanctions list, just because berlin is worried about what more sanctions could mean for its own economy. new york times also put out a hit piece on former chancellor. gerhard schroeder, for saying germany is, economy needs russia you can't isolate a country like russia in the long run, neither politically nor economically. german industry needs the raw materials that russia has. it's not just oil and gas, it's also rare earths. and these are raw materials that cannot simply be substituted when this war is over, we will have to go back to dealing with russia. we always do. it's not surprising
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that more german public figures are now thinking that way. after all the countries inflation rate for march was 7.3 percent, the highest since 1981. and the rising cost of living has dealt a serious blow to public support for anti russian sanctions. just ask the people on the streets, his own hand, and how can a country be punished for buying something. we need to discuss whether it is possible or not to continue buying russian gas is that who should punish him? i am a heating engineer, i have my own business and i constantly have to install gas heating oil heating. i asked, where are we going to get gas from? where will we get it? if we stop purchasing, where will we get gas from? even e, you politicians are flat out saying they cannot go on without rushing das. we will not see the consequences of this in the spring and summer of 2022 as we have restocked, but next winter will impossible to survive. if there is no more russian gas look at the, at the sanctions in a different way. because a we of course,
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in line with the sanctions and with our partners in you. but once a sanction it's, it's yourself more than the ones targeted of i the sanction i think there's not much use last month in response to already existing sanctions. russia's president vladimir putin demanded gas payments from unfriendly countries to be made and rubles at 1st the e. u flat out rejected the idea, but after a quick realization that there wasn't much of a choice. if the lights were going to stay on, the european commission agreed to play along. you companies can ask their russian counterparts to fulfill their contractual obligations in the same manner as before . the adoption of the decree by depositing the due amount in euro's or dollars. all the while countries that don't want to dump even more weapons into ukraine are feeling the pressure as well. some in washington want to cut off foreign aids to its close ally israel for refusing to do so. israel's reaction to ukraine will have varying on future aid from the u. s. to israel. hey,
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it forward. while the british telegraph says france and germany should be ashamed for also refusing to send more weapons, it's pushed germany's chancellor to say enough is enough when world tensions are already so high. we must do everything possible to avoid a direct, military confrontation between nato and a highly armed superpower. like russia, a nuclear power. i am doing everything i can to prevent an escalation that leads to a 3rd world war. there should be no nuclear war. brussels is planning yet a 6th round of sanctions against russia. the west, santi russia, hardliners are clearly trying to pressure their allies into their camp. but who knows how far they will bend before they decide to protect their own interests over kids. will former austin foreign minister current can i so told us that this pressure is a vendetta by some of germany's partners in the you know, there's a kind of. busy than that, i thought of revenge in my eyes if i may say, by a certain parts of germany who were dictated about 1012 years ago by the german
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government. how to run their economy. that was against the backdrop of your price is $22011.00. then chancellor, i'm going to america more, less put them in front of very strong reforms in order to remain within the euro. that was particularly true for greece, but it also hit italy, spain, all to go to a certain extent. and when i'm observing now, the positions by italy and greece, both countries are also very dependent on russian gas imports. so they say, well, look, we are moral, i think i'm in a situation like you, germany, but we go for it. and by the way, all recession you, germany dictated us 10 years ago was much harder than whatever you might face. now i would call it now it's a sort of little revenge by those governments and the germans honestly have not been behaving in a very diplomatic, in
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a very strategic way. although over the last 1015 years as the war, ukraine continues to shake hope, world politics, united states and its allies are trying to exclude russia from international institutions with the g 20 being the latest arts. eager to donna has more not stop the fighting and sit down for talks. this call to vladimir putin has been resonating across the global political landscape for months. if, if there was shuttle field, we need solutions, and these solutions should be connected with diplomacy. of course, it is important that the ukrainian side agree to peace talks and to the conditions where acceptable to the craning site. in general, it is always better to negotiate peace than to fight, but only until an actual opportunity to get both presidents of russia and ukraine into the same room presented itself with a g 20 lead as meeting looming. oh,
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how the tunes changed? touched by the resilience, determination and hospitality of president zalinski and dennis smell. i returned with a clear to do list. first. this war will be one on the battlefield. additional $500000000.00 euros from the european piece facility or underway. weapon deliveries will be tailored to ukrainian needs. indonesia. this he has host for the occasion invited everyone, including vladimir putin, a decision that turned out as unpopular as you'd expect, and the current climate on the question of the g 20, i will just say this. we believe that it cannot be business as usual for russia in international institutions and in the international community needs to be clear. and we are with canadians, and with each other as we did when we left the g 20 meeting. when we left the i m f. c plenary that we simply will not be part of meetings while russia is speaking. russia and russians have been ostracized at such
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scale already. that discovering new ways to discriminate seemed impossible, but some succeeded. several weston finance ministers left me thing when it was the turn of their russian counterpart to speak. modern western diplomacy has been ripped, of all under owns all dexterity out smashing your political rivals. made way for crude bull headed with or against us. approach with sanctions were at the ready for the latter murder was either curse, young were the g, 20 and related international institutions or platforms to discuss international, economic and financial issues. not occasion for formal discussions on the ukraine issue. the us and its allies are so hell bent on, shunning russia, they crip other nations who have more than one point on their agenda. ah, what it, what i delete did make clear. i to his counterparts during this visit was that we
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don't believe it's in india's interest to accelerate or increase imports of fresh energy and other commodities and actual mobster couldn't have come up with a more cliched thinly veiled threat. at the same time, ukraine is as much in fashion as it can be. at today's g 20, i warmly welcomed ukraine's finance minister, sir gamer, jenco. i also underlined that the e strongly condemns rushes unprovoked and, and justified military aggression against ukraine, which undermines international security instability. it's diplomacy 2.0, where g 20 may very well be renamed into g to the number of member nations is utterly irrelevant. what matters is, if you're against russia or not, over to packets done now, where the newly elated government has agreed to the international monetary funds, recommendations on structural reforms, to boost the country's economy, which is currently facing the recession. this will be made in order to reduce the
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payoff of loans approved by the institution back in 2019 to 3 years. votes were suspended due to concerns over focused on non fulfillment of the conditions. it's current government blames, ousted prime minister, iran columns, the problems they mean he was a proving too many subsidies that lead to corruption and therefore weakening the country's economy. we have such an a lead benefiting country that almost every subsidy that you can speak of actually goes to the richest people in ron con, gave an amnesty to businesses for setting up factory so that they don't have to pay taxes or even if they evaded taxes that's ok. now the i m f has already made a list of demands to pakistan, including scrubbing, fuel subsidies under tax honesty scheme, as well as the implementation of new taxation measures, an increase in energy taurus. if about meets these requirements, the bodies light, it's resume payments. those will help to boost economy, currently suffering from spiraling inflation, rising prices and deficits. however,
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pakistani society remains divided over the possibilities. a real economic change under the government's initiatives. maybe i don't have any expectations. they have announced some temporary relief, but you can give relief only if you have money in the exchequer. emron con had brought money from overseas. but these people are thieves and criminals who close the industries. and we are not happy with them at all. committee. the past 4 years have been very difficult under the past government. we are living hand to mouth and from his government, we expect that we will get some relief. there should be a change in our lifestyle so we can manage our kitchen expenses. this government lacks power so they will not be able to work properly. we discuss the current political situation in pakistan on those negotiations with her own her son, a coordinator with the press trust of india news agency. and he told us the current governments will not get a good deal from the m f. this government does not have any national credibility,
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although it has come to a conspiracy, but it has no credibility. i don't think they would be able to stand up to the tough conditions of the i'm a so i am looking forward to some reading relating to do it to mediating said, enter before before the m, f and all of the, such a national institutions and all focused on maybe needing financial support in days to come. his tea demonstrates that again and again that these people have come and looted and plundered the country. so i'm afraid that bulk of this money is needed, knocked well focused on and the benefit of the people are focused on but for their personal benefit. and that is what scares me because the economic condition of the country is already because, and i think we need, does a very healthy governance, which unfortunately i'm convinced that these people cannot provide. well, that is a route for now. do you feel free to go with the r t dot com or our social media pages, as well as our telegram channel for more stories and in depth analysis? money is peter scott's and thank you for watching. ah
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ah ah ah, ah .
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who is the aggressor to chose is war today, i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions. i think you chose williams strange as we speak on the billing if any more, streamline the branding all in ports of russian oil and gas turbine and imposing these sanctions. i brush you has destroyed the american. in fact, mister barish boomerang, by way of suffering. the i was really hitting people in the pocketbook. boys and girls was always there. i see of using him or is your, your router visitor, unless you, this is gonna impose severe cost on the russian economy immediately. and overtime there is some, as i stated, the that i'm there, everybody we have lives. there are so many that for them. i've started a little bit, he makes this all the emeralds, remember him,
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absorb it up. it's thick body. how did show that 21st century is with the asians age? russia is also an asian country and we need to develop military cooperation. similar to what nature does in europe propose lower infrastructure chauffeured to swing by letter. can you hear me treat? was the search for new markets import substitution. the word sanctions has become part of our data vocabulary, neutralize. if i did with more and more reports of restrictions, however, sanctions has an instrument of influence and nothing new. they've been used against russia for decades. son to america 3rd year is ported seconds through meal of jack upstairs with the rules of how and.


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