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until then, so going to preserve, i'll ask you to one of your local dice. no problem. when did you i'm, i'm useless or i need it or not, or chia? olga cups, if it works on a prisoner exchange program, she has met several ukrainian mothers searching for missing subs. mm hm. allowed the about. the money was in last and you got nothing but the dead on god. i need some when you, when you mileage stock was ashlock be the value. why didn't you approve the no, she yet and these young, untrained men are allegedly being sent to the front line with national battalions marching behind it. a new suit, a new video, a new thing that, that of the new do to much to what we're doing there for them really is dismal much they did to do with the situation. and i was going to do it the in your for chism and you knew those really or merit injurious i needed. okay. it came out to the i me and you know, if you know fin more,
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so i e g number is that me if there was really got to, to provide standing for lugens k, i me immediately. thank you. gotta give me a call discover. everybody really come out. this is the only pull the sticky line. if you listen, bradswell is what the yeoman eat. i music up really really took a spot in a brush and goblins are cooking. they did this neatly, montoya pitcher when your bill is apple cleaning let. i was dogwood creek to college, surgery or college for lydia. caught him by give me locals called a volunteer nationalist battalions. diverse teams anymore is the bright bucket come care plan. you. william crystal played with kit is less you and yeah, you figure mirrors probably gonna be very moderate. jordan, a silly processor of the former ukraine security service, lieutenant colonel joins the militiamen in 2014. that was a of conscience risking his own life. he rescued more than
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a 100 civilians and don best defenders took aside. so 3, i know the 3 she put in we both we did wrote about another apollo. what does he have to go over? do you remember all bhaskar? he asked more to them. i believe telephone of by itself had opened his billing scheduler stove by the wiley school. it deal when you will a buzzer, and you was truly random which no not to have control a g. but the issue with the locals that will give them my ceiling when a good machine tech is reached or c will d t that is ali wild say, what is the book when they are not spin? ah, with burleson, i'm with the media. if you scores easter with secret water, click it,
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and samuel she to deliver a motor to noise. moderate any digital? mm. to me, 3 kalashnikov, head of the health ministry, medical examiners office in the donuts people's republic. this treated many victims of this war. a po for the consumer. i'm in the family, but the unit you were stuck with she celia for the muse pretty. i'll go move. not any voters gina through an alternate ronald e. but let me just a little nigi lee, but not to ask anything, was more than always clean some other kalashnikov hit the midst of the nationalist battalions, alleged crimes his non, sorry,
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ah, in teams anymore, things are off and on bus and on the stock. and just look up a normally a muscle is a honey noon. she kitty doesn't believe in the green. she'll never see a left here. what she, i think she'll is told you about the bus garden. you must, sheila mullin. dear, dear what ethylene you see us does chris you out there? pauline g u, i believe at the flock. the legends gym is a fix. you know, these not sit groups, some of them used batches, 4th call cura. and they were promised slaves, and lat, from donors was dying for mileage. if we only put a stop, you go from them. come when you look, i thought i'd leave the deposit of shows or seattle on what to do so. but so when you look on the middle, the way in the, the tourist serrano graham a pretty we notice. but all of those, but i mean, also for see did,
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ah, with animal rights demonstrations like this, a commonplace in european cities to the whole population of dorm bus has been showing as a terrorist. we witnessed a huge information war, waged against the dorm with people. and rush, everything basically was told in the western mainstream media was just absolute life. and when i came here 1st i'm in the beginning of 15 and i saw the beautiful people news. and i understood the oh,
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the lie. oh she sure. even i knew that these happen as why the reason why i can, but when i saw it in my own eyes, that they were treated worse than the door worse than any any more. so the demonstration against the russian world in the western propaganda is a very terrible thing. it's very frightful dean ah, western and ukrainian mass media often keep silent about alleged crimes committed by nationalist battalions, frequently failing to report accurately and blaming demolition. and for the victims . the screen gets also tested it also we seek on, we thought they sell the new kind of app locked out switch out of a prism with . i mean to kiss he or address that money provincial. he won't bother you. didn't
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want affects chill, chill, seville, to quit text while the lip always i don't get opposed, discuss budget to what was in the progression in the summer of 2014 battle begins on a land that hasn't seen hostilities since world war 2. 0, july 2014. the is verna coltrane, august the 11th coltrane, more than $7000.00 ukrainian troops found himself surrounded today. but i have a believe in using the latest muscle from g shop. i'm switching storage and not a huge bizarre look. any good up meant you to twitter strongly agree. it breach, hopefully it'll come when you've got order. we would use wait so much. it'll go to
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see if, when you know crane is a primitive talk about almost on a stable so, but so, so if you wish, would you toyota, she ukraine is in a disastrous position. mm hm. on september the 5th 2014 the 1st minsk agreements for a peaceful settlement of the military conflict and douglas are signed. what shall i neil scott like washing as possible? grey or pony shadows were on whether that was the quote, but you're in the store. literally run your local day. after the papers were signed, the 2 sides accused each other of breaking the agreement. what are some good web sheriffs mother to walk beside the uminski foreclosure and they kicked, led to just more of the social social, wilma, those from about on my job, cricket than you will pull? no more with them. would you like to report them from bureau? put the movement, be smaller, senior liberal in louis that on the while ago that it made them go very on the stem
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coke with a steep index. the bill is suitable with so much to possibly new front rhythm or music associated with them. for news, you're normally however, in january 2015 new fighting broke out near the town of the bolts of ah, that reckless plan resulted in the developed of a culture. according to the militia ukraine, last up to 8000 troops in the 3 conference. can you bring out an up of the key for the chino, brian's game, or post on the right, something severe but the most. but it said it in the meetings will answer, but if you just, i mean, who do we think you just, i mean you but you may at the yearly. yeah, i trisha because i friends can with you there to her. i did miss langston id still
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brass. i do the koya burglar needed you there are old countless of weakened things and never called it full. and each funded by yours, in each funded by the globalist, each supported by natal grinned. cannot stop this war until this headquarter is demolished. and when it happens, i promise you civil war in ukraine will stop next day. ah, on february the 12th 2015, the mincing to agreement is signed, but the fighting continues with people can have different opinions about the course of events. but to me, it looks like an illegal unabashed open act of russian
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aggression against the sovereign ukraine. hutchinson is up at the nigger than he but his, my tosto as i did it today from teachers, kids could have done so in that sense, earl's coalition, honestly, you watching. we're gonna go at each door dinner. nik i'm in dunlab. she taught, seeing you later, i see a good i see as a who educates like that and know it, the new se with absolute than you cook with history domestic. lou, i have seen in my own eyes is happening when a soak or journalist come to dawn with take the microphone and lie there talking about some arm and gas driving around and or pressuring people wearing doughnuts with both of them. and i asked where, odd, why are you right like these? where are these armored gangs really show me a while? you know that we on bank to do it. ah
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ah ah . so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race group is on often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very critical time time to sit down and talk more when i was showing wrong. when all 3, just don't hold any world yet to shape out these days because the advocate and engagement, it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah
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worship alina subsequently? rosmer. what is that to be with zable muscle stuck that a little from a teacher. skin watershed, chest mine 22 known as company and our scale. one of the few remaining minds it don bus. head of the mind. alexandra pillar, gulf and his team managed to restart operations after it had been completely plundered by ukrainian soldiers. some of the time said that was to leverage the boy . you must just able somebody more little canoes club to work with risking their lives. the mind has kept working under heavy fire. mm hm. have to be born in the shock, a shoe put out the list of those 3 of them cuz that would be an issue. they once had to hide under ground for 2 days. but what's called a shot, the full of studio, but of course we're headed to school. postal,
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your options was nice to put. i really was shocked. it was after the shilling locals described the terrifying resolves, the issue at a minimum is regionally. club metal really falls up a call because a couple of little cleaners today. but of them will notice, but he was a really was 91. use the sweetest like she beat so still, but us could you look a joy to regina? so give me a since big spit, a few little sobriety above, above and beyond. got the special dna lab was set up in done yet. hey, chelsea not still good to go to below the bullet. awful coupon. what did l m e a little bit? you still cynical rep agreement about mashanda looked at what you've sure to just observe nikki, the we've got to do to go in cbo to record of me and sir hulu
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with these children know all to well what war is, what they've never known as peace. so yeah, 1st lab am or yeah, you're welcome. bye. near land. in law. yeah. more. wow. 0 way jag address going away or any of those where you created a new ram, sina america, the country and sent him. what? please lose my papa for. yep. i can get
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a lawyer. am on bushland annual arm you for sure. here i trista buenos aires are quite choice in that extra crown lasting that ah, but these children will never sing paint or dream again. ah, it up on me. if you keep trim, get your mortgage and then ah, my tv authority, you bought our computer when the car you night that just will not. so my niece teach kimmy about that. your name? yeah. she bought a daughter. he lived armada will be monday. so we assume i didn't, yes people's republic also has a monument for the children who died to jasmine offered him some money on gillum. i thought the call with an up. i'm in line. yeah. listen,
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we're done. bossa cook with santa who is up. let's either the thought, because if i don't that, that appraisal good, that is, that was from god, duddy, and literacy of a human rights commissioner for the dentist people's republic has repeatedly tried to convey the don best people's message to the west, a nauseous and, and what i do listener is india in? absolutely. you get to watch like local music in mendoza. nobody got to your school and with us like i did with politic mendoza, but she did not mean those late me zip up yet. the mom and i mean there's not a bit of a gun, the alga, but there at the place was just not great nominal him thought for sure you got to to see just i get you adults and let you go to upgrade the gun at the children at them after ad nauseam, why me just the idea. i this grab what then you brought up that it's wayne don't go on. so just to aim turned on
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the villages of done yet ski and go above scale has become a dividing line. some of the houses are just 2 or 300 meters from ukrainian army positions. ah, guns are fired here every day. no closure. and as the wanted me to work a little sure where he gets we see that we address that to me. yep. are they, of course the back up, or if it does, is lucille this? what browser this year? again, yet going in yet. but the rollin. yes. new q one. yes. mm hm. mm . the last one had surgeon, are by hebrew georgia
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presidio lensky as a one year teeth are as though in your one year to ye enable a mighty on her door. so he can american, this is a, is it, you are still have some of the door yet of i sniffed the record near to bill. look for look over reniger. mm little on on us. those are for that. well as let us just go slack. mom in just leslie about all i seals with senior missouri dory yet but you know, you might hear young mon mm. but there were times to lead lord richard on board to load. well, let's just hold it regardless of still what him or her or the, or
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a more dame woman before, and i just on the one of those are willer, was thrills devotee. her worship was thrilled in just roll them slowly. every village on the border has to withstand regular heavy fire. snipers are always on the prowl to look at a score. let's begin if and you can go to the game, but that's not bobus yet. school for sydney. gorda mother proposed those apps clearly with any ob stella, would you dig me right here and i did see when we hold them we next sub steal e rush was called off the washer and i should thank bushes that are the cross near the slice noble dumpster the woman, the mostly she prefers you know, because of it bolcom initialize ditches. williams scholar. my mom, when you, most of your hearts 3 of my mom were from i just did it out. so you know, you would, i did a chicken bomber will profess shinji. i went from without having what i'm quite a few to reach a shot, but it is upright,
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but i'm sure that she left him in ukraine. today. there are american troops in european troops. nato has had a role in the country, but much of the effort has been in response to russian aggression has been a response to the fact that russia went in and illegally has violated the sovereignty of its neighbors. and the united states and nato partners have felt an obligation to help ukrainians better defend themselves, willing to come up and yeah, i just got but got a lot with deal. it was my biggest lane is dallas. nicholas i'm if you would think it is, this is the book book i what that will be. it all the disc both of you with just me of missing with medicaid cover will be like expensive, which i am the garbage. the one of the world that she and that was to buy little financing about blood, really carthage nevada, extra stuff was to buy 2 grains. austin and that all of them got to rush,
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especially this way with us. he's got army yet, but he had a cisco army, wasn't analyses, guy, army, media, them yelling it by so look, because it would be of dia may, did you did. you didn't order. i did you wish emily? good. your groom for was for here. where would you like to just keep using it if it would be? well jennifer, my new style in michael indicated why me doing his or her dealing image with hitler . i never been afraid for one day for russian already because they are simply not here. local, say the o. s. c, special monitoring mission to ukraine performs its duties and don berth quite selectively. they claim it mostly records details that support the key eval doroty is at their western masters where it doesn't mean you would 30. can you please read what lay it all? it's a for software to say it was issued that there was a bit of a webpage. good nato called the where of the say those mid alcohol,
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con, avia for care or care. novela local photo was fantasy. no numbers on us coast, but i love to dear con, unless little my last spot on the laws front got the door is control up or lesson. see me or not that in. that's it. the decision table it but he beat each veronica diamond on a new basis and was the name akeem of it. so we don't get mad at you with this. i'm always here near when we would some white glove to lead to company, not such a thesis, but keeps on hold on by say about some one seems to put sample with the route to pick a student today, anerio on their locals. also say the situation has now escalated to the extreme. they claim shilling attacks have increased significantly over the past 9 months and excursion. they didn't butte now, gosh, they did a whole gigabyte, but you more young because just yet. so do you know, jackie thought you are
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was, wasn't on against the don't was people gonna be donna to any people anywhere. ah, why just because they defend their culture, their language, their mother then they can be shown as an enemy of to well why them? but if he's president williams can when you have only had mucus blushing yeah. graham of sure. then eventually, but thought good, cause it goes on your when another bison. mm. but despite in system shelling and international pressure. mm. don bass keeps living, working and dreaming of a peaceful future. mm. without ukraine.
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mm. absolute and i wish and store room you more than super stones, sustain ukraine, but almost done. don't i make course? mr. mcclure this is kim mcgriff buggy. please give us nichol facilities, mac or more children. i teach luke authority for gilbert. o was o. grade children. dorothy pazzano the gotta checked out, those are the upgrade on you if it was another car, you know, if we'll do this stitched it almost forwarded to storm. where regency just suppress wants to claim that almost essentially can you move with newkirk smart, rich wood to store them? look, i had last week, i heard that boys yet. there was they were a mini, daily leather as yet the gray luca had that it's impossible just because of the war crimes darling. don't look into that keen look. look in a start dental. look around. yes. but the look janet is still nothing can competent, definitely novice. i wondered what's
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a good fit to please it goes down to hobby of the little book out there. is that not that school in nifty? some both stores and wonder do think it's fair to cough. essentially cochran was not so good as it ah, you moving when you get a feel for she's going you just go to what it you know, last resume. when you know this him, he said that they did it, the last is in with
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ah ah, since the break away but donates people's republic won't been ranging and don't bath. ukrainian artillery has been shelling civilian towns and mining village is yours. more lovely deal with blue water with one of your company a little above the whole of the 3 little boys will give us volunteer one. ah
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oh, the maggie russia was posted a special meeting. a constitution with finally a me a lecture asking why the west for a long time and had to find back. this is why nowadays with,
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with the some criticism by western leaders for not doing an off the un secretary general heads to moscow for the folks that president putin. that's for the 1st time since his doctor toward ukraine. nate, those entering a proxy war with russia and ukraine, that's according to the russian foreign minister, the slammed western countries, but the plank here with more weapons the constant provocations of the president of ukraine, vladimir zalinski and his team. they're practically demanding. the deployment of nato troops to protect the ukrainian government, but everyone always says that they will give key of weapons. this also adds fuel to the fire when once again found a huge variety of different.


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