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preferable to go through at this point in time of the publishing were at the stage of international relations when the moment of truth, your com super, either we all agree that's 11 entity with exam, eliza decides how the humanity will live in the future or the humanity, it will be living by the un charter. it's a very simple choice which you good you who no one wants to have any war, god forbid, you will. it's a good meal. however, presenting the arguments and what you demanding response from those who violate the un charter was, is that's a modest i'm telling you. that's assuming a more and more countries with their history, civilization and culture with great legacy, want to hold this position because of this conversation. you cannot be avoided, and i hope that the un or got a new system institution rooted that actually you and charter with the greatest document a good a fall time shooting will was via catalyst shooting development of this solution,
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frank and honest, beautiful to welcome dialect with it without ultimatums, without threats, few and without attempts to solve issues by 40 see we including we can buy them for force of financial and economic power. what else our western college have and that they will be use their position in the global system, your solution. and i think this is mary lou blatant abuse. did he go to mclean? shouldn't you go for a negotiation solutions naturally? would like to have so those little people still negotiation solutions. if you remember the beginning of march, right? when president lansky offered to have negotiations, we have agreed, but the way the cranium delegation behaved at the negotiations a later the present landscape, myself refusing to acknowledge from windows from over below. they confirmed a week before and they received them and new proposals while is very,
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i'm so disheartening. it seems that they're not very interested in negotiations. and they think that they were promised by those who call us and not to lead russia when, when those to u haul to defeat and destroy russia. over that, those will continue to tumble ukraine full of weapons and tremendous amounts of weapons you suitable for those of if that will continue, will naturally negotiations with hardly going to result in anything but still review. i repeat, once again, we're committed to a negotiation solution because actually not sure and to cease fire. that is what we're doing every day, declaring humanitarian corridors daily shows and they've been ignored, will, will slow by. we recruit with massive style base as well as of sibling not is it using not to insignia because of his not say that often has, has battalions with that presidency. landscaping responding to this. she and none
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of your questions said that we have many such battalions. they are the way they are and this phrase and they are the way they are. who to view was cut out of the interview because it seemed a bit too much have you will, it is up with, to shameful, to present out to the western democratic little humans community, a person with a war, all of his subliminal towards the city go. so we are prepared to use to hold negotiations if anyone has very interesting ideas where prepared to, to listen to them as for mediation, boucher, per se, at this stage, while at the previous stage, the green in the month of negotiation negotiators, the doc mentioned that our insurance teams and meeting one on one. if not 3 times valve was rescued, live man, once you inter kings, these are platforms for negotiations and we'd like to as of some thank you both hosts for organized on for one. welcome. however,
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talking about the mediators at this stage, i think it's a data premature of you would like to receive your response for your, of our last draft of the document that we had transferred to balance. it was 10 or 12 days ago. i just need you to go look at the quine negotiators. what did not report to their press. it is yours was due at least a week ago who was not aware of this document or she were thinking as to say that it was mentioned applicable that i would like to say that the secretariat fletcher entire new respects and abides by all resolutions of the general assembly and of the security council. and to there, if i regret something, is there to the, when it was not a lot to be part of the normandy format. to follow the means agreement. and to be able to form a very clear cut opinion about the failure of the musical agreement.
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on the other hand, i would like to say that term, i understand that the russian federation as many grievances. but he went charter foresees a large number of mechanisms in which grievances can be addressed. and namely with the 3 course to the international courts of justice or other other mechanisms if all the other ones foreseen in the chart, the faith. but that is one thing that is true and obvious and that no arguments can change. we have not ukrainian troops in the 30, tory of the russian federation, but we have russian troops in the territory of ukrainian federation. here to program. that is true. i confirmed that
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slam talk, don't tell you news outlet one to schwartz lend to don't tell you or have questions for both of us speak as mr minister as expected later today, the young journalist hemley will vote on the draft resolution of lichtenstein on to vito right providing. ready for the full convenience of the general assemblage time a p 5 country impose 72. how do you thing, what does the most code take on this initiative? and what is the most close attitude? moscow's attitude towards reforming the security council and the possibility of repealing the imposed v 2 off to the g. a assembly is held in the aftermath and 2 minutes to meet with mr. garrett. irish being the secretary . ready genoalvi, and do you think that the v to mechanism should be reformed with respect to the resolute dropped resolution submitted to the ga. you knew it
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has no relation likely to go to a couple whatsoever. and it will not seem fact in any way the, the ongoing for a number of years talks on reforming the unsecured account. so i can state responsibly that the veto, right, or you will be there. it is one of the foundations of international organization, organizations and affairs. otherwise, the entity, the united nations will find itself in disarray. cuz the grades paul wasn't great nations to rely upon the united matego from unit original. this is the principal of, of unanimous decision that is enshrined and the child turns. but at the same time, the world hasn't changed and the recons want as a claim,
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make it uniform or unipolar for good. but you know, the developments and the progress of developments has been counted to that. it is becoming a multi pool the world. and we want to avoid the over dominant solver. i want a group of countries, 6 out of 15 seeds belong to the west. and the developing nations are under represented to want to see more africa, asia and latin america as part of that body permanently. and we were made direct mention of our partners from india and brazil, but definitely we also want candidates from africa. so the resolution that the graph resolution rather that you have mentioned and that isn't bound to applying, applying a conventional to the general assembly session to discuss the v to it has
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no bearing on that. it is about a more democratic way to, to make decisions. we would be ready to join the consensus if any. it is important to work on the consensus basis. because many resolutions that are adopted and approved by minority votes will become prevalent because of the efforts of the western countries. but i would go in even far them, the security council may be stripped of the fall was to adopt to resolution as a result of applying one or several reduce. but also as a result of is the cause of sanctions by 6 or 7 countries. but of school, which would mean also that there was a class from the security council and the security at the moment 0 assembly should
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not be in the front to that. i believe for an up with that it is a sound for us to sing fe, country applies. it's vito right. it means that it has some rationale behind it. and in the event that it is about the decisions by the russian federation will be able to provide our cogent arguments that we are present in the security council. i am able to conference those then so, so many years ago created the chart that i believe the reason of the veto was to avoid the situation in which are a confrontation among the members of the the group of permanent members might leads to another global walk and so the v to was a kind of a, an element introduced to avoid this kind of danger. it is also true that as time
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went by vital is probably been used to many times as in many circumstances. it's used without vital interests of a country or taking existing and so i am very much in favor of a moderate use of the veto. having no illusions about the possibility of changing it. i don't think that it will be possible to have a job at the 2 said majority in general assembly with the 5 members agreeing on changing that better. i also believe it's important to enlarge the security council and to have a more equity of representation. particularly the country like africa, count, africa is a double victim of colonialism. first of all, because it suffered colonialism itself. and 2nd, because many of the, the countries only gained independence when the international institutions of, of,
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already been created. and so africa is, and the re presented in decision making processes in most of the multilateral institutions. and so i do believe that a stronger representation of developing countries in many areas are from the bretton woods institutions to the security council would be an important reform just to be content the chinese television. a bit of opposes my questions to minister lover of how has russia responded to the crenan proposals to hold a special round of talks in mary cole. and the 2nd question, what measures have been taken by the russian signed against the american? the stepping up of the american army supplies to cave. well, yes,
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i have heard about this circus of a proposal by the ukrainian negotiation team. that was the team that, that was in touch with our negotiators in belarus, them in new stumble and then on, on telecom to hold another meeting just next to as of styles smelter. well, that would be real fetter, a token gesture. they probably want another heartrending scene to be displayed on the media. but if speaking in earnest and with the end of promoting the talks, i wish they would swiftly respond to our proposal submit to their own 10 days ago. and left kate is asking, hasn't heard anything of that as we find out with respect to the art supplies to
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key. if it's not only the americans that do that they prefer. ready to compel the routines to supply and ship weapons. although they make steps themselves. but we said repeatedly that as soon as it ends up in ukraine, these arms and hardware become legitimate goals and targets for our military. our military on the ground vindicating and upholding the rights of the people that were victims of the shelling for 8 years and, and irrespective of the composition of the normative form, including france and germany, they were silent on that. and all these years, we saw outrageous oppression towards the russian speaking population. not
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only in the 2 proclaim republics, but also those residing in ukraine. you can look at the track record of the lawmakers and all the legislation passed against the russian speakers in the russian language. channels. ready or ukraine and channels owned by some parliamentary opposition parties or any band parties. and later, it was decided to prohibit the use of the russian language in day to day life. and in nancy, ideologies and practices were imposed in every body kept to blind di on 2, that was both inside and outside, the normal deform a ton of those arms. that at that point were shipped to crane was we're a threat to the russian federation and the military base is like the one by britain
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a show of the is off. see, we're a direct threat to us and unfortunately we heard, no, are you on the go to the voices of back king from any any, any a re of the world. one way, as a last resort is up came up with the proposal to conclude with treaties to provide for the security you will prevail, expending. the military alliance says now, currently we are eliminating the threats and the activities by the west and breach of their obligations not to strengthen their security at the expense of russia security. this is up and the final question will be from. so the sputnik news outlet. nobody's very good afternoon, mr. many stud, i good afternoon,
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a secretary general. i have questions to both of the speakers. mister minister, not long ago, russia has accredited the 1st diplomat from the government of taliban. does that mean that we are moving towards recognizing the taliban government in kabul? and the 2nd question is whether russia is ready to work. we've been tapping political movements and forces encouraging them an engaging them in the new and close to that in government. as has been recently proposed by president til around the burg you me see and questions to the secretary general. how can you comment on down all 44 creation of the russian diplomatic property in the united states as well as abuses by washington. all the host come tre status when a number of diplomats, including russian diplomats, ah, he that he denied visas to part taken in un meetings. what steps and
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actions the on secretariat has been taken in order to bring the united states to, to account. so that to make it complies with its international obligations under question number 2 on again, this time you called on the you asked to unblock the african asset, some fries, the assets, to a board, a humanitarian collapse. there any, any, any steps and developments from that font? well diploma. we indeed accredited a diplomat who was sent to work and embassy by the new authorities, the tabitha movement, which does not mean an official diplomatic recognition. so we sign lock step. here we is, who is the key neighbors of janice stone? and recently a, a high represent to hire presentation high profile conference was held in china and
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we participated together with iran and pakistan. and we just, ah, look at the real see trace from where guided by that and we have regular conflicts . we have the entire lives by the embassies, by other departments and agencies looking into economic corporation and during the soviet a stain of dentist on more than $140.00 of secretaries and enterprises were built that became the backbone of the economy and in brackets, amtrak in brackets, i'd say that over the 20 years of nato stay nato stain of canister. not a single facility was built thurmond boil down to, you know, wat. so we want a to move towards a full fledged diplomatic recognition by the new authorities given that
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they deliver on their commitment and establish, hey, inclusive, governmental family. from the 60 ran our viewpoint, they had legals fixed the child jackson hurry, nationality, you know. but anyway, the true inclusive beauty will be something we'll look at. we work with the political forces in afghanistan and campbell, the ex president cars. i the ex chief executive executive, abdullah della, and they are interested in dialogue with talent. and we encourage them to pursue launch and pursue as dialogue thing by afghanistan. and we have decided since the very beginning to engage actively with the taliban. and, and we have
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a mess if you met italian operation in afghanistan. but we recognize that humanitarian aid is not enough in the absence of cash in the absence of liquidity in the economy in afghanistan, the collapse of the economy can have devastating consequences for the people of counties than so we have been claiming that the international community needs to create the conditions for cash to be injected in the afghan economy, we have that it's ourselves. the when is bringing by plane bank notes to afghanistan, we already live about $500000000.00 us dollars. we have been pushing the world bank in order for the world banker to a, disburse the amount that our foreseen in relation to a afghan is done. and the we are working together with the central bank and the american treasury to remove the obstacles that it still exists in relation to the
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needs to and fries the money that is available. and we hope that this will be true for all the countries that have these are assets are frozen. and he, we believe literally that we need to do every scene father, good of the people in afghanistan. but we are also engaging with the taliban very seriously. in relation to the inclusivity of the government and her inclusivity between men and women, but also inclusive 80. in order for us back subjects us out as, as it was said to be fully included in the political process in afghanistan. her on the need for the afghan, his son not to be a base for any kind of terrorist activities that outside it started thought it. and of course also to be able to defeat terrorism inside the territory. and on the near
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the, to respect a number of fundamental rights. and here, there are 2 questions of great concern to me when is the possibility of girls to be in school special in secondary school. and in the university there was a negative decision recently i hope it will be overcome quickly and the 2nd, the right of women to work and to exercise their professions in the country as it is happening to the a u. n. stuff. see may lou and stuff that is indeed allowed to work at the present moment. that on the other hand, are, we believe that it is very important that all member states, including the russian federation, have a normal treatment of a or visit requirements. it is essential to have the full participation of all countries into any procedures. and we will be keeping a very strong position with the host country in order to guarantee that we move
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swiftly in that direction. possible. after that, i will just activated on the buck onasia studio plumb up of the money i what has been it has been responded, i mean, devout to host country in finley, veiled in a similar veiled manner. welcome back. we've just been listening to the live press conference between the un secretary general antonio terrace. and the russian firmness to say gay laugh was not rove, kicking off, saying that the meeting was very productive if that point discussed, included humanitarian car doors and civilian evacuations. and they discussed the steps to take in protecting the civil population. he said the pair also talks about the future of the un as we know earlier this month. but she was suspended from the un human rights council lap of underscoring multiple times that russia was
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committed to a solution and a sci fi and tony, a terrorist, but his parts, so that he came to moscow as a messenger of peace with an agenda to alleviate suffering and to save lives. he also added that it is, of course, russia's invasion of ukraine, which is against the un shot to any said he understands that russia has many grievances. but the bottom line is that it's russian troops that are in ukraine, not the other way around. something which live up of course, agreed with a few specific questions which were supposed to live above, which he said, he was asked who would russia consider as a media says woods pace, and he said that as a mediator, this is too premature. he said he sent a draft to the ukranian mediators and negotiators about 10 to 12 days ago. and they're still waiting for a response on that. but it seems like it hasn't been passed on to the ukrainian government to president lensky. and he was also asked about ukrainian
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proposals for negotiations to take place in murray open next to the as of stone factory. and i think a lot of said that he preferred to wait again for a response from that russian proposal that was handed over around 10 to 12 days ago . finally, antennae until he gets harris said that this conflict has, of course and shock waves around the world. with the world's most vulnerable these developing countries who are suffering greatly from their santiago. so i did that. we need a multi polar well, with all countries abiding by the un charter. so thank you for joining us here on our t international will be back at the top of the hour with more discussion and more analysis. jonathan ah, ah ah
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ah ah ah ah, with ah, with i look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence at that point, obviously is too great trust, rather than fear. i would like to take on various job with artificial intelligence
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. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with a completely new industry historic and just look up for literally a muscle around noon. she doesn't being in the green shield on a nurse to me as possible. mama could go through 6th grade to somebody to look at that. i put his ashley. uh, this is one of the with one move please. of course, with me when you open up the key for the cima in metal,
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for phones or something like that. and then we got that with them. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic and development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time to sit down. ah, ah, mm. mm.
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mm, mm mm . mm. welcome towards the part, an old chinese saying suggest that it is better to be a dog in terms of tranquillity than a human in times of change. a proposition that many of us may test out soon as the world we knew just a few years ago, rapidly disintegrates what is likely to emerge in its place. well, to discuss that i now joined by when when's executive dean of the young young institute for financial studies, dr. when it's great to talk to you. thank you very much for your time. thank you for helping me. now, chinese scholars are not known for their excessively dramatic assessments, but i noticed a lot of them including yourself, warning about the danger over major war, perhaps even a global war involving.


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