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ah, ah, we need the world's, that is multiple love with multi level institutions. the un chief calls from multi polarity in the world during his 1st visit to russia since the conflict began in trade. with seeing this 2nd re general facing criticism from western countries for simply talking to moscow. germany and i says it will after all, provide kiev with anti or craft tongues. while the u. k. is armed forces, ministers, age ukraine, and should be able to target russian territory and can do so with nato's weapons. also ahead refund to get found a huge variety of different mines gradient positions. again,
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mind that ukraine claims that told the international community. it doesn't have one more evidence appears to emerge about ukrainian forces using anti personnel mines. this my claims that munitions were destroyed, years ago, under international with one menopause date in the evening, in baghdad, in sophia, and here in moscow this tuesday, april the 26th. i'm, you know, neil on this is our to international the un secretary general house call for multi polarity in the world. sounds antonio good terrorist is facing mounting criticism by western leaders for today's visit to russia over the conflict in ukraine with fleming, the trip, the u. k warning, it could be used as a propaganda tool by moscow. the u. n. she forever said, it's important not to forget about the values of
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a multi polar world. this is very important, even in these moments of difficulty keep alive the values of multitude. absolutely. we need the whoa, that's who's multi polish with multi level institutions. and those multilateral institutions must abide by the un charter and by international law. the un secretary general, antonio gutierrez, expressed a lot of the same positions that we heard from russia's foreign minister, sir gay. laugh rov primarily that that piece cannot be established unilaterally. in fact, labor himself said that multilateralism was the word probably used most during his talks with gutierrez. and he also said that the un needs to better reflect a changing world. you still do you, the world has changed. americans claim they want to make the world unipolar for good. but objective processes go in the opposite direction. the world is multi polar. and we have been repeatedly saying that the un security council needs to get
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rid of its main defect over dominance of one group of countries out of 15 sit sakes belonging to the western countries and their allies. or perhaps that's the reason the secretary general received. so much criticism for coming to moscow seeking peace. we heard from the british prime minister boris johnson, who said that moscow would probably just use the talks as a means for propaganda. and we also heard from the ukranian president who said that a gutierrez should have come to key a 1st because let's face it, he of the international position would be significantly weekend if the u. n. started moving closer to the way russia sees things. and on that very subject lab, rob did comment also on the un vote that took place that called russia's military operation and invasion and said that had violated the un charter. he criticized the united states for bullying countries into voting on that vote in line with the u. s . his goals actually criticize the collective west at, for using nato as
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a geopolitical tool. so let's take listen to what he said says the deal is when sort of it has been done in the interest to contain the russian federation. and with this goal, ukraine has been consistently used as a springboard to contain our country for all these years, initiatives by the ukraine authorities to ban everything russian have been encouraged and at the same time, step promoting nazi theory and practices have been legalized. our guitar is also expressed regret at the fact that the u. n. was excluded from the normandy format, that was a group of delegations that negotiated the men's protocols that were supposed to establish peace and ukraine before russia started its military operation there. but probably the most important point that lab rav made, is that amidst all this talk of peace from all sides, the west continues to send loads and loads of weapons to ukraine. western officials continue to say that this war can only be concluded on the battlefield. all that considered, it all looks like a classic example of the west's words contradicting its actions. the un secretary general has discussed the current situation as well with the russian presidents
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this tuesday la amir wooten said, although he understands concerns about russia's offensive in ukraine. moscow still looks with surprise at the claims of some countries for essentially exclusive rights in the world. ok, let's say get the latest now on the situation on the ground in the conflict, rushes armed forces have destroyed for military targets and ukraine overnight, including 2 munition depos. according to the russian defense ministry are launched . missiles also had 2 targets in the hart call region. ukrainian. drones and missiles were reportedly destroyed while the mario ball no one has used the she monetary and car doors from the as off feel plants so far that's according to done yet. people's republic officials authority use help stress that if some civilians are still left at the factory, they may be being used as human shields. their earlier moscow blamed care for
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a disrupting the evacuation corridor were from the sites. no russian forces say have once again find remnants of anti personnel mines left behind in the den. yes, the republic about the spiky of having vowed to destroy them. years ago, ukraine has been accused of using such munitions on numerous occasions, but always denied the allegations are senior correspondent, broadcast fee of can tell us more about that as rush and forces advance and battle lines shift. a vast amount of weapons and equipment are abandoned by ukrainian troops and nationalists, hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of dollars worth of weapons have been captured by russian and allied forces, including things ukraine didn't want the world to know about. we've once again
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found a huge variety of different mines. it's ukranian positions, again, mines that ukraine had claimed that told the international community. it doesn't have like these mon lines you binds, which are great, said only russia uses. and once again, we have found them at ukrainian positions, but even more interestingly here, he's another anti personnel mind it says in the canister by buried on the ground could be triggered in a variety of ways by trip while by stepping on it and what it does is it flies out of its kenneth to a distance of about a height of about a meter and designates and all this shrapner or these pieces and fits of metal embedded in these plastic shred everyone around at the chess level also here. ah, andy, thank bonds. and hundreds and hundreds of kilograms of high explosives.
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what they would do with these is stick detonators infuses from grenades into these blocks of exclusives, and they would cover them with frappe meltzer, bolts, or nails. and they would hide them in bushes, tie them to trees. so any one who would step on the trip up would set these off according to the auto treaty, which ukraine joined at 1997 members. states have 4 years to destroy all anti personnel mines and cannot use them under any circumstances. among the minds that we saw were of said them 72 and p m n and t. personnel mines which ukraine had almost half a 1000000 off, and which they promised to the world they destroyed 11 years ago. and yet all around ha, freshly planted ukrainian mine fields laid to slow rushes advance full of different
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band anti personnel mines, which ukraine lied about the showing years ago. to the whole world. more i'd gasdio haughty from bennett's creegan, the trans nice to republic, a breakaway region of moldova, which has russian peacekeepers station there has declared its highest terror threat alert. that's after a number of attacks. rock the region this week with the republics president saying they could be connected with the conflict in neighboring ukraine. because the 1st results of the immediate investigation shows the origin of these attacks, unfortunately lead to ukraine. i think those who organize the attacks have a goal to drag trans nice into the russia crane conflict. i'm sure this attempt will fail. there were 3 alarm and incidents in the self proclaimed, moldova and republican turns nice during the last 2 days. on monday series of last talk through the ministry of state security in the capital c t. all to ross and
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local officials said that the building had been attacked with grenade launchers, late on tuesday, to other explosions happened in the village of mac, some 60 corners north of the capital to us. but, and as a result to old soviet era, radio must have been damaged. they broadcast russian radio in that area. also we heard later from local authorities that the military unit outside. sure aspen had also been targeted. no casualties have been reported. and we hear that police is searching for those responsible for the attack. shortly after these incidents, they had of the self proclaimed. the republic raised the power of threat level to its highest, which is red. and the mold dolan president called for an urgent maintain of the country supreme security council. and the modem and government says that these attacks are aimed at creating tensions in the region. they have no control of this brick away region of holdover. also has
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a border with ukraine and one does there appear to be a connection to the conflict? well because yeah, too early to say that it is, it has to be investigated of course, who exactly is behind these attacks and whether it has anything to do with the conflict in ukraine without here from the president of moldova, it is a totally internal issue. but the fact is that we've been here and a lot about trans nice or in the last couple of months to the beginning of most of those special notes. reparation on the ground. because some believe that these tiny piece of when really matters and is really important why 1st of all, for if you look at the map, you will see it has a very long around 400 kilometer long. both align with ukraine. so days strategically located. it is important geographically and 2nd, it's haters the region between the me, sir river and the printing board of growth away from over back in 992 after a short war 8, it's independence was not international, recognise,
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and most of the world still sees it as part of mol, dover, and it has very close ties with russia. 30 percent of its population. russians and it is connected socially, culturally, economically, of course, shortly after that war, russian peacekeepers were sent on the ground to maintain peace and to prevent any military activity any fighting from happening. i think they've been doing great job because experts say that this concept is the calmest and the less deadly old route . suppose soviet union area. and initially they were 5000 troops. but now it's around $1600.00. so it's not a very significant amount, but still some fear that russia can use for the day, sir. it's operation on the ground in ukraine. let's now listen to one of the great and now commentators military slash political. this is what he has to say. there is only one chance left to save mary u paul,
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a blow to trans in easter. ukraine has the legal right to demilitarize the military facilities of the russian troops threatening us. we're here from the crime lane and from the i see that they are concerned about the security situation in trans. mr. now, so eyes on that part of the globe, so we have to wait and see how the situation develops. now, while western countries claim the don't want to be directly involved in the ukraine conflict, nato allies are continuing to provide heavy artillery to key if, after receiving criticism for refusing to send such weaponry before germany's defense minister sees the country will now send anti aircraft tanks. to key if that's this by chancellor shoulds previously expressing strong resistance to the move to his coalition allies. the united comes as the nato alliance has been holding a defense summit in germany to discuss offering arm supplies even more. is
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a high, significant change of policy for germany. just a few weeks ago the chancellor had said, no germany can't send these heavy weaponry crane. why, well, off shalt said that that could essentially pick the west against russia, and that could lead to world war 3. germany is not the only country that is sending heavy weaponry into ukraine. we've also heard the saying from the u. k, the u. s. and poland between them, they say that they are sending in tanks ammunition for how it says at grenade launchers all because they say that this is what the ukranian army needs to match. the capabilities over the russian army and the u. k. armed forces minister has said it is completely legitimate that ukrainian army to use such heavy weaponry to attack targets in russia is completely legitimate for ukraine to be targeting in russia's depth in order to disrupt the logistics. that if they weren't disrupted
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with directly contribute to death and college on ukrainian sort of could they use british ordinance at all to do guys only concern any of them weapons we've given them for defensive purposes get used and that would that cause any problems? well, i think it is certainly the case that things that the international community are now providing to ukraine, half the range to, ah, to be used over the borders. but despite the fact that these weapons have already been flowing into quite for the last the months, nato has been very clear. it does not intend to put troops on the ground. however, that could possibly be too late. already, the russian foreign minister said a novel has been talking about the fact that you need to itself is already in a proxy war against russia to get these weapons will be a legitimate target for the russian armed forces operating within the framework of the special operation warehouses, including those in the west of ukraine,
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will have been designated as such, targets, more than one 3rd. what else do you expect? nato is essentially entering a war with russia by proxy and arming this proxy. there's a war on not just russia that is pat, upping the rhetoric. we've also heard increasing a strong language from the us. we want to see russia weakened to the degree that it can't do the kinds of things that it has done in invading ukraine. that's why we are arming the ukrainians with weapons and equipment to defend themselves from russian attacks. and it's why we are using sanctions and export controls that are directly targeted at russia's defense industry to undercut russia's economic and military power to threaten and attack its neighbors. the u. s. outlining such big go will so open need is only 2 of essentially making russia militarily new to, to make it fail. there are some in certain quarters would say that that is the only
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logical conclusion. well let's discuss that now with a panel of experts and it really is a feast of global guests today. carrying petoskey retired u. s. or a force lieutenant colonel speaks to us from virginia. the us in beijing, benjamin chow, professor at the poorest school of technology. and business on stephan gach political scientist at the institute of european studies in belgrade. you're all very welcome to the program. karen, can we kick off with you germany's now and nines than it will ultimately send heavy artillery to kiev? after much hesitation, why this sudden change of heart? you think? i think you're responding to a pressure mainly from the united states, but possibly nato. the u. s. is, has decided, has determined to send as much as it can possibly send to the region. a lot of the stuff that we're sending is i think older stuff it's, it's all stockpiled. it's not,
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we're not building new stuff for ukraine. this is stuff that we have on hand that we're getting rid of basically in the ukranian theater. that's what this is about, and i think we are leveraging pressure on both nato and specifically on germany to to go along with that. benjamin. we know that's beijing was given a strict warning as much as that's worth from the u. s. not to help arm russia. so can you give us a sense of china's view about these western weapons flooding into ukraine? china has read again. sanctions has been encouraging to use the prom and see today the chinese for and ministries books. person one said that no one wants to see to ok. go walk 3. and then china supports the 2nd one of the contract ukraine through diplomacy. and that all parties should 1st of what dialogue and negotiation to
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prevent the conflict from escalation to avoid europe and well being a good price. i think my comments to china is french, ukraine, and russia. china's rise to meet a war child does not want to see an escalation, you know, trying to, we wide for is the well, is the largest beneficiaries of globalization or the price of the chinese products . step into, you know, about trade. nato. secretary general has repeatedly emphasize up the alliance does not intend to be directly involved in the conflict. is that though in reality what, how you see what's happening now, how they see a back affected? why don't live in the bullet law article it with said that the way to the army clay. i keep all of that for the atlantic council. oh,
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the mother and was the only one along with you say that it with me? with the fuck boy with li estefan. sorry to interrupt you. your lines just that there's a bit of a, a gremlin on the like. we can try and connect with you if we can there and just get staff and back it all into the program in just a moment. stephan, bear with us. if you will, a car in just to bring you back in. in the meantime, i'm not sure if you show up the u. k armed forces minister said he said that ukraine has their right to attack russian territory wit, nachos weapons are very direct response to a question. how surprising is such rhetoric given that the west is publicly calling for a peaceful resolution? well, i think it, i think it belies the fact that does the u. k. in the united states are not calling for a piece or a resolution of this thing. in fact, the,
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the position know of the chinese which is to promote diplomacy is the opposite of what the united states in u. k. are doing why they wish to destroy a ukraine and to extend the war and to make it more destructive and deadly both for people, the economy and the environment there. why they are willing to do that. maybe it does trace back just a big new brzezinski. and what the long term goal is, which is, you know, obviously control of russia. i mean, obviously this is, the larger picture is just like the british officials stated, you know, they went to weaken russia. i don't know if they want temporarily to wreak in it or permanently to weaken it, but don't that's the intent and they're using the ukranian people in effect. i mean, the ukrainian country, the nation of everything that's important to ukrainians is, is basically on the line just, you know, that's
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a battlefield. let's use it. so i think they're very straightforward. in some ways . they want this war to expand. if they didn't, they would be seeking diplomacy and they would be in bar, going on, new weapons into their, into the region as well as what they're already doing with sanctions on russia. they would also be embargo and weapons into the region to be used against russia, but they're not doing that. so i think i think it's obvious, right. benjamin rushes, foreign minister sees nato countries are no fighting a proxy war with russia by sending in their arms. how do you see it? i certainly agree with aloe plunge caress has already raised, and i do agree that or it is a proxy war. and the russ really did not want to war to and so it was whole heartedly want to water and sooner. oh, they could have said more weapons heavy weapons earlier. rather they are sending it
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batch fight badge kaloni war to rick and russia, and to escalate the situation or car and just to pick up on, on both those answers. the u. s. defense secretary said he wanted to see russia weakened this week. are we looking out a war of attrition here that could stretch on? i don't know for months maybe years. i personally don't think it can go that long. i don't think. i don't think the actual situation on the ground will warrant on such an a lengthy conflict. i mean, i think it's gonna probably end up ukrainian or russian talking to each other. probably a partition of the country in some way. a recognition of the independent republics . i think i don't think it can go on forever, but what i think does it matter? i think d. c, washington d. c. does believe that this is an opportunity for a very long extended conflict and consumption production and sales of arms for
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a very long time. to con benjamin there, there is so much weaponry now heading in to ukraine. do we need to be concerned about were or in whose hands it might ultimately turn up, cuz it may go to the military. but then later on, it may be in the hands of somebody else. yes, the shilling, we need to be concerned about the denito. the problem right now is that ukraine conflict has enter is 2nd, phase 8 is a kinder movement for the russian trips to and circle 30000 ukraine in troops into dom bus regions because of the terrain because it's open because it's flat because it's not as aarp and so we can expect more long range bias by the russians may be artery to contain the situation. so the ukranian people are really exposure, the president of ukraine call for the west to send more weapons to, to,
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to so down to russians. and you know, i think he's is media adding oil to the, to the situation, to the fire. and instead of stopping to war, you my a triple lot, when causing more casualties. i mean, it's the more important to engage in a dialogue as soon as possible. but the, as we have seen, ukrainian precedence lensky that it might not be actually wanting to negotiate. just as the foreign minister of russia has contained, that the student is pretending to negotiate. i think if lensky is really want to have a spot, he should show in sincerity in making it possible current. and the last word to you today how, how do you ultimately seeing see this play?
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i i think the united states and some of the nato countries are gonna dump is much old equipment that they can get rid of and count it and write it off. it will be immediately written off either destroyed in ukraine or re sold by the ukranian officials and others who get their hands on it. and i think that is a valid concern of these weapons. a lot of the small arms and others just proliferating around to various church groups, so it continues the danger, it broadens the danger. and so that's gonna happen. that's happening right now. and that's put in parkway. i think zalinski does not want to enter into any type of peace or any type of discussions towards b. c is he's benefiting from this. i mean, think about the u. s. relationship with ukraine over the last decade. it is a, is a relationship marked by financial corruption. so you cannot rule out that that's part of what's happening now with all these arms. i think ultimately the russians
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are going to prevail. i think they've already prevailed on the ground and i think their army is going to prevail with control of certain amount of territory. and at that point, at some point, zalinski is either going to leave the area permanently as many of our puppets do when things go bad or he will enter into some sort of discussion. i do agree that he is not sincere at this point and i'm not sure if he's even capable of being sincere at any point where we do appreciate your time, your thoughts as always. current petoskey retired, u. s. or a forced attendant colonel benjamin shaw. professor. the part of school of technology and business many, thank you. thank you. the u. s. government has launched an online portal for sponsors who want to help you create in refugees, individuals and organizations who want to financially support refugees in order to speed up their arrival in the us can now submit their applications. those ukrainian selected will be granted humanitarian pro,
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which allows them to bypass refugee programs that usually take years to come pleat with more and all out tears ortiz kill. the u. s. government seems very happy to open its arms to refugees were fleeing the ongoing conflict in ukraine. however, they don't seem very excited about paying for it. joe biden has come up with a way to pay for it by passing on the cost to us citizens and community organization. by way of a new sponsorship program, we've already welcome tens of thousands of ukrainians to the united states. today i'm announcing uniting for ukraine, a new program to enable ukrainian seeking refuge to come directly from europe to the united states. refugees from ukraine don't get held at the border in detention facility. no kids in cages or children at facilities for them. instead, they get directly processed and brought through as long as they have an american sponsor. uniting for ukraine is
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a streamlined process for ukrainian citizens who have been displaced by russia's aggression, to apply for humanitarian parole in the united states to be eligible. ukrainians must have been residence in ukraine as of february 11th 2020. to have a sponsor in the united states. complete vaccinations and other public health requirements and pass rigorous biometric and biographic screening and vetting security checks. it's pretty obvious special treatment. immigration lawyers are flabbergasted. often people will spend years in court and thousands of dollars just to get a green guard. this news is very good for you, crania, and fleeing for their lives. and we are very glad that the streamlined process will offer them a faster route to safety and security they so desperately need. however, it is glaringly obvious that this population is being treated differently when tens of thousands of our afghan allies, including those who served alongside us, military forces remain an extremely dangerous and life threatening circumstances. months and months after the u. s. withdrawl and the country descended into chaos.
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the whole thing is pretty unfair. those who had their lives destroyed by us wars around the world don't get any special treatment. and on top of that, they don't get a special government facilitated sponsorship program. united states is set to take in about a $125000.00 refugees from around the world this year, with only about $9000.00 and taken in so far since the beginning of 2022. but the obvious differences in treatment of disparate populations is inexcusable. america should be welcoming refugees and asylum seekers who are being persecuted in an equitable and just manner so far. the united states is only brought in a few. does that and ukrainian refugees. however, it seems like joe biden.


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