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ah mm ah, we need the world's yet to use multiple us with the multi level institutions. the un chief calls for multi polarity in the world during his 1st visit to russia. since the conflict began in the trip itself, a seeing the secretary general facing criticism from western countries for simply talking to moscow germany, and i says it will after all, provide key with anti trust. while the you case armed forces minister, say ukraine should be able to target russian territory and can do so with nato's weapons. also ahead. once again found a huge variety of different lines. great in positions. again mine's that ukraine
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claim that told the international community. it doesn't have more evidence appears to emerge about ukrainian forces using anti personnel mines despite claims and munitions were destroyed, years ago under international treaties with bringing you the stories that monster this is our teens are national. i'm unit o'neill. good. the have your company to our top story, the un secretary general house call for multi polarity in the world doubts as antonio good terrorist is facing mounting criticism by western leaders. for his visit on tuesday to russia over the conflict and ukraine with kiev slumming the trip on the u. k. warning, it could be used as a propaganda to buy moscow. the russian president supported the sentiments made by
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mister b terrorists. having not the kremlin still looks with surprise up the claims of some country seeking essentially exclusive rights in the world. we think that the main rule of the world is the un charter, the commitment and the other documents adopted by the surgeon is ation. not much, some documents that were drafted by someone for themselves, for their own interests. and it came as a surprise to us to hear some statements of our counterparts about that someone in the world can have some exclusive rights to do something diner. stand. watching federation has a number of grievances regarding what has happened. can you frame regarding the european security as well as for less ticket ortiz don quarter for more and not don . indeed, take us through what was discussed the high level meeting right here in the russian capital while union. definitely some interesting takeaways from that meeting
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between russian president vladimir putin and un secretary general. antonio gutierrez, 1st and foremost putting reiterated that russia is dedicated still, and always has been to diplomacy with ukraine. he also said that the problems between moscow and kiev really emerged after the 2014 year old, my don coup d'etat and the country, and that the russian military operation does not violate the un charter. now the terrorist for his part said that he understands russia has legitimate grievances when it comes to ukraine, as well as european security as well. now, earlier in the day, good terrorist also met with russian foreign minister circ, a lab, rob. and actually we heard a lot of the same points from both officials during that meeting. primarily the fact that peace can only cannot be achieved unilaterally elaborate himself said that multilateralism was probably the word they used most in their conversations together. it's very important even in these moments of difficulty to keep alive the values of multi let. so lose, we need the whoa,
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that who's multi paula with multi level institutions and those multilateral institutions must abide by the un charter 3rd and by international law, new soleberg you, the world has changed. americans claim they want to make the world unit polar for good. but objective processes go in the opposite direction, the world is multi polar. and we have been repeatedly saying that the un security council needs to get rid of its main defects over dominance of one group of countries. how to 15 sit 6 belonging to the western countries and their allies. perhaps that's why the secretary general received so much criticism going to moscow seeking peace. after all, we heard from the british prime minister boris johnson, who said that moscow would just try to use the meeting as a propaganda tool. we heard from the ukranian president vladimir zalinski, who said that gutierrez should have went to key a 1st because let's face it key of international position could seriously weaken if
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the u. n. starts moving closer to the, to russia's point of view in this whole situation. and on that topic, actually, lab rav commented on one of the you and votes, that declared russia's military operation, a, an invasion, and said that it was in violation of the un charter live rav criticized the united states for bullying. countries into voting for that resolution. and also criticized the collective west as a whole for using nato as a geopolitical tool. says the deal is when sort of it has been done in the interest to contain the russian federation. and with this goal, ukraine has been consistently used as a springboard to contain our country for all these years, initiatives by the ukraine authorities to ban everything russian have been encouraged and at the same time steps promoting nazi theory and practices have been legalized. now at that meeting with lab rav gutierrez also expressed regret at the fact that the u. n. was excluded from the normandy format. that was
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a group of delegations that negotiated the minsk protocols that were supposed to establish peace and ukraine before. russia's military operation began. probably the most important point that lab rob made there though, is that despite all the talk of peace from all sides of this conflict, the west continues to send tons of weapons to ukraine. western officials continued to say that this war can only be decided on the battlefield. so all that considered, it really looks like a classic example of the west's words contradicting its actions. don quarter bring this up to date on that. thank you. don't. let's cross snow and speak on some of those issues. raised that with a geopolitical expert, peer and manual tama speaking to us from brussels. you're very welcome to the program, sir. so the un secretary general's hell talks of both rushes, president and foreign minister. do you think that will help in any way in bringing
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about a resolution to the prices any meeting or to merge? you let her leave her is use for for. busy or reserving your, of this conflict, but she's not gonna be enough. or because you're the murphy le to our system actually doesn't work any more in emergency put our world the you're the mirror to not to run a she stem of today was her beat it after of a 2nd go to. busy war are according to the new balance or power in the people our situation on after over to the 4 of us as sar or the united states on it's alyssa, one unipolar world and used are the murky lot to our institutions for their own geopolitical benefit. so of a your impose, they are
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a uni latter interpretation of international law. and now since the world became multiple, all the different great power set different interpretations of for your national role, united states, rashad, china and they, you russia on china would like a multi point our world undone. don't accept any more. a uni latter interpretation of this entire shallow and this is why it's very difficult to through united nations to achieve or a. busy more peaceful end to risk conflict, or because you're actually in history, there is no a mercury latter arena. likely to to be
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your efficient if there is no, agreed. er has bosher, a geopolitical order. and so far, united states still wants to impose a, you need to put our world on twice to escalate the situation in ukraine when russia would like her to work, to achieve its main goal, which is a neutralization of ukraine because she is frightened. and just on the deal hail today, some of them are quite interesting mister, good terrorist suggested to organize a u. n. ukraine. russia group to work out she monetary and corridors which has been a huge issue. is that feasible in your opinion? well, that would be feasible if for act all sir, or military octo on the ground. lou let vickery dos or b be opened. but so far,
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what you have noticed is that you're in viscera tactic, or a warfare or ukrainian side o is not really willing to evacuate populations because her each needs to use population as her. her shield her against russian forces and to so each time there was, there were negotiations for humanitarian corridors, each sailed because they're actually, you couldn't inside, didn't allow her population to use these corridors. so that's where reality from are experts. so we're observing the situation on the ground. all right, well, thank you so much for your insights. this our, we always appreciate a peer a manual to man geopolitical expert from brussels. well,
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let's get the latest now on the situation on the ground in the conflict, rushes armed forces destroyed for military targets in ukraine overnight into choose . they including 2 munitions. death was, according to the russian defense ministry are launched. missiles also had to targets in the heart coff region, ukrainian drones and miss silas were reportedly destroyed while murray pal, no one has used the military and corridors we've just been speaking about from the a off steel plants so far that's according to done yet. people's republic officials authorities have stress that if some civilians are still left at the factory, they may be being used as human shields. earlier, moscow blamed for disrupting the accusation corridor from the sites. now while western countries claim they don't want to be directly involved in the ukraine conflict, nato allies are continuing to provide heavy artillery to key if after receiving
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criticism for refusing to send such weaponry, germany's defense minister say the country will not send anti aircraft tanks to key if does this by chancellor schultz previously expressing strong resistance to the move to his coalitional light. the announcement comes as the nato alliance has been holding a defense summit in germany to discuss upping arm supplies even was a high, significant change of policy for germany. just a few weeks ago the chancellor had said, no germany can't send these heavy weaponry g crane. why? well off shot said that that could essentially pick the west against russia and that could lead to world war 3. germany is not the only country that is sending heavy weaponry into ukraine. we've also heard the saying from the u. k. u. s. and poland. between them they say that they are sending in tanks ammunition for how it says at grenade launchers. or because they said to match the capabilities over the
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russian army, and the u. k. armed forces minister has said it is completely legitimate. ukrainian army, to use such heavy weaponry to attack targets in russia is completely legitimate for ukraine to be targeting in russia's depth in order to disrupt the logistics. that if they weren't disrupted with directly contribute to death and carnage on ukrainian soil, could they use british ordinance at all to do that is only concern. any of them weapons we've given them for defensive purposes get used and that would that cause any problems? well, i think it is the case that things that the international community are now providing to ukraine, half the range to ah, to be used over the borders despite the fact that these weapons have already been since you quite for the last few months. nay, too, has been very clear. it does not intend to put troops on the ground, however,
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that could possibly be too late. already. the russian foreign minister said k level has been talking about the fact that need to itself is already in a proxy war against russia. to get these weapons will be a legitimate target for the russian armed forces operating within the framework of the special operation warehouses, including those in the west of ukraine will have been designated as such, targets, more than once. i thought, what else do you expect? angle nato is essentially entering a war with russia by proxy and arming this proxy. there's a war on, not just russia that is pat, upping the rhetoric. we've also heard increasing a strong language from the u. s. we want to see russia weakened to the degree that it can't do the kinds of things that it has done and invading ukraine. that's why we are arming the ukrainians with weapons and equipment to defend themselves from russian attacks. and it's why we are using sanctions and export controls that are directly targeted at russia's defense industry to undercut russia's economic and
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military power to threaten and attack its neighbors. the u. s. outlining such big go will so open need is. so we do of essentially making russia militarily new to, to make it fail. there are some in certain quarters would say that that is the only logical conclusion that earlier i spoke to g political analyst and from a u. s. marine brian bar let a crew believes the west is waging its own type of conflict with russia. i think it absolutely is a proxy more. and when we really think about it, i think it's you can make a compelling case. the claim, that's what the u. s. has been doing geopolitically, has been a series of proxy conflicts with russia and china. this is part of a post world war 2 policy that the us us had to eliminate the possibility of a here or near peer competitor. and a fascinating statement by many observers,
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this, the u. k armed forces minister said ukraine has the right to attack russian territory, said the little while earlier is not surprising to hear at this stage or did you think this is how it's going to work from now? on similar statements like that, it will just be a conference attempt to escalate. you fill the facts on the ground in ukraine and prevent them from escalating any further. surely by, by the feeding the ukrainian forces in the field. their goal is to escalate and to exact the highest price possible until that happens. you've got mercenaries coming into the country with their own ideologies, which sometimes suit very much some of the, the neo nazi sentiments that are within some regiments of the ukraine military. now they'll go there and they'll get train, they'll learn how to use weapons, if not heavy weaponry. how are you going to control them when they go back to their countries when they go back with this new skilled expertise as well?
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they're not going to be able to continue to cared even if it's not a worry for them. do they care about that at all? i don't, i don't think so. everything about these western nations have been doing all throughout the duration of this conflict has, has been policy that has been damaging most of all the but the west and the proxy. they're using ukraine. they are the ones paying the heaviest price at the moment. can know the story to bring you to the russian forces, save once again, find remnants of anti personnel mines left behind in the dance republic that is despite the key of having volley to destroy them. years ago, ukraine has been accused of using such munitions and numerous occasions, but always denied the allegations are senior correspondent, morocco, the of can tell us more as rush and forces advance and battle lines shift. a vast amount of weapons and equipment are abandoned by ukrainian troops and
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nationalists, hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of dollars worth of weapons have been captured by russian and allied forces, including things ukraine didn't want the world to know about. we've once again found a huge variety of different mines. it's ukranian positions, again, mines that ukraine had claimed that told the international community. it doesn't have like these mon lines. humans, which are great said only russia uses. and once again, we have found them at ukrainian positions, but even more interestingly here, he's another anti personnel mind it says in the canister by buried on the ground could be treated in a variety of ways by a trip while by stepping on it and what it does is it flies out of its kenneth to a distance of about a height of about a meter and designates and all this shrapner war of these pieces and flicks of metal embedded in these plastic shred everyone around at the chess level
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also here. ah, andy thank bond and hundreds and hundreds of kilograms of high explosives. what they would do with these is stick detonators and fuses from grenades into these blocks of explosives, and they would cover them with shrapnel, so bolts or nails and they would hide them in bushes, tie them to trees. so anyone who would step on the trip up would set these up according to the auto treaty which ukraine joined at 1997 members. states have 4 years to destroy all anti personnel mines and cannot use them under any circumstances. among the mines that we saw were over them, $72.00 and p. m. n. anti personnel mines, which ukraine had almost half
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a 1000000 off and which they promised to the world they destroyed 11 years ago. and yet all around ha, freshly planted ukrainian mine fields laid to slow rushes advance full of different band anti personnel mines, which ukraine lied about the showing years ago to the whole world more i'd gazda of archie from vignettes creegan ah, now the trans knee stir republic a break away region of moldova, which has russian peacekeepers station their house, the clearer its highest terror threat alert. that's after a number of attacks. rock the region this week with the republics president saying they could be connected with the conflict in neighboring ukraine. because because the 1st results of the immediate investigation show the origin of these attacks, unfortunately lead to ukraine. i think those who organize the attacks have
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a goal to drag trans nice into the rushing crane consulate. i'm sure this attempt will fail. there were 3 alarm and incidents in the self proclaimed mill, dove and republican turns nice during the last 2 days. on monday series of last talk through the ministry of state security in the capital c t. all to ross by local officials said that the building had been attacked with grenade launchers and later on tuesday, to other explosions happened in the village of mac, some 60 corners north of the capital to us. but, and as a result to old soviet era, radio must have been damaged. they broadcast russian radio in that area. also we heard later from local authorities by the military unit outside to ross, but had also been a targeted no casualties have been reported. and we hear that police is searching for those responsible for the attack specialty. after these incidents they had of the self proclaimed the republic raised the terror threat level to its highest, which is red and the mould dolan president cold for an urgent meeting of the
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country. supreme security council and the modem and government says that these attacks are aimed at creating tensions in the region. they have no control of this brick aware region of mulder also has a border with ukraine and one re it does, there appear to be a connection to the conflict. was yet too early to say that it is, it has to be investigated, of course, who exactly is behind these attacks and whether it has anything to do with that conflict in ukraine without here from the president of moldova, that it is a totally internal issue. but the fact is that we've been hearing a lot about trans nice or in the last couple of months from the beginning of most those special notes, reparation on the ground. because some believe that these tiny piece of when really matters and is really important why 1st of all, for if you look at the map, you will see it has a very long around 400 kilometer long borderline with ukraine. so days strategically located. this is important geographically and 2nd,
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it's haters the region between the nice to river and the front in border rows away from over back in 1992. after a short war, 8 its independence was not international recognized, and most of the world still sees it as part of moldova. and it has very close ties with russia, 30 percent of its population russians, and it is connected socially, culturally, economically, of course, shortly after that war, russian peacekeepers were sent on the ground to maintain peace and to prevent any military activity, any fighting from happening. i think they've been doing great job because experts say that this concept is the commerce and the less deadly all throughout supposed soviet union area. and initially they were 5000 troops. but now it's around $1600.00. so it's not a very significant amount, but still some fear that russia can use for the day,
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sir. it's operation on the ground in ukraine. let's now listen to one of the great and now commentators military slash political. this is what he has to say. there is only one chance left to save mary paul, a blow to trans. mr. ukraine has the legal right to demilitarize the military facilities of the russian troops threatening us. we're here from the crime lane and from the see that they are concerned about the security situation in trans nestor now. so eyes are on that part of the globe, so we have to wait and see how dissertation develops. artillery shelling may be the reason for the many debts in butcher analysis published in the guardian claims submit accusations. killings happened while russia trips were in the city mosque was dismissed saying it would mean russia attacked its own positions. the forensic experts cited by the paper, se they find tiny metal rows while and dead bodies know those pieces are
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placed in shells and used to hit infantry. both russia, ukraine, possess howitzers using such shells. however, the russian defense ministry claims its units are mostly out of service. it's the latest claim in dots butcher incident. i'm warning you may find the following video disturbing, which was under russian control until the 30th of march when troops with through several days later. grim footage emerged showing a number of dead bodies lying in the streets of investigation into their debts as yet to conclude. will ukraine, the wes mentary media were all quick to put the blame on russia with the incident cited in making decisions about sending weapons to key of moscow. the 9th, the incident as provocation said the time was regularly shell by ukraine's forces for us senior security policy. analysts,
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michael bullis believes many aspects of the story are questionable when he starts committing some of these things to, to logical thinking, such as the use of this type of artillery. in an urban environment, you have to start basic. it starts raising questions. he would certainly use it in an open field, generally not in an urban area, because the whole concept is to blow is to explode them above the true concentration so that they have a maximum spread and you need open fields for that. or why would russian truce required on their own positions? it makes no sense. so yeah, there's a heavy dosage of propaganda going on here. and the question is, what do you believe? generally you have to look at these things with a high degree of skepticism. and again, the reporting is based upon what other people told the reporter that reporter
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didn't see anything. first hand, there were no photographs. so you have to it raises all kinds of credibility issues that need to be seriously raised. and questions need to be answered before you could accept the line and sinker. while the european commission president has promised to speed up ukraine's a session to the year, it seems not everyone in the block is on board. with the idea, austria's foreign minister has voiced his opposition to the proposed smith. i believe that we faced the challenge at a european level to rethink our entire enlargement and neighborhood policy. a state like ukraine does not necessarily have to be connected through full membership. ukraine belongs to the european family. we've heard your requests loud and clear. and today we're here to give you a 1st positive answer. in this envelope, you have a lot of them. yes, there is an important step towards your membership. well,
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ukraine has flooded the remarks by austria's foreign minister. strategically short sighted. it comes as key of house already submitted. it's filled in questionnaire for you membership, an official document that helps a value with the countries readiness to join the block. a political and social commentary. nickel markovich believes that present ukraine. something does not meet any required criteria to enter the union. and ukraine under the current circumstances kind of no way here. european union, i think there's been a lot talk a chicken there are criteria which country respect to the european union. there's that famous 3 criteria and ukraine doesn't respect any of these. i'm not sure all the countries are there can, you will agree to that the cost will be and that's because you want to continue. your community is more with the 4 countries. does that mean that all the rest of
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the community pastor and certain work to protect its members? i mean, the european union would go to war with russia. is that we would it was also a ukraine issue. monday. that's a bureaus i would you have a i and that is the european union going to bill also the ukraine to rebuild the infrastructure. there has to be law. this is going to cost a lot of money and he's not sure that the union is going to is going to match the situation that's are up for up to the minute developments though, do give our twitter page a follow. we'll make sure you're kept in the loop today. i'm, you know, neil on this is our to international. ah
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oh, is your media a reflection of reality? ah, in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being that some with direct? what is true? what is faith in the world corrupted. you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah.


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