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tv   News  RT  April 26, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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ah, with me, neither will that use multiple us with multi level institutions. un chief calls for global multiple r t journey is 1st visit to russia since the ukraine completely gone, stressed in the need to keep alive the values of multilateralism amid the wars international fallout. meanwhile, the u. k is on force, as minister says ukraine should be able to target russian territory and can do so with nato weapons. the russian foreign ministry spokesman says nato countries are competing to send more lethal weapons to ukraine and drive less switch off your thermostats. and work more from home. those are just some of the steps. europeans have been encouraged to take the stop reliance on brushing energy
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with from moscow to the world. this is our team to national money. is peter scott, and he's the top stories this hour. the on tuesday, the un secretary general met russian president vladimir putin in moscow to discuss the situation in ukraine. now was the 1st visit of antonio gets harris to russia since the conflict begun at the meeting, the chief address to moscow security concerns with the russian leader reiterating that russia continues to negotiate with key f. but they're not justice. despite the fact that the military operation is ongoing, we still hope that we will be able to reach agreements on the diplomatic front. we are negotiating, we do not reject the negotiations. i'm with
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some interesting takeaways from that meeting between russian president vladimir putin and un secretary general. antonio gutierrez, 1st and foremost, couldn't reiterated that russia is dedicated still and always has been to diplomacy with ukraine. he also said that the problems between moscow in kiev really emerged after the 2014 euro, my don coup d'etat in the country, and that the russian military operation does not violate the un charter. now, good terrorist for his part said that he understands russia has legitimate grievances when it comes to ukraine, as well as european security as well. perhaps that's why the secretary general received so much criticism going to moscow seeking peace. after all, we heard from the british prime minister boris johnson, who said that moscow would just try to use the meeting as a propaganda tool. we heard from the ukranian president vladimir zalinski,
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who said that gutierrez should have went to key f 1st. because let's face it, he has international position, could seriously weaken if the un starts moving closer to russia's point of view in this whole situation. well, during his visit to moscow, the un secretary general also cold for multiple charities stretching the world needs multilateral institutions. thus, as he met with the russian foreign minister litigate lovegrove on tuesday, this is very important, even in these moments of difficulty to tip alive, the values of multilateralism. we neither wolf that is multi paula with multi level institutions. and those multilateral institutions must abide by the un charter and by international law. you still there with you. the world has changed on americans claim they want to make the world unit pola for good. but objective processes go in the opposite direction. the world is multi polar and we have been
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repeatedly saying that the un security council needs to get rid of its main defects over dominance of one group of countries. out of 15 sit 6 belonging to the western countries and their allies geopolitical experts, pierre manuel, fulman believe the multiple arts, he has never been in the interests of the us. but mercy le, to our system actually doesn't work any more in emerging. put our world the united states on it's already so want unipolar world, unused are the murky law to our institutions for real own children to kind of benefits. united states still wants to impose a unity, put our award on twice to escalate the situation in ukraine. when russia would like her to were to achieve this main good, which is a neutralization of ukraine, where united states today will be you're criticizing this meeting because he
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doesn't fits are we there are objective to were to make the war us wrong as possible to weaken russia since from the beginning of a crisis, they wanted to user ukraine as a proxy against russia. and derby made already your own negotiations impossible or on. and you were europe and security older to provoke this war. during those talks between the you and chief and russian foreign minister, the city of maria, paul was also a topic of discussion with antonio gutierrez, proposing mobilizing the u. n's resources to assist in evacuation of the 2 months of 1st 5 things. some semblance of normalcy is eventually returning now to the city . humanitarian aid is being distributed with rebel and damage. vehicles been removed from the streets, also spoke to one witness of what's been happening in murder. you pull when the us of battalion was still there. who does so we put our sheer casey observed,
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was here. i asked them give me at least a can of food, half a loaf. and one of them said, maybe you want me to feed you money. i said not me, just the kids, the germans did not mock like they did. there's a basement, a bomb shelter in the next house or so they threw in boxes, barricading people. they sat there and would not get out until the dentist republic forces came. they force people to make a molotov cocktails. if they were not able to do it, they drove them to an apartment and shot them. they are like the germans during the war. i did your nephew hyde and the drama theater, but he didn't hide. there's a fire tank where we take the water from that he didn't make it. he was swept over by an explosion. i found him helped pull him out in a super k u. the u. k. armed forces minister bites ukrainian attacks on russian territory with the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman, then question nato's desire for peace. because then you could, would, it seems to me that they are competing to see who can supply my lethal weapons to ukraine. and at the same time,
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they say that they want to listen personally to antilles him. and it's a logical while after coming under fire for refusing to send key of heavy weaponry, germany's defense minister says the country will now send anti aircraft systems ukraine. despite the shoulds previously expressing resistance to the move, most of this may of the coalition allies in osmond combs as the nato alliance. how to defend summit in germany to discuss open arms supplies, even more votes. western countries claim they don't want to be directly involved in ukraine conflicts. moscow says weapons supplies would further aggravate the aggravates the situation. and geopolitical analyst inform us marine bryan bernard. take leave the us is waging a proxy war conflicts against russia. i think it absolutely is a proxy more and when we really think about it, i think if you can make a compelling case to claim that what the u. s. has been doing, geopolitically has been a series of proxy conflicts with russia and china. this is part of their post world
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war 2 policy to us us had to eliminate the possibility of a peer or near peer competitor. these western nations have been doing all throughout the duration of the conflict has, has been policy that has been damaging. most of all the west and the proxy, they're using ukraine. they're the ones paying the heaviest price at the moment. and stay with us store the us state department used an emergency declaration to approve an extra $165000000.00 of ammunition sales to ukraine. it comes less than a week after president biden announced, $800000000.00 will be spent on weapons supplies to the country. the provision of nonstandard and legacy will so pack combination will enable the armed forces ukraine to defend itself against ongoing threats. this proposed sale will support the foreign policy goals and national security objectives of the united states. the
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supply deal will include nonstandard weapons such as rounds for grenade launchers on more to earlier about an approved supplies of heavy artillery. how it says and tactical drones develop, especially for ukraine, u. s. as already spent more than $3000000000.00 on weapons for kias forces. and human and labor rights lawyer done kovachick, things that such policies undermine the american economy. spending millions or billions of dollars on arming ukraine seems to me to undermine us security for many points of view. one, it could lead to an escalation with russia that could lead to a direct, comp and confrontation between the us and russia. which would be devastating for the world and for the united states in particular. the other thing is that a lot of those weapons won't even get to the ukranian army, most will be destroyed. and it seems to me that's what this is about in gorging the
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profits of the defense industry. the goal setting more weapons is to prevent a peace agreement from being agreed to by the part. so i don't think the u. s. is interested in pays us the commission on international religious freedom, urged the state department to place india on a quote. countries of particular concern list. the organization accused in delhi, of quotes egregious violations of religious freedom, blame in the indian government for promoting a hindu nationalist agenda. that negates liberty affects other religions during our recent virtual summits with prime minister and render mowdy, president biden lobbied for india support. referring to the u. s. an india, a too vibrant democracies. you emphasize that washington and new delhi will continue close consultations on tackling russia with india so far, refusing to all right condemn moscow. at the root of our partnership is our deep connection between our people, ties of family and friendship,
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and of shared values. international affairs analysts from o. p g, and our global university poor nema robin dra jaya says the us attitude towards india shows inconsistency in foreign policy. was condemning home and right. the beautiful, you know, just a couple of days after the window. i would love to call you because you actually the same thing, you know, united states when the 2 plus 2 administrative dialogues have happened. they did speak about shared values. they did speak about democracy. they did speak about appointing the literally international order and nothing about human rights withdrawal. the spoken about until 3 days later when we were put on the human leg, i mean, we will put on the list as someone to watch helpful. and i think that this will be
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short inconsistency maybe in us 41 c by wouldn't be the western up to the us government has launched a program for ukraine. refugees allowing us to bypass the refugee programs that usually take years to complete for the migrants. we more has ortiz kellum open. u. s. government seems very happy to open its arms to refugees were fling the ongoing conflict in ukraine. however, they don't seem very excited about paying for it. joe biden has come up with a way to pay for it by passing on the cost to us citizens and community organization. by way of a new sponsorship program, we've already welcome tens of thousands of ukrainians to the united states. today i'm announcing uniting for ukraine, a new program to enable ukrainian seeking refuge to come directly from europe to the united states. refugees from ukraine don't get held at the border in detention facility. no kids in cages or children at the facilities for them. instead,
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they get directly processed and brought through as long as they have an american sponsor. uniting for ukraine is a streamlined process for ukrainian citizens who have been displaced by russia's aggression to apply for humanitarian parole in the united states to be eligible. ukrainians must have been residence in ukraine as of february 11th 2020. to have a sponsor in the united states. complete vaccinations and other public health requirements and pass rigorous biometric and biographic screening and vetting security checks. it's pretty obvious special treatment. immigration lawyers are flabbergasted. often people will spend years in court and thousands of dollars just to get a green card. this news is very good for you, crania, and fleeing for their lives. and we are very glad that the streamlined process will offer them a faster route to safety and security they so desperately need. however, it is glaringly obvious that this population is being treated differently when tens
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of thousands of our afghan allies, including those who served alongside us, military forces remain an extremely dangerous and life threatening circumstances. months and months after the u. s. withdrawal and the country descended into chaos. the whole thing is pretty unfair. those who had their lives destroyed by us wars around the world don't get any special treatment. and on top of that, they don't get a special government facilitated sponsorship program. united states is set to take in about $125000.00 refugees from around the world this year, with only about $9000.00 and taken in so far since the beginning of 2022. but the obvious differences in treatment of disparate populations is inexcusable. america should be welcoming refugees and asylum seekers who are being persecuted in an equitable and just manner so far. the united states is only brought in a few does that ukrainian refugees. however, it seems like jo biden's new program, streamlining the process,
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will enable those numbers to very rapidly rise. caleb martin r t new york. just heard in caleb's report. not all refugees are treated the same millions of iraqis, the displaced across the middle east. you to washington's intervention in the country back in 20 o. 3. we heard from iraqi people whose lives have been torn apart by the war. aah! lafayette ave. in 2003, i was in fact that when the outrageous attack took place against us, they reeked havoc on the country. it was american and ravaged the country. america is notorious for launching aggression against all countries in pursuit of its interests and the plundering of national assets, and so on the left, directly, leaving behind them must seriously rosella. with
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a you that ye? yes, we are refugees. many of my generation recall us president george w bush and john f. kennedy. they are american imperialists. we were raised up on these principles, that american imperialism is the enemy of peoples, eager to absorb their wealth. democrats and republicans does a chinese proverb that says, said, doesn't matter whether a cat is black or white as long as it catches mice with a curbside a since we are the victim of conspiracy against the middle east. america biased nature is an occupying country that seeks to extend its improves to the region and
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the middle east as a whole. as for the bushes, we did not wish for either the father or son to rule short, as you know, their purposes were at all times to destroy the middle east, iraq and syria, as well as to eliminate al goals, peoples and societies. once we had a brave raw, he journalist who embodied heroism through pen and media, he threw his shoes so called american president, the juggle george w bush in a joint press conference with prime minister muriel malachi. well, i'm recreating the same event by pelting came the same syrian shoes as those once back then were made in a lap i. so i have recreated the same of and hitting bush with a syrian shoe. moreover, i think a bush shoot throwing game has appeared on life for george was a rather me good take revenge on him because of the killing and displacing of
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people leaving their children orphaned while destroying the entire country. what happened was beyond description. it is george bush who is completely de humanized and possesses no shred of morality to his, an unspeakable human being. he's a devil and moving on now, drive less work more from home and slow down on motor ways. those are just a few of the steps to stop brushes, actions in ukraine, as well as the countries present buddy mer pruitt's in us, according to the international energy agency. artie shaw davinsky reports more knots as the woo continues, the e u is trying to reduce the amount of energy it needs to import from russia. last week, the blocks foreign policy chief admitted that an outright ban was proving difficult . i can't give a date. everyone can speculate, but as far as i know, there is no proposal on the table. but there are options on the best way to do it. attacks and import band the iranian system. while countries may take
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decisions at a national level, citizens are being urged to do their part so far you commissioners and politicians have suggested a range of how to do your bit to help you crane the advice is varied from cold showers to turning down the thermostat but now the international energy agency, the i e, a has come up with a fool proof 9 point plan called playing. my part is in visions how every day people confuse proofing, how well drive less use public transport where possible work from home at least 3 days a week. if you can't cut down on your car use, you could draw it will slowly on the highways and make sure that you keep air conditioning turned down in your car because he eats fuel at home. it suggests also
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less air conditioning in the summer. less heating in the winter, the i. e a, he says, all of this won't just stick it to putin. it will also help people be more sustainable . faced with the horrendous scenes of human suffering that we've seen following russia's invasion of ukraine. people in europe want to take action. this guide has easy to follow steps that with little or no discomfort on our part can reduce the flow of money to russia's military and help put us on a path to a cleaner and more sustainable planet. and how much exactly will all of these measures save the i e, he says a typical household. you'll save around 450 years a year. that's about one year or 23 a day or enough every working week to buy a law say in paris. however, if everyone across europe does pitching, this would add up to using $220000000.00 barrels of oil less every day. that sounds pretty significant, right?
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except when you realize that russia exports around 5000000 barrels of oil a day. overall, this would cut back only around $44.00 days of oil a year. while the precious have been welcomed by some. there is also a sense that voluntary action just isn't enough or that these demands could also be perceived badly by the public. the question is, what can we do in terms of regulation to ensure everyone is participating? not only those thinking of the climate or household budgets, all be honest, it is very difficult not to come across as someone telling people what to do in a mean. scrooge like way. that is why it is important. we coordinate our information campaigns at european level. but if the idea is every little helps, then you can at least try to play your pot challenge even sky. i'll see paris or not all europeans may agree to follow the plan. italy, for example, face is
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a hot summer period to wall air condition will not be allowed to be lower than 25 degrees c. according to the countries energy decree, we spoke to some residents who believe is not possible for you to reject russian energy. at this stage. idle said, she, russia has been supplying us with gas for many years and it is not possible for europe to give it up at the moment. i also think that other countries do not have the potential to be able to supply all of europe with gas jar sequence. in recent weeks there has been a reduction and we have already seen the increases in the crisis that exists from prices, bills, gas have increased. all this is making us understand that we already need what we did before and we cannot do without it after cove and there was a great crisis and we cannot afford other moments of crisis for gas. the trans mystery of republic, breakaway region of moldova, which has russian peacekeepers, station there has declared, is highest terror threat alerts bounce after a number of attacks. rocks,
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the region this week with the republican presidents saying they could be connected with a conflict in neighboring ukraine. because the 1st results of the immediate investigation shows the origin of these attacks, unfortunately lead to ukraine. i think those who organize the attacks have a goal to drag trans nice into the rushing grain conflict. i'm sure this attempt will fail. there were 3 alarm and incidents in the self proclaimed mold on republican turns. nice during the last 2 days on monday series of last told through the ministry of faith security in the capital c t. all to ross for local officials said that the building had been attacked with grenade launchers and late on tuesday to other explosions happened in the village of my young, some 60 corners north of the capital to us. but, and as a result to old soviet era, radio must have been damaged. they broadcast russian radio in that area. also we heard later from local authorities that the military unit outside to ross,
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but had also been a targeted no casualties have been reported. and we hear that police is searching for those responsible for the attack specialty. after these incidents, they had of the self proclaimed the republic raised the power of threat level to its highest, which is red. and the mold dolan president called for an urgent meeting of the country supreme security council. and the modem and government says that these attacks are aimed at creating tensions in the region. they have no control of this brick away region of mulder also has a border with ukraine. and why does there appear to be a connection to the conflict? was yet too early to say that it is, it has to be investigated. of course, who exactly is behind these attacks and whether it has anything to do with the conflict in ukraine without here from the president of moldova, that it is a totally internal issue. but the fact is that we've been here, and a lot of our trends nice are in the last couple of months to the beginning of most of those special mills reparation on the ground. because some believe that these
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tiny piece of when really matters is really important why 1st of all, for if you look at the map, you will see it has a very long around 400 kilometer long border line with ukraine. so days, strategically located. this is important geographically and 2nd, it's haters the region between but me, sir river and the printing board of growth away from over back in 1992 after a short war 8, it's independence was not international recognized and most of the worlds still sees it as part of mall dover. and it has very close ties with russia. 30 percent of its population russians. and it is connected socially, culturally, economically, of course, shortly after that war, russian peacekeepers were sent on the ground to maintain peace and to prevent any military activity any fighting from happening. i think they've been doing great job because experts say that this concept is the calmness and the less deadly. all
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throughout supposed soviet union area. and initially they were 5000 troops. but now it's around $1600.00. so it's not a very significant amount, but still some fear that russia can use for the day, sir. it's operation on the ground in ukraine. let's now listen to one of the great and now commentators military slash political. this is what he has to say. there is only one chance left to save mary paul, a blow to trans meester. ukraine has the legal right to demilitarize the military facilities of the russian troops threatening us. we're here from the crime lane and from the i see that they are concerned about the security situation in trans. mr. now, so eyes on that part of the globe, so we have to wait and see how dissertation develops. well, that's a rob for this. our for more on any of those stories checkouts r t dot com until i grow. my name is peter scotts and i'll be back again at the top
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of the hour. thank you for watching. ah, look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence. and the point obviously is to create trust rather than fear i would like to take on various job with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with a
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with oh, is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer?
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high selection for community. are you going the right way? or are you being led to somewhere? which direction? what is true was is faith in the world corrupted. you need to descend. ah, so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah ah ah! with
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hello and welcome to cross talk. we're all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle . there are 2 kinds of conflicts being fought in ukraine, a western design in controlled propaganda war targeting russia and a russian military campaign that is changing the security dynamics of the european continent. and western propaganda is hell bent on escalation. i crossed talking propaganda. i'm joined by my guest garland nixon in washington. he's a political analyst and providence. we have vladimir goldstein. he is the chair of the department of slavic studies at brown university and. and also we have bjorn, nice that he is an author and head of kaleidoscope russian information center. our children cross stock rules and the fact that means it can jump in any time you want . and i always appreciate vladimir, let me go to you 1st here. a mary.


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