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we got that voice. yes, i see with that ah, global multiple are, it's a rush of security concerns. on the 7th, those are some of the topics discussed on the un chiefs 1st visit to russia since the conflict and ukraine began for the russian president reiterating hopes of negotiated agreement with, despite the fact that the military operation is ongoing. we still hope that we will be able to reach agreements on the diplomatic front. we are negotiated, we do not reject the negotiations. you case all the forces minister says ukraine should be able to target russia with western weapon. russian foreign ministry says nato countries are competing to send more lethal weapons to ukraine. and dr. less turned down the he think and work from home just some steps. europeans are
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being asked to take to stop reliance on russian energy. we're from some italian local. russia has been supplying us with gas for many years, and it is not possible for europe to give it up at the moment. in recent weeks, there has been a reduction and we have already seen the increases in the crisis that exist. prices bills, gas have increased with my headquarters here in moscow to the rest of the world. you're watching off scenes, national. i'm peter scott. and these, the top stories, this our you and chief has met with the russian president for the 1st time since the war in ukraine begun. antonio gutierrez said he understood moscow security concerns, but reminded the grievances must be solved according to the un charter. well that he may appear in reiterated. russia continues to negotiate with care for a peace agreement is within that justice, despite the fact that the military operation is ongoing, we still hope that we will be able to reach agreements on the diplomatic front. we
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are negotiating, we do not reject the negotiations. i'm with some interesting takeaways from that meeting between russian president vladimir putin and un secretary general antonio gutierrez, 1st and foremost putin reiterated that russia is dedicated still and always has been to diplomacy with ukraine. he also said that the problems between moscow in kiev really emerged after the 2014 euro, my don coup d'etat in the country, and that the russian military operation does not violate the un charter. now, good terrorists, for his part, said that he understands russia has legitimate grievances when it comes to ukraine,
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as well as european security as well. perhaps that's why the secretary general received so much criticism going to moscow seeking peace. after all, we heard from the british prime minister boris johnson, who said that moscow would just try to use the meeting as a propaganda tool. we heard from the ukranian president vladimir zalinski, who said that gutierrez should have went to key f 1st. because let's face it, key of international position, could seriously weaken if the un starts moving closer to russia's point of view in this whole situation. well, during his visit to moscow, the un secretary general cold for multiple charities stressing the world needs multilateral institutions. that's as he met with the russian foreign minister city level on tuesday. this is very important, even in these moments of difficulty to tip alive, the values of multilateralism. we need the world that is multi paula with multi level institutions. and those multilateral institutions must the, by,
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by the un charter and by international law. new stillberg you, the world has changed and americans claim they want to make the world unipolar for good. but objective processes go in the opposite direction. the world is multi polar. and we have been repeatedly saying that the un security council needs to get rid of its main defect over dominance of one group of countries. how to 15 sit 6 belonging to the western countries and their allies. geopolitical experts, pierre manuel tallman believes that multi polarity, has never been in the interest of the united states. but mercury law to our system actually doesn't work any more in emergency put our world the united states on its audio. so one unipolar world, unused her the murky lot to our institutions for via own shoppers can benefit. united states still wants to impose a unity,
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put our ward on twice to escalate the situation in ukraine when russia would like her to were to achieve its main goal, which is a neutralization of ukraine, where united states today will be. you're criticizing this meeting because he doesn't fits are we there are objective to were to make the war us wrong as possible to weaken russia since from the beginning of a crisis day wanted to user ukraine as a proxy against russia. and derby made already your own negotiations impossible or on, and you were europe and security order to provoke this war. the city of mario pool was also a topic of discussion during talks with you and chief with antonio terrace thing and agreement had been reached to use you ends resources to assist in a civilian evacuations on the as of style factory, where some are still believed to remain industrial zone remains to hold out for far
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a nationalist battalion fight this you have so far refused to surrender. ortiz correspondence, where does the reports? while the city of mary, you boat may have been liberated from ukrainian nationalists, the fight is not over. the remnants of how's off a radical ukrainian nationalist battalion have entrenched in the as of steel, industrial complex, and the labyrinths under it. for weeks now besieged as off, nationalists have begged their government to get them out of mary. you will ironic, given that they themselves have held tens of thousands of civilians hostage in mary, you, bull as human shields shooting, had any who they saw fleeing due to her were better worship, casey observed, was here. i asked them, give me at least a can of food, half a loaf smell, and one of them said, maybe you want me to feed you. well, i said not me. just the kids. there's a basement,
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a bomb shelter in the next house. so they threw in boxes barricading people. they sat there and would knock it out and tell the dentist republic forces came. they forced people to make a molotov cocktails. if they were not able to do it, they drove them to an apartment and shut them since a think a little in they were, hadn't in the seventy's had house in the basement on the 1st floor. who was hiding their nots is not, is, are asia if i don't know which one of them it was, did they have chevrons? some kind of symbols. right. well all ukraine military has these ravens and everything else. i dont know as of, of national guard to someone else. did they offer you the chance to evacuate? were you used as a human shield for them? oh goodness. well of course they were had in the now house entrance. he talked to hillary, there, come, he's been on them. i love everything seemed fine at 1st. but then a tank came from van fy. twice. we rented bombshell tail which was organized in the supermarket sturges. they broke the walls from the 1st 3 floors. they were running and shooting here for a little girl said the, this is my house. bizarre militants burnt it. when did ask, forces advanced,
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there were 30 people hiding with us in the basement. in one part of the house or another park was under repair and they were trying to capture a saboteur there. so they deployed smoke bombs and we were suffocating because the 2 basements were connected on the wall. unlike ukrainian regulars, nationalists have rejected any sort of mass surrender to russian forces. neither have they let civilians that they still hold hostage leave the as of steel compounded the spot more than a week of russian efforts. these quad still feels almost unnatural here in mario, but this is what has been happening for the past week. unilateral sees fuss established by russia and 5 humanitarian corals opened into the city, leading to the as of steel and industrial complex for the past week. the russian side as negotiated and has us lose militants. nationalists still inside the
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as of steel, industrial complex to surrender, to lay down their arms and to let go. the civilians that are still held hostage inside the complex so far those negotiations have proved unsuccessful. but there are hopes that eventually the nationalist now and in the desperate position that they will lay down their arms, or at least allow the conscripts ukrainian conscript. they're also keeping hostage inside the plant, the permit them at least to leave. nevertheless, these seas funds are established every day by the russian side and as you can hear, not a shot is far for ukraine had its allies surrender in merry. you bull may mean humiliation. hundreds of foreign mercenaries, and reportedly, even nato officers are inside the as of steel. compound and the west has waged
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a relentless campaign to secure them a corridor or out. think he is anything would be preferable of them being filmed, surrendering to russian troops. or i'd guess the of all tea from mario bo, now the u. k. armed forces minister banked ukrainian attacks on russian territory, causing the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman to question, nature's desire for peace. because then you, god would, it seems to me that they are competing to see who can supply more lethal weapons to ukraine. and at the same time they say that they want to listen personally to antilles. human. it's illogical, after initially coming into fire for refusing to send key of heavy weaponry, germany's defense minister says the country now send anti aircraft systems to ukraine enough despite to change the shoals as previously expressing resistance to the move. much to the dismay of the coalition allies, announcements comes as the nato alliance. how to defend summit in germany?
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to discuss further increasing arm supplies with the polish prime minister, saying warsaw sent tanks to ukraine. what's western countries claim? they still don't want to be directly involved in the conflicts. moscow says the weapon supplies would further aggravate the situation. ortiz, you know, neo discussed. the issue with a panel of guests germany is now announced, then it will ultimately send heavy artillery to kiev. after much hesitation, why this sudden change of heart to think? i think they're responding to pressure mainly from the united states, but possibly, nato's us is, has decided, has determined to send as much as it can possibly send to the region. a lot of the stuff that we're sending is i think older stuff, it's all stockpiled. it's not, we're not building new stuff for ukraine. this is stuff that we have on hand that we're getting rid of basically in the ukranian theater. that's what this is about. and i think we are leveraging pressure on those nato and specifically on germany to
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to go along with that. the americans want germany to do what germans don't want to do. he said, germans want to remain peaceful, hundreds of european union the for the 1st time in history that can be had them on with, without militarily occupying other countries. but that the americans want them to get armed to switch their peaceful industry to military industry to switch producing from producing cars to producing thanks and to get involved in a. busy war with russia for the and history. the ukrainian people are really ah, the exposure to precedence over ukraine. a call for the do was to send more weapons to, to, to slow down to russians. and you know, i think is,
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is really adding up oil to do to the situation, to the fire. the u. k. armed forces minister said he said that ukraine has the right to attack russian territory with nato's weapons. a very direct response to a question. how surprising is such rhetoric given that the west is publicly calling for a peaceful resolution? well, i think it, i think it belies the fact that the u. k. in the united states are not calling for a piece of resolution is a proxy war. and the rest really did not want the war to end soon. why they wish to destroy the ukraine and to extend the war and to make it more destructive and deadly, both for people, the economy and the environment there. why they are willing to do that. you know, they want to weaken russia. i don't know if they want temporarily to weaken it or permanently to weaken it, but them, that's the intent and they're using the ukranian people in effect. i mean,
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the ukrainian country, the nation. everything that's important to your cranium is, is basically on the line just, you know, that's a battlefield. let's use it. also a door friedman. i had a series of talk of talks that he gave back in 2014 and 15. what heat where he said that what the united states is doing is going to provoke russia awhile, or we don't want to kill russia. we just want to hurt them a bit. and instead of stopping to warn you, maya tripled when causing a more casualties, zalinski is it might not be actually wanting to negotiate. just as the foreign minister of russia has complained that since he is pretending to new york, i think if so, since he's really want to have a spot, he should know surely. is there a t in making it possible?
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the u. s. state department use an emergency declaration to prove an extra $165000000.00 of ammunition sales to ukraine. now that's on top of another $800000000.00, a weapon supplies to the country, which was announced less than a week ago by president biden. the provision of nonstandard and legacy will so packed ammunition will enable the armed forces ukraine to defend itself against ongoing threats is proposed. sale will support the foreign policy goals and national security objectives of the united states. now the supply deal will include nonstandard weapons such as round grenade launchers and mortars and earlier bite in a pre supplies of heavy artillery. how it is untitled drones develop specifically the ukraine u. s. has already spent more than $3000000000.00 on weapons for key is forces, human and labor rights lawyer done causality. things to such policies undermine the american economy. spending millions or billions of dollars on arming you.
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crane seems to me to undermine us security for many points of view. one, it could lead to an escalation with russia that could lead to a direct comp and confrontation between the us and russia, which would be devastating for the world and for the united states in particular. the other thing is that a lot of those weapons won't even get to the ukranian army, most will be destroyed. and it seems to me that's what this is about. jane gorging the profits of the defense industry. the goal sending more weapons is to prevent a peace agreement from being agreed to by the parties. i don't think the u. s. is, is interested in pace when and staying with america. the u. s. government has launched a program for ukrainian refugees allowing them to bypass the refugee programs that usually take years to complete for the migrants. we will not have these killable pin. the u. s. government seems very happy to open its arms to refugees. we're
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flying the ongoing conflict in ukraine, however, they don't seem very excited about paying for it. joe biden has come up with a way to pay for it by passing on the cost to us citizen and community organization . by way of a new sponsorship program. we've already welcome tens of thousands of ukrainians to the united states. today i'm announcing uniting for ukraine, a new program to enable ukrainian seeking refuge to come directly from europe to the united states. refugees from ukraine don't get held at the border in detention facilities. no kids in cages or children at the facilities for them. instead, they get directly processed and brought through as long as they have an american sponsor. uniting for ukraine is a streamlined process for ukrainian citizens who have been displaced by russia's aggression, to apply for humanitarian parole in the united states, to be eligible. ukrainians must have been residence in ukraine as of february 11th
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2020. to have a sponsor in the united states. complete vaccinations and other public health requirements and pass rigorous biometric and biographic screening and vetting security checks. it's pretty obvious special treatment. immigration lawyers are flabbergasted. often people will spend years in court and thousands of dollars just to get a green card. this news is very good for you, crania, and fleeing for their lives. and we are very glad that the streamlined process will offer them a faster route to safety and security they so desperately need. however, it is glaringly obvious that this population is being treated differently when tens of thousands of our afghan allies, including those who served alongside us, military forces remain an extremely dangerous and life threatening circumstances. months and months after the u. s. withdrawal and the country descended into chaos. the whole thing is pretty unfair. those who had their lives destroyed by us wars around the world don't get any special treatment. and on top of that, they don't get
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a special government facilitated sponsorship program. united states is set to take in about $125000.00 refugees from around the world this year, with only about $9000.00 taken in so far since the beginning of 2022. but the obvious differences in treatment of disparate populations is inexcusable. america should be welcoming refugees and asylum seekers who are being persecuted in an equitable and just manner so far. the united states is only brought in a few. does that and ukrainian refugees. however, it seems like jo biden's, new programs, streamlining the process, will enable those numbers to very rapidly rise. caleb martin, r t new york. as you just heard, caleb say, in that report, not all refugees are treated the same millions of iraqis, the displays across the middle east. you to washington intervention the country back in 2003. we heard from some iraqi people whose lives have been torn apart by that war
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aah! law for that ave. in 2003, i was impact that when the outrageous attack took place against us, they reached havoc on the country. it was american and ravaged the country. america is notorious for launching aggression against all countries away in pursuit of its interests than the plundering of national assets and so on the left, directly leaving behind them. messiah la la la. are you that ye? yes we are refugees. many of my generation recall us president george w bush and john f. kennedy. they are american imperialists. we were raised up on
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these principles that american imperialism is the enemy of peoples, eager to absorb their wealth, as democrats and republicans, as a chinese proverb that says it doesn't matter whether a cat is black or white. as long as it catches mice with a curbside a since we are the victim, as conspiracy against him, at least america by its nature is an occupying country that seeks to extend its influence to the region and the middle east as a whole. as for the bushes we did not wish for either the father or son to rule george. as you know, their purposes were at all times to destroy the middle east, iraq and syria, as well as to eliminate our goals, peoples, and societies. once we had a brave, a raw, he journalist who embodied heroism through pen and media, who, through his shoe at the so called america, present the juggle george w bush in
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a joint press conference with prime minister at newry al malika. well, i'm recreating the same event by pelting him with the same syrian shoes as those one's back then were made in a lap i. so i have recreated the same event hitting bush with a syrian shoe. moreover, i think a bush shoot throwing game his appeared on life with 4 dogs was over at them. a good take revenge on him because of the killing and displacing of people, leaving their children orphaned while destroying the entire country. what happened was beyond description. it is george bush who is completely dehumanized and possesses no shred of morality, his an unspeakable human being. he is a devil. and now drive less work more from home and slow down on most a ways. those are just a few of the steps to stop versus actions in ukraine on the countries president
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vladimir putin. that's according to the international energy agency r t should charlotte davinsky pixel da story. as the would continue, the e u is trying to reduce the amount of energy it needs to import from russia. last week, the blocks foreign policy chief admitted that an outright ban was proving difficult . i can't give a date. everyone can speculate. but as far as i know, there is no proposal on the table, but there are options on the best way to do it. attacks and import band the iranian system. while countries may take decisions at a national level, citizens are being urged to do their part. so for you, commissioners and politicians have suggested a range of how to do your bit to help you crane the advice is varied from cold showers to turning down the thermostat. but now the international energy agency b,
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i. e a has come up with a foolproof 9 point plan called playing my part is in visions how every day people can feet. puting, how well dr. last use public transport where possible work from home at least 3 days a week. if you can't cut down on your car use, you could drive will slowly on the highways and make sure that you keep air conditioning turned down in your car because he eats fuel at home. it suggests also less air conditioning in the summer. less heating in the winter, the i. e. a says all of this won't just stick it to putin. it will also help people be more sustainable. faced with the horrendous scenes of human suffering that we've seen following russia's invasion of ukraine, people in europe want to take action. this guide has easy to follow steps that with little or no discomfort on our part can reduce the flow of money to russia's
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military and help put us on a path to a cleaner and more sustainable planet. and how much exactly will all of these measures save the i e, he says a typical household. you'll save around 450 years a year. that's about one year 23 a day or enough every working week to buy a last a in paris. however, if everyone across europe does pitching base, would add up to using $220000000.00 barrels of oil. less that sound pretty good, right? except when you realize that russia exports around 5000000 barrels of oil a day, overall, this would cut back on me around 44 days of oil a year, while the pressures have been welcomed by some. there is also a sense that bolen reaction just isn't enough or that these demands could also be perceived badly by the public. the question is,
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what can we do in terms of regulation to ensure everyone is participating? not only those thinking of the climate or household budgets, all be honest, it is very difficult not to come across as someone telling people what to do in a mean screwed like way. that is why it is important. we coordinate our information campaigns at european level. but if the only dis, every little help, then you can at least try to play your port. charlotte deven sky. i'll see paris. but not all. europeans may agree to follow the plot. italy, for example, face in a pretty hot summer period this year, which made them sort of violates the country's energy decree, which won't allow air condition to be lower than 25 degrees celsius. we've spoken to some residents who believe it's not possible for europe to reject which an energy at this stage. i will said she, russia has been supplying us with gas for many years, and it is not possible for europe to give it up at the moment. i also think that
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other countries do not have the potential to be able to supply all of europe with gas jar sequence. in recent weeks, there has been a reduction, and we have already seen the increases in the crisis that exists from prices. bills, gas have increased. all this is making us understand that we already need what we did before, and we cannot do without it. after coven, there was a great crisis, and we cannot afford other moments of crisis for gas. and while we're on the topic of energy, we finish off with some breaking news. russian energy giant gas from the suspended gas deliveries to bulgarian poland, following their refusal to pay for imports in roubles. gas promoted any unauthorized use of transit gas destined for the states could result in further courts. retracing the exports would resume as soon as moscow's payment conditions were met. with us all for me, peter scott, but do stay tuned for more grey programs coming up here on our to international. thank you for watching.
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ah with l look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a
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robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence and the point obviously is to great trust, rather than fear i would like to take on various job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with
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aah, ukraine, a big and rich country. that's always been hand in hand with russia until recently . 2014, a qu divides ukraine and leads to fratricidal war and done thus. a war that continues to this on the edge of a large field near lo, ganske, the mass grave. local say that the people buried here are mostly civilians who are allegedly killed by ukrainian paramilitary groups in the summer of 2014. this amused.


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