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[000:00:00;00] ah oh barstow pretty well actually this it or she actually with miley on the city on their punked dish has a lot karlesha. laura that the she's us. yeah. i do have school g, f, q 3, up i c h you, she's leeway federal. charlotte. so chris,
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you who did better, plus mateo wash top priority less e at the by the water you, you machine on the phone service you on talk with us mother, you had a little should've done boss nash than bust as ocean new car that was written down come on to bring me, i check out all j studios now. yes. yes, marshall tom mahoney of samuel male, richly ukrainian, helped me as diverse there's a huge void between nationalist volunteer battalions and the ukrainian military force. the u. a. f was who at the per figure was been easier to use the tongue sold out to get the sodium hopefully more using you and doesn't pick up where your weight went pretty quickly. almost a full grains come with the commercials for you move to the only subtle, full chef cousin. keep way, right? and so when the police have all of those, you can one of you. i mean,
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we've been looking, he's not equal dice. no problem. what did you, i'm yourself or i don't not or chia i'll get cups if a works on a prisoner exchange program. she has met several ukrainian mothers searching for missing subs. ah is milady that monday was in last and you got lots and lots of dead on god. i need somebody when you might stop was ashlock. nick, please evaluate why didn't you approve the no, she yet. and these young, untrained men are allegedly being sent to the front line with national battalions marching behind. this is what was the lawyer? did you, kamala, before you get to it, was video a, how did you can that, that other than you do to much to put on there for them really does not much, it would have to do with the situation and i was going to do it when you fascism and you need those label merit injurious. i mean, okay, ask him, what did he, i mean, you know, if you know football, swipe g number is,
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is the address that was really got to provide standing for logan's good. i mean, if you got a discover, everybody really come of this is the only polish. did you learn it? you? lesson bradswell is what the young e i music up really really took a spot in a production company is how can they fit it? basically my thought in teacher, when your bill is apple printed let, i was told what's click the college. she says it took college validate. catherine bugging me locals called a volunteer nationalist battalions, double of us children. your mom is the bright bucket. come kit, have plenty of william the crystal playing with kit is less you and you have new forgiveness. probably gonna be very much a silly process of the former ukraine security service. lieutenant colonel joined the militiamen in 2014. that was
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a decision of conscience risking his own life. he rescued more than a 100 civilians and don best defenders took effect. so 3, i know who to who she put from where you're bill street or not that paula what you have to go over the deal you really meant or was he asked morton my belief telephone of but so for the other is doing school or stuff. but the wiley school is deal when you will. a buzzer i knew was truly randomly fictional corner to katara lee. but the issue with the locals that will give them my ceiling when a good machine took his reach, resumed the d t. it is only policy which is a good thing. they are not spin ah, in 2 bottles in them with the school has these to do with secret want to communicate. and samuel,
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she digital or about that to my mother, had been schedule me to be re kalashnikov head of the health ministry medical examiners office in the donia people's republic. this treated many victims of this war a war i'm with the unit. you were stuck with orders a c, d for the middle. so does she go, lou? not in the voters. do you notice that he was looking for on the bottom? you just a little nigi lee but not the skin wasn't. wasn't always clean. so come up a kalashnikov, hate the midst of the nationalist battalions,
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alleged crimes is unknown and sorrowful with thing more things to occur. i was off and on bus and i me stuck and just look up a normally a muscle. he's got any new and she kitty doesn't being in the green show. us he left. yeah. what she i, i think she's still here but the on the bus got the idea that sheila mullin it, dia chic ethylene. you said yes. dr. chris, she was there, but let me give you a really at the fuck the legends gym is with these nazi group. some of them used a batches, 4th called, and they were promised slaves and land from thomas was by a familiar. if we only put a stop, you go from them. come when you look at or alluded to because it shows arctic seattle much don't so. but lynette lopez, you on the middle, the way in the, the tourists serrano kramer freeman notice, but all of those. but i mean, also for see, did,
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ah, with animal rights demonstrations like this, a commonplace in european cities. the whole population of dorm bus has been showing as a terrorists. we witness a huge information war, waged against the dorm was people and rush everything. basically what was told in the western mainstream media was just absolute lie. and when i came here 1st, i'm in the beginning of 15 and i saw this beautiful people union. and i understood
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the magnitude of july. i wasn't sure even i knew that this happened as why the reason why i can. but when i saw it been my own eyes that they were treated worse than the door worse than any any more. so the demonstration against the russian world in the western propaganda is a very terrible thing. it's very frightful, t ah, western and ukrainian mass media often keep silent about alleged crimes committed by nationalists battalions, frequently failing to report accurately and blaming the militiamen for the victims . the screen just ourselves test every day. if we don't have we see, can we don't agree, sell the kind of applesauce which out of a bridge with, i mean to kiss here aggress time, only provincial, he won't bother,
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didn't montes affects your, your c, v to put that while they did, they push you to post and school, but you to what was on the progression in the summer of 2014 battle begins on a land that hasn't seen hostilities since world war 2. 0, july 2014. the is verna golden august. the 11th coltrane, in more than $7000.00 ukrainian troops, found themselves surrounded, i believe, is the largest muscle from g shop and i'm switching stories. not a huge, bizarre look. how can you go to help me? you can do it is totally agree. so you preach, obviously it'll come when you've got dory. what do you sleep by so much. if you
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toyota, see if you know crane your printer, it took about almost on a federal free but social if you wish, want you to toyota. she ukraine is in a disastrous position. lou on september the 5th 2014 the 1st minsk agreements for a peaceful settlement of the military conflict and douglas are signed. fletcher, i'm you guys like watching as possible grey or bonnie short as we're on another call, but you're in the store literally by new news local day. after the papers were signed, the 2 sides accused each other of breaking the agreement. what are some good web? she had a smarter to what the sign in ski foreclosure they could, ah, legend just multiple sets of social wilma books from about on my job, pick up the new bowl. now the more with them would you like to report them from bureau put the movement, the smart questionnaire. lithuanian louis that on the while ago that it made him go very almost him, broke with
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a step in instability suitable so much to possibly new front rhythm or music associated with him for news you normally helena, in january 2015 new fighting broke out near the town of the bolts of that reckless plan resulted in the de belt of a cauldron. according to the militia, ukraine lost up to 8000 troops in the 3 conference. can you bring out an up of the key chain on a crime scene for furnished the right sentence figure, but the most but it said is that in the got me as well. antibody. he's the packages . i mean, who do we think uses? i mean, you but you my at the yellow. yeah, i trisha because i to cranes can meet him when you play. it's over. i do is waste
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a navy stuff. brass idea. that boy bigler muted ged. there are old called list of meetings and never called it for and each funded by yours, in each funded by the globally supported by natal. greene can not stop this war until this headquarter is demolished. and when it happens, i promise you civil war in ukraine will stop next day. ah, on february the 12th 2015, the mincing to agreement is signed, but the fighting continues with people can have different opinions about the course of events. but to me, it looks like an illegal unabashed open act of russian
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aggression against the sovereign ukraine. i did send his up at all nico than it is my daughter, unless i did it today from teachers. good, have done so in that sense, earl's coalition, on the ceiling, you watching, we're going to go at each door. you know, nik i'm in dunlab. she taught, say you let's or i see a good i see as a what you get like the eleanor at the near southeast with absolutely newkirk we district enlisted lou i have seen in my own eyes is happening when so go journalists come to dawn with the microphone and why they're talking about some arm and gas driving around and or pressing people wearing doughnuts with both of them. and i asked, where are they? why are you right like these? where are these are made, gangs really show me why you know that we on bank to do it. oh,
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is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, whole community? are you going the right way, or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths, or remain in the shallows.
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ah worship alina subsequently, i was also resolved that to be with d as to serviceable a muscle sucked that a little from a teacher, skin watershed, chest mine $22.00 known as coming off scale, one of the few remaining mines. it don bus, head of the mind, alexandra pillar, gulf and his team managed to restart operations after it had been completely plunder by ukrainian soldiers. some of the time said that was to leverage the boy. you must know some of the more little canoes club when those are risking their lives. the miners kept working under heavy fire. mm hm. have to be born in the shop would be an issue, but that is up 3 off with them. okay, let me know they once had to hide under ground for 2 days.
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but what's called a shot, the full of studio. but of course, you're headed to school postal here, which is was nice to play when i started, we're sort of after the shilling locals described the terrifying results in a mutually club metal. really pools up a call. it got a couple of little cleaners today, but other than what it is, but he was a really was 9 my foreman. yes. we did just like she beat social place. could you look a job? but i mean, you know, so didn't, i mean, since breaks 50 of those abroad? so above above, they've been got a special dna lab was set up and done yet, which was to not still go to go to purely wanted also talk more with it l m e a little bit is still cynical rep agreement in the
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publishing and the look to buy it. sure is us. it's on the we've got the do to been super quoted economy and sir hulu, with these children know all to well what war is, what they've never known is peace. a yes, special up there. yeah. when it was a yang, you're welcome. bye. near mandy man. oh yeah. now was it also a jessica taurus doin or any of those where you have to created a new ram? seen a country and sent him? what please. in
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my bye. yep. i love for honey, i can get away. i am on bushland annual our new washer here. i choose to buenos aires are quite jewish either extra crown plastic that ah, but these children will never sing paint. oh, dream again. ah, it up on me. if you keep trim, get your more gun chanel. ah, my ged authority, you about our computer when the old guy you night that just will not so many seats . gimme about them. your name? yeah. she bought a dog. you live armada with the dentist, people's republic. also has a monument for the children who's died to jasmine up with him. sama ally on zillow
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. it's on the call with no, i'm in line. yeah, left several dumb busta kirkwood center who is up let's either the thought goes if i don't go to plays a shelf good, that is, that was on go daddy, a middle school, a human rights commissioner for the dentist people's republic has repeatedly tried to convey the don best people's message to the west. a nash isn't that what i didn't know if they simply enough. so looking in those my get to watch like local music models. nobody got the school in with us like i did talk with politic emotionally. but she yachts in um, you know, late me deep up with me. dear mom and i mean there's not but i've, i've gone the alga but there at the place was just not grading nominal him but for she's a couple of his teachers i get years. so much it, it to okay, and then at the children at then after, at $91.00 me just the idea like this. but i bought that you brought up darya swain
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throne. glover. so just to aim turned on the villages of done yet. sky and global scale has become a dividing line some of the houses are just 2 or 300 meters from ukrainian army positions. ah, guns are fired here every day. and oxygen as much as bun beechwood 1st or a new owner. it will show you where you usually see that we address that cdc. yep. are they? of course the backup or if it does is lucille. this is deborah sim. yeah. by february. what browser does. yep. guineas, goring in yet, but the one year new q one year with me . the last one had so were jing are by
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e bra. ga president lansky as a one year 2 years ago when your one year to ye enable our my kitty on her door. so he can american, this is it, is it you are still at some of the door here of i left it ok here to look for. look over reniger. mm little on on us. those are for that. well let us just give lark my man. just lastly about as years with senior missouri story yet. but you know, you might hear you mon ah, but there was some slurred words which are on boards to load. well,
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let's just hold it broke, or jill sub still would him or her order, or a more dame wouldn't watch a fun. one of those are willer was thrills, get the key. her will shape us drills in just roll them slowly. every village on the border has to withstand regular heavy fire snipers are always on the prowl to look at a score. what was big when you said you can go to the game. that's not bobus you school for senior gore mother. but that was those abs. clearly with any upstairs or would you do me right? yeah. and i when we hold them, we do next up still. e rush was called off the washer and actually thank bushes that are the cross near the price noble dumpster the woman, the most recent version. because her borkam naturalized ditches williams scholar. my mom, when you most of your had 3 i with my mom, we are from the city lights. you know, you would, i did a chicken bomber,
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will profess cindy, i don't want from without having what i'm quite a few to reach a shot, but it is upgrades, but i'm sure that she left him in ukraine today. there are american troops and european troops. nato has had a role in the country. but much of the effort has been in response to russian aggression has been a response to the fact that russia went in and illegally, has violated the sovereignty of its neighbors. and the united states and nato partners have felt an obligation to help ukrainians better defend themselves, willing to come up and yeah, i just good luck with deal. it was my biggest lane is dallas. nicholas i'm, if you will, is this look book book or what that will be at all the disk. both of you with this new missing with medicaid cover will be like expensive, which i am the garbage, the wellness of the world, that she and not us the by little financing about the law. really carthage nevada, actually stuff was to buy
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a 2 grain system on that one. i'm gonna ship ashley this way with us. he's got army . yeah. is this guy, army wasn't analyses, guy, army media. it them yelling it by. so look, because it would be a, via ne, did you, he should, you know what i did you wish emily, could you go home for here? where would you like to just keep using it? it would be wilderness for me, new style in mclean. get it to me when his or her dealing image with ha, ha ha ha. i never been afraid for one day for rushing already because they're simply not here. local, say the o. s. c, special monitoring mission to ukraine performs its duties and don't burst quite selectively. they claim it mostly records details that support the key eval authorities and their western masters where it says in your would be and you can you please read what lay? it's all, it's a for software to safely to publish issue that there was
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a bit of what she is not so called aware of this year. was mid uncle con avia for care for her novela local photo was dancing and up at san us coast. but i love the idea on finesse. little by now is by laws as controlled up or lesson, see me or not that in. that's it. the decision that he bl, 3 z b each or on the new people. i'm in the on a little bit more the new book in a bit, so we don't have it on the actual to summer with a new but me with some white glove related company. not such a thesis, but keeps on hold on by say about some one seems that brought sample with the route to pick a student today, anerio on their locals on thursday. the situation has now escalated to the extreme . they claim shilling attacks have increased significantly over the past 9 months and is currently doing butte. now a kiddo, but you more young because just yet. so do you know,
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jackie thought you blue fish was wasn't done against a don't was people can be done. any people anywhere with why just because they defend their culture, their language, their mother left in, they can be shown as an enemy of to well why them? but if use because it is williams can when you have only had music is blushing. yeah. graham of sure. then she eventually, but talk about it cuz it goes on when another bison. mm. but despite its system shelling and international pressure, don best keeps living, working and dreaming of
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a peaceful future. mm. without ukraine. mm. absolute. and i wish in store room, you more to put stuff stuff with more stuff than i may crush among kronos is come august, august. please give us nickel. secede. use mccormick. and william, i teach, luke authority for gilbert o was o. grade children throughout the process that a thorough checked out. those are the crate and on you with it was arthur crane. no, but he is. we'll do the stitch tunnels forwarded to storm. where regency just press one for kramer. almost a sheila here, can you move with newkirk smartgate with the sort of look i had that week. i heard that boys yet. there was they were in need daily. right. yes and gray luca had that it's impossible just because of the war crimes dawning don't push la kentucky. look, look in a star dental crown. yes. but the look janet is still looking and can competent
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better do notice. i wondered what's a good but you please. it goes down to hobby, if the president got that he started not at school nifty for both wanted stores and wonder do pieces. medical physician or with cooking was none. so good as it it will be going you meant to feel for she's going you just got the order which that it you know last resume. when you know this, him, he said that they did it the last
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with ah, when i would show seemed wrong. when i just don't a whole new world yet to feed out the same becomes the african and engagement. it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground
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with a with they should know that our response will follow at a lightning speed. we have all the tools which no one else can now postal there, cuz what vladimir putin declares will be moscow's response to any outside interference against it's offensive in ukraine. they wake up call for european governments to consider crises elsewhere in the world. as india's at the top diplomat refuses to take a hard stance against the war and ukraine and calls on western nations to pay more attention to problems and asia. no gas for poland. annabelle guerria until they pay for their imports in roubles. as russia turns off, the chaps, the


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