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next to prisoners who were tied to steaks in a feel, we have evidence that they gave disease infected chocolates to children. i plead guilty to having exercised to direct guidance of preparations for conducting biological warfare. chiefly against the soviet union. biological bombs were to be dropped on vladivostok, but a shill of about of jetta and play go visions. tribunal transcript general yamato otto commander in chief japanese quantum army. ceramic bombs containing typhoid cholera and anthrax. what will, so she will you see is brain child you may feel
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level. russia knew that they do it more my get it. you gondo that it up. how did serial not sonia signage, i conducted a pitch book that aah! bombs, packed with deadly bacteria. were meant to be dropped on soviet cities. o june 21st 1945 victorious soldiers marched across red square. with many of those present with martial vassilyevski, as their leader would be re deployed to the far east, immediately after the victory parade. ah
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your poignant meal of doesn't you say risky saves? yes the near keith illness ticket, her schedule again, my new so can gather if when you're presenting news. but again, your money issue, so young, but me how you super litski is a medical call, colonel and military historian who researches the history development and use of chemical and biological weapons. he's also studied the checkered history of japanese russian relations in dearborn universe. i usually can give money and we were to say using co, sasha, vedic of a thing in with only will se is a question. yelton's game suggestion. it's a restriction. oh and that person's tylic and huge awe on august the 6th and 9th. 1945 american pilots dropped atomic bombs on the civilian populations of hiroshima and nagasaki
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slash and on august, the 9th soviet troops launched a massive offensive against the 1500000 strong quantum army. the manchurian operation has no match in military history. the red army defeated the quinton army in just 10 days. ah, on august the 19th its commander in chief photos of yamato complied with the soviet high command ultimatum on immediate and unconditional surrender. he handed his sword to a soviet officer and other generals followed suit. aah!
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after the start of the red armies, military operation, the unit $731.10 were completely liquidated. as per my old of the soviet armies, swift advanced, deprived us of the possibility of employing a biological weapon against the u. s. as or, or other countries tribunal transcript commander in chief of the japanese quantity abbey yamato autism. generally, she was in a hurry. the red army was advancing too quickly and he didn't want to be captured by russians. prisoners were killed and their bodies destroyed. personnel and valuables were relocated. anything they had to leave behind was burned. most of the facilities were blown up. hm. mm. on august the 19th, 1945,
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the 1st soviet troops entered the city of hobbin. mm . ah, ah, the 731 camp had already been blown up and all the most important materials removed . but there were still traces of their crimes. soviet troops found ample evidence of the biological warfare units, activities. several unit, 731 personnel were captured along with the quantum army commander in chief and senior military medical service officers. ah, meanwhile general you see made contact with the americans american us with huge to this memorial. now's i to the dial.
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molded, doable to wish stella domini. solo. ne, a king. you date out o'clock? oh. already gone. you? i thought this part didn't. ah, and that wasn't the 1st time. the pentagon had also sheltered several german, fascist. the removal of nazi criminals from the country was code named operation paperclip. there were thousands overall by one estimate as many as 10000. not just the scientists, the scientists total about $1600.00 or more. but there were also concentration camp guards from low to medium levels. there were even carbon dots at concentration camps or who in eastern europe, nazis really of all stripes, from scientists to spies to work for the cia.
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ah eric little blue, an american journalist and pulitzer prize winner wrote the nazis next door, a book revealing the harrowing story of how america became a safe haven for thousands of nazi criminals. i think a lot of this is it was really a stain on the united states. it was a shameful period in which we allowed thousands and thousands of nazi persecutors who we are just to feed it. we are just gone to war. we had lost just lost hundreds of thousands of men in battle and then allowed the them in despite their obvious ties to, to war crimes and persecution that that is a blot in american history. so japan's active surrender was formerly signed on september. the 2nd 1945 in tokyo bay, the board, the american battleship, u. s. s. missouri with
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representing the soviet union general did a general also signed the surrender documentable on the u. s. s. missouri general. macarthur and admiral nimitz signed on behalf of the usa the tokyo tribunal soon follows the trial of japanese war criminals. america behaved as if it owned the courtroom after all, japan was in its hands with the hoa america unless she hi norma, tanya, that her good there are amaica ganga. thomas hammer. nealon jayla. good. okay. america. debra new and you ah ah,
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the took you tribunal began on may the 3rd 1946 by this time churchill had already delivered his sinew as of peace speech that heralded the cold war. and the tokyo tribunal became an arena, revealed confrontation between the u. s. great britain and the u. s. s. l u s. representatives refused to review the topic of unit 731, and it detachments despite soviet demands the whereabouts of the unit 731 leaders are unknown to us. there are no grounds for charging the unit with wall crimes. cold war. and there was a stream of documents and data by unit 731 that went to to military bases in the
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united states to fort dugway in utah and to fort dietrich. and maryland, which to this day remains the headquarters for the u. s. sam, biological weapons command, that will biologists, doctors, medical students, adolescents who had nothing to do with medicine employed at unit 731 about 3600 people in total, including maintenance stuff, but only 12 men faced trial and about asking for still to new others they can kunal sake of i. e e e e divided by the the 3rd okay this the song okay. q in osaka, which side of june, ohio, the docs in through them in anthem? oatmeal, 2 on either santo honda this? well, can i don't think so. got in the kink, your data always cycle johnny. of course they, he mutational,
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ah, sure you, she visited fort detrick's usa main military lab, biological weapons, research and testing on humans continued in writing, thirty's and forty's, and fifty's. the american military government and medical community experimented on the black population using syphilis and sexually transmitted diseases infecting them with these diseases in order to develop vaccinations and medicines to immunize them. all of these were used and the prisoner populations, the black populations and the mentally retarded populations, largely before 964, which then quickly outlawed them. in 1950 the korean war. again,
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america deployed former unit 731 directors shuttle e. she and my subject donna, both doctors of medicine and both already promoted to the rank of lieutenant general in the imperial japanese army. bombs, packed with toxic payloads were dropped on korean villages from nagasaki, hiroshima, korea, vietnam, ah, in different areas of the world, from the different times of war, united states as engaged in all sorts of warfare, biological warfare, nuclear war warfare. the united states did ratify in 1972 convention on biological weapons, but in 2001 declined to sign the document known to experts as the protocol. the community below go play, view, diligence commute to cut or should i support the season slash can zane. yeah.
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please. what's the, what's the 1000000 closer senior there. so i'm going to build a new morrison l. look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence at the point obviously is to race trust or rather than fear i would like to take on various jobs with artificial intelligence . real, somebody with a robot most protective own existence with oh, is your media reflection of reality?
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in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race, movies on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist . i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very critical time time to sit down and talk for in needs to come to the russian state to never. i've stayed as i'm phoning most lampkin development. i'm not getting close. i'll some, some of it within a 50 babble. did. okay, so my niece group, i'm speaking with, we will van in the european union, the kremlin. yup. machines. the state on russia today and split ortiz spoke neck, given our video agency, roughly all band on youtube and pinterest and we put with
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ah, rather it is impossible to undertake any inspection of bio lab set up by the pentagon near russia and former soviet republics as required by the defense threat reduction agency. ah, it's claimed that the labs are for medical purposes, but they're financed by the us defense budget. raising valid concerns that their activities are not just medical, but military blue de luca laboratory. georgia is one example that the labradoodle, dwayne lawn, is launching georgia's former minister of state security. lieutenant general jo, god's, he is talking about reliable documents that fell into his hands,
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a bit, but it's, it's mid day. i was 3, not smitty, nor at those was that seemed to shipped. eve is the comment of dust on women. nick i visited teaching this woke up would been in your place. hoarded the records show that the had been 181 deaths left in a general, yoga, etc, has appealed to the u. s. president donald trump, to a 108 advocacy groups and different humanitarian organizations in the west that has received no response. ah, there are also many questions concerning biological labs in ukraine. there are at least 13. there are 3 involve 3 in key of and others in odessa, vin itself was garad, her son to no pill, and harker. ultimately, if there was a conflict or a war with russia, ukraine would be among the 1st ah, platforms to initiate hostilities through local residents
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have reported unusual infection outbreaks near american labs. one example is a facility near cove, social activists and game a see if the worked in haircut when the lamb opened complaint several times to ukrainian authorities at the request of local residence credit of globalist. if willis stanley, which is 2 last whisky jimmy agree button. org without the coin magick garcia agrippa agather, i believe jeanette part of the reason imogene merrill at new money. no. g as the other they will in it is diesel as to about a bullying mediation? ah, one is suspected to have been running experiments on takes it still, ticks are infected with zeke of virus, west nile fever, dingey fever, and other equally dangerous pathogens,
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and then released into their natural habitat. neither ukraine nor the u. s. have denied that the pentagon is linked to bio labs in the country. ah, ah. since 2018 under old number 928, issued by ukraine's ministry of health. international pharmaceutical companies have had access to the countries hospital patients as a testing ground, including children. special safety measures in the handling of hazardous microorganisms are very expensive with a lot cheaper and easier to conduct. that kind of research in countries where lives are of low of value to the usa. the west, of course,
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does not care about the lives or the conditions of the ukraine or the population. it is also been a, historically, i'd buy people like adolf hitler, and the german were wor, doe to strategic plans for defeating russia. ukraine was rich with oil and it was always i'd as a natural resource ah, area that could be utilized muster deities to split tweet won't be, was, would assume use them. we do it. when could go to it wasn't going to be a day's squished as it would have been erased. but then we need to list indians request as a bonus is within the new york context of me, bertha was getting when you, when you both done that in the us, give us an impossible to monitor the labs activities fully. even though america says their doors are always open at the yest, expertise a most depressed hipa beneath them doesn't. because i'd say if of catalogs or crip
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into stomach ethan, yet you're me. skirt mostly spit cellular thick. a po rear wed little dust, which is that area is a genia, the worst a thumb press hoarded. today the u. s. has bio labs in many different countries of the world. in 2017, the u. s. air force website announced a tender for the purchase of russian people's biological samples. russian authorities requested clarification of the proposed purpose of the purchase and received an answer from bow down, a spokesman for the u. s. air education and training command. the pentagon needs to collect russian bio material to continue in musculoskeletal system, research, re honesty, why they wanted russian data remains unclear, and there was no assurance that it wasn't to help create a bio weapons. now syrup associates, quickly serious hiscock, were serious abuse to cambridge hail. it may concern you. yes. nick shook her santa,
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i knew officiating the case of us. oh, should oh, easy. and most of his associates were never punished for their terrific crimes. many opened their own clinics in japan and even won awards job. i knew that they know they knew monkwood omega is acting, men die you santa clara. nas in the you got the got, are you the live ah, bony 12 defendants pleaded guilty. the court sentenced to general the armada pension suca takahashi and co ashima to 25 year prison terms. other officers were given 15 to 20 years and the lower ranks from 2 to 10 years ago, more fierce most she wound shield vicki. no one who could oak without the
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audit. this was corny canary las she the organ of what does not assigned to with a okay, them all a how can each cray union not kill cour, also killed one of the master source on a little chalk with him. it's got to receive you with the car on rick, unless you go to court. thought to short sketch the mirror door and g to the article to watch with our night without a wander scalable. a famous japanese author said she more and more published his book in which with a heavy heart he analyzed everything that unit 731 had done. that was the 1st time the japanese public had learned the shocking truth. okamuro horshal were positive, difficult mother journal articles or she has artic, and i there she said he saw
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u. k. k or start retain touchable, confidential whom it there. so sharon costa collier in natalie died of the day. ok inc. your study de soto psychology? so what are your course? that is a hazard then yawned in a minute. a jigsaw shore crushed they all are morons and all fleshy yoni g e r, or kicked in there's a special folk wire in japan. among other pieces of music, the group performs a coral sweet entitled repentance by chena chiro a k. me a composition based on modern morris novel, the devil's gluttony, silver, or gold? modern i only so sit on cold is the sofa. oh soul, nora, how much are they? want is there a punch? you mean naughty?
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they said oh, more toy sharon with a g it's or or your quasi on the esa, mailed to you her are into alice chorus. lulu port t. ah, i wish i might be able to deal with the job a suitable no under mucous sheet. yeah, the honda you hostage to 9 this demo, but that's your eats is a good they mess with that. sure. none us i g but then again just so mid them us. connor, nakano, couldn't she me could her like
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a bit. she got any of the stano curl. so you store what the sure meet them, us, me real peace on us, the victims of world war 2. the japanese built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of that war. the people who want peace gather the ceremonies to mourn and come in the news. the war is to blame. save a japanese people who come to moon last leapt ones mm
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. ah. you see it if you choose me ah, ah ah, ah me
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ah ah, i can understand why russia would feel uncomfortable with nato coming closer and closer to his borders. but that's why i think this is an issue that could have been, should have been resolved at the negotiating table. but let's be honest, you frame was not given the kinds of weaponry. and it's still not being given the kinds of weaponry that pose a threat to moscow or russian territory. that is simply a false claim. ah, what secretary defense lloyd austin says he will move heaven and earth to assist you. great. at the same time that you use, foreign policy cheap explains relations with russia should be rebuilt. talk about
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a united messaging problem. this is akin to say to say to craig, the west must destroy ah, well gary, in business men, paid for told with rushes gowns prom today's off the most good stop supplying gas to bulgaria over the countries were phases of pay and variables. we have local fuel bearing the brunt of the backlash to fly, expected to have a catastrophic effect. prices will grow up more. that's the way it will be. i think it will be extremely bad for us, but what i'm waiting for is the government to resign because we cannot expect anything good from the current one. for us plans to seize russian assets to funds, he has war efforts but maintains a freeze on the afghan money despite the un warning, the millions in the country, faith salvation or to the god on which day is horrible. you have bread one day.


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