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and posting posted to with orders, but that's why i think this is an issue that could have been, should have been resolved at the negotiating table. but let's be honest, you frame was not given the kinds of weaponry. and it's still not being given the kinds of weaponry that pose a threat to moscow or russian territory that is simply a false claim ah ah, with on february 5th, 2016. after months of uncertainty, the united nations announces its decision.
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who i highlighted with the expert, fanatical on the swedish and british authorities to and mister i saw as to probation of liberty. i think the recommendation is clear, respect is physical integrity and freedom of movement and afford him the rights to compensation was with a lot of those with because they're making money. i in own
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b a, b, c. you get a chance of yes, late a pain or you can see about the phones like you can have a very, very pleased with this thing. we are a worth, a solid is a comprehensive in the big 4040 pages. they are not going to be able to easily deal with that uses you cable as well. yeah, sure. and did you see the statement? why?
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the british, they say this changes. nothing is very good is very defensive shelton's there. there for them. we can defend and go back. yeah. and now we have institutional and outside with it i can translate, it seemed like this is the a such a is a minus c, a c at the end of the one, i'm up with the flap, diaz, because i said back then it just means you believe a guy, a group of we use says la,
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la must content and it is of the strongest thing. i think the key thing to decide is what we say. i demand what you say. i demand the locate this and the thing to lose. not only is he she on pushing it, i'm going to with their idea to lunch with him. when shooting women discuss the passage. because when the decision to say it is, if you're free and you have to go wherever you want to see simon, dna, louise must see to us, you know, they didn't see on that to read to nadia by sally. emotional, she does, you know, the mileage that importantly i'm where i'm worried about the time being, she, you know, sorry that you have to deal with my sympathy. you cannot
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uphold the law by breaking the law. he is and has been detained now for 5 years. one month and $29.00 days. and to put it bluntly, that's a hell of a long time to detain someone. someone who has never been charged and has never even been questioned, almost finished, almost hudy's as some it wasn't interesting if you all lawyers here know what it means. seeing if he got it mean did. he will not dinning room by his demographic or by him. he didn't, i couldn't, i knew. gotcha. did you that noise? you know, toyota, it is not a moral victory issue. no, julia hoodie. the guy told us sure, since you a
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lot older than those and you will be a d n, a cassette immediately. now finally we today's decision, there was light at the end of the tunnel. we just meet united kingdom and sweden to step up to the plate. so julian can finally come out into the light, ah, with how about how sweet it is. this is
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a victory that cannot be denied. it is a victory of historical importance, not just for me, for my family, for my children, but for the independence of the un system. the fact is, the u. k and sweden accepted to be parties to a 16 month process. 16 months of litigation before the working group went arbitrary detention. i made submissions. the u. k responded in the process to those submission. sweden responded to those submissions, formally as a party to the proceedings. they lost
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yeah. okay. last sweden lost it. lost at the highest level. i'm with oh well i reject the finding of this working group. it's a group made up of light people, not lawyers and they are they're a conclusion is flawed in law. julia massage is a fugitive from justice. he's hiding from justice in the dorian embassy. he can come out onto the pavement any time he chooses, he's not being detained by us. frankly, a ridiculous finding by the working group and we reject it with
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we were talking to the former un repertoire, an arbitrary detention my son denise. no country likes to get to rooting for arbitrated tension to be censured by you and like this. but if you don't abide by, if you fall into the category of conscious, we don't like to compare ourselves with ah, in the months leading up to the u. s. presidential elections, wiki leaks, releases thousands of compromising emails from the democratic party and its candidate, hillary clinton, the leak duck. humans cast a shadow on her entire electoral campaign with criticism of judy in assange, marty. he's accused of pursuing
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a personal agenda with the leaks and of having contributed to the advance of donald trump. but even after trumps victory wiki leaks continues to publish. and soon the u. s. government under trump will go further than rock obama ever dad. the united states no longer operates in the shadow this time to call out with the lakes for what it really is. a non state hostile intelligence service, often abetted by state actors like russia. they have pretended america's 1st amendment freedoms to shield them from justice. they may have believed that, but they are wrong. ecuador also have a new president. he wants to get rid of the inconvenient guest in his london embassy. we can expand to judy and songs of internet access has been cut off saying
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that they don't want julian sanchez, social media fee to jeopardize relations with other countries. that is thought to be in regard to a couple of tweets that julie and it's all just with them on, on me to keep them up on that. just haven't had a moment just because i don't speak to you, then you can then i'm gonna put us together. and i mean, you're not gonna get people. they communicate to steady or nobody is another law firm just visits unlimited, only his lawyers and close contacts are allowed to see him off the strict controls . mm. in addition, there's an unpleasant surprise since 2017. the spanish security company under cover global, responsible for the protect of the embassy, who has been playing
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a double game and noticed by the diplomats from ecuador. they installed cameras and microphones in every room. the images us trained to the united states, to the u. s. intelligence services in an e mail, the head of u. c. global david morales orders. the veins of some just visits. a whistleblower within u. c. global, unless the lawyers explains to the spanish judiciary that some just meetings with all of us a test, but especially with the defense lawyers who are recorded. we have long been concerned about the level of surveillance that join assigns is facing within the ecuadorian embassy. this is a severe breach of my client attorney privilege and fundamentally undermines our ability to properly defend and provide a defense to join us. finally, ecuador gives in to the pressure for political and economic reasons,
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like whether show it on the 14th. so, you know, seal diplomatic or altogether so you are sounds like it was me those. mm hm. with i'm sure that the whole house will welcome the news this morning that the metropolitan police have arrested julian aside arrested for breach of bail also 97 years in the door in embassy. he has also been arrested in relation to an expedition request from the united states as mrs. meet. this goes to shows in the united kingdom. no one is above the law.
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ah ah, and who needs to come to the russian state will never be tied as i'm phoning. no slant scheme div asking him i'm not getting calls. i'll stand up for a group in the 55 with we will van in the european union the kremlin. yup. machines, the state aren't russia today and split the sport that even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube and pinterest and with
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me, ah, the suffered because we're getting the business and you will clean them a bit daily. that was chosen. yeah. americans, grey, you were euro, who didn't go to really just touching up critical considering for when you was just touching. sure. ruckel in was 9. your hospital, the difference student in full child wishing use her own the with them the problem you're still, that was true. i wish you the rules you're here. it was i was sick yesterday. character as you talk to yours, we are both in the studies your son distribution or just to watch stuff blooming to on on all kinds of good. it was jewish and the longer it was just in useful not political push due to stereotypical mon, because at least no way to political view school. of course, i don't know who's got to know for the don't or is it just
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a minute do use for us to play new finances come on both low cap or so is basic. i meant to look in such as play. he must be up a sort of simply king and momento guess. say been for my legal. yeah. we'll see. we're a seller. i'm a weird as to where to my knowledge, cielo it, i get allister disciplinary really is those neosha ebay put in a if we put a gone on premera. women took it on a medical mental a lesson alcorn computer hacking a to sing when a couple daughter e gaus pearson are on bed on fully. and the non piet, on the dollar scarecrows kasan breaker, cuz peter emperor bullock are equally got. if we got it, we'll go, it will wicker, on, as it is, comment us is us on. was it just as it was going to la la,
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open see on local men those there will now when the electric ascenders look momentous, but are concrete. that is a stick. the dollars produce look isn't. but it was my embassy assume at their mother lesson. ethan sodium is that am in process a son just take into a high security prison in solitary confinement, without contact with the outside world. more than 10 months pass before extradition proceedings begin, concerns about his health are growing. the united nations is putting pressure on the case. i visited with 2 medical experts, we came to the conclusion that had she had been exposed to psychological torture for a prolonged period of time. that that's a medical assessment. and are we asked to for renewal states to investigate this case and to, to alleviate the pressure that us being done and, and especially to respect his due process rights, which in my,
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you have been systematically violated in all these jurisdictions shortly after the u. s. indictment, sweden announces that it will drop the case against her sons for the 3rd time, and for good. for the lawyers, it is clear, lee in famous sex case, was a trap to hold a sum. this also irreparably damaged his reputation in. nevertheless, the situation is so dramatic that someone decides to reveal a secret. mm. i'm stella morris. i joined us on just hard. mm. we have 2 children. gabriel,
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falling in love is kind of a last a rebellion in, in a context where there's a lot of attempts to destroy your life and your your reason for doing what you're doing. but i feel now i have to do it because i've taken so many steps for so many years and i feel like children's life might be coming to an end. yeah. but i like kinda so yeah, it blows him on you. is that a no thorough like it that on like i'm as important is to reopen
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the stuff because there are in a moment the good gallagher, lonely go. kalika is a year lou turned up horrors, principles, gallagher, joe. consistent the meant that he no. when you go can ganawe certain is normally be that in us a look at that co worker lucas sanklo. aka is still that a triple liquor. irritably cut. so it is in by his mouth put us on one by and i can see the must put us on one scene, the nap of yesteryear ah extradition proceedings for wiki leaks, founder julian assigned start today in london. the u. s. government wants to put them on trial for allegedly, conspiring to hack into a pentagon commuter and believe 100 others. those kinds of things like reporters
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without borders. they say this is a 1st amendment case and the u. s. has tried to punish the science for exposing wrong, doing p o u and his brother lesson is good. but just if you go, no shit just with fellowship regularly with us here in lester, if you're not willing to do that in full, full evaluate this. gotcha, awesome political address. literally they shot it over and then u. s. i saw that in your case, should force them at the less, i mean, the soonest, the week you listen, smith, i'm close. you are hand this different shots killer. he's he get i have when they were sort of with your the money out of my little to with completely understand. okay. understand you got, i've got you even there you're pulling on her la. mainly just the only lavish bunch of the union did. julian assange encouraged chelsea manning to steal secret documents as the prosecution claims manning was pardoned by obama and is now
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a free woman. but just before the start of the trial, she's again summoned to appear before the grand jury asked if his hunch helped her leak secrets, she tells the judge, i'd rather starve myself to death and change my position on this case. as a result, she goes to prison again and has to pay heavy fines. but she does not give in the fascination of insect villi either the killing of rogers journalist, the killing of children. that is the real harm that should be discussed in court. and not with julia lafond sitting the dogs, but for the war criminals that conduct the visa foreign designs. with the toggle for over a sun, just extradition continues. a trial behind closed doors, cameras, a band,
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journalists and human rights organizations of difficult access throughout the trial . sanchez brought before the judge as a dangerous criminal. he supervised by guards behind a glass screen. he's not allowed to sit next to his lawyers or communicate with them. he faces 175 years in prison in the usa. ah, on the 1st day of a process that can take months or years as tens waiting. ah . the 1st use leaks out
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these abuses, the devil, the last 10 years. the prosecution provides no evidence that he and argues that the charges are political in nature and expedition for political offences is not possible in the u. k. as you've had today, this case is an abusive crisis. isn't abusive prices add to political advance? he's charged them legal events, in substance is political, the nature of the charges political morning time process, which is nice. this is the i director announced the wiki, like the hostile non se children's agency, and that he wine minimum investment protections. and mr. political prosecution focused ion wave voice loudly with others because you all the voted condra english . you see all the seller's uni, lost there and 2nd door. there are sort of you to say that because yeah,
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came with the most trouble. yes. we similar water in his personal you see. okay. glad i'm missing with his tells me with the law a extradition proceedings out to continue shortly afterwards with witness test
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then they covered 19 pandemic spreads around the world even within the walls of bell marsh. the 1st hearing will be postponed until september 2020 in november, while the trial is still ongoing. the united states are electing a new president, but before biden takes office on the 20th of january, the british judiciary delivers a verdict. a british judge this morning rejected a u. s. request to extradite a song to the u. s. on a judge vanessa parade, sir said assigned would not be safe in us prison is due to the state of its mental health even though the extradition has been rejected. the u. s. prosecutors have
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appealed in her ruling aside from humanitarian concerns. the judge upheld their arguments. this allows to legally prosecute journalists and whistleblowers worldwide. if they publish classified information, as long as the us do not drop their charges, the freedom of the press is under threat with ah,
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ah, with ah
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ah, i can understand why russia would feel uncomfortable with nato coming closer and closer to his borders. but that's why i think this is an issue that could have been, should have been resolved at the negotiating table. but let's be honest, you frame was not given the kinds of weaponry and is still not being given the kinds of weaponry that pose a threat to moscow or russian territory that is simply a false claim. ah,
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the, for the business. and you agree in the daily shoes? you me to comes, graham. you really just got a question. i don't see any provide you with such a record of the different suit. impala child worship. you throw in with them the probably in just a moment. sure. if you're a very sick you history, i wish louis louis this is jim that i'm not too much sure. it's not as que jello units and lation your particular.


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