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tv   News  RT  May 1, 2022 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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ah ah, a new life we report from just outside of the besieged to add those all still factory, the last pocket of ukrainian nationalist resistance and variable as the forces there allegedly used civilians as human shields. also this hour. we need the world's debt to use multi polar weaves multi lateral institutions. while the u. n. c. keith and other powers call for more multiple already in the world. the us tries to convince countries to oppose that initiative. no more russian gas for poland, annual gary after they refused to pay in roubles club to try to minimize the impact of their decision
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with broadcasting from our studios in moscow. this is our international. i'm john thomas . glad to have you with us. as we recap to weeks top stories with our weekly program now about 30 civilians managed to flee the besieged to as of saul factory and ukraine's mario pl. this week i made help from the u. n. and the red cross in factories underground levels are believed to be the last pocket of resistance by ukrainian nationalist troops with an unknown number of civilians being held. their russian forces have surrounded the plant for weeks calling for those inside to come out and surrender. and to stop using the civilians as human shields or she's my gosh, you have reports from the outskirts of the industrial complex. this is a real complex everything you saw this part, hugh, florida. now, a week ago, we could only come fly over here with our drawn, but i wanted to have you probably right is
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all part of the industrial side itself, including the red buildings right underneath us. that is where thousands of your great nations and the regulars and the hostages, that they are still holding. that is where they were more or less safe here. deep in. * shadow when the sun sets on the other side, that is when ukrainians thought was become very yeah all over the place. because look at it, 180 degree view in priority across the entire z. last industrial complex. when it was a land that is
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a slack mountain where you brilliant snipers are also very active, scurrying across it, like ads, basically with inside the brushing artillery, rushing drones and surveillance nearby volunteers from the nits designated marksman . also watch was signs of nationalist activity. they spotted something or dam broward who conducted on your bill is not available chance of the adoption problem though, ignoring the head coach at alicia washington. thank you. hi oh, i wanted to go bear with me and you guys
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thought with different beside him, a thought the never with 4 items on here to lose, you know mean some system think a lot residential apartment block neighborhood that was held by your credit nationalist, all of this has been liberated from naturalist philadelphia. was like mountain over there in the distance today. ukrainian nationalist that the spoil tip, but more active than usual. and so was rush and shelling of it through
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what we said you oversee that. she's sure you said you jose goose. forgive them as soon commute the right. this was a good thing. he started with rush. think so close for lower sales father. you movers, you what you recall? i think i'm we should buy the household on please. yeah. you know, somebody love a positive, i mean you have to go to our middle, have him annual chim recorded. similarly, we're gonna cut that is interested in law and i point accorded women of all of the during daily she's was brew, russian forces are ordered to hold fire and the nationalists take full advantage every day. a seat you last with the russian side, during which tom, there's a court rule, humanitarian call court, who's a number of them that would allow great national lead through
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a decline with out the more that you this would be, it was still trapped inside the out of steel, industrial complex russian president vladimir putin has said moscow will retaliate quickly and decisively to any foreign interference on its military campaign in ukraine. is looked auto was named it if someone from outside decides to interfere and the ongoing operation and will post strategic threats unacceptable to russia. they should know that our response will follow at a lightening speed. we have all the tools which no one else can now boast off. i'd like to stress that all the talks about military operation in don't boss and ukraine will be successfully tackled for sure. our soldiers have managed to avert a real danger looming over russia at the kremlin could already view the west's massive military supplies to ukraine as an interference in the conflict western powers, including the u. s. and e. u. countries have provided heavy artillery and ammunition
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to cave of a german parliament has approved deliveries of tanks and other weaponry to ukraine . despite strong resistance from anti war activists in britain has been providing anti aircraft systems and a range of missiles to ukraine for months already top nato power. the u. s. is preparing to provide ukraine with $20000000000.00 of military aid. as it revives it's lend lease act for the 1st time since world war 2 to facilitate those supplies . meanwhile, russian regions on the border with ukraine have been hit by alleged ukrainian airstrikes in recent weeks with the latest attack reported on saturday. another source of tension is a build up of nato troops in countries bordering rushes, close ally bellows, as the forces are reportedly deployed for official military drills in eastern europe. meanwhile rushes foreign intelligence chief has warned that the polish government is considering antics in territories that poland previously controlled
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and what is now western ukraine. daniel mcadams, executive director of the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity says that the west and the us in particular are wrong to be ignoring puts in warnings when it comes to the grain crisis. one thing that's been very consistent this entire time is that president putin has done what he said he's going to do. this goes back to december when the new documents for a new security architecture, when reduce the et cetera, et cetera. he's done what he said he would do it, he should be taken seriously. i think it's very clear that the, that the u. s. and it's nato allies are attempting to ramp up support or ramp up the transfer of, of weapons to ukraine. they believe their own rhetoric, they believe that russia is bluffing. obviously the u. s. must know that this is a desperate situation for ukraine. why are they continuous and why more importantly, why is it in any remote way in america's national interest? every provoking a war over the borders of ukraine. no one has answered that question yet. a number
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of world leaders have called for multi polarity in the world during talks this week, including russian top diplomat, sergei, lover of you've sold the review. the world has changed on americans claim they want to make the world unipolar for good. but objective processes go in the opposite direction. the world is multi polar. and we have been repeatedly saying that the un security council needs to get rid of its main defects over dominance of one group of countries. out of 15 sit 6 belonging to the western countries and their allies. un chief, antonio latera was in moscow this week for talks with russia's leadership where they agreed to some humanitarian measures for war torn ukraine and shared the viewpoint that there should be more multiple already in the world. but visit was heavily criticized by the west artes. it was john of comments the concept of america's unmatched grandeur against any other nation in the world has long been a cornerstone of us. national ideology is really for mary. ellen more important
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concrete represent. good. we're all ukraine. why? what is wrong? appraisal frankie, we're horrible. now america is unique among the nations of the world because we were not built around any particular tribe, religion, or ethnicity. instead, we were built around an idea that all people are created equally and deserve to be treated equally throughout their lives. for as long as the u. s. has been making these claims rush has been wincing at them with skepticism. but then america's ego had t to jazz. were it expected at the least the, you and chief speaking in moscow during a meeting with none other than vladimir putin. it's very important, even in these moments of difficulty to keep alive the values of multilateralism. we neither world that is multi paula with multi
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level institutions and those multilateral institutions must the by spies un charters and by international law. sure, the head of the un may have been repeating something he'd 1st postulated at least 3 years ago. but this latest statement came as a sucker punched to washington, while it's already having to deal with russia's push to reimagined the world order . and it's still like moscow's alone in this fight torsos of china, russia co operation has no limits, are striving for peace, has no limits, are upholding, of security. has no limits, or opposition towards had gemini, has no limits. america's traditional, middle eastern side kick, saudi arabia seems to be blind citing. it's big brother to buy making progress in sewing ties with iran. the saudis are effectively throwing off the divide and conquer approach that worked so well for the u. s. there,
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the russia ukraine conflict as likely to accelerate a longstanding transition to a multi polar world. one that will be increasingly shaped by a competition over strategic connectivity. and while some historic allies drift steadily away from washington, it's rivals on getting any clothes either. mainly because the u. s. believes that coercive diplomacy is still a good idea. what we would not like to see is a rapid acceleration of india's impulse, from russia, as it relates to energy or any other exports, that a currently being prohibited by the us, all by other aspects of the international sanctions regime. it seems the inception of and to you as descent, is going global, and washington doesn't have anything to show for it. other than to try and strong arm nations into obedience. a toothless milk of our countries understand that in today's day and age in order to achieve peace and stability, we need a multi polar world. and our cooperation and coordination will be important to
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achieve it. but as you who sir brazil in russia share principles such as the respect of sovereignty and international law or non intervention. and we intend to work together with russia on the promotion of an international multi puller order. the murphy la to our system actually doesn't work anymore in emergency put our world, the united states on its audience. so want to do unipolar world, unused, irv emergency la to our institutions fulfill own juniper to can benefit. united states still wants to impose a you need to put our world on try to escalate the situation in ukraine when russia would like to work to achieve the main goal, which is a neutral ation of ukraine was united states today will be you're criticizing this meeting because it doesn't fit we, there are objectives to, to make the war as long as possible to weaken russia since from the beginning of
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the crisis they want to use, or ukraine as a proxy against russia. and they made already your own negotiations impossible or on, and you were europe and security. order to provoke this war in the top diplomat has projected calls from the west to condemn russia's military operation in ukraine. and instead has said problems in asia should take precedence again. quite candidly, we've been hearing for the last 2 months, a lot of our, a lot of arguments from europe. so you know that things happening in europe and asia should worry about it because these could happen in asia. guess what things have been happening in a shop for the last 10 years. now europe may not have looked at it so, so you know, it could do. this could be a wake up call for europe, not just in europe. it could be a wake up call for europe to also look at asian india has so far defended its
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neutrality over the war and ukraine, as it maintains close times with moscow. ukraine has been a central topic of discussion between the indian administration and western counterparts for the past 2 months. and the top diplomat has insisted that his country needs to rid itself of the idea that a foreign power could define new delhi policies as it should not need to seek approval from the west. we got a reaction from a former senior official in the indian foreign ministry who pointed out numerous tragedies in asia that were ignored by europe. we are being given summons about how we should behave. and i think the minister should go was right to point out that shows me more prices, whether it vanished on on the problem or for dinner ism, and to which the europe in countries paid no attention, not the concerns of the country each. so i think that
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he was quite right in pointing out that if not every country looks at the problem from the perspective off it said geography anderson, national interests and the europe and perspective on this is not necessarily shared by other countries. but i think that we should all be concerned about the life of human beings or suffering for all around actually also vows the conscience of the finished state energy company. gasoline needs to respond to russian gas, export, or gas prom before the 20th of may on whether it will comply with a new requirement to pay for the commodity in roubles. if it refuses finland, could become the 3rd country in europe after poland and bulgaria to have its gas
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supply halted by russia. meanwhile, bulgarians have been eager to reverse their country's decision on the matter what we discussed. and what we suggest, according to my employers, is that the government do everything possible to restore talks with gas from and deliver the contract. that's the message from the bulgarian deputy prime minister after a meeting with pop business men in sophia, according to russian officials. however, most of gas problems, european partners have complied with the request for ruble payments, austria and germany have said that stopping fuel importance from russia could lead to a deep economic recession. but they are still looking for ways to negotiate payments in euro's western leaders have said rushes decision to stop gas supplies amounts to blackmail gas problems announcement that it is unilaterally stopping gas deliveries to certain your member states is another provocation from the kremlin. but it comes as no surprise that the kremlin uses fossil fuels to try
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to black. my last, we're working for other nations like korea, japan cutter and others to support or effort to help the europe and allies threatened by russia with gas blackmail and their energy needs. in other ways. russian authorities have rejected the black male accusation saying that they are promptly delivering to those who paid in roubles, blackmail, or not locals. of the countries that have taken a stand against rush and gas are worried. it will backfire usa chin. no, i think it will be extremely bad for us, but what i'm waiting for is the government to resign. i expect new elections and a new normal government because we cannot expect anything good from the current one . i expect it to have a catastrophic effect. prices will grow up more. that's the way it will be. i. i think this is the government's job to consider and resolve the problem. that's what they are going to do. in fact, they will resolve it, the citizen, it has become clear that we can get gas from europe, but at
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a higher price point of men. so i do not believe it's an appropriate solution if gas is halted from russia. let's not forget that many you countries will pay in roubles to get gas from russia despite the imposed sanctions. as i understand it, we will not do so hoodlum favor it is difficult for me to imagine how we will continue to live with such increases. i think that this will lead to an increase in poverty or the impoverishment of society in general. what will people, it will be viewed, sir? harder? no, sir, prices, hulu, increase. yes, and i think that the rising price is a worrying a soul. but we believe that we will deal with it and that these increases will be quite bearable for us. meanwhile, gas prompts as it has observed, a physical reversal of gas from germany to poland, which means warsaw is still buying russian gas. but through a 3rd party and at a higher price are changed on quarter should light on the issue. poland and
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bulgaria have apparently done what so many experts have said, is likely impossible. they've cut themselves off from russia gas imports altogether . it's all because the 2 countries refuse to pay in roubles and war saw seems pretty optimistic about it. brussels has also assured us that the countries neighbors are picking up the slack today member states met in the gas coordination group, poland and bulgaria upstate us on the situation. both poland and bulgaria. i'm not receiving gas from there. you neighbors. that's true, just after russia closed it's taps. germany's gas flow to pull into increased by 5 times. looks like they didn't really need russian gas after. all right? not so fast. germany by over half of its natural gas from russia. those supplies then travel through the em, all pipeline which also crosses through poland. now to provide war. so with the gas it needs berlin is reversed flowing, that same gas along the same pipeline at a higher price. it should be noted that according to the available data, there was
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a physical reverse of gas from germany to poland and apparently to ukraine in the amount of 3 to 5000000 cubic meters per day. so the only thing different here really is that warsaw has to buy russian gas at a premium to save face. and that's no small energy bill, just for warsaw to say it's stuck to moscow. russia used to supply poland with half of the countries total consumption. but with poland now buying russian gas through a 3rd party, warsaw seems to think it's diversified, bullish homes and the economy unsecured for the supply of gas. we have the necessary reserves and sources of supply that protect our security for years. we have effectively become independent of russia, a real trailblazing strategy, paul and established there. so, i mean, you countries might try to do the same while others try to pick up the slack, but one thing's for sure. the main source of europe natural gas will remain the same shop. this is
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a very cynical game being played on the ordinary population of europe on behalf of lead to want war with russia. at any cost, nobody has shown how you're compensate for the loss of russian gas. not only will they lose gas, but you know, the gas they will pay for will be much more expensive that it needs to be bulk area . it's already twice. now sacrifice it's national interests under pressure from much stronger or western patrons. so this is just the game being played on with on weaker countries, such as bulk area, while poland in poland is leading the charge against russia. so, you know, again, poland obviously doesn't mind paying more much more than it should. and it could, you know, just to get it russia, i don't think i know that no one really asked the consumers. they're just, they're just being thrown into the situation present. they were done. d were
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entering war and rush hour proxy war against russia. and you're just both, you know, blood, sweat, and tears. the russian pilot imprisoned in the us on a drug smuggling conviction has returned to moscow in a prisoner exchange deal. constantine. yar shanker was swapped for former us marine trevor reed, who had been jailed in russia for striking a police officer. shanker had been sentenced back in 2010 to 2 decades in prison by an american court. he was found guilty of involvement in a drug smuggling scheme in the west african nation of liberia, where he had been initially detained by us authorities and local police. moscow has said you are shanker, was abducted, and he has maintained he is innocent. an interview with archie is nikki. aaron, he alleged he was tortured in liberian and u. s. custody is mentioned several times that you were taught yet in prison. can
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you elaborate on that? can you tell us exactly what happened? your model for support though, so i can tell you in detail what happened i was abducted by the us in liberian security services in may 2010. i was taken to the national security agency headquarters in liberia, where they tortured me for 2 and a half days. it was unbearable physical and fight psychological torture. i didn't even want to live. there were professionally trained, they knew where to hit and how to hit to avoid killing me. they had my feet broke my teeth ended, my internal organs broke my legs, it was really brutal. i made a gasket through the american presence, not criticized on the living conditions, or how the prisoners are treated there. the criticism is all gagged. the u. s. government accuses russia and other countries of breaking human rights and presence . but in fact, we see double standards there. they claim they protect prisoners rights. but what happens in american federal prisons is just awful. i'm not even talking about guantanamo bay, or places like that. people are abducted, tortured and unjustly detained. like i was, for example,
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another russian sentence than america victor bout. i'm really glad that i managed to get out and come back to russia. now i can tell the whole truth about what the american government is doing, russian, another foreign citizens whom i met there in us prisons. even though you've been away for from your home, for a very long time, you've only been back in russia a few hours. how do you plan to spend the next few days and weeks? yeah, both sides of a whisper. i want to finally get enough sleep of the way americans transported me to russia was literally crossing all the lines. as you can still, i still have marks on my hands from the handcuffs. it was usually stressful for me . it was physical torture. i was kept in handcuffs for more than a day. i need some time to recover after all the suffering and damage i went through because of the american government, missouri, the world's richest man, your musk is trying to buy the social network. twitter has slammed critics who suggests that he should not let free speech flora on the platform,
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especially if it could mean allowing hate speech an issue addressed by human rights groups. in while the e. u is clamping down on tech chance with new regulations for them to more aggressively route out suspicious content or else face hefty fines or g show davinsky explains, you know, mosque is a ma my character day. you probably only the love him or lose him. his latest accusation is twitter and it didn't take long for free speech enthusiasts to show their approval. thanks to new ownership, i've decided to come back. we're back. musk says he backs free speech but he may. ringback find himself locked into a battle where he won't be the victor in. you officials have agreed a new set of rules which will force big tack like twitter to police their platforms more strictly. the digital services act will overhaul the rule book and allow you
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to essentially rein in the power of social media companies. with today's agreement, we ensure that platforms are held accountable for the risks their services composed to society and citizens. those who fall foul could face fines running into billions of euros. they could even find that platforms band, not much of the dsa should be welcomed. it will make material around hate speech material around incitement to terrorism, and also child sexual abuse. illegal online, similar legislation is also being pursued in the u. k. though, some a wondering if this means that free speech will become a silent as the grave under the threat of penalties. social media companies won't risk allowing content that could come close to legal, but harmful to remain on its platform. free speech and free discussion on the internet will die a slow and painful death. facebook and twitter have been accused of taking down
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content that they don't like, perhaps doesn't suit their political leanings. and the report by the media research center found that posts criticizing president joe biden were sent said over 600 times in 2 years. uncomfortable comments were deleted users had barrack hibbits ease, restrictive, or even suspended. why? well, more than a quarter of the sense it posts related to the very embarrassing hunter. by didn't laptops scandal in the weeks leading up to the 2020 us election originally labeled as russian dis, information yet. it wasn't. big attack is already acting like big brother, new regulations by the e. u in countries like the u. k. could restrict the views even more freedom of
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speech used to be a cornerstone of western ideology. there is that oft quoted phrase. i disapprove of what you say, but i will defend to the death your right to say it. the idea that this could be lost as people's views don't fit the vision of the authorities of the day. should perhaps be a warning sign to all charlotte, even ski r t. paris or that, is it for me this hour? i will be back in about 30 minutes of another phone fresh look at your weekly syllabus. i teach math the business. and you agree in the daily shoes you me to
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comes. graham. when you wrote you lose. you got to really just touch, not create the ceiling. and provide you such a circle. even opposite of the difference in full, a chill washing. you throw in with them the probably and you're still there actually. she was here yesterday and she was fluid. the system that was correct. you must sure it's not says kid jello new unit. so lation you prior to your message and not as the gillian used to it. and if it was always to new. but anyway at that which lady because she was pregnant. lanesha don't you speak? reflects you with the vision. okay. and when, when you somebody else focused on the policy you focus on. yeah. you got to get the provision you need.


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