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a new just got over it is just such an article and i'll certainly provide you with stuff such and sure. it was nice talking to different student info with you throw in the with them the problem. you're still with yours. we are both in the study skills on distribution for each of to watch. so it was coming to on, on the 3rd it which, which in the longer you bullshit just in useful, not for the push to to stream remote because there's no way to personally do school cold. i don't know who you're going to know for the don't know if i should just with these just to put in for losses, come up with, i can understand why russia would feel uncomfortable with nato coming closer,
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closer to his orders. but that's why i think this is an issue that could have been should have been resolved at the negotiating table. but let's be honest, you frame was not given the kinds of weaponry that is still not being given the kinds of weaponry that pose a threat to moscow or russian territory. that is simply a false claims. mm ah. with
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we stood up almost a year with the clinical, with all making sure your shame the actual your study. can you look at them? i don't they still sometimes they do. you know what i mean? i me, i guess a start to submit again. yeah. for the overall, it's not, and i am
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a lead to just monitoring the paul marsh shovel is out a shop. personally. tavia, madam with someone on this for with with her. so don't i don't that glutamate with tech shit. i shut it off with a brochure. deal with you. i didn't ask one of
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which beget? yeah. you're cured with lisa with a with so would it out of so when you're ready
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with a different different sure. the sniper got a feel for us, gave them just new lumps. a certain portion was jordan. jordan, with almost though was then you need to do one should own blossom. so you're, you're not a jewish. the whistle is that it came with douglas at the ledger. i bought this knife, there's 2 ducks, the russian costco, chris, and i just give him a solution. it was a solution that oh good, it's and give us diane in you can use up to the
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a on film it did cuz he did. it was also a listener. i'm on, but it needs to sub welcoming still my with the blood with this show me or send me to send you myers? yes, i'm with specialists when i'm not sure when somebody but i to speak to and just to give them. but it was the amount that i need to share store communicate. but i fishy. i use a border with
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a brochure. huh. no older. so i just collect a thought of just to put that on his finger. sure. just a newer version of a with some illusions too. yeah. pretty much the estimate of impression is much the anymore. okay. yeah. okay, lemme quoted bunkerville and jessica, i am your photo id with a can you been with similar kind of a sudden interesting question. a sam can have a nuclear because i'm a block. i live a budget is pretty busy and i'm scholars. i got
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a really, it goes by seeber with the city. it's because of the clients. you can literally a keep it you get that good that i was told that they'd be today because you do it. does he owe union a schedule with so dorothy period obviously says worse. mike, what year a dollar will point us corker punch to the next will is there to the for but the loo pool cause of a dollar you talk you right. you as a told or children shooter. so the computer will in your put, put on me was my proceed with the news to later on. you still live,
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love what door at all for what is live dinner. persuaded detroit any back. the motion is the me, your little problem? hello. short a question to to was she on the breeze can year? well, i look with that. will these 2 bill or visa letter minute piece to reduce the lawsuit? because the yeah, the political they sure will sell for coursework, gets us deal as off commute, criminal government as well as deal issue enough for you to preserve the fuel push to produce. cuz when you, when was that was you to start with lamps on with
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and i know stella and i'm not an issue that shish enough by at the more not holding this down more purposely snipers with it fresh. okay. go over. take them off the lead on me and there's a snippet on that. we'll get a shift now mark motors, i can't offer if it is christian or says jessica, but i'm one of them going on the bush longer say it. so when i sorta she out of me, okay. mm, that's good. i got a you as that you mm
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. that the, when it's the queen's what's going on. and so the, so them on our screens it's got a true true. we say, well, there's more adults who are not qualify for both dogs all over the score the school was cross in the den quoting cause, i mean, you don't have to cram said roy concrete. i mean,
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if she wore on, i suppose it's like him says, i'm got a new marsha down. those are words. when my old comes up with keep 1st a stomach bug within your music .
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a loser. who in the solution? the brochure cranes can also to push some of the school in this with shipping, the special with carson, with the just have
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a new better way to go to a subway metro. my bills learn more from the stories. choices are genuine. ah, so called intense interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind. if you force a human being to stay in a certain position won't take very long to the pain involved to become absolutely excruciating. but nobody's going finger on you. you are doing it to yourself. we started adopting those techniques when i was station in mosul among them, wordpress positions sleep deprivation and type of therm. yeah. there's already beginning
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the evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrants and children. whatever you do in war comes home. nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past. the moral authority, the made america awarded sacrifice the shimmer of effective interrogation. l. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about of personal intelligence at the point, obviously is to race trust or rather than fear like take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. real summoning with
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a robot must protect his own existence with ah, with the push another she visit from august month it was just reading month also to
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talk to with she was actually supposed to start. it must have been a somewhat dishes growing, almost double the elevators. and that is julia and you just polio. but this is julia latham old commission. those same login with civic shooter which pushes the will. is you sticky women up into the us now with the status of a tech install so that cuz i still get a better deal with this machine if you still are he voiceplus with crystal bye?
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you said, you know what is this will know what you're supposed to be with, get away with your leash navita with plato and what about the cost of older media, but hugely, what is most video specially walker, you know, that's our stuff from ago, but i was just careful sharing a bit of the rebuttal and it's your thank you from a barely written up with one of us will be a 1000000 shatka journals for the industry when you get a 1000000 spiel shale roll him up with a call because i still want to ask you really enough. what was your son? let me not show yesterday so much. the only way to get that order. can you make
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sure that let me up a solution? give me a nice quote. feel free to call me on the glenda. somebody set that up on let's see what's going over there with getting the order to show up for you for the surveys person for keith about say yes, it would be nice to be able to catch the boot. it was simple the way it took up plus, which is similar. so that means that you're gonna be able to look into to bush me. so i'm going to spend on somebody said mom was his level socially dreamy as i put
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the the video positioning list and show you the lucas you it's a good talk with a little social i it was really to the school because here she got it was it was suitable to bring your quote to you and your homeowners with a well from chairs with the vehicle with you sure looks to be doing it with
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no, unless listed there start off with the thrust. never mind. i don't know why i just wanted to place an order to move them up that you'd like to speak with but it was because in the do it with it with others because in your cars,
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those. this choi, very be with you see it says i, lydia 3 should say proudly. yes, there was worse than you slay company or is it at the national sub change to the am cannot liberty. yes, and we do so could it offset a mom with us on a regular to make more than with brazilian. yeah, mostly. but i'm more startling. unlisted conditions or was i was there, but i to get away from all of the garage, the more school pull it out. yeah. i mean, yeah, i was like, i mean, you're good shipple in i'm butch finally in that i don't much do. i'm with spi. i
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back, what do you my birth is here. not be there. there was for cisco early. amanda was nice to catch up. but interesting or you can come with special with that, like i was also from the, of the national with for she has also with your, with the school as it is going to national great with this call. he's here john with
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her. so she'll said a with this, you are here to be our someone like on the door here here. so why do for you, why did your yes, near fever or worse? yes, somebody puts your forward unique. are you from so as a new yet can you need you to sure who you thought about my student who is also all the doctor? i don't know. this will be used with 2 to 4 years this radius created
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with a water. thank you. mm . mm . and with the quotation there, well, let me go. sure. certainly video through tomorrow with a mo kimberly or some certainly turnover in lemming as her daughter go. but he's critical w lamazzo shrill additional. but loony of html or c,
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a spectrum. just it was wonderful that she only has with shania just to plan a assess of your democrats. it's up to my personal. it's almost all, not a says plato, green, the signal is still not on the stimulus to problem with the media. you will get the piece with this crazy. i will give, i promise you to see which way you have to show those which are in stores on the plan. but the way in the pistol particulars of this with people have to understand that all the blood of this war, every broken window, every bombed home, every fresh grave. that blood is on the hands of the united states government. victoria new and barack obama. job a cia, the u. s. military,
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the trained these nazis, how to hide behind civilians and shoot at the russians that were coming to liberate city here with us. but he said she'll come with us here either of them, i guess, one way or emotional from one guy to williams. there's 2 joy settlers in a little better now. does i to mitchell i can use for she narrative. yeah. because i think she'll echo tori and you still to keep that a little shame when i see them where i'm supposed ah, with business and you will clean a, b, e l does not
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a shoes on your medical gray you. when you wrote it, you just go to it is just such not critical and also to provide you with stuff such insurable muslims, your factor of the different sort of influential wishing that you throw in the, within the pro and you're still there with her job to yours and i brought in that the study skills on distribution for each of to watch. so it was coming to on, on the 30th which, which no longer you bullshit, just in your social, not political push to to stream remote because or least new or your personal you school course. i don't know which for you i know for the don't know if i should just with who used to play in finances, come on both. i can understand why russia would feel uncomfortable with nato coming closer,
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closer to his borders. but that's why i think this is an issue that could have been, should have been resolved at the negotiating table. but let's be honest, you frame was not given the kinds of weaponry. and it's still not being given the kinds of weaponry that pose a threat to moscow or russian territory that is simply a false claim. mm hm. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, fun foundation let in arms. race is often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult. time. time to sit down and talk
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with question officials say 80 civilians have been evacuated to safety from the blockaded marion post still factory this weekend. i've been other stories from the past few days once you get a huge variety of different mines gradient positions. again, by that ukraine had claimed, told the international community, it doesn't help. correspondent in don't bass reveals, bound ukrainian loans minds, which i've had apparently concealed for years and violation of international agreements. also this now we need the world that use multiple logic with multi level institutions more the usa.


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