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time to sit down and talk ah, an official say 80 civilians have been evacuated to safety on the blockaded mario post still factory this weekend and another stories from the past few days. once you get a cute with gradient position to get in mind that you pray claim to told the professional community it doesn't help. correspondent in dumbass refills, bond ukrainian land mines, which here had apparently concealed is in violation of international agreement. also this out. we need the world that use multiple look. we've multi level institutions or the un chief in russia, corporate, multi polar. well, the us tried to convince some countries to oppose that initiative
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with moscow. se poland still buying russian gas, but from germany, i thought the warsaw was cut off from direct supplies from russia. po lynn's refusal to pay in group with a welcome. you're watching the weekly on the international. the latest headlines along with the roundup of the stories. the shapes, the weight, and the dorm bus to see as mariel poet, dozens of civilians have been evacuated from the premises of the blockaded as of stone. factory this weekend, according to russia's military, which controls the area. thanks to the initiative of president putin. 80 civilians including women and children who are held by ukranian nationalists, have been rescued from the territory of the czar style plant in mary u. paul. units of the russian armed forces and the militia of the dentist peoples
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republic opened a humanitarian corridor for the safe evacuation of civilians and implemented a ceasefire. and these are the latest pictures from the scene russian. let forces have been transporting the civilians to a nearby village where they are provided with food accommodation on medical test. those who then want to travel to areas controlled by kia, being honda davis representatives of the un on the red cross. some of the civilians who managed to escape the 45 factories say they were forcibly held that by battalion radical should we try to leave 2 or 3 times even by bust back when there was no shelling. but they always brought us back. they didn't let us leave. we were all outraged. how could they keep us there? if we are the ones who chose to shelter there we were scared. so we just ran out of our members came to our bunker and said, yes, we opened the apartments. we went inside, they swore at us calling us so pro russian city. they said they found russian flags
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in almost every apartment. but that's only what they told us. to be honest, i didn't have a russian flag in my flat, but i didn't have a ukrainian one either. few of my relatives did, but some of the czar fighters who came here very still very aggressive towards us civilians. earlier art classes continued around other parts of these sprawling as of style industrial complex. ah, here's some of the footage from the area depicting define thing that took place there on saturday with russian tank seen firing of the territory of the factory where a number of armed ukrainian radicals are still holding their grounds. the surrounding residential buildings have been heavily damaged during the battles for the industrial zone. were now to a recently liberated village in the dawn. yes,
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republic where russian led forces have seized troves of ukrainian weapons, including land mines, banned by an international treaty. keith has been obligated to destroy those explosives years ago, but has failed to carry out his commitment. as it is more at gast jeff reports from the c as rush and forces advance and battle lines shift. a vast amount of weapons and equipment are abandoned by ukrainian troops and nationalists, hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of dollars worth of weapons have been captured by russian and allied forces, including things ukraine didn't want the world to know about. we've once again found a huge variety of different mines. it's ukranian positions, again, mines that ukraine had claimed that told the international community. it doesn't have like these mon lines you binds, which are great, said only russia uses. and once again, we have found them at ukrainian positions,
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but even more interestingly here, he's another anti personnel mind it says in the canister by buried on the ground to be treated in a variety of ways by a trip while by stepping on it and what it does is it flies out of its kenneth to a distance of about a height of about a meter and designates and all this shrapner war, these pieces and flicks of metal embedded in these plastic shred everyone around at the chess level also here. ah, andy, thank bonds. and hundreds and hundreds of kilograms of high explosives. what they would do with these is stick detonators infuses from grenades into these blocks of explosives, and they would cover them with shrapnel, so bolts or nails and they would hide them in bushes,
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tie them to trees. so anyone who would step on the trip off would set these off according to the auto treaty, which ukraine joined at 1997 members. states have 4 years to destroy all anti personnel mines and cannot use them under any circumstances. among the mines that we saw were, oh said them 72 and p m n and t personnel months, which ukraine had almost half a 1000000 off and which they promised to the world they destroyed 11 years ago. and yet all around, all freshly planted. ukrainian mon fields laid to slew rushes advance full of different band anti personnel mines, which ukraine lied about the showing years ago. to the whole world. more i'd guess v a r t. for bennett's creegan officials in russia's at belgrade rates in which
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borders ukraine say a fire has broken out one of the local military facilities as follows. reports of a huge plume of smoke in the area after an apparent explosion. this amateur footage was apparently posted by eye. witnesses. authorities say at least one person has been injured is comes as the governor of the neighboring coast region say the railway bridge that has been heavily damaged and inactive sabotaged rushes territory near the border with ukraine has previously been shelled several times in the past weeks. were russian air defense systems have also shot down a number of missiles and drones in the region early this week, if not to my pearson warner there, russia will retaliate quickly and decisively to any foreign military interference against its operation in ukraine. just little over is limited, so if someone from outside decides to interfere in the ongoing operation and will
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post strategic threats unacceptable to russia, they should know that our response will follow at a lightening speed. we have all the tools which no one else can now boast of. i'd like to stress that all the tasks of our military operation in dom bus and ukraine will be successfully tackled for shore. our soldiers have managed to avert a real danger looming over russia. the russian presidents warning comes as nato countries continue to feel the conflicts by delivering arms to ukraine. berlin has approved deliveries of tanks and other heavy weapons to key f, despite protests from anti war activists in germany. the u. k. has been providing anti aircraft systems and a range of missiles to ukraine, while u. s. president joe biden has proposed a huge, $33000000000.00 package and aid to keith. as washington revives the lens. lisa act for the 1st time since world war 2. to facilitate this applies to ukraine. on a sunday us house of representatives, speaker nancy pelosi paid a surprise visit to key f to personally reassure ukraine's president of washington
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support legal de leon. you can say that you are the source of tension over ukraine is an ongoing build up of nato troops in countries bordering russia and bella roost. poland has launched military exercises with his nato allies on sunday. is comes just days after russia's foreign intelligence chief warned that the polish government is considering annexing parts of western ukraine, where poland had historically controlled some territory with daniel mac, adams, the executive director of the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity stays. western countries shouldn't be ignoring putin's warnings over there meddling in ukraine. one thing that's been very consistent this entire time is that president putin has done what he said he's going to do. this goes back to december when the new documents for a new security architecture. when reduce the et cetera,
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et cetera, he's done what he said he would do it, he should be taken seriously. i think it's very clear that the, that the u. s. and that nato allies are attempting to ramp up support or ramp up the transfer of, of weapons to ukraine. they believe their own rhetoric. they believe that russia is bluffing. obviously, the u. s. must know that this is a desperate situation for ukraine. why are they continuous and why more importantly, why is it in any remote way in america's national interest, every provoking a war over the borders of ukraine? no one has answered that question yet. a number of international officials, of course, the more multi polarity in the world during talks this week, including russia's talk, diplomats like a lot of you've sold the review. the world has changed on americans claim they want to make the world unipolar for good. but objective processes go in the opposite direction, the world is multi polar. and we have been repeatedly saying that the un security
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council needs to get rid of its main defects over dominance of one group of countries out of 1566 belonging to the western countries and their allies in chief . antonia gets harris was in moscow this week for talks with russia's leadership where they agreed to new humanitarian meshes, the war torn ukraine and on bass, while also voicing a shad viewpoint that there should be more multi polarity in the world. however, the un neat as visit has come under criticism in the west. his art is english. donna reports the concept of america's unmatched grandeur against any other nation in the world has long been a cornerstone of us. national ideology is only for mary ellen horton horton, bruce robinson. and we're all ukraine when. why do run a grade? a range of 50? 0,
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america is unique among the nations of the world because we were not built around any particular tribe, religion, or ethnicity. instead, we were built around an idea that all people are created equally and deserve to be treated equally throughout their lives. for as long as the u. s, has been making these claims rush has been wincing at them with skepticism. by then, america's ego had t to jazz were expected at the least, the you and chief speaking in moscow during a meeting with none other than vladimir putin. it's very important, even in these moments of difficulty keep alive the values of multilateralism. we neither wolf that is multi paula with multi level institutions and thus multilateral institutions must devise by the un chartered and by international law. sure, the head of the un may have been repeating something he'd 1st postulated at least 3
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years ago. but this latest statement came as a sucker punch to washington, while it's already having to deal with russia's push to reimagined the world order . and it's so like moscow's alone in this fight torsos and china, russia co operation, has no limits, are striving for peace has no limits, are upholding, of security. has no limits, or opposition towards had gemini, has no limits. america's traditional, middle eastern side kick, saudi arabia seems to be blind citing. it's big brother to buy making progress in sewing ties with iran. the saudis are effectively throwing off the divide and conquer approach that worked so well for the u. s. there, the russia ukraine conflict is likely to accelerate a longstanding transition to a multi polar world. one that will be increasingly shaped by a competition over strategic connectivity. and while some historic allies drift steadily away from washington, it's rivals aren't getting any clothes either. mainly because the u. s. believes
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that coercive diplomacy is still a good idea. what we would not like to see is a rapid acceleration of india's impulse from russia, as it relates to energy or any other exports that a currently being prohibited by the us or by other aspects of the international sanctions regime. it seems the inception of and to you as descent, is going global, and washington doesn't have anything to show for it. other than to try and strong arm nations into obedience a toothless. most of our countries understand that in today's day and age in order to achieve peace and stability, we need a multi polar world and our cooperation and coordination will be important to achieve it. but as you who sir brazil in russia share principles such as the respect of sovereignty and international law on non intervention. and we intend to work together with russia on the promotion of an international multi puller order. so my little the murphy lot to our system actually doesn't work any more in emergency put our world,
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the united states on its audio. so want uniform world unused her of emergency lot to our institutions fulfill own children that benefit. united states still wants to impose a unique, put our word on try to escalate the situation in ukraine when russia would like to work to achieve the main goal, which is a neutralization of ukraine where united states today will be. you're criticizing this meeting because it doesn't fit we, there are objectives to, to make the war as long as possible. sions to weaken russia since from the beginning of the crisis, they want to use, or ukraine as a proxy against russia. and they made already your own negotiations impossible or on. and you were european security older to provoke this war.
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and you talk diplomats house rejected calls from the west to condemn russia's military operation in ukraine with new delhi. insisting that issues at home in asia should take priority again, quite candidly, we've been hearing for the last 2 months, a lot of our, a lot of arguments from europe. so you know that things happening in europe and asia should worry about it because these could happen initial guess what things have been happening in a shop for the last 10 years. now, europe may not have looked at it so, so you know, it could do this could be a wake up call for europe, not just in europe. it could be a wake up call for europe to also look at ation. india has, i find a friend that is neutrality over the war in ukraine as it maintains coast ties with moscow. ukraine has been essential topic of discussion between the indian administration on western counterparts for the past 2 months. and he has talked, diplomat has insisted, insisted that his country is to rid itself of the idea that
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a foreign power could define new deli policies as it should not need to seek approval from the west. we got reaction from a former senior official in india's foreign ministry. we are being given summons about how we should behave. and i think the minister should go was right to point out that they showed me more prices, whether it vanished on on the problem for dinner isn't and to which europe in countries paid no attention, not the concerns of the nation countries. so i think that he was quite right in working out that day. if not, every country looks at the problem from the perspective off, it's a geography and it's a national interest. and the european perspective on this is not
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necessarily shared by other countries, but i think that we should all be concerned about the life of human beings or suffering. we are all around actually on. so rouse the conscience, financial state energy, company, gas them is expected to respond to gas prom before may 20th on whether it will comply with a new requirements. pay for rushing gas supplies in rubles, if it refuse has been one could become the 3rd country in europe. off the poland and bulgaria to have his gas supplies halted by moscow name, awesome high profile. bulgarians are eager to reverse the government's decision on the matter what we discussed and what we suggest according to my employers, is that the government do everything possible to restore talks with guests from and deliver the contract. and that's the message from bulgaria as deputy prime minister,
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after meeting with tom, businessman and sophia off, according to russian officials, most of the prom 0 pin partners have already complied with. the request for ruble pays and payments. austria and germany have said this stopping fuel imports from russia could lead to a deep economic with session. but the still seeking ways to negotiate payments in euro's from western liter state. russia's position, and also blackmail customs announcement that it is unilaterally stopping gas deliveries. to certain jo, member states is another provocation from the kremlin. but it comes as no surprise that the criminal use of fossil fuels to try to black. my last, we're working with other nations like korea, japan cutter and others to support or effort to help the europe and allies threatened by russia with gas blackmail and their energy needs and other ways. rational authorities have rejected those accusations,
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saying they are promptly delivering gas to those who have agreed to pay and roubles may. while some locals of european countries are worried, the situation will backfire. you know, i think it will be extremely bad for us, but what i'm waiting for is the government to resign. i expect new elections and a new normal government because we cannot expect anything good from the current one . i expect it to have a catastrophic effect. prices will grow up more. that's the way it will be. i, i think this is the government's job to consider and resolve the problem. that's what they are going to do. in fact, they will resolve it. it has become clear that we can get gas from europe, but at a higher price. so i do not believe it's an appropriate solution if gas is halted from russia. let's not forget that many countries will pay in roubles to get gas from russia despite the imposed sanctions. as i understand it, we will not do so. let me save it is difficult for me to imagine how we will continue to live with such increases. i think that this will lead to an increase in
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poverty or the impoverishment of society in general. people, it will be a bit harder now because prices will, will increase. yes. so i think that the rising prices are worrying a soul, but we believe that we will deal with it and that these increases will be quite bearable for us. while gas problems, as it has seen, a physical reversal of gas from germany to poland. which means wall so is still buying russian gas, but through a 3rd party, at a higher price is don't cause to investigate. poland and bulgaria have apparently done what so many experts have said is likely impossible. they've cut themselves off from russian gas imports altogether. it's all because the 2 countries refused to pay in roubles, and war saw seems pretty optimistic about it. brussels has also assured us that the country's neighbors are picking up the slack today. member states met in the gas coordination group,
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poland and bulgaria upstate us on the situation. both poland and bulgaria, i'm not receiving gas. you neighbors. that's true, just after russia closed its taps, germany's gas flow to pull into increased by 5 times. looks like they didn't really need russian gas after. all right? not so fast. germany by over half of its natural gas from russia. those supplies then travel through the m all pipeline, which also crosses through poland. now to provide war. so with the gas it needs berlin is reversed flowing, that same gas along the same pipeline at a higher price. it should be noted that according to the available data, there was a physical reverse of gas from germany to poland and apparently to ukraine in the amount of 3 to 5000000 cubic meters per day. so the only thing different here really is that warsaw has to buy russian gas at a premium to save face. and that's no small energy bill just for warsaw to say it
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stuck it to moscow. russia used to supply poland with half of the countries total consumption, but with poland now buying russian gas through a 3rd party, warsaw seems to think it's diversified, bullish homes and the economy unsecure for the supply of gas. we have the necessary reserves and sources of supply that protect our security for years. we have effectively become independent. russia, a real trailblazing strategy, poland established there. so, i mean, you countries might try to do the same while others try to pick up the slack. but one thing's for sure. the main source of europe's natural gas will remain the same . russia, this is a very cynical game being played on the ordinary population of europe on behalf of lead to want war with russia at any, at any cost. nobody has shown how you're compensate for the loss of rush and gas. not only will they lose gas, but you know, the gas that will, they will pay for will be much more expensive that it needs to be bulk area already
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twice. now, sacrifices national interests under pressure from much stronger western patron. so this is just again being played on with a weaker countries, such as a bulk area, while poland, poland is leading the charge against russia. so again, poland obviously doesn't mind paying more much more than it should. and it could, you know, just to get it russia, i don't think, i know that no one really asked the consumers, you know, they're just, they're just being thrown into the situation presented. what's a done deal? you know, we're entering warren to rochelle, proxy war, russia and you're just supposed take it, you know, blood, sweat, and tears. ah, may they demonstrations that boiled over in some countries on sunday with wyatt police using tear gas against aggressive protesters and turkey. dozens of people
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have reportedly been arrested off the clashes central areas of his stumble, have been fenced off officio authority seek to qual, launch gatherings in the area resulting in violence between groups of protesters and police. meanwhile, in from every class is empowering where police and find take guns with angry crowds is comes amid protests. so the inflation on low wages in the country as activists urge the government to do something about plummeting standards of living as well as environmental issues. he's all local reported with the latest from the french congress. a system that demonstrates is have reached the end of the roots. there are still many people in the square. now as you can see, everything is calm, but just recently things are completely different. the police are standing around
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the perimeter of the squad, police officers with water, canada, which is sometimes used to disperse the crowd. and also in cases where the demonstrates is behave aggressively towards the police. last year, 100000 people gathered for a demonstration. it's hard to say just how many a here today, perhaps a little more or less less. you have to understand the right to the beginning of the process demonstrates is behaved rather aggressive. lots of shops, restaurants, boutiques, who targeted roles including one of the local mcdonalds. in addition to many offices of banks and insurance companies will also affect the police, began evacuating people from the square. so far, all this is happening without the aggression, the police withdrawal rep for them without exception. and no one should remain in the square. still very quiet me to buy me said that, pushing everyone out earlier french president him on you mcclung celebrated his re election off the beating rival marine the pen in the 2nd round of
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the national vote. how microns political party faith is more challenges during the upcoming parliamentary elections next month. and not everyone in front this happy about mac crohn staying in power. while celebrating in the streets of paris, the president had to dodge a bag of tomatoes hold of him through the crowd. this comes, they made an ongoing economic protest in the country, the yellow vessel movement, which gained prominence in recent years for opposing mcclung controversial tax policies has also taken to the streets this week for renewed rallies. meanwhile, locals across france, eventing that under move funds reelection the
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well, no. the protest soon strong smoke a continuity of domestic problems that have plagued mcclung leadership. some of the have even labeled him, the president of the rich, recently off the, a slight increase in popularity amid the conflict in ukraine. because approval ratings. once again, been thinking during his 2nd presidential term if expected to address control the c surrounding pension reforms and social inequality or even the pan approved a formidable challenger team, across receiving many more votes than she did the previous presidential race, as she quoted rural vote isn't those in overseas territories, or she will not support more than 50 percent of the population we had from locals. they say they were unsatisfied with both candidates but voted for the pen to express. their discontent against the current leadership wouldn't very much me jail . the martini can inquire to loopy,
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and people have had enough of macro neglecting their problems, like the high cost of living in isolation. and they were demonstrations all year amid the covey crisis. we tried to change things. we are not okay with marine the pen, but it's more that macro made all unvaccinated people unemployed. and i guess we are fed up exasperated because it's not a new orientation for our people. it's just angry we. we send out a message because our leaders don't move to the these results reflect the level of discontent in the population. people are not satisfied, they are not heard. and that's led to this result. i don't think that people are in favor of marina le pen. these are the voices of disapproval. additional to cool. few people here don't have any more trust towards my crime. so it's ok that they voted this way. but i will tell, i don't see my money. they just lie to us. so personally, i would like le pen to win for her to change things. thanks for joining us. hey, all naughty international, as always, plenty more stories to be found on our website policy dot com
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in. ah, ah, a . so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race group is on often very dramatic and development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time to sit down and talk.


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