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ah ah ah ah, what he's got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic, development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with
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ah, for the new business. and you will clean the a, b, e l does not show sign you americans gray. you, when you wrote you who just go through, it is just such an upgraded to no ceiling. it provides you with stuff such and sure . of course, even names you opt out of the additional sort of info with you thrown with them the pro and you're still with joshua lewis. this is jim meadows. i'm lose cartoon, almost schultz not says q joe of you. you lose some slides in your proximity. a
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message and musky jogan, you speak to nick was always too well knew it was printing wire to the cook, but of land which was which thorn was going with our nisha to bother you spirited including phoenix, you mean it's a j a c, a barrage got it okay, thank you. paul carter get to provision usually just on to pneumonia. i knew well now in the pals program institute always refuse to swim on the plains, come all of nazis. cooper's looking for go to the moving parts, briefly column a recession. when is there like a, should we wait? you wash and you, you call and then when i see them now, but then, but i'm on. if it's a honda, what is the, what is it thinks you actually seem you get well the thing is bash after the settlement with
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what was happening in the ukraine before february. the 24th 2022 and was happening now was a result of consistency. and systematic planning, lou used to presume as the boys in, you're still young officers creed, yo yo yos, including of stokes, which i am a hello senior story. now let's see, squeak. let's see sweeping easy effects. let's get you. when you get bomb attempt got you in the run, is that as a bona no them hello and nobody can throw all of the questions. i guess i, i would live with that if you soon used to regular, if you don't discover about commercially, then your credit most would be a bit of leeway in that garage. so if a bill of people in the machine, you're going to fully me.
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ah, this is voted from that in that region shell, by the ukranian forces. this is 2014. ah, this is 2015. a 2016. 2017. a 2018. 2019. this rally took place in cave in 2019 people with flags and posters went out to protest against giving don bass special status. the protest is present to the president with a letter demanding
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a will continue lumen me. in the b it's been, it hasn't really garnered digging them. i at the right. oh lucy, yet due to things i take ah yes. can you go when you too much? ah. another demonstration in cave in 2020 the country's leadership welcomes the protesters. ah, if you ask home when the people were killed and don bus people would question, was there anybody killed at all? if we watch now, what happens in the social media and things like that? that is a guided communication mattel, against the russian people ah, which of those little foot on the dealer divided by numerous if that overseer school to perform kaylee,
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i don't really want to keep me and i'm your fear her feel. quarter 0. residence in these regions can identify the munitions nash out with just by their sound. she would know my video should durish near pistol. pena. latasha near, rigid and bustle to distribute refreshing his soap stolen selena. kane laid 2013 and early 20. 14. a huge protest was held in keys and it went home for 3 months. the end result of mine and 2014, with a kuda. when she comes to me, look my donna who shibel dos, touching the cereals now got on my seat, who's neo nazis. morgan is also coverings courtesy, georgia, again screw flustered over him in newkirk on personnel dollar. daniel prince published process of got all of them as soon as 9 am your bushnell has opened them in stock tournament for to skip the rural bully. got over from bruce,
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possibly there, but he just to, to louis speech to the chief good. moore's mom. my mom, she's a listener. little bit of a jewel with sure newspaper realtor move orders in his worst or the video or get on announced another book on your router, but they're going from in the foyer improvement that selfish i'm new nationalist battalions began forming with the banking of right wing parties having started on my dan, they continued their activities at auntie my dan rallies in a number of ukrainian cities. for sure. for sure. sure. now, my church interest to you is interested. oh. the people in odessa it came up against them all to right group and it resulted in tragedy.
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working with humans, 3 or 4 different, been a wiping shirt, a roster, and they were for producer could under pressure blood is a shrinking airport year with the chase release, the social media subcommittee. it opens up the nuclear at the smallest need you got that disability. so did you such a skew, a grassy sweetest, when you might use, of course the duck city can was, wasn't at the time world opinion still considered neo nazi act says crimes against
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humanity. but it isn't true today. for 2 years after the events in odessa, the world remember the victims. but by the idea, europe considered it fulfilled its anti fascist duties. you will find you late to be insured on you. let me try it, the whole grain you. you are not safe when you that day on the year. the rope on the store wasn't doing me money, but i took a course by it's on you switch up. many of them was that you still in your body of mrs. look like to know when you, when was with you most people to will push lovely story. you said blair said when you said it doesn't matter. you could put it in on a given my doing is switching. oh man, he might, and rallies also took place. internet's, they called gibbs of the constitution and demanded that the people re protected from fascism on april 7th, 18 president of ukraine to kina made a speech for the disposal of his blue which but it was this under titters fishing.
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as a hood, fema, you're probably not there glove. could you get a book both? if my station was no the gift, but i was doing the back a little, you moved from it a lot, some norrick i still grants got used to pro with was where i'm supposed to use you . but are you on the $5.00 off a dollar? we're point such here. so now workable. scuse me scarlet, but that is dylan you was. so dorothy show, erica garcia is i assumed that you started ross each a stop doing loosely. oh, in april 2014 ukraine's leaders started to divide the country's population into us . and them were krajina, buford, kara austin, the coachman, still greater than yessir of darrell cluster. well, could you to just issue a quarter sub sheet, you store or credit your dose in your i see if you got the ru schuman i see as a marcia, a borger, i put the videos to turn your show of issue in these photos of people
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grotesquely tied up can be seen by anyone. middle to middle mythology, a pre narrative from that. i just too modest yoshika story cove. he paused roscoe previously coast albano. little though just a woolen i blue eyes. you don't do a but toyota solution when you join him in the bucket? courtney and not susan. okay, let's go back there. roscoe chillman muscle kaltura a video of any normal person would find these peaches shocking or but anybody on this is just human mute. you must hear i genuinely course, a dory sign that says he, a, with few mormon crane squab, metalli's mom that was for meal shows your fresh reason. it's her suit up.
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should you was mad. i bought him out. the studies come says man, after world war 2, the atrocities of fascism was still vivid in people's minds. and hearts were heavy, shocking documentary, film, and photos. exposing naziism was shown at the nuremberg trial for the 1st time with the documentary of unspeakable crimes. and now widely available, people who haven't forgotten the history can compare the events of 80 years ago. with those of to day. 1934 germany adolf. hitler was appointed chancellor and 25000 stormtroopers. moved in torchlight procession. the through berlin fans is his contemporary footage shot in cave. these torches were left in honor of step on montera, who's famous for being one of the leaders of the o. u. n. in 1934 the
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o u n's headquarters became a department of the gestapo. band air, as track record includes plotting the murders of a soviet console and poland minister of home affairs. in 1941, the o u, and organized a massacre of the jewish ghetto, involved in which nearly 7000 people were killed with a 1943. after the turning point in world war 2, the o u n decided to start gorilla activities and established the u. p. a. their flag and, and remains the same vendor was the most in mind behind the movement. during the war about 100000 civilians and 15000 soldiers fell victim to the uva in 2010, been there was made a national hero of ukraine and such tortured possessions. take place every year.
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you used to queer so chilly with the associates, put on a truce bridge when you, when you might, which will eliminate thoroughly duties with will not to schema station officers to belittle ski, marsh. i was interested in your sources upon a bundle bill. so assume if log in with the quote close in the children's flock at the grocery forged blood on their new meds could do you know, at the bill and i piece in no job with blue with, with a
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a, [000:00:00;00] a ah, a austin. that's american. you just don't ok, yes she this at the worst versus floor aroused mockery instead of still bullshit. oh sure. shimmered association. i proceed bundles, not, my dears would say, give signals, not
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a boat that we can assign is the capricious manase is good at then you see in your book or she'll she'll post office had the slogan, dollar, spring billamore with the mr. laportia need me to cook with me. 70 percent. but it's, you know, percipient putting in my list of jaeger. las yellow gear tutors, abrazzo, and she is sick or muscle in from oxy ah through 3 not in the middle wishes are mutually from las vegas. kirk, coach, don't use gotcha to moscow? her muscular coma her look what the muscles in washington says, so. who so for no good. i suffered because we didn't business and zines your i. c, q u, a garage him, are you herschel blodgett maldonado, nevada, to sure you come on, the cooper, georgia. we're close to go to europe. not sure where you until i see these just
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a children's cam founded under the auspices of the as of nationalist battalion youngsters. were taught hand to hand combat, i'm more of those with children received the same rhetoric as adults, but the explanations were simplified so they could understand them. oh gosh, i thought across the getting the ugliness most blog, not just wanted to part of those are sonya, but also with north dakota institute is did meet tomorrow. we will chose to more than just all wood and i'm almost crushed to children to be a liability. the children are the 3rd year. it's a bush on with the good. he glad he glad to. with again, with the buddy it will not experimental that you will get to use is described in detail in history. they didn't have to come up with anything new. it's a time tested method of working with young people. why should all come says 9 you
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there's 2 of recording of nuclear newton each from sage and passport it. but i would say, yeah, now without knowing yeah, the assess of soccer actually. so let's close all that us will body to the sheet and the pre moist. let's do that though, but she was off till day tonight. but the see douglas blackwood new sports with the to assess exclusion world. you know when that super e as a which and it does surely those throwing up restoring blemishes, full dumb solution dish. so that vessel buzz daniel crane. i need the utan humenzki, but you turn him to the shadow carino. i've gone beyond my boy's court stylish ah. such events haven't been seen in ukraine for a long time, but it's impossible to forget the courage of the people who died for freedom and the 200 plus death camps in ukraine where fascist master,
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good people of all nationalities, all the people of the soviet union liberated ukraine together. ah, they hoisted the banner on the rice, thank together and grieve for their fallen comrades together. victory and 945 of the world's greatest evil united people. and it wasn't questioned anywhere faith. he is. a case is from shells that compatriots and don bass were killed with a now given to children as souvenirs. a boy are pushing you forward with like show river, but i,
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before you so critical portion of mutual nautical with in modern ukraine. they decided to honor the memory of those who early had been considered traitors. collaborators and u. p. a members only recently acquired some young if don't talk, this would be nice. how would you use gender, chicago, tory visual? not looking. i'm talking to bill, social depriving ah need to a new car that needs to be also grain from still to know it. but as coordinate material need to a new car, the reasoning is embarrassing and village. and you could, you need a spool be, can you provide me is of course the transition on the command of doris. you mean it's came in running a prayer, if you will, come on the when you send me, chris's and so her news, katara and jordan and by bill mcneish at the when you will, you think will shield your story. but the young people of today on told about the s s commanders real plans,
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the rest is copied with amazing accuracy. but the commit, the ability to come in look at the sky to go from there. so and i still stuck to my total mortality was not rich, but the capital provide you this will be on the call. but see what the written? maria said diploma june william. so we're going to be jewish. one key it is and he should be thrown and me assess some possibility that the doctor could not see the will be still no machine. you know, i'm serious over there. i'm not going national for those. you know, i was a boy and we get to know the court date, you few due to the power level between those principles and current events is clear where you preceded shooters, done bus push. brooks with whom you say keep these huge. we just need to suppression so she was critical procedure re pushing, prostate, you know, or 6 years i could have you on the levels consulting in kendra staley. will note
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that the engineer, when you, when you started you g, the tangible to do to cranes casual mon shasky battalion. but human grades can it's no use teach kim, but the young people brochure little the notch developer as a crew of your stomach, peter, sewage and dogs dog. oh my goodness, i'm not sure which one of you so the escrow agreement as a flood zone molecules should the kid rule will clean the to the thank so now in the open how or not oh somewhat logic. you wonder if some of that the but it is an old fashioned lucca mutiny gigi, me yeah, it's a b. m. you've woven your money. abby: eczema was a sheath man, is equally led. so a pretty long m. c. it's them. this dizzying in the, in your god is as sheet nicole crane. come to william. she would you please fuck the youth. them the creation? yes. so when you blue dot up, the more doable year you see ya to so you put
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a credit wise and you so that you'd still be of school at all. she, julia? yes, let me see. his place here, you thrusting through your twain the smeared. young ye and let me see together royce, she this is footage from 1941. and this from 2022. the zulu guns region. the ida assault battalion was formerly based here before 2015. it was a volunteer national battalion, but it later became part of the regular ukrainian army. there are many others in their own, like with the same slogans and close to action. the main focus is on military and ideological training. such base is not only trained fighters, but also kept prisoners. the s b u secret prisons are quite similar. this isn't fiction to many people have been through them. such crimes are impossible to hide sewage maloof ah,
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manages on vasa stub earlier. and you told cut ups 3 of moves. don't you slip so neo nazis to free was to plenty anything. what i do was through beast toy to stature. sure. and the little girl has stolen glitter, me of thunder solemnly. bully him of me opened a bit. not some gl her stories. hilaire was officially garcia unions. us her eyes off. oh, very wireless clues on the dumber. the brush surely. his boiler and these color kirk of the missouri. it's a booth those sir put off were due to address the contrary. was you know, she was, she nichol from the state of california produced him on justine because when you also was bul crew martel because we're a wolf shows julia the shooting. every national took years of arch tiffany his most or on the sound you to is vulnerable to it. mm. sure. between beach to pretty much should be typical machine learning. no glowing g initial gary balls have a look on oh,
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what stalker beach should out from ago with a multiple multiple. melissa spoke couple of tips, a place for you to tell you what the cost is still to go over to the city or with a dozen ma'am, and very emotional. so we are unable to do it with us, or we should be willing to coordinate the girl because they bring a psychiatrist. you. thank you, lucia. thank you for the plan. your point of choice is coming to on the 30th which, which minova it was suggested in the solution proposed to just really put him on because a linguist knew a partial school hours for these. but the plaintiff put off is, come on the bus or get them as compared to the coaching chest. these point you don't miss the and it's not enough for one year window assess will call you reach
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another push to not e, supposedly you book. and i still should go, i will go we will need to give you a few of us because tanya decent your video media number of the customer wanted to lou just for me to possibly give clarity for the let them go over the can we push in nice to them, strongly read them. again, you're writing a book or korean attention or the she goes short with control them. unusual loop was to go over all of these but tell you on the amount of damages to quit at merger . it will go over by his shania with q will be to a junior the post the cookie to presume nice that she's in the modern chill area. new. can you deal with what the drum norwegian language, but you don't know who she's got? no, paula doesn't know if i should just to do giving it in the near to do so. and then you still remaining is i want to know that you guys know about it. probably here
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time i will see approach it that says kid, that's from your own annual mug to diverse with your shots. are just that some of you know real old nazis. they had against jews in the it, le fans and in the new type of nazis. wagons russians now and one to national life . so to say make, i didn't a red hot burning nationalists of their people. we mean deal us result in finance. you too and you be, was baton ukraine. got going to that she would though it is granted that there were still, but she just was speechless. neither. so philip aline actually sits on the persona group, propagandistic nikoto was gonna see how pollution from us we took that additional suitable wishing i, b, m. e. animal, a guaranteed on his throne, me to put it on you. so you know, shop to make. it would never have grown that far. and that much if the americans
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had not paid hundreds of millions of dollars to sponsor that, you will. pablo though, frequencies director honestly about $32.00 of those took asada. oh, crazed calling you and i see them on the roper shatara brenson. your call in us is when yo yo could have been better new quote to sherry sher near to her quarter of i'm do easy, so good in that. okay, in the past i will put stone as it was up with next mika closure for e. it was a session, but jessica has thrown his up on this trump sony nutrition going process for his up at him coding opportunity, but just kinda an ssl certificate, but it doesn't cut out a uniform you of to something other promotional stella chest, no wisdom, but usually good amounts cannot says, ah, shows to the be who 1000000000 she dumped on. she, you know, she could have been dead aski, you prescribe you them both p passionate. but when that those will korean
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aim you kind of in your below my checks and you will clean them. a suzanne? yeah, americans, grain a ciocca system. there are a bunch of new chandel riveted. no does up to date now. as long especially. i brought it up this morning with the school counselor to push for a situ luke's, which is a trick, pseudo which ownership book. i mean, you're still brand new. it was done when it was, i wish it was susan to go to. he's crockett's order for sugar's, freedom, blue
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with ah, what a double is a really for the wallet. you talk you had she was here. i told her children that the school are hopeful, but i see a yellow green with my lawyer to my lawyer to own a blue


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