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ah, a a with
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with i a 4th you're gonna be fine with whatever the issue with that or didn't know i'm not sure who is that still so no, we didn't know if minded addition enough stuff. well that's good, a terminal to know what it is. this will store these cuts that hold on it then you know, which needs to proceed with that
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with there, but the really bring it you can just do a double digit, a means no, no marriage the death and you couldn't get there should be no. mr. dan hutch villas can choose one with both. we have a finish love, i mean edition. or you'll say what is credible daniel? millennials continue using a proposal,
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shown movie shows on grammar patrol to the cock shop. i'm always on us. i get an uncomfortable whole williams. my daughter and when it comes to whether you see it from my cost outside my and on the thing about when your mileage or a blue it with will not have my them to put money on. so bill he did on my don now on for getting all my done was the multiple say on a bit. he was why i chose to style the company will reduce bristol, but why does a shampoo go but he'll store a new modem?
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no with a. 6 spec done that my new one was like one or more could almost or once they get busy do store what's not living at all. i spoke that they'll still not still had those sources, peanuts and centrally just stick with them before i'm. if i do like that guy who doesn't concern that, this'll do some up a 2nd. give me a call when you book with us, when you try to a national union bullet,
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the keys are useless. do you come to the present? you talk with us. i started to coordinate that door. jason won a boudoir to the right person, stay chevy at e. oh, sure longer my nbc. i knew that she will not put my mental 0 for a year. i did not mind on it at all, but at the corporate to what he said to my dad, i'm due to quickly because i still use the word media at least that was from the my dyna story. he's going to corporate a least wish utilize caterine little bitty meal and got put up in my store. so if a who bought a that so who, but when you chose high comes up, right? yeah, good to people with my dummy aiden. okay, see what i'm super, always confused here with you until the end of the game. you do, you could you go up the forest valley. you only need to meet with you that were
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reported to me to the old you massena. you'll be on your post with the horrible bridge or she will give bush one of them just with your troubles me. i had with when you go to for when you got over. i'm also brazil almost not with the results but also voted on producer way. what's the community calling become over the mean? you can tell me what variable control theories veneer a much. mr. williams. yes, he up also wanted you for one year with girl. when you,
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when you also go thursday with to me for them, you thus put you in the lower cocoa in the similar to the following procedure was new to the people who will it came to all of them before the 3rd party oversight you great enough, qualified for me, but you still with me about a good a william barnett. nice to stay in your spot. i will get no study. yes, but the most of the religious dental stella will that no. what you study, bridget, believe that somebody would only look at what is in the legislature. so a lot of my name is richard. i was the doesn't, would normally be one yet, but us be sang and year which give us like i said, some other to my look mister chairman. but the hooker about stickler only if gardening needles store saw star summer luther
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blower said yeah, shaken door with more literally estefan medical and i leased a ankle store insurer. saltisha is still a resource to get if the go what up it was. it's a minute, but don't want to like either the limit that i'm giving me nightly licensing, so don't think he has thinks it really doesn't address pressure door work order. and other story had parishioner massage no flaws. runners. roshan as good, but i just don't know. we're a 100 and i was get home. now, how can we it doesn't which is didn't much. it was a pleasure pursuing, it was good chance to look at it. i could have looking at the keyboard. not a bottom right with that too, cuz i still didn't on the right. well not, not well at a see they were quad zip,
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all new bull is due to europe would flush for the win is and yet me bring me in the page. it's, is there a board on hand to her? so my little daughter and i was good seeing an irish does get the get mother of boredom upstairs by so look about those later than usual number of it. oh, much so much. don't have own animal. but thinking about you do wish that i can get a hold of she wow. ah
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let's still a maya. leslie will not base can fiance, i mean was, can you back of visit young to put a shortcut on it was over there, not that you. so now on the go, what do you, what don't store on is deal it. sure that those to look at more, number 3 is a point to point to the station or put up in the course of being able to work with my it would be that you can afford it. cuz like when she was, it was considered a lot of everything is complete. he was only upset with
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mr. neil. so neil: so cheerful illusion. no. with a solution. fresh new, you know, from wonder when you have much to peer show us with you with a new school refill to release the someone up with i oh oh yeah. no,
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the last 2 in. yeah. it used to be loop years ago at the moment with the idea what to do a good but it's a sort of kind of a new scheme that you'll see in the true in the record coming up. i'm a consumer you, i would like you better show a lot less side. yeah. yes, said, but you do hope at the should to
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this to p said she'll not tell us a new q did a kind of, you know, i, those are the media who didn't watch it. movie them in a school assembly that what the tip up and then a dentist who are some school to 4 pm if that stuff that oh, it did here. yeah. i know there the other way or a school. yeah. a plan that comes with with
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ah, ah, you ok borton secretary, liz trust, the same person who actually knows very little about foreign policy and geography is called for a global nato. i suppose we can file that under rules based order. the back is the geopolitical order, is in the same order,
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the west created with a with, with
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what i do for them. what come through, what the, you know, if i was you going over with or when we feel here, both of our, what affordable, move us a community. did you put it on it or you can tell you it wasn't grace given way. you need to give it to you guys ask if anyone give us that you are the only way you know that you need somebody wallet up or driven metal on metal stall. and when you want to, the mother was with him when he was sure anybody to suppose because if you add up, what i'm doing here was to go for renew the wash with a bonus. you got somebody to do that, but you know for sure, for new the extra won't use them something good. but some keep you to live with them and then you have a social but when you lose weight, simple chain. yeah. when you see what my dd windows can
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thank ah ah, with with
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a with, with, with
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shelter mortgage bill. 4343. so with that, i'm still, we're used to the food stamp review. when you were in love you can excuse me, that the data, but let's see like a cross group a she's course is another lawyer. don't keep that you can't give with don't that scare report to choose 10 of your children's kick, where you were, keep these and your whole 3 bar double still allen, those that additional of exactly. you kick off with their grades customer by that
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said volleyball post. this got there of seminar music don't ever fullness are going to listen. putting you on your studios. maybe i didn't and i should last but didn't you? i prefer super. i think you slum operation got on the ocean with the control panel . it was late. the one i shall is by we just, it was late, the us mule. going to skip because i list of what we can his car in there. boy, boy, it's a super isn't what that is mom. if we're eating the sky level, legitimation, gestalt feel. proportion, cable for digital with which the chip is approach on the it was on the someone deal . it like a double up. i now can i stop scary still on stay busy on a unit. don't want, you know, so you're about to propose, etc. well no, i wish list so. so the number of venue way. hello. a voice seated with you for the segue to show on the
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news is still up on the app store. green scott, are going to spoil it. had a port mr. of city of the new school bus, the young up steel. ah, ah, push yourself when you come slippery ways easily, but it does is that affordable done within your scope of chance and that was, that is a couple cleaned up by them. it is up to you, but you're looking for a fella national. what other a lot of people with what i've got to
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get i was a japanese yesterday, a storage with and you're close on that. i feel about it and i'm not paying out of the electrical . so what i so i gotta get out there
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a bit though. i know i need a baby, but i'm willing to pay a little let's give i'm i feel like enough to torture myself. i'm glad you're my give, keep it a bit. yeah. and you my well, normally a new one will be a zisha a bit. i went outside, i know a chip, a metal, i'm not sure as a senior, as engine. and i was calling about a dryer. cuz laura stores in this cuz i'd bump. did he have no way? and now i knew merely by sherlock my, my, my g with yes it was put up again, wasn't able schedule. i'm a big spike. i nip my felix back. now it's gary on by killing me. i'd shoot you one
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year, but i'm not done yet. yeah. let's it was through the storm new. yeah. but i you order, i'm with mom and we need to do that. i had silly music, but even the money would be the media so, so i to be as the why not you? so get a book and then you know, you bought a new my did my music. i'm use it's and you know you
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were you with the way it would it be with your stop with blood with a good both dog with dog ah, the right that for, for both loaded off like we just i wanted to work with other people to from but better than the 6th ledger was blue dealer minimal as uni solution does. if to
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regina got that move would be amused. those did russia is a gift, but well, i mean, but she knew strickler to pro valueless. no whole young he had only issues doctor to come in, but blue some human is william, she does. this will do an a harper if additional issue then you june. so no it should pick it, could you is the wellness she call no show somewhere, but you your po bala, i suppose no hurry. wait, i'll do just a shoot me an updated or yet, but there are serious. no, that was the most as if come years 20 low doesn't work either the sheila bundle dish get her to do it's i mean if 90 and i'm i'm getting it now he was not to deny to. he goes to give it to me
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with a love of one day suburban, the only person who ever saw me really for one particle cocoanut us covers of the guys he had seen. you got orders from a security c and previous him previous and saw them both. graham of producer, your bill, see, does a seal is great. you look at can put you in, put a new list for you to put. you put, you put your what they have a quote that was too late. and the 3rd up on the low cost is $3.00. know who has gone through with
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me a with only one main thing is important for naziism, internationally speaking to that is that nations. but that's allowed to do anything, all the mazda races, and then you have the minor nation, so other slaves, americans, proc obama and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism. international law will exist as long as it serves american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist by turning those russians into this. danger is boy man that wants
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to take over the world. that was a conscious strategy and walked out of it on your own. i not leashed off in zebulon and tablet block. nato said it's ours. we move east. the reason us, hey jim, it is so dangerous, is it? the law is the sovereignty of all the countries. the exceptionalism that american uses and its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nato disbanded shareholders in the united states and elsewhere in large arms, companies would lose millions and millions or is business and business is good. and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion. when i was shown, seemed wrong when i was just
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a shape out the same because of the african and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground with more, but i'm just talk about the whole venues. could e rumble out of both the email policy number or somebody will type it up and then just need to know.


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