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are handy, guardian lands, parkway, park, and armenian, and now go no kind of life. they also use the government that to be decided he doesn't have, don't have any information about our medium. hercules, a great deal for you so that that will stay in the 3 day many thanks for joining us here on our tea international as always. plenty more stories to be found on our website. alrighty. dot com ah ah a
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. mm hm. only one main thing is important for naziism, internationally speaking, that is, that nation's allowed to do anything, all the mazda races, and then you have the mind, the nations who are the slaves. americans, brock, obama, and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism. international law exist as long as it serves american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist by turning those russians into this danger is boy man that wants to take over the world. that was a culture strategy. so some golf out of it, on your own, i not leashed off to exhibit in tablet loc. nato said it's ours. we moved east. the reason us, hey jim, it is so dangerous, is it?
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the law is the sovereignty of all the countries. the exceptionalism that america uses in its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nature, what is bad shareholders in united states and elsewhere in large obs companies would lose millions and millions? or is business and business is good and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion. ah, the lord
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i just spoke about the whole danielle cook, e was humble, unable to even have a policy number of our community here. somebody will type it up and then there's need to look, i know most dental things about that. i go to delaney know what you me a blue whistle with the british to e was done. literally says he said we to one us, but he's ready to. yeah, and when was more what it is i what so anyway, give newkirk was a couple things with the same is really you grandma, was there a puerto scholarship, but i didn't know what it source that enough easiest. now will it look at a sure this a bullet filler? wait in the credentials is patel is richer, breathless for the well what this movie did on the sure. yes.
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what. what for the well, we're good on the chair 3. now. the best nicely is much to go quicker, but it was to the community dean to suit as a book assume you but the condition of the little curve of these up as a due to no ma'am. so most just on the board there were some i asked them with blue enough felicity is sit up with well me and you've got us to describe a scholarship with alice is this is rich numbers. okay. are you what are those are some of the bills on august or not, don't pay a lot of done with a trillion chest to both of the lowest i'm interested in get on with with us. they have pretty chill little bit therapy to keep assisting. i've got up there so they don't know the only time we came to them, those can be by now i'm home in which was i'll tell ya and he's a bushel dorsen with delta dental. not sure the deal is,
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i believe we are no up at almo, g, w, e l is we have none of them, right? so we're still, it's just yet to that of neutral sort of radio syndrome lawyer a system you know, but other can you shop machine next you'll get you'll get over to the application to me. a video ship with my for disco, i school and i milk you, which you yeah for the most or it over here at least when you both lawyer for the 1st name only there for the most of the machine. he heard that us, i'm pretty sure i know what to pull them up. still. who does that? i was good. blizzard caught up with you. ok. i've had to install with my found unit stall enough of braithwaite motors. and i know from each little citrix, no blower,
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no, no, good with duca, since that somebody, if you could, the little swim will, is this machine the it to throw those shows that you when you do that is that always if you both know that you seen that you know? nothing. it just alice doesn't, i guess movie be sima. did you know litany of is that subway demolish you at sushi? sadly, seen what? 3 to 3. who would? what do you? and i said, i got a love seat when the machine is a boy. i have to like,
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especially for what am i able to like much less, we had quite got much low. how did we still not be in the homie, the little guy? me is what boys. i live, i live with. i need you lady, whether the quick roskus but lisa just would, i would almost was eaten is neither. somebody did a couple months to stay at a port upon. can i do for sure to go to the ear? basil down services, at least. but it is my immediate will to put more no bill up asked the young and you've been each, they need to take a moment of them because they're like shifting mr. green and shifting listed above the what would you need then? yes. what would you super human with is the current bill. it was more than the lab unusual opinion. my work with them on the mozilla acted meshes and nipple those and yet his him probably never knew so national terrorist. but you would come tomorrow
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we still ah st. now you to limit to what you are for below one is a us does the dealer. but assume give you is because i don't deal it was was lee key to players to you. you know what to what did that just get me is this, did you show that the call is a dog? now she crew, he, mamma, was a tech was republic, give his school and he was his own also that she was in motion with duster, ditching of chivalry with mm
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school. okay. shoot me a quick buzz or consult a was a process for you when i see my uncle was for it is public here, but he'll it is shane. yeah. don't store up now, but tim which so i see where it is here. so w a portal, we'll put that, so we be green skies that i've worked with you. sweetie was more mystic, best buy. yeah. gosh the g a daniel? damn good, thomas. let me know. i learned that i do a good job. give you a bug. why don't you them, you go more, we do with
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it in the past, then let the deal in order that he's not that i'm of course to know about chance to begin with. please get a token and consult about them. but you will get up and you get the will, it was more than a week. is gorda, any resistance, future sla diff school or throw that then you shouldn't have been believe me. well yes you said you anymore. him with that that was frederick. there still been a 1000000 similarly, what you would ordinarily was civil today. nathan with the butcher. they were built though for surely. if you understood wish curb close of 3 bed the new studio you really feed
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ah. the veggie shut down, i showed natural virginia like one sheet miram high school over in you on the other both the in the go to bed the but scribbling at them yet though in the g 11. yeah. rouge good of classroom. was he, is it not say words, minute gray ah, knuckle greens gateway and they come on the wing and you bring elliptical pleasure in yet because we're ready to krinski when us was a she that can you follow chileya and i brought and you but those are leave his chair going, but the near school he spoke just beecher school whiskered, a florida customer through play, shut, cool, glad got a total of gag. no bushland,
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quite alum, a with a committee or not. but then if we could go to filling up your own with you a little lower with
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this one up for you holstein. oh money is it funny? most of us is that right? yeah. well, the whole bridge, elbows yes, for the field with the girl that when we were working with the initial good, typically what to place for level the the full way with us years polls a political issue with virtually
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which it many of which it probably won't do it who will be, if anyone will need to let you know the lesson is over with because to stay with with the only one main thing is important for knox. ism internationally speaking, that is that nations, because that's allowed to do anything, all the mazda races, and then you have the minor nation. so the slave americans, proc obama and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism. international law exists as long as it serves the american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist by turning those russians into this dangerous go. yeah, man,
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that wants to take over the world. that was a conscious strategy. so some golf out of it on noon i english v i n b, i not leashed off to him z about in tablet block. nato said it's ours. we moved east. the reason us had gemini, is so dangerous is it deny the sovereignty of all the countries, the exceptionalism that american uses and its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nato what disbanded shareholders in united states and elsewhere in large obs companies would lose millions and millions or is business and business is good and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion ah,
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with with poverty yet you have to look at yourself what's the just the word abort, horrible ah, ah.
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blue shirt but he had them. lippard, shameka, giovanni reported then, yet sc a bill of up some political bite them. oh no can done that. she least knew dutch is that about the la grange got propaganda. but becky, excuse me, sweet william mc machine as a way to keep them in bassetti, super saldana mc atory got forward, but it was the yet lou bomb, but it's even, you call it the sick, poor nick threes. nick by way, interview but that out. but he commonly picked up on my little fca at that, that will, you will give her each needed glide, ukraine's to way a key note when you, when that or the keyboard, how much a live thing of the proper is up a salary. daughters adelina. oh,
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grandma oh lake is love. i need to give a keyboard. i just need to send you to you in the study key. i need to learn what are the menus to renew duncan ingle, roach. and i was fortunate that there was a chance bmw with a a who tree thing and say, it was a new home with
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water heater to be there in new york ball. you'll, you'll hear a, b as in boy in the same condition yet or not a year, but she just need know if you could issue a domain yet. well, she had to she who sort of beat that, so then you'd because they'd be with them. they wouldn't usually don't do much more . i was in mind that she was sad to hear when you're shopping. you silly ship, but curious for both of the summers and your searches or meet with you. by the way . how could you share recreational property? if you go one year, 2 domains shipple year for a sheet, i'm confused a little, you know how to deal with it. so why did somebody to again, that's what a unique got a feel, man, that when you look what you more community is the claim of more of the financial?
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no, miss plus you bought a home, but i looked in them quickly would have been there. okay. because like you didn't, can you hold a so what are you very news i gave you that i shan't go. and i was not bringing up my store. okay. the cartoon co catera blood. then you're scary island cartoon because upstream and the address for me, an up up a dollar one for the left e can use as a. okay, the chest krinski jolla. uvula. yeah, your us slaton store, i need ship alex with supersonic. they come in and go smoothly. o'connell with come catch me because we were least tiasha wobble from
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critically charged on the wall over see you believe this month really year or do manners for her. so still not an employee. you pay somebody can, we can not bring them all or you would you, rosie from for using him, what will pay for steal from green? i'm calling you prior to when years world war. but here's a will look in the issue piled to charge here receive as of course in us pretty with ah, good as we can then. yes give you did it. but don't mean that if you can give away in my telecom alopecia his keyboard night, there was a well, a mecca go at any dominique as the sweet super cosmetic, with, with us to lead, but global really picky rica. it there still hello, when you was little bit of packing it you have still
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a solution? it's nice to come. stay at the crane still. i sca closure to ship that well. good. you spoke of a need to do to keep those delicious club. brooklyn book does eventually, but just what is it? there were lots of. they're sick when you believe you are nice, then you meet the stay. it isn't that i will if the blood that basic when you put shuttle and my children identical strength cities, ah, which it is, this is, did the nema it then you could you be in a school can under 200? i don't get the last miss. good, when you're doing what i would go back to me because this link with the new solution here in charlotte here on abstinence that that financial. it's one thing to go with my mom williams deal it with dogwood. isn't that interesting
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with what you said? then you get a hold of one of those, or this is showing you good, good music. but when you chose to get out of me, it would be least good. manella. again what he had with the ship is not the ah, somebody maps deal of water the bug you believe will get on your live pieces she middle to read to me as ocean the bill of bullshit. we keep the stomach ah ah ah ah
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ah ah, ah, [000:00:00;00] with
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ah ah, ah! with then you get up with them, but i want yourself to quote me somebody sees way lead couple of a do with on partitioning the sim india from them by say a is keep belichick you deal. it's b e, me eat the good. so because he is my nation,
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so the shook at the wildly about what kinds kill way young. there is a do more ways a bang is that he had full share, kind of do not the prostate people are going a new to the retailers. dubois that on the floor and so, but they tell us the young man that's dealing today, lee lee placed him d i. d t e about she'll say a she teacher. so i see him. yeah. but they have got about the village at the front. if you couldn't quite hear him, so say up to the bud shut, sort of a book shelf . so my wife, i sure will all women, my wife actually laid in this particular way with more than a 1000000 plus more than
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a ah
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ah, in lunacy hunter, russian state full narrative. i've stayed on the northland scheme with within the $50000.00. okay, so mine is 2000 speedy. one else with we will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine. the state aren't russia today, and school or t sputnik. even our video agency, roughly all brand on youtube with u. k. foreign secretary list trust,
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the same person who actually knows very little about foreign policy and geography is called for a global later. i suppose we can file that under rules based ordered. the fact is, the geopolitical order is in columbus. the same order, the west created. ah ukrainian nationalists have broken the seas far as the besieged as of south factory, according to don. yet for public officials as often more than a 100 civilians were transported to safety by the russian military and some of the evacuated state. ukrainian radicals refused to let them leave fittest oliver prescribed us. it was our idea to hid in the bunkers and when we realized the front line is coming, we were all terrified. we tried to leave, but they just didn't let us out. one time they wanted us to dig trenches, the men said that they would not go out to do this because it was dangerous. the pumps via off amazingly,


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