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with with i afford you're going to be better with with the seller that or didn't know, and i'm not sure how that goes along with your mind in addition to not that good
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a terminal to know what it is based on these cuts that hold on to it within your lease professionally with them, but to really bring yeah, you can just get a mortgage. a means no no much the day and you couldn't convenience are suitable you mr. dan, touch good. let's continue on with both a slow. i mean edition,
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could you say what is credible daniel millennials continuity proposed shown movie shows on grammy patrol to luck shop. i'm always on us. i get an uncomfortable whole really my thought a my thoughts whether you see it from my cost outside my and on the thing about when your mileage or a blue it with a blue he did on my dad. now i'm forgetting all my done was to both of us am a bit and he was global. i chose to style the company who would use bristol, but my dad was a young man,
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i need some shampoo go but he'll store a new modem. no with a. 6 done that my new one was like, well the ones that are more good to move on, stay busy, do dust or whatnot. lemming it to life but that they'll still not still had to listen to peanuts and centrally just stick with them before i'm if i do like that guy who doesn't concern that, this'll do up a 2nd. give me a call when you get with
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a call when you try to a national union bullet, the keystone useless do come to the present. you talk with us. i started to cry. now that dawn, jason were in a boudoir to the right person, stay chevy at e. oh, sure longer my apology. i knew that she will not put my mental 0 for i did not mind on it at all, but what the court, but what he said to my dad, i'm due to printed it because i still use to the media, at least that was from my danish story, he's going to corporate up and get reduced. wish utilize renewable premium. got put up in my store. so if they who bought a that so who, but when you chose high comes up, right? yeah, good to people who might done the yeah. you okay. see what i'm looking at. all is confused. here with us. you are you still at the end of the game? you do? you could you go up to 4 to find any,
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you only for you to me. when you have to do that are reported to me to the old you machine. you beat your post with the horrible a bridge or she would get both of them just with your trouble with me. i had to do with when you go to school, when you got over. i'm also brazil, home of not with the resource for you for you. what's the community calling to come over?
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you mean you could tell me was variable control. there was learning a much mr. williams. yes, he up also wanted you for one year with girl. when you, when you also go thursday with, to me, let me thus put you in the lower coordination with the following procedure was new to the people who will it came to all of them before the 3rd party oversight. you great enough, qualified for me, but you still with me about to go to william by hepner to stay in your spot a will get no stone? yes, but there was a few relish dental stella with that. no, it's you study bridget. believe that somebody would only look at what is the legislature so a lot of my name is richard. i was that doesn't work. normally the one you put us be sang and you will get there is like i said, some other to my look mr. chime but the hooker about stickler only if got any
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needle store saw star summer luther bullshit. yeah, shipping door with la literally started in the gland. i leased a ankle store. jerasat ish is still here so he took it if the go what was it? some i know them, but don't like it that the limit that that i'm giving me 9 licensing, so don't think he has seen it really doesn't look less pressure. dora older and other story had parishioner massage no florida book runners. roshan as good. but i just know we're a 100 and i was dear, who no one can be done a whole, it didn't much. it was a pleasure pursuing. it was good chance to look at that. i could have looking at the keyboarding, not
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a bottom my when it was the thing, cuz i still didn't know the good, right. well, not, not well at a see if a quad zip. all new bull is due to europe, wood floors for the ways. and yet me bring me in the page it's, it's just, they're up ordered here today. so my little daughter and i was good seeing an average lansky. good mother. i bought them up to like buy so look about those later than usual number of it. much so much dust of own animal. but thinking about you do wish that anymore. oh such yeah. wow,
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ah what store? maya leslie will not be as confident. i mean was, can did that of because a young to show that he was over there not such. so now on the go, what do you, what don't store on is deal it. sure that those to look at more numbers 3 as opposed to the station or product in the mood that they're working with? my, it would be conflict cuz like one choice, it is continuous like a political speech is
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a lot of everything is complete. he was only upset with with zillow so cheerful lucian, no, with no solution. fresh new, you know, from wonder when you have much to peer show us with you with a new school refill. release the someone up all night with oh,
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hello. yes, yes. so when you, when you loop years ago, at the moment with mushroom, where she knew of the pool with to do that a good. but it's a school to come up with a new stream that you're gonna true through the record
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coming up. i'm a consumer, i would like you better. sure. what the aside yes said, but you do hope at the who had should to this to p, said she like a new getting a kind of, you know, those are pretty much it. we read them in a school actually i would pick up and then have the one with the study to the dentist who is some slipping them of that stuff that we did here. yeah . i knew that the other way or a school with a plan that comes with go
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with who needs to come to the russian state will never be as tight as i'm phoning most landscape div asking him then i can go outside and up with a group in the 55 when okay, so mine is 2000 speedy. when else with we will fan in the european union. the kremlin. ca, yep. machine. the state on crush after day and split our t spoke neck. even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with me only one main thing
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is important for naziism, internationally speaking to that is that nations that's allowed to do anything, all the mazda races, the reason the u. s. head, germany is so dangerous? is it the law, the sovereignty of all the country wars business and business is good, and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion a with,
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with what company and what the you know, before was you going over with or when we feel e or both of our what a port of move us if you union, can you do it for me or you can tell you, i wasn't crazy with any with get a new or the way you know, one of the she just felt pretty well. i got a report from out of thought, i saw him when you want to come up with him when he was anybody who's with us because if you get out of control. yeah. with the go for renew is the last with a don't you go for
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a new the extra won't use them from the bus will keep you to live up with goes to them and then you could afford a social. but when you list late civil chain. yeah. when you see with with the, the ah, ah,
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in with a, with,
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with, with chef morgan, he'd be able to move sorting through all sorts of software. so with that i'm still, we're used to the we need to do is to stand previous one. you were in love with, excuse me today the a she's cause it's a dumb cookie that you can't give an a middle
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with . don't that scare report, but you still get to chance kick, where you were cute. these and your whole to revolve, double still in those that admission of exactly you kick of where they are. well, cranes customer by that said the cabal, a blog post is a full list. look at the literature, putting it on your studios. pretty much. it will last but it i did a supra closer think you slum operation got on the ocean, was there was a bunch of anal. it was late. the one i shall is by we just, it was late, the us new landscape because i list of what we can. it's gardner. boy, it's a super isn't what that is mom. if we're eating the square level, legitimation, gestalt feel. proportion cable. but usually watch the children approach on the it was on the someone deal it double up. i now can i stop? scary, still on stay busy. i'm just home
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. you must, you don't want, you know, so you are about to propose a t mobile. now we should have so, so the number of venue way. hello, a voice. see kid. he thought ok. if the schedule, if warm it still up i have spoken. he's got out of there going to support a port mr. of city of the school bus. they on the have steel ah, ah, wish yourself. what unique them study but it was easy but it does. is that affordable then? yes. couple chance and that was, that is
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a camp cleans got by them. it is up to you. but really quite a fella national gorda with a,
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with your phone that i feel about it as only the mom, nobody met directly. so what i so i gotta get out there a bit though. i know i need a feeling of minions give i'm. i seem like an attitude towards get myself into your mind. give people to fit. yeah. knew my well normally a would you be up and it won't be a risha, a brown woman when outside i know a chip, a metal mine absorb is a senior engine. and i supported by a dryer because laura
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stores in us cuz i'd bump. didn't have no way and now i knew merely by so look at my my mit with. yes it was put up again. wasn't it wasn't a home, a big spike. i nip my. she'll expand back north carry on by killing me. i'd shoot you one year, but i'm not done yet. yeah. let's get there was through the storm new. yeah. but i you order. i'm with
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the mom of we need to do that. i had silly music, but even though money diego would be the media. so kind as to what to be as the why not you so good book and then you know, you bought a bunch of my did my music good music then you know you were you with the way with his music here. stop with fly this annoy a good both dog with a
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not for football. roll it out like what you thought they were willing to work with for different worth but it better than $6.00. she was blue dealer minimal as uni solution. does history. gina got the lou would bill near. so is the and russia is if but well mean, but she you stick with it properly. las no whole young your delicious doctor to come in, but blue somebody's human. is william she does this look do on the heart that if additional lucian, extreme you june sir. no, it should pick him still jealously. well what was she couldn't do so suddenly, but you are poor bala, i suppose. no hurry. why? i'll do just to shoot me an updated or yet there are ceilings. no,
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that was the most that you can use 20 low document work. these are the sheila bundle in which you had a good meeting at the 90 and i'm i'm getting it now. he would not deny to hickory street. you have to go to the man with a love of one day. i bought the only person who ever saw me really form for titled cameras covers of the guys he had seen. you got orders from a seeking little c and previous him previous and saw them both graham of producer, your bill. so does the seriousness of where you look at you put your which will do
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mueller's are you to put your good what your, what their vehicle does was to delay it. a 3rd up on buffalo washes 3 low motors. i'm thought you got did you think are you with today? ah, the 1st time in history, an entire country's culture has been canceled to the very modern weapon cancelled culture. really desert wonderful lucille mala. so thought when william rog yet just me sitting there with the phrase now particularly refers to counseling russian culture yet i'm no secret of fuels because it's convenient. my foot. sure. which
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will be your, that is china will fill out that over the most of the summer, h to london, e des moines. what rushes created over the past 1500 years is now questioned. ashley condemned, reviled and rejected his line and your status of sony. at the mill of bramble, there's a lot closer on a whole bunch. anytime i guess, it'll show all the list. joining total condemnation gross daily and now enclosed does dance gauge to cascade. michelle's the coverage that, that i need to you called left. but yes, it also says that with the w deer, obama lee, you went to that a, who did it with the law ah, yahoo! which understood, unique,
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stable relations with russia porter stable. you great. no. unfortunately, if you regard russia as an enemy with then obviously you need to you great, just completely when they took out that is exactly where their actions are thinking . and again, if i miss you, so this is the point i really did not expect prison building to really make this


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