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[000:00:00;00] i the defense contractors find it hard to hide, they didn't line 7 for profits and that the war in ukraine as the white house order off the order for arms to help kids fight for freedom. for mckee, official from new zealand left us out that meters aggressive policy of ukraine. we're going to make sure that a movie would begin to new zealand to stop us being dragged into this war carry. which is natal? we know what should we know? it doesn't depend democracy and the toys radical website and you praying the left,
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gary prime minister of the all button on the list of enemies of the state for refusing to play boards with width and sanctions. the hello and welcome to our international with broadcasting to you from us to do it in moscow. i'm paula leah, and it's a pleasure to be with you with it. and joe biden is set to visit one of the main us defense contractors responsible for producing the javelin anti tank missile. it's been sent and it's thousands to ukraine. the white house confirmed the news with press there could region saki, even detailing just why the weapon is proving so capable in the war against russia . for those of you who aren't familiar with javelin missiles, there are lightweight, portable shoulder fired anti tank weapon system that can hit targets up to 2.5 miles away. they're highly lethal and we've sent over 5500 javelin anti armor systems to ukraine,
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to support the ukranian peoples fight for freedom. the facility which by them of visit produced $13000.00 javelin missiles last year alone. and while the president expressed gratitude to the arms manufacturer for helping ukraine in its will with russia, the biggest defense contractors in the u. s. have been helping they champagne. coke's to celebrate the huge profits, the conflict is bringing them. yes, ortiz don quota with mal. where there's war, there's big business, looking to profit from the carnage. america's weapons, manufacturers know that better than any one else. take raytheon technologies which saw dollar signs on the horizon, even before russia's military operation in ukraine began. we are seeing, i would say, opportunities for international sales, the tension in eastern europe, the tensions in the south china sea. all of those things are putting pressure on some of the defense spending over there. so i fully expect we're going to see more
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benefit from it at the same time making money from people killing each other doesn't weigh on their conscience one bit. i think again recognizing we are there to defend democracy and the fact is, eventually we will see some benefit in the business over time. everything that's being shipped into ukraine today, of course, is coming out of stockpiles either at the department of defense or from our nato allies. and that's all great news. eventually we'll have to replenish it and we will see a benefit to the business over the next coming years. not only is this endless flow of state of the art weaponry to crane, spurring the weapons industry forward. but the accompanying gap in washington supply is creating that much more of a demand spike. the united states military has probably sent about one 3rd of its javelin, anti tank missiles to ukraine, one 3rd of our supply given to them replenishing us stocks of those weapons would
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require 32 months. some politicians are even calling for president joe biden to invoke the defense production act that would allow washington to make companies prioritize government contracts to refill the country's javelin, and stinger stockpiles and seeing est deals are what the weapons industry relies on . it would mean significant profits for these merchants of death. we have a significant usage rate for the stingers that we're moving over there. javelins also, and we have to not only be able to help the ukrainians, we have to maintain our stock. the cupboard is empty or it will be very, very shortly unless the president invokes the defense production act to provide that demand signal on an expedited basis. no doubt arms corporations are thrilled about the potential for a new military spending. frenzy lobbyists are already working around the clock, pushing for more state contracts to defend the country, so called defense industrial base. after all, raytheon and lockheed martin stock prices skyrocketed the very same day that
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russia's operation began. on top of that, washington is looking to send ukraine, some obsolete personnel carriers from the vietnam war, which would make more room for weapons producers to fill the space left behind with new equipment. looks like weapons manufacturers can count on a lot more profits in the near future. while we can count on a lot more casualties. we have been flooding arms into ukraine. we should be seeking peace, rather than seeking to prolong the, the conflict. there are few ways of becoming wealthier, faster and easier than to start a war and to bleed off profits from of, from more, from the arms industry. tremendous dr. by the, the war industrialists to produce arms and to, to create a level of war,
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hysteria that will produce markets for their, for their arms. meanwhile, the british prime minister barak johnson is expected to announce a further $375000000.00 worth of military support to kids during an historic address. ukraine's parliament later on tuesday, is also expected to encourage the country to keep fighting against russia, calling it ukraine's finest hour. the money is $32.00 kids coffers white. now, the us senate majority also confirm the quick approval of jo biden's request to send $20000000000.00 and military aid to ukraine. at the same time, nation has started its 10 day chosen footprint. military rolls in europe, posted by 15, nato states and allied countries close to russia. 30 countries have seen battle vehicles, warships, the military aircraft, along with thousands of soldiers. as you can see on the map, white to rushes,
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borders form a deputy foreign minister of new zealand met robinson questions how the western military block came. russia and china, all the worlds made aggressive while it's nato that has basses all around the globe . the history of the united states, you don't have to tell people who left in america, but the chelsea, the violence, the intervention of the united states for centuries, the people have been as whaler, the people to cuba, the people who make an hour. and now nato has also got a bass in columbia and the dutch and the british, who still got colonies in those areas have extended night to nato as long, long ago lit its shores. so yes, it's a terrible thing that they're trying to line up against russia. but on the other hand, the great majority of people in the world opposed to what the united states is doing . and i hope that you will, will. we're going to make sure that
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a movement begins in new zealand to stop us being dragged into this war cherry, which is later, we know it's reputation. we know it doesn't defend democracy. but we know also that the russian government saying that they want the de la cation of the ukraine is for all of us. because the growing threat of fascist for nazi throughout the world is a real threat. and the, what russia has done with the spatial operation, it's good, it's a good description of what to do is on behalf of all of us, it's not just for russia, is to wake people up to how aggressive nature lewis, how distracted it is to have to look at libya, its role in both throughout the world and dismemberment of yugoslavia. so rather than burton and the russian government have done us all the favor,
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by so saying to showing nato, we're not going to be bullied. and many people in the will and the majority of countries respect that the fact that we're not going to be bullied by this aggressive, the destructive country. which leads nato. we know the, the game plan as obviously when i'm appealing next to russia. they know all the documents from cannon through to visit and ski to the rand corporation to the not the date of community unit k of 2021, which sets it out to dismember. russia dismember, i'll do that, but also, of course, in our part of the world, we know we're trying to china as well. so yes, it's a terrible thing that they're trying to line up against russia. but on the other hand, the great majority of people in the world also opposed to what the united states is doing with would finance. and i hope that in your limits, we're going to make sure that
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a movement begins in new zealand to stop us being dragged into this war, cherry, which is later. we know it's reputation. we know it doesn't defend democracy, technology, technological, however, nato expansion is back on the cards with both from land and sweden. now reconsidering the neutrality in the face of russia's offensive against the crane. europe is not the only fear of nato's interest. some members like the u. k, are advocating the idea of using the alliances forces to protect, tie one from china. and that's just one of a number of contradictions between nature's assertions and the actions it tapes. as ortiz ego is donald reports. nato says it's many things. south korea and japan are close partners with nate, twist on planning and emitted her presence in the portal. the may 2 is not a threatening intimidating, or aggressive alliance. no, i never, ever, ever,
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ever, ever, ever. minister on tuesday? well, they certainly would like every one to believe this tale. but the inconvenient truth is that the u. s. lead alliance is actually none of the above. when it boils down to the facts case, one, the book is north atlantic. it's in the name, with bases scattered all over the world, including africa and asia. nato is far more global than regional, and it doesn't even try to hide it. some vision to absorb new parts of the world. nato must have a global outlook ready to tackle global threats. we need to preempt threats in the indo pacific. working with allies like japan and australia to ensure that the pacific is protected, we must ensure that democracies like taiwan are able to defend themselves, protect taiwan, potentially accept finland. it seems nothing can satiate nato's appetites. but what about the other clay that the block is purely defensive?
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well, guess how many countries have attacked nato and sparked a defensive response, but how many were defensively bombed back into the stone age by the alliance? ah ah ah
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ah ah, nato truly has a hawkish, shy for sporting threats, thousands of kilometres away, and defending proactively on the turf of other countries and continence as for unity, the alliance may not be that allied off rule. turkeys long being the rebel kid and nato's big family, like when anchor is purchased, rushes as 400 ad defense systems. the move landed in a foul of the blocks till bras. some other member states haven't been to obedient either. it's good that europeans in the united states coordinate, but it's necessary that europeans conduct their own dialogue. we must put together a joint proposal, a joint vision, a new security instability order for europe. i don't think it's justified for germany and nato to become warring parties in ukraine. although we hung gary and gave our consent for this decision. we made our position very clear. that hungry is
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not sending troops to ukraine because we do not want to get involved in this war. nato's top mouthpiece is, have suddenly mastered the art of pulling the wool over people's eyes, talking the talk. there are the most peaceful organization on the planet. walking the walk, you stand a highly likely chance of having your home targeted by nato's missiles. if of course, you live in a resource rich country that doesn't play by the us, lead blocks rules a radical ukrainian website. it's known for naming and shaming those. if dean's enemies of the state has added hungarian prime minister to all but to its list, it cited the fact that he's the only one in the u. refusing to allow the passage of weapons for ukraine through his territory. the website branded, the hungarian politician and anti ukrainian propagandist and an accomplice of russian crimes. also,
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the secretary of ukraine's national security and defense council came hungry was informed of the russian attack in advance, and once to take a part of ukraine's territory. the move provoked an angry response from the deputy chamber of russia, security council dmitri midvale of this rate soon enough, right in european capitals, ukrainian, nazis will personally deal with any inconvenient superiors and will separate the lambs from the goats. they will decide who to exclude from the happy ranks of ukraine lovers tomorrow. so the presidents and prime ministers of france, germany, italy, and others, but where you are now under their suspicion senior research fellow at the global policy institute, george merely believes that the e u is seeking ways to punish hungary for opens desire to maintain good relations with russia owner is big or as distinguish them, so from europeans and from many countries in the west. well declaring that this
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fight between your brain on russia hunger is fight. i mean, whole battle ready cause problems always played with the european union. i mean, the european union is not bringing action against to the fuse of any funding has been trying to be more ways to punish or, but it's very important for hunger is national interest. that it may say good relation, russia, but obviously security reasons, but not bubble for energy and hungry. getting all of its energy from pretty much, you know, 100 percent of its energy comes from russia or balance st relations with russia since moscow launched its war against ukraine. much of the world has turned its back, not just from russia itself, but on its culture to a new documentary and it he examines how the x has fallen on such a rich
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a stream of russian life. ah, the 1st time in history, the entire country's culture has been cancelled with a very modern weapon. cancel culture. really desert one, the global sheffield mala so little in william frog kit, just me sitting. i wanna even put the clue. the phrase now particularly refers to counseling russian culture. what russia's created over the past 1500 years is now questioned, harshly, condemned, reviled, and rejected. to sit in line and use that to put something in the will of brown. there's a lot closer. don't a whole bunch any time. thank you said a little small the list. joining total condemnation grows daily and now enclosed da staff skate chikavsky and chelsea coverage. laura
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a who did with and you can see that documentary in full in a few hours time. and i'll channel or head online to our tea to come to watch it there. you know, must attempt at a hostile takeover of twitter is literally reducing people to tears. the social media giant censorship queen both dahlgren discussion of musk attempted purchase, fearing that his acts will immediately fall on her job artes caleb mauppin. expose what other challenges the billionaire is encountering as he also faces a battle against what some perceived as whitehouse propaganda. the billionaire has just acquired ownership of twitter caused explosions in the minds of liberals on thursday. he argued that the democratic party has moved too far to the left. i strongly supported obama for president, but today's democratic party has been hijacked by extremists. these words are just
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too much for some to handle. it's now 100 percent clear. that mosque is part of the g o p propaganda apparatus. he's the rupert murdoch of social media. i don't know who are what's been brainwashing you, but wake up and think for yourself. given his new purchase. this is an ominous tweet by a de la musk and a poorly informed 1. 1 of our major political parties has become a white grievance party that is set to renew, emanate, an authoritarian pro food and demagogue, who tried to stage a coup. it's not the democrats, mom, followed up with me, showing the united states drifting further leftward. this was also unappreciated by many mosque, has big plans for twitter, and he wants to make it a maximum fun platform lifting restrictions on free speech. he also wants to open up the black box and show the public, the algorithms was being promoted and what's being suppressed. all of that is a pretty big shake up in the social media world. some of the responses got interesting. were foxes,
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real power came in is that they were actually able to work newsrooms and i think you are mosque really saw twitter as the best vehicle to do that. even if eli must does nothing. the one thing we do know is that twitter as a vehicle for actually being one of the vanguard of addressing threats is no longer in place with moscow planning to cut jobs and executive pay. as part of his take over, it looks like the censorship czar. twitter who makes $17000000.00 per year could get canned, many recall how bad victoria good day looked on joe rogan's podcast, defending what sounded a lot like a partisan political agenda. your platform restricts speech, our platform, promote speech in a specific direction in any direction. the guy who calls for death gets a suspension. the guy who insinuates that gets a permanent ban. but tell your, your misinterpreting what i'm saying. the tesla billionaire seems to be the latest contender throwing his hat into the ring against the american political
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establishment and its political correctness. we should expect many punches to land in the coming weeks. caleb martin, r t. new york. the indian prime minister. no rain for moody is on a working trip to europe right now. it's his 1st visit to western countries since the start of the war ukraine. and comes against a background of ongoing diplomatic in fighting and pressure when you're ready to join the sanctions regime against russia. auto local correspondent has more. well, it is the 2nd day of ramen's turner in the more these 2 are in europe. this is his 1st international visit. this jo, yesterday he was in berlin meeting german chancellor off shows the result of which was by natural agreement to set up a green hydrogen task force. brands to more these visit saw demonstrations
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both for and against india. well, one of the key issues of the visit is the concern about the situation in ukraine. in fact, from some more the has called for peace in ukraine. you couldn't hear some good at the start of the wall. we immediately called for a cease fire, and maria theresa, that dialogue is the only way to find a solution that we know when is at the end of this wall. everyone will suffer losses. that's why we want peace. and the price is a sky rocketing food shortages, the spreading his, affecting every family in the world after germany. the next call for his tour is denmark for the 2nd indoor, not dick summit, where he been meet. graham ministers of denmark for lin, sweden, normie, and iceland. and the last spot for his trip is going to be at least
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ballast where he will meet president emmanuel macro on after his recent re election. it is the 1st for the indian grand minister this year coming against the bag out of war in the heart of europe. like the rest of the western countries. india has also been buying fuel from russia, even as the rest has been trying very hard to extract condemnation from india against russia. but what we know so far is that india has stayed neutral and has refused to condemn russia and has refused to take any dictation from the rest on its policy on russia and ukraine. one of the reasons is quite clear that india, like the rest of the western world,
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is low to the attractive discount did boy prices from russia. apart from the fact that india shares a historical partnership with russia, it is also one of the biggest buyers off russian arms and been moving now to armenia, where more than $200.00 people have been arrested after thousands took to the capital streets for a 2nd day. of antique government demonstrations. one report claimed 244 people who failed to comply with police demands were detained. the testers are furious about concessions they believe, are planned by the prime minister to neighboring as the begun of ownership of the long disputed region of no go, no color back in the south. caucasus activists blocked dozens of streets in the centre of 11 companies to move in with force. they claim the current government has failed to protect the cultural identity of menia as well as its people. oh, the current,
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the current government for more media has been compromised. of food to war, they have no power to negotiate thought. so i think there should be a new power in their position to negotiate for also prime minister and the government doesn't care about our nation. our people, what we wait for, we wait for, as i already told beforehand, a resignation of negro pushing on and the resignation of the parliament so that the new parliament will be and the new will leader who will be able to rule the country to protect the country and to protect our soldiers for oxy purchase were pretty active to the point. the armenians police forces felt the need to anxiously gather all of its forces in the capital, including from the outskirts and other regions. if the pressure on the place which today is the only support of the government keeps growing, they will not endure. a local journalist who was in the thick of the events earlier sent us this report ago with charging her
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watch from her floor. sieboldt is far too. yeah. pardon me? certainly. gold pershing young dog. ne. long during regular fare. so have you know for anything. 1 with government beforehand in for a part and i me and, and now go no car life. they also with the 5000 have don't have any information about our medium all day a freight bill for the use of freight does that who will stay in the 3 fall? well that's it for me in the news team here must go head to our website at r t dot com for live updates. thanks so much for joining us.
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a what we got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race group is on often very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with nelson as well. wow. do easy. while finance says a yeah. oh you said one slide. yes.
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south. yeah. rational a south with a new dock. awesome for years now, which done for me that i'll pull up my pizza is emma? yeah. full body of some. she'll have the skills room should thought for the why fi ela? a yes, my thought or jane in that again, do you watch any of my be a lot about this morning after search financially who i understood that you need to stay with
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russia. porter stable. you know, unfortunately, if you regard russia as an enemy for the next 100 years, then obviously you do you great. but just completely when they talk about is exactly where their actions are thinking. and again, if i may say so doesn't look like why really did not expect prison zelinski to really make this kind of mistake. ah ah
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ah ah. with cuckoo and you use you move it. i knew you say it's getting late so that the way yeah, come on with


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