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ah with cooling you use the most cool cause i knew you say it's getting late so that way. yeah. come on in a contract with i said
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you purchased a new cook with them. okay. and then it was, i was just like i said, you know, you a, you know, it's not a pushy. i mean with him pushy, i get some pushing because i need to stay with me and say, i still don't know, but he will have a look here. so if you think you should get a a a
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good, your brains are glossy. where were you? mr. graham's, i mean, when i was just following the, when you bring in some lawyers, so greg julie canoe, graham, it, what sister would believe you are to ship it on was not bringing what? no more level gradings of you are. you was this williams, you postal for this, for the last surgery covered as an additional dog order. new by michelle ish. night here on of collecting. you know, she children bus picked up a boshamp small the go eat. so call was to change who have thought, so i me about she here. then he's come up with that. he's public it. but in the sub lyla, when you tell me gotta go get the most critical. i don't know my glove, which is that a port, a potty, no green was puzzle, was eating sessions the would senior mr. toaster reach you now, but
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a lot less. she is a wedge by someone coming in that are going to play a little to leslie weighs car or about say, keyboard golf, but priest more than what you cough easily. carmax krinski felt that if muley chest scalia of then yes, come alberto a little that you will both because the by my day and there because my child by thought shed in the other scott gave me a new one, was in his mind. and he will replace he like upset machine that those people can use my union. another boy, you know, if it was too, but you know, i can go to that was to renew it and so forth and was approaching as a see of the money. and what we can do much similar, they have the most natural that look for them with a good look, with a little bit more than one, which is not a problem. yep. what know,
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minimize the phone with north dakota a you on this one and then we'll use to go there you go from do you should do it the way of food, a shoe grain you on the more multiple company we have to show it was new to me, i knew i knew the sure no worries, but yeah with with there's been, you know, like what that all got done got by. that's the way with just one year ago, we knew anybody that we're way in the professional book or i'm just not just on the
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status of william the social worker experiment with them. but i feel like machine either pushing fine with napoleon or go get a a white glove. so what i was wanted to do with the weather if there was like, i mean with warner galena supporting a possible i need to similarly, so usually a single, sorry, i'm a guy and with that but even equal and will. but you need a clue unless you need or we need to call to who i wanted to. let me know. like when we always just a little holding it was clickable. i need to know what actually specifically with it, but that is finance closet shem. shem, with
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a little, you know, come over the store was more than i ordered a cleaner. it was a storm. most of the go out. it was used to play with it. but pro boys what are the conflict? so we stick gov autumn perfecto because i was so sim, number 3 in the snow was a lot of ways cost a port we we used here. let's use noise ceiling absolute yes. moving a lot out. a bottle door concert or just for the or story in whatever i was just a close coin now going to stick to the airport for then yes, it is just for any media because it will it a chance some of them busters to the media? a question e last been so much, right?
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i should look very honest. hm. i mean, you could do a, a, a,
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a guy doors company deal with a deal. we apologize. what's deadly? you know, i mean i was just, so i actually thought with
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the pressure issues of them are more if i have an issue with a short term wisconsin castillo, but i could be just going to pick them up. i used to prove to you which of police you used to play a stylish new procedure to give them all in the middle. so let the bush not talk to shoe worrying by your from cuz he was putting up with a political question by your own name or him. what do you mind as to what i do with pro prototype? i'd the principal knows to sit on as a through your so as you know, we do a more stable spec should make a quick, a quick gift. but you know, she needs a
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ah, a low floor with a pool leaf dancer. what? come on, you know, my daughter, bianca frederick actually there, and let's see for a couple of little, no, you're not my wife did it in all those of jura, done yet. i believe it does really sure on what she was gonna let you do with it, but she did it, did it show, do more of a what was really good up. so daughter she has williams that she should they did those problems crimson. do you see the image there will do it with the to go to actually, boy, she's a get spits. not when you put so she's
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a new school is still playing actually. so will ship what the got it, what we'll need to do, please. it's me to come what she'll get them done. probably it's a little treat actually actually don't tell you what we need to get done with school with it, but it's good period. so that bill gates ah, ah, hell look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such short or is it conflict with the 1st law? show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence and the point obviously is to race trust or rather than share ah,
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with on various jobs with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with ah ah
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ah ah ah, not another while you, while div easy, while furnace? ah. young boy unit 6. 1 slide. yes. south. yeah. thrashing south with the new dock garza boys in norwich. done the for me at that a bull up i'd beat them. is emma? yeah, pulls video from sheila kim's room should sort video the why fi ela? a bill? yes, my thought or janine did it again. do you watch anybody out?
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a lot of all this just financial ah 2 ah nice to come to russian state full. never. i've does, i'm phoning aust lampkin davis with within the sissy babel, disability o'reilly's bible speedy when else calls with we will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine. the state aren't russia to date and c r t spoke next. even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube, with
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a few issues with with, with a gear store and you can afford it so that, you know, when you see with
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a sheet of jeremy mom, a not sure what a change is to go at it a go to get it to move. move them in. now it's good. most most could be who are that? i'm finished with boucher, a sick daughter. doris. well anything about to lose or shot us on pieces? you know, with that when i was similar, we didn't sort of chiller, you got this number, but those mother and early school with
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news news ukraine's got me as
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zealous sheila no voice that i mean i'll donate school. i don't port on your will be 2 or 3 more. there is just sort of like a coordinate. i'm choosing us. can you push the walk? clean up v laptops, toys, car fix to get to the airport. so she was with her mom had a puerto system lee, what was on the school cream at the thank you to leave the the session by for the quarter. so then you could use your book. we need you to paul chin. yeah. i think he's chastity to put it is more than yeah, it's keith, as di gabriel died. that the worst of the small was cuz i still with
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a, [000:00:00;00]
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with a rule
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with deep pro real dongle. green like a which allows you to sort of been here on the, on the see who you are mortal because that out of a some of you will if not actually legitimately ship it enough to go
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a school from cooper you've or about your mother. i'm, you can go grants before the commercial vehicle is blu ray and leave. this will continue. according to the bathroom, is a plea of willie any stick for your son? he is still a young lady. we are lit up stealing ben. yes. with no you was there. yes. i gave you my she took it home with one of those on monday, which is just your brother walter additional bill. it was
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done monthly dwight with us here in virginia. we can get your so food that'll miss the previous leave across the vocal, and you can come straight to mr. mood meal super somehow pull them, you could have, i need them to publish when the machine they it supposed to be sure you put them bruises the whole going to come over. what's my 3 a do it for me? is me national, can use our own notion. would you renew on bottle? no green is gone. the process to get away. am stations president, i'm if i'm store no with here with on 5th the charity level issue with the but i'm gonna go with i'm 6 to rid of this to kind of subject with a conditional. our only option would be really near was i'm sure that we will talk
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to back more important to people initiatives just for tim we're, i'm from b as a dental dental and are america. thank you. the night school had a border. the motion is now while a keyboard. ha, my put you on the nest mustard. even a bit of muslim. you ma'am? i me was what? most soon he was sure, hopefully within the mile, pretty good of the pool, but a shameka smoke skiing if they are a sneak. oh, because that it got a bill with you sir, or bill of out of pocket on the over. i'm good with the keyboarding of e mail, tom. no patel 2nd. the ultimate septic crow caputo below it may have wilcox but it actually the studio, but it was really which is just not what the group we kind of like more tv. it's not what we've been on top of, you know, cut her, she did the tree jewel. it's wanted to show up as a pos ada code. would you? so you already, she can each but can you compile crane?
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she more carson will feel as options how you want to set their stores to run the going out. let's quickly dierdre by u. d t. the nano puerto condo or retailer compressor at the boot the quick, but at least the most or finance cor was a conscious store. what would you like to fiddle here? will be root planes. q. s guy still 40? when he's killing, ask a bless you been say to pick of order luba. grima postal studies flip a brief kid, ashton, my white. no. perfecto. gonzalez store. why not? probably say sure, assimilate and ugly sedation. eluded pathology. i was returning your phone call. i don't like hearing on them, you know, get more than, you know, the key is to give them
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a while. i was just as funny and yet was the volume g at that as mean? yeah, i what does it say? thought because he had, i didn't the we had us use my day and you must or new radio like this would read those at the board. tell us what they would do enough near amazingly ah, ah ah
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ah ah ah ah ah, the 1st time in history, an entire country's culture has been cancelled. the very modern weapon cancel culture. nearly desert. wonderful. i was just a little boy. when will you get just me sitting there with the phrase now particularly refers to counseling russian culture yet them know what to clear up. a few orders that i give to william. i was hooked. sure. which will be all there is
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chill. i think we fill out that the most of them are separate, random eat them, we what rushes created over the past 1500 years. there's no question, partially condemned, reviled and rejected to sort of like when you started to put somebody at the middle of bramble, there's a lot closer on a whole bunch. thank you said a little short list. joining total condemnation, gross daily, and now includes dostoevsky to cascade and shostakovich that i need to you must. but yes, she says that what the time will you do? obama lee, you're not going to do that a little more. ah,
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what he's got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy. even foundation, let it be in arms. race is on often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk ah young. if you need to stay with russia. porter stable, you know, unfortunately if you are sure a, then obviously you need to grade a is exactly where they're actually like taking this. and again, a really did not expect resiliency to really make this kind of
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a a defense contractors find it hard to hide. they didn't lice have a saw in profits and that the war in ukraine as the white house in order to order for arms to help kids fight for freedom. for mckee, official from new zealand, less out at nato's aggressive policy of army ukraine. we're going to make sure to move, begin to new zealand to stop us being dragged into this war, cherry, which is later, we know it's reputation. we know it doesn't depend democracy and the tory us radical website and ukraine flexion, gary and prime minister, victor all. but on


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