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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, ah mendoza would whistle this loud ja finsen yet took it just as david naming a boy yet this bowlman volney eunice again. he out. why don't given us the thought i got it and not be such a did not say ye 3 not such by his thought a political fall, but also on you. if you log onto the sandwich nor the land,
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you better will, must cosca for the boogie to school instead thought the you know, suddenly he has a golf on guess. goof up, we'll get the minute teresa. the up bill mobile. you're so i'm not sure you might have to sort of treat your buck at the bill in a lot. this could show us just buckingham. it's got them. manson as well. yeah. wow . div easy while for this us, what does adf is says? ah, i sell a steel nest these u c v you yes at what they should should use for for chicken dorothy? oh, shoot to measure that. got to work,
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but we need to still with dish that she the stuff like asked i said we're in the bathroom. must jesus family, listen what my mother in law. he says no surprise i money all those every what they said there was a last night . he's metal, we just need to do what you feel like was this week?
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you sure you was. i forgot this is a boy. me the stuff you're doing well. you know what does it really the bunny she cannot, i should be in the hospital. it was more than a couple different but it was, you know, for me just feel sky or but the i sued but it was really should still be as close mr. right in the so the blue sky really got quite a yet are stuck there of a watch and see he's easy, closer easily but only show
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show book a slow of your vision. when you submit team with nick, but you being here with me and they need to do to for my think it was all get them, but i need those were the lead hatch or chits m. she'll need with you. can you cooking for them to you at the thought that them got good, that them with that you got going with them? see, but i'm glad to get them to him. is my chief skip that we so i mean that what, when your mom was gonna ship the crew cough which coarsely of my youth expo, which is what the coil is. and i should back with that with that that i want to let dorshek with that please. yeah, it is at the at, at the it, but we just got and i woke up with them, but i didn't know what the e. yep,
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we'll go in and get them to our new book yet. young glasgow van, your seat, you in what that what julia, that family you buy cheap some way more than to why chicky is to provide you with the whole thing. keep that quite see thought you could. if you could see at that the attention that place, yes, the storage coupon released the door chip cook. so maybe she is useless bills. you'd be suicide. that would be somebody's good. don't go with the law. she see where you may use in this log with water boom . go to work with kids was born a was thought. but all for a new issue or sheet my safe to my shot to get that one is the result or
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b a. you brought kids of the whole they use this is luke with doors name is all i should do. got the i can show you a couple boxes that you love to do with my mother, which was even if she would be some specialist nobody ever voice. chip stoker window open. you piece of work to me. why don't you go to the liking to see him briefly? she is the me
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on the games plan is that you like your night off authority is reveal, hey, europe or martha products and more were market dollar deal or cost air cities. i'm with quicker or dictionary narrow bill discriminative must be thrown in her mouth to nicholas pneumonia towards that are both a new mobile cluster shut. you said buffy bacon only cooper. then she'll finish an effective way. most miss my 3rd. she been gone. poina does ship center wallace to dispose her brother who has been awhile clinical, one or creepy bobby. i knew from that he had been marked more clear on you my go,
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baki should be ready. you put know men your bed bed. you get a part of it? yes, i think that i our company for the either or my opinion, but one with hope of ya mutual than you, my usa. thank them. my. on my thought a boy j. your dagma. he is still or changing. that is sneaky eager to death. he accuses ye neg maria longing. he thought such it to your previous store is the hot besides, but i read ye was the sky. you proud with the doors on my shoulders. so the ye, in milan, these cool music, if you su middle, don't choose this mode, some more cheese or somebody american alone in more more? or is it all mean? yes, we're yes, g e b, a yog ah, what's nemo? it is that in that piece and mr should resold is loud, says you're it not said you easy,
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a sort of to thought the ball couldn't use could. aligns great grandpa. so beth yes, mr. york. small watching. indeed again, do you watch anybody up my bill at about june mirrors dynamic that you're not the bless arrives, are you the maybe you show more number than that? yeah. let me get the day what do i mean? yeah. it's right. yeah. what you must do. do you know what, what the so my social talk at dory, i knew it's freshly by you know i had done the jewish review last normally up the know he's a really love i you what you been there?
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you more with the pretty nice, pretty the like when you get my you sure through but i mean to you that here more by your i you know your sheets like ah, it was in your life. yes. so the ration of ah rule, but i will run over here. you know, if you're my mind what, but when you attempt to mama
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i love my daughter the or you go yeah yes. you you are not and there's him is and i am still yes. it'll be interesting. it's yes, so to speak about it go, but i'd still genius grove, but in oregon, where you can't do with golf. no. 3 deal up the scale, your story, coff, bumblebee. and i don't get the coal pasquals get the new dock. awesome. but it's now watch and was so loud neither baba's cuz the thumbs cuz nothing
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that nobody gus melody's got about. yeah, bob. bob was gallo the short slip news. yeah. maley, delaware. ah, so i i i a ah ah
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ah ah philip i never stole green. scott autumn: yeah. who display what kind of board missed this deal with bridget, but huge would show them what their vehicle does was to like if a fed up with came pushy, i get some pushy. they used to sell a boy. if somebody senior wayne lead today due to them by saying
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oh ah with oh, why do we get this felicity? this issue for me of the vision?
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ah lot all my talk good morning. if i miss the call, you're going to go up all ok. schema was what we call the go like in the news metal music about the you'll,
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you'll is just to barrak of the yes. yeah . when the money to get to a total know threads, you know what the, what is the suddenly munich you see me and i'm speaking with the in the saw the mid done the menu ready. i mean you, when you sit, you may be of the commission. look at the moment on figure this. lee miller is. yes . new bill august. net. no. the seller still says the names they never got a young crossjay because of white star. so it's going to let them just heat that as a new bullshit, but it will cause it zed ah, with
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a guy in a ship. it could be pretty soon now. yeah, we could pretty soon oh morgan wren. rewrite a question for record. thank you know, slumber a gave a deep breath lesson sean spoke of stylus feel. so have you.
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ah me again. that's with thing as they out machine civil, but i'm in that id that it almost. she's now no problem with them . i just changed it both with notion of kinda yes, a yeah. i'm with you mission. i'm the social but what i'm going to admit, i, i'm would you put an effective is a long message that the guy will start with the yellow, but it's been changed. it storm sick in building it at the thought she in that name amelia. sup,
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along with his age and not as the with the dead to you my income, but i to put them both at work, but i didn't know what time cyrus bullshit and i to let the rational nuisance to you. i took it back to america with us. yes. from left to what that, that stuff with? no, and i've never been there. fetch medical, 3 voucher. yena. this is cindy. i believe you as well. yeah. to look at him young. a unit on with, with the show me if it would be an issue with wavy, if the 3rd option interruption,
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morgan soft natur. ah, we see a little easier to deal with them. a glock, be sure. more do i need not please describe what is your last, why you shouldn't we're just going to promise love that you. sonya levine got it. they miss phenomenal, dulles agency. pseudo utica got their chair. what did you get? thought it might be up there. bluff script of believe what, what they to what does that you get boil treated like i yeah. mom i sure. yeah i'm with i'm more in the was mr. sam. we must make too much a bunch of liberal as if you see it on the music. julia's navarro defeated doria premium and the good number to get caught up with me at of missed the senior group of toys. stomach boom, yet annabelle upright become
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a dissimilar bully video from chil, any skin zulema, morgan. they of course just honestly, morgan disco christie? is this a bullet made in the resolution of my dealer? she thought that he says that the rock sheila redo them, could wasn't a see at the door. they didn't see me. what's going on with my dad got to see business. congenial was all this could be a night in the garage. e. trish you a little while you're in the exit. michel crime. yes. just really chill over it. yeah sure. jesus on your most bottom lay a bill put along gave common get absorb threats and robber sharma. water out wash, hold audrea, and after my teacher, skin nymph bill, nothing else out me die. no for time. the giovanni, nope,
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is from whole was ideas dark or chilly. those now was thought that you call is i can't was but as long as new b m m as follows in a flanger. but he thumb are as follows on it back thorn ye mo, charge tobin ye is nayoka then accorded site your volume. it gave it so, but thrown off. men, autumn e are those and thus below youth eat faxed on merger, began you beaten church with barry or better? but here some to paragraph my mail to up the hoyt austria seemingly out 3 of these go your gordon yanine. you'd as creeper the other, you're pretty classical about a teen morgan, the algebra, new hell, butch, and his night that yesterday's chip set on missed that they gave it stop by the throne of me, north of seth. and here it is. of course to new york. no oh, what are you,
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what i need to what it is you should see where you can slow getting equity. not let me convert. it's fairly substantial to me. i just pretty much turn them in. i have them really what i to do to you session 1000000. good me i am sure. on the ball amolla core. inversely, shelley cochran, it could charlie stock will conditional trust. ah, sure. your missoula the store? sure. to keep pretty much, ah, yes, not a store organized is a lot or is sure it was when you read use ship, your mom a mom with them issue. i've no nitrogen could cello, bob,
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a couple of them was national nationalist. ah, your time in interest? because those are not sure why it was pretty, she didn't use it because i wish they'd like it because i'm new to the don't way like it. like if you feel scared, she and they have but it's, it's good through my i will spit thoughts and let them know. we like it, the cog, what can you look at dora units suddenly, pies, e, see lots of you go. so last, what machine you study a lot to you. there are some of you know the can you sell a piano, a problem? gum you of julia. i probably need to get a little school. it is but we've got the appro delete. so let me see stuff on the mortgage just wanted some more to put
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a pro does not see stuff you could just in the federal level when the machine will narrow assault. just use me, shut the premier, suarez to costco. so that is what the you on the and you put, you know, my done, you usually see him bullet that easier. i would say that was from the voice. she could, you could even though it's not so consume, will you what could that you must, you don't want to bite. somebody done. no push. you want when you, when you meet should what is it getting up when you might a ship warner, a thought was worth studying yet 70 years old and the u. g. secret from crazed. can you not? so the guy that was the she shad 7 years also at the roster floss talk to his grasp again. gibbet, latham civics, available shortly after 330 about eastern the gave us
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a schedule. a sheet that you were open at was pushed. not warmer nozzle rogue, i apologize. they're not tested by by your master a neil apiece, could you? yea, by chance i'll be at the court. they boxed or be named to nas and i was talking about b crossville. yamil. spellbound. regina or tom soap is up and now you are open. americans different so say under chinese ability names or talk about the biggest or body my off with one you were told in the condition when you are disappointed much because nobody knows when my mother is boring. ah
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ah ah ah ah ah, the 1st time in history, an entire country's culture has been canceled to the very modern weapon cancel, culture, daily desert, lucille malice, who thought in one way of fraud? yeah, just me sitting there with the phrase now, particularly refers to counseling russian culture in yet them know what she grew up
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of. see what was the zip code when you miles for cure, which will be your there is chill. i mean, we fill out that the damage to the temperature random eat them, we what rushes created over the past 1500 years. there's no question. partially condemned, reviled and reject it. to sort of like a symbol of bramble. there's a lot closer on a whole bunch. thank you said a little short list. joining total condemnation grows daily and now enclosed dostoevsky, to cascade and shostakovich that i need to you all the pool left. but yes, you will see that what the time will you do? obama lee, you're welcome to that
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a little bit more. ah . so what he's got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation. let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult. time time to sit down and talk. ah ah, young board members do need stay with russia porter stable. you know, unfortunately, if you regard russia as an enemy with then obviously you need to you great, but just completely and that is exactly where they're actually not taking this. and again, if i miss you,
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so it doesn't look like why and really did not expect brzezinski to really make this kind of state. mm ah, russia reportedly resumes it so offensive on marty. you pulls out self style. steel plot bounce out. ukrainian forces are accused of breaking the ceasefire earlier, putting in place to evacuate civilians with vladimir putin lines new tit for tat economic measures in response to western sanctions against russia. the list cutting, clued up on raw materials export and in the program, the hungarian foreign minister slums. what he describes us on,


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