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tv   News  RT  May 4, 2022 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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the the local authorities report multiple casualties, ukrainian forces continue to show several cities in the done. yes, republicans, including the regions capital on oil, death is still on fire. their p e u commission proposes that total bond on russian oil by the end of this year. as part of a new rhonda functions, but some block members of express grave concerns fighting dependent on the energy supply. indian prime minister and remote is said to talk sort of french co departure money all micro parts of his european diplomatic tours. the trip toughening this flight, ongoing western pressure, all new delhi to changes from neutral ukraine.
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the wherever you're catching that program from today. welcome to moscow into the global news roundup on archie. my name's one person has been killed and 10 more injured after an oil demco in the done yet republic. city of makia camp was in gulf by fire this morning. local authorities say this site was shelled by ukrainian forces for oil tanks caught fire as a result of the strike efforts to tackle the flames. are still on the way. she said he oh yes, no, but tie in the done yes. for public also social, leaving one person dead and 5 injured local officials, same ukrainian forces launched 15 missiles in the area and in the capital done yet 7 people were injured after ukrainian artillery. shelling happened according to the
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local authorities and the un has said on a vacuum ration of civilians from the assault style plant. semarino, which has been at the epicenter of fighting in the city, has been successful in states over $100.00 civilians have left the factory. moscow claim militants in the plant had attempted to use the see far to regroup, but were prevented from doing so by russian proportions. the russian defense minister also confirmed the situation in the city is now under control. so this is per junior homo in accordance to the order of the commander in chief, the remaining militants and the hours of stall industrial plant are firmly blocked in along the entire perimeter of the territory. several offers made to the nationalists to release civilians and lay down their weapons along with guarantees of safety and dignified treatment. in accordance with international law,
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were ignored. would continue our attempts to persuade them peaceful life is being restored in the territories of the denounced can logan's republics and ukraine freed from the nationalists. this includes mur, you pull the largest industrial and transport center and the as of c, which is now under control of the russian army. the united states and their nato allies continue to poor weapons and to ukraine. we know that any ne to transport arriving in the country and carrying arms or supplies for the craning, armed forces will be considered a legitimate target. you ah, the e u commission. as for pose than orland bar, go on, rush as part of a 6 round of sanctions over the conflict in ukraine. brussels is eyeing up a total bomb, non russian oil imports by the end of this year. well, let's discuss the latest now with our correspondent rahman crosstrek. few developments from on to that. keep on top of here. the 1st thing i always ask in such situations,
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what's the support level here is the unanimous support across the block to such a move? well, if we, if you heard anything about the answer russia sanctions recently you are probably a loft as not as many people are. but in this case, the 6 round of sanctions. at this point, the european union's friends are presented like the having a, a united front if you will. but said this point to, i gotta tell you is far from unity in europe. it's true that the european commission president, the ursula of on their line, she had outlined in the proposed use sanctions. and indeed there are including a ban on impulse imports or for all of russian oil until the end of this year. mind you are only hearing sanctions against russian oil so far. i haven't heard anything about, well, haven't heard any talk about restrictions on russian gas. so in this case, it looks was somewhat hypocritical, if you will,
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because there are certain countries that are relying on russian gas in majority. they're willing to risk the economies of other countries that are relying on russian oil in this case in this case. in particular, how we're talking about hungary and slovakia because it will be very economies that will be thrown on those of us. hungary energy supply cannot be endangered because no one can expect us to allow the price of the war in ukraine to be paid by hungarians. it is currently physically impossible for hungary and its economy to function without russian oil. if it comes to an approved embargo of rush and oil is part of a sad package of sanctions against russia, then slovakia will request an exemption. so clearly here we see a european giant against minnows of the european union if you will. now, another problem that some european union members see here with the potential
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embargo on russian oil is that, well, at the moment. so there is no clear plan of the support for those countries that will be primarily affected by the ban on russian oil. and now that's it, regardless of their relationship for to russia. for example, check republic who have continuously voice support for the opposition of rushes, special operation in ukraine where they are also slamming this proposal for a while for not having any clear cut burden sharing plans. now, so that's the european commission president. ursula want their line wash insisted that the blocks members simply have to do it. or can we just turn back to what we were seeing in those graphics? earlier we saw from from hungry we saw from slovakia pretty stringently against
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what's being proposed here. why? well let's take a look at the economies of those the countries hungry and slovakia. like you just mentioned, budapest, well they rely on russia for at least 58 percent of their oil. if you take a little brought this lava in slovakia, well they are relying for russian oil for a warping 96 percent of their economy. now for them, the european union is proposing a well, a longer transition period before they can substitute their needs for russia natural resources. however, this proposal that we're looking at so it doesn't take into consideration the fact that it might take these countries. we'll talk about hunger in slovakia right now. well at least several years to adapt their infrastructure to alternative sources of energy. and so naturally, as they're saying right now, then there would need some sort of a guarantee from the big european union,
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a guarantee which is doesn't look to be on the courts at the moment. yet what we're year repeatedly here. among, in such situations, the brussels comes out with something unsafe, they've got the support. other countries say, no, that's not right. but who, who wins in the way the structure is set up here? can those who oppose the proposals use their veto power in such a situation? well, at the moment, the way the european union is set up for foreign policy or any global decision making within the european union is well usually in supposed to be a unanimous affair. in other words, if one member states is against the globe, no changed than the decision would simply not pass. however, at this moment, during the thoughts of discussions right now, there are already attempts to cancel this. if you call the basic and foundation rule of the european union and change it to
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a simple majority to decision and well that will go against the entire system against what european union stands for. but also better if we must go beyond the principle of unanimity, which gives rise to an intergovernmental logic of clashing vito's and moved towards decisions taken by a qualified majority that only praise a man just who may be ab summarize them. because i think it's an important point if the proposals are supported at some stage down the line anyway, what would the shifts from the principal of you, you name and you're saying the way that block works and s and signify like it is active to be a complete, see change then? well, at this point, it's really hard to gauge what will actually happen, what will actually happen to the system of the european unit. because this discussion, like we said, is just the beginning. we just heard from italy, for example, but it's quite clear that if the decision making changes from unanimous to
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simple majority then, well less influence influential countries, if you will certainly have problems with protecting of protection of their national interests and their voices and opinions of the people there will mean absolutely nothing within the larger european union framework. and this is definitely all for, from a sense of unity among all nations of european constants when, well, a set of countries will dictate their opinion to those people who are less represented on the political scene. so we are taken away by what we're talking about right now. hungary, slovakia, the opinion of the residence of the citizens of those countries will basically mean nothing. if somebody in brussels will decide otherwise intriguing, the room on the line is just coming through from the reuters news agency saying that the commission has nots agreed on
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a russian oil embargo and talks will continue tomorrow. so that's intriguing as to what might come from that as you've just been expanded. romano, thanks very much. our correspondent, a remind costs or if something else which may affect all that the russian president has signed a decree. introducing retaliatory economic measures response to western sanctions than you document buns, trading with individuals and entities from so called on friendly countries. it also bands, reportedly fossil fuel exports to such states no sanctions on russian under. she isn't the only topic causing divided opinion across europe. german intellectuals, artists, they have written an open letter to love shoals, urging the chancellor not to risk a 3rd world war by supplying more heavy weapons to ukraine. thank you. we are convinced that to such dividing lies have now been reached. first,
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the categorical prohibition known accepted and manifest risk of this war escalated into a nuclear conflicts. the delivery of large quantities of heavy weapons however, could make germany itself it brought it to the war. the letter also urges olaf sholtes to do all he can to ensure that a sci fi is reached with germany making a decisive contribution to a solution that they say will stand up to the judgment of history. yet this stone seems to have landed the magazine in hot water. hi, alice schwartz are your call for ukraine. surrender means that your celebrated feminism was just a front, a fake to accept the mass, rape of ukrainian women by russian soldiers as pure cynicism. i don't want any one in the right mind buying your shoddy emma, the letter states. we hope that a compromise can be reached as soon as possible that both sides can accept. if that
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were the german attitude, then violent border shifts in war crimes would be the new european normality. this position is insane. however, not all or against this call for a pacifist line from germany. important called for artists and intellectuals. the praise for shoals is unfortunately outdated due to his buckling under pressure from union free democratic party and grin, and to deliver tanks to ukraine. but the demands to prevent world war 3 are all the more urgent voices against the move to supply. heavy weapons to ukraine are getting louder. already on the petition side. changed or to hundreds of thousands have selling to signals they are against such deliveries. while public sentiment in germany is slaves poll, showing that an equal number off for and against that decision by berlin. their support for sending such weapons is said to be on decline the magazine. emma,
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where this letter was published, also hate out of the media coverage of the war. some have argued germany was bullied into the decision to vote to send heavy weaponry to ukraine. no, it's clear. there are many in the country who still don't support that decision. any dissenting voice does seem to be now the target of a campaign of bribe eating charlotte even c r t. paris and it's not just germany where opposition is growing over the uptake of lethal aid being sent to kiev. hundreds of protesters took to the streets in bulgaria. on tuesday, i'm going up the government's plans to send weaponry to ukraine. they're demanding that the country stays neutral in the conflict chanting we want peace and neutrality. people gathered in front of the parliament building and sophia, the demonstrations began after the government unless it would be holding
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a hotel later today on sunday, arms to ukraine. those against the move are calling for a moratorium on the sponsoring either troops or weapons of setting up military bases. no one moment. one of the governments favorite phrases as they cannot stay inactive against the injustice. but nowadays, they are ready to introduce the bulgarian people to a war from the aussies up we want to ban approved of bulgarian territory be used for hitting either of both countries of the war. the neutrality in this madness is the most important thing. it is the 3rd and final day of the indian prime minister's diplomatic tour of europe. no rent remotely has visited germany, denmark and is in france today for talks with president and money will mccrory. it's his 1st trip to the west. since the start of the conflict and ukraine coming against the backdrop of diplomat, again fighting on pressure on new delhi to join the sanctions regime against
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russian or correspondence r t to cool thing, can tell us more drag minister nor enter moby during his tour in europe in his meeting with his danish counterpart, met frederickson, discussed india's relationship with european union, and also discuss into pacific dies, as well as situation in ukraine. even as the discussions revolt around economic agenda, particularly india, and use free trade agreement which is expected to be finalized. i'd be earliest, but at the same time, his danish counterpart attempted to pressurized sir modi to take a stand on russia. denmark and the entire european union strongly condemned russia's own lawful and unprovoked invasion of ukraine. my message is very clear,
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poochie has got to stop this war and to end the killings. i of course, hope you have. india will influence russia also in this, in this discussion and his response from mr. not in the more be why did any mention off russia. he did not express any couldn't destination against moscow. and in fact, called for please in ukraine, we appeal for an immediate cease fire in ukraine for the adoption of dialogue and diplomacy to resolve the problem. so thought india has been consistent on its approach towards more school. it has taken, its a started good, traditional stance, riches sharing this strategic partnership, the more school it has a why did you in fact, all the wards in the united nations security council. it abstained from working
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against russia on his last spot on his last trip. in b, europe, he grabbing still more be really be visiting france and meeting president emmanuel marker. he's been recently re elected to get more on maurice tour in europe, less cross live now to foreign policy expert res shakes. speaking to us from indoor in central india. can i have you on the program today? i'm looking to evening. i think in france, what can we expect from the moody mac crohn meet? will there be any significant developments in franco indian relations? the photos, the banquet and relationship is concerning learning because we have really gone lot and this push in b, i is getting momentum, but it could be in that grid or let it be in terms of diploma or
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even in terms of the nation. but just from a full on these, if we would be caused by the end of them will be along with you. as part of that share you can turn to india won't read, there must be a will believe that she'll tell definitely be right with the security of the security of the board or you, can you ever write life piece one piece for these? and definitely premise to none of them will be, will be speaking with the counterpart because this has been called to regarding the thing that i think should be good to know must be, must be given. johnson, and think should work to establish peace between the condition and indeed india
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has remained firm in the position for some time as regards as you've been going through the ukraine conflict. do you expect that independence stamps to continue despite all the pressure that new delhi is coming under? definitely did our best shot. but to make sure that you knew there is no way to bank in front of the pressures. because i believe in the freedom of foreign policy as well as the read them off the policy. and what will these blink for the pressure come from best from any fear in the do what it is right in be i will do what it came to the right place to push crease in the india will not compromise the decor, me or the policy, but that won't make france,
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nor i would presume brussels happy. how will that stance on the crisis influence its relationship with the european block? the relationship with european rock and especially this is quite mature. they understand where we are coming from. what is a lot of historical relationships? what is the approach for dependence of indian foreign policy and strategic or told me so the relationship between europe and didn't be particularly for quite mature. and that relationship will be hampered. clear in wanting testing is the overall points. very interesting girl raise because you have western countries attempting to influence new delhi position. india is saying, hold on. we know what we're seeing. we've said this from day one. stop trying to
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influence what we think. does europe fear the strengthening of india relationship, but russia, for instance, the europe north that india and the shatter good for friendship and the we have been friends and taken in all the time so that nobody can be dead. who india is going to keep us friends, so not, not, not, you know, not even, not anybody. but i think that it in diplomacy and the indian collection with best head mature so much that build so look a little bit more pressure upon in the actual changes. wanted to see me. and let me tell you, frankly, there will be the best and need in be more than in need for us because there
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are enough and only country in play and we're going to do it. is it india? so they need to get more than what they need. nobody can restrict sure. right. india unwilling to render moody. be telling mr. mccrae back directly. do you think really is a good friend with the mr. mac ron and mr. mcclure and understand what the lender will be on, and i think the noise should not the need for anything it forward the index then because the mr micron laws, muddy very well, what did you bring? what is this for an honest people? so nobody can, i should, i is a primary stuff like that in the room will be who, who had the people in india and actually just maybe
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a word on india, russia relations. before we let you go, girl raise, how do you see that those ties either expanding or the opposite of 20? 22 goes on. does it depend on the conflict a lot? or despite that is new deli, moscow, or ties between the 2 strong onset to get even stronger. he in border a, she and relationship does one. so it will keep moving despite of conflict or anything, but definitely in the board that this conflict should and should be. it is bald. me believe this must be what rest and most all human in which we are also friendly human through the country. so you definitely want to get the most and wants with these and the role of india is definitely the blish,
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please in the one that's more than w, then okay. much appreciate your time and your thoughts today. thanks for coming in a pretty good res. shake foreign policy expert. thanks. oh, okay, let's set returned no to the front lines set. we go to don't boss for russian forces say they now have almost complete control over the city of rebellion oil in the loop. ganske republic. the area has seen bothell since the starts of rushes offensive with fighting. still continuing in several locations. there are t 's, maria, for nauseous, and this report from the conflict, so as to weeks. so fears fighting the town of rubbish. now he is now completely under the control of russian forces, together with units from the people's republic of la guns and supported by chechen fighters. they are now focused on the local zed. yeah. gunpowder factory. located in the industrial zone on the outskirts of the city. it is heavily fortified,
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ukraine's military together with a nationalist battalions and foreign mercenaries occupying it, they could tough a position. at the moment, the task is to capture and completely liberate the zari of plan from the enemy. then we will wait for further instructions. the goal is difficult, but not impossible, the fighter se with optimism, we go with them on their nightly patrol. the wine to aim of the operation is to secure a further progress towards elicit chance and several than he asked the last 2 strongholds of the ukrainian forces and the republic. the army continues their relentless advance had night. fighter is move without flies, and we use infrared camrys so that we are not located and targeted by ukrainian drones, silent fast, and deadly weapons. russian force is also used drones. with the help of a quad copter, we can figure out the enemy's positions and carry out surgical strikes. using the
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quad capture offensively helps to find out the enemies positions. it's a big help over the last hour is the joint forces have managed to take control of the 1st line of defense around is that our plant? oh, counter attacks repelled at the moment about 100 people have been eliminated in about 10 units of heavy equipment have been destroyed. there is resistance, we have a task and we are carrying it out. there are quite a lot of foreign made weapons and we have clashes with these on a daily basis. we are confiscating them afterwards, follow cut and supplies to ukrainian forces on the dunbar front is now a priority control over the entire industrial zone will not only pave the way towards lisa chance and say better than yet, but also help gain control over the entire territory of their republic, or if notional, how t from to be eschnann to very much a question of the day will sanctions on russia end up harming those who actually
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sanction those punishments? well, that's what our documentary boomerang effect looks at in just a moment time. i'm back in 30 with all your mid week news updates life from moscow . this is our to international ah, western media and politicians are obsessed with the idea of ukraine winnie say otherwise than you are maligned, accused of treason. good even cancelled you crane most when troll is actually about something completely different that has everything to do with weakening russia. when i was showing wrong, when i just don't know, i mean you have to figure out the same because the after kid and engagement
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equals the trail. when so many find themselves world support, we choose to look for common ground. pohden is the aggressor tune chose is war today i'm authorized with additional strong sanctions. i think you chose williams senior as we speak on the new senior, more streamline the rebranding. all in ports of russian oil and gas turbine and imposing these sanctions, our brochure no. as destroyed the american, in fact mister barish boomerang bay, where you're suffering the i key interest really hitting people in the pocket book, boise was on the is your i see you using him or is your, your router is literally you. this is gonna impose severe cost on the russian
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economy. folks immediately and over top of that on there, i thought it, by the way of list social names are for them all started a little bit. he makes this all the emeralds. remember him that you know absorbed it. so develop is thick body. how did show that 21st century is with the asians inch? russia is also an asian country and began to develop military cooperation. similar to what nature does in europe propose lower british officials for to swing by look at and you know, where are you going to treat was the search for new markets import substitution. the what sanctions has become part of our data vocabulary. news wise if i did with more and more reports of restrictions. however, sanctions has an instrument of influence.


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