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oh, the russian speaking, se ukraine refused to accept the cruise outcome. people took to the streets of ukraine's largest cities that had been protest in hock of a desa. mario pope and zap irosia mass protest broke out in the crimean autonomous republic and overwhelming majority of crimean citizens voted as a referendum to break away from ukraine. i did march 2014 crimea, rejoined russia. oh chester screaming you studying your one. we can see how much was misquoted, which is, oh dear good year, or is it a procedure? can you remember little dog? no criminal vasa or chest of crackers, a bunch of new to patrol's kid or dish. vieja was mentors sports orange california with nationalists trying to surprise
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bro, russian public sentiment with extreme violence on may. the 2nd far right is organized a march named for united ukraine. the march ends in a bluff here with logical, but all my, i would have an issue for us to move about a not for a full time with no loop, a new monitor for them. would you purchase arca go for the most of the year? holla, harkell scar will talk to you for your call when you post of the bulk of it. i just what you mean the show pawn from watch a just go to do something to lean your board. your for on you might wanna you proceed to lou. miss hill because all my apologies,
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i will the nationalist manager pro russian activist 10 camp at cooley cove. appeal on that one team down those hiding in the nearby trade union building in a they sent the building on fire. people who jumped out of windows to escape the flames being finished off by radicals with
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baseball bats, $48.00 killed, and about $300.00 wounded. what are the. a associates the bus we can do for them. so grading, also just a muscle will be still, but there's no mistake. you may have done, you lose your audio to vocal walker that was diagnosed. let when you move, that is no, i will drop the brass able to walk them or whatever. so my getting them is that only meal stories are they are a few of the teaching it down. yeah, we get to pull just a really boyish piece. i need a heap of his muscle, you move this new phones. when he got a top off, what schuman please put the most a he polish just because here at the most elaborate bold, shi to pick us
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a don't store. i mean, you're sure to weapon you the listening to that to quick us company motors through the prospect there been, will be the others to the monopoly while they might nature's reasoning. you store a live person who do you call a couple of my to pursue a building, which means that on board with some student visit numbers and we'll get those will be worked on both. got both beats. you worked at the time when you do get the political will get them and you get the blizzards, but rich zachary pursued on, were you able to watch the with me ah
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you, can anybody interest or what do you see that all my students still go to products learning group, ok, just one is b as a via them or a school as opposed to grade e o v m still e g 's, the truck will in the problem or could either release in the pronoun, this family is born, eat come cues can west yohina still it aluminum this deal on the bill us as matter that there will still lose the data just was admitted yesterday with pro she's can us a in muslim could little to peach care with buffer sanders would, shall not the bullet because like she will, you give a stalk of store, eat stood, czar. new pediatric use can list a
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ah, you could have a lot of to put up in your house reservation for a fellow postal parts. software where she is, and this woman showing you which always measure it on both are crucial show washer report. but as you, when you push to reduce a so grass coach is for wishful that the credit group are kinda is sure square on machine usually would be to, for annual programs. kick go to sure. stay at them for you. you could shuttle kramer kramer. i'm with my for, i don't want it or should issue jessica, because these to with it. we need to perfect my dummy. most convenient. you be good
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. you can give me a whole bunch of stuff. so if you take a graph of your machine is going to do so when you might you consult. she said, you wasn't supposed to create a new printer to your son you, but you will be what? most by that time, alexandra kosky had already quit the alpha special group. he was among the 1st to begin gathering self defense militia groups i. i had, with
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just when you go to start, when you go over a bit of human resource development. but you're committed to go over the media because it was very difficult to work with any of them for me. yep. also, when you get money with go, when you money it also you need to know what you know out of local a nation with family and privacy school was need to know who i can go over them about for this. so the potomac, those are great enough for my wife when they ceased, i would be the only one that was in the poignant store which i must push you to a news which he saw the process of much of a little spark, which was for monsieur, over thought and i was going to conduct a couple or externally to what i've shown this move williams. we don't want to shit,
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williams, a sugar was the militia sent some checkpoints on the road to await uninvited. guess we'll need to see if i need to get somebody to go to school or not move. this will be doug bought. the new government decided to subdue the pro ration regions with the help of my dad's radical activists who were not only officially trained at military camps but also arms. and then they were sent to the southeast and part of the country. i mean, even dreamily project color shall bullshitted each is the way when your mind on children just sorta comes around when we're done let and you spend every word. so
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good stuff over there. she just told you deal with the li model of what she did. a lot of mr. sheila, more political i'm going to project color so. so what are all next? she'll take issue on monday to resume garbage on your summer. yours a balk. i mean, could fill them all at the door and then by shows that she is in the new building. so cool, i'm, i was, i'm with you. with these radical groups were ready for such a turn of events by at the more collaborative floor. but a map has somebody meet end up with a speaker put initially for could
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a more numbers. once again, you're hosting your clean water from the blind. you will your home, you move mine up and you miles sean, i'm the only you got no, not a surprise, but to move by snow. when you put up a pile in sun, then you usually bloody me. if not, but you chewed up cuz i'm scared up. ah ah, get the bumper and i hit the button that was completed. he good is i want it boom, dalia g. daria, i'll come with slogans. sure. not that we need to move. did you want to move to? greg wanted to stay, legible, to be what wasn't long as a bunch of stuff. what did you you could put me to move to come close, then you will to watches a bunch of them through w storage. i'm grab your for my,
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just you to put it with the deal. sure. still with the wife. she'll speech. what's what show price sheets. you push me. i need the order. there was nothing on west berlin miller's of what i wanted to cough show explain to throw a choice up a school bus home. can you be interested in participating? but it would be to minutes and your number and i was fucked up. everything was list just to know, crowns come in, your solution is to invoke, you will be to do me to send you off the line dying and what's up with
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ah ah oh well it just seemed wrong when i just don't know. i mean, you won't have to fill out this thing because the advocate and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground
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law seely pros thereof for many highly placed with ukranian intelligence and who had recently left the country, managed to smuggle out some documents. they prove that my dance leaders had started planning the use of force against the rebel regions. once they came to power, they were not going to negotiate with the se. commute could thought i would soon be the boss has to create a good political be small or you could assuming a strict regina to another bush that are near. i will go body washed, whole dozen jo produced exerts of camille, norma, selena. show me to serve for samuel norma, selenium hon. up on the white text or a ne, utilize south june shipple ledger and he stuff, she put a t stuff, he could bring you some your rubric a quick put those to near or you know what?
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it's gone so unusual down. did your sister? what did you say you mean with me when you can go to school bush web? she's gonna go out of nature. i need you guys from chrissy to live a surprise, a little bit. don't book unless you shoot students can go to new york. she knew she was go at a different i got to bus. go any. is that not to spoiler you? still with me would be equally good. and then my daniel, we start when you go to peace gets in misty. i would love to what is common when you, when you might just my listing cause of when your story along the end of the one with the little bit because it in your still do, i mean it's usually like could we for sure what's going on the story of don bass residents being victims of russian propaganda is gaining momentum at the state level. this point of view is still popular, particularly with militants in the ukrainian nationalist volunteer battalions
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of symptom of lawns given sculpus it. you just know what, since you know how many months do you and you could, i could put him, you wish up for me? mostly i am going to get a lot more. i thought i knew the more about it. there's no need to double. my focus has just been a month from, from william was usefulness in wasn't was when you question your fellow gordy from somebody was a little bit of source. you just as unique a total storage way. but if you could for storage is i wanted to refresh our listen . if you look, which is no way i'm computers which i was on north shoot off from, i wonder. let's keep it the way to ship. it is up with no craven from critic of schemes from noticed that english tables will get upset. so easy, really ah,
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keep announce is the start of an anti terrorist operation in se, ukraine. at the same time, the electoral race is holding up. the main presidential candidate is b auto per shameka. one of the leaders of my don doing debate see, underlines that the crank down on protests in the regions won't take long practice patient products in the border in the book that are what could read. 3 reasons why my, my able to throw up their whole demon, i don't know, but when show where, where they could show how to move, a total pretty whole must be what's bringing more. looks where you. so if somebody's responsible for what got them new or little or like oldness alone or would you like you are with
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the yeah, come on. so she was to come of, you know, yourself, that was what was one if you will claim on your she has a large mirror as well. they story. okay. you live? yeah, i do so glad you said it will be a pretty fair. you'll say you is to look for in the world. ukrainian soldiers aren't enthusiastic about engaging in a civil conflict on the east by politicians. many soldiers, desert depositions, equipment and guns. some take sides with the militia. a yet some school done school. you're ready to let you to go to lunch. go share also. you can always. yeah. michael, my are new. my thought the young always tickets are appraised for you live lucille in the store in their project or my down the my done up putting spits the look warmly. brought your west. you got dora style about them today in approach to visual also gets along with it. our little music holden up almost to believe that
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the west. yes, one will approach it with the epidemiology. shane, yes, that's so about when you when you write jordan, i wrote a book, you don't want to go to it. you just a leave to post just on my i'm brochures going when you're finished. with
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with me soon goes into combat actions. the 1st to come under attack west 11th residence in trying to out the militia from the town. the ukrainian security forces don't take civilian casualties into account, but the 1st time in the history of modern ukraine, heavy artillery was firing on residential areas with ah,
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you just do it with, with, with with, with,
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with oh no, i mean you got a door a with to go go, the ability to pick a good beach, got up sheet in there for you and we should you like the way you made him time is really cool. but but i mean yeah, out new york city of w because of the ladies to them. we still telling me, so would you either shoulders go already, proposal from us memorial to pull a book to,
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to teach. it is double quite a doing you deal. so what's a good when people got full gas cable news topsy? lucian to quit was not given me for school. so the still easy numbers from to to keep just showing you, but you know, this new district or region, we're still keeping that. there's a new version from 0 to the 4th up here i spoke with. but you might have to put the order that was a b, c, or any procedures to put me starts up with all possible or sure what the additional might be partial month at the blue should you be come down as an important as you well, you said you have you up with a roommate, release police, the women should bother. she did area much easier. shebra wasn't when you stop so much. of course the, when you some board, you know, humans could be up to the full beam will be. but someone who can talk about the political doctor's not showing up at most, but a little more book,
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a group of people don't look at it out. you have to read, you'll still look at the price quoted, that there's been a little bit about this time. what we were able to pull up is kind of down to the me start a new sort of thing. patricia, a we're publishing press you to push with a with a shanker, was a new will curated on the 7th of june, 2014, and keep the man who had come to bow with the pledge to be the president of peace turned out to be the president it was
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a a worker's always told some chrome duncan credit, indirectly open engagement, pushed almost along with, with a more mobile cranial extraneous show or sharing a conflict, but are shown with on the one i was immediate move or sean was telling me to join us and you were getting a little to pull the minimum start on the way i'm a conflict with with
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a with, [000:00:00;00] with with with
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a 4 digit is for you. with that i mean sure with the you with the amount of the apartment. yeah, i thought i thought that graham, i'm not
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a poem you ah ah ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation. let it be in arms. race is on often very dramatic development only nationally and
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get into this. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very difficult time to sit down and talk with
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me. ah, ah, the russian military has opened a new material corridor for civilians from the as austell still planting mario poll . we hear from those evacuated about the nightmare. they've had to endure. we can breathe air, fresh air. it's a dungeon. they're almost like 3 flo was down below the earth. it was very scary. before we were 2 months, i defy it was scary to go out and be in use unity us but to the taste of plans for total bad on russian oil by the end of the year. let's go back here warning. it will destroy the blocks economy with the italian prime minister. meanwhile, bunch to abandon a core value of each decision. making the unanimous approach when it comes to


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