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please dostoevsky to cascade and shostakovich. i need to yeah. oh school called total math, but yes you do. you have to think about the time will you do a bomber lee? you could do that a little more. no. ah, so no ancient geena. she mouthful cynical. no she they may you couldn't him, you know my dad there so no pupil soon or if eliano ah, [000:00:00;00]
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a meal beyond his will attention that celia de la quinta inn with dorsey the ship answer to see no sort of angel school. i see for leon, ah, not fully a deal mondo kinshasa fuel or the mall that equal no chevy. lustoria would do that . the empty probably in the league. alicia did then ma main door that we got the knock. i can lustoria clinton. i'm in the city nova.
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ah, ah, a little child. our goal is to las give me glittering milk and cheese that it lustoria was to that beautiful. not a good thing perceive you that a so many metal into the sanity in the crystal guess amanda in korea, the capital me and that include mia era and then i put it in. you're going to move what it is. diego integral intestinal can. yep. i should either, if you're going or school, i started the math, no solid ology die. laugh that made you able de la dylan, deacon republican marinara, eliana, get past someone up there like the may j, nova, lena pisa, m odyssey. now laurie, i don't want you to shoot, that's a med mental us on his last you thought maybe like good
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boy goes it done. you guys over the years, a yeah, my phone, the daughter that come with it was the share spirit russo and i got on there spa skin, which before with more new atrocious to nap mats and the italians can as a care nipple, a fort definitive order of it confused with thumb effect mirror and his senior, a fee of reward. it was the 1st time, usually a bizarre of a, had received a threatening letter closure office immediately. our groups determined to protect italians from the danger. russia poses antonio employees, nor to advertise their russian background to rome. spin home to unity of over 20 years, where she represents the association, friends of great russia, that she won't leave,
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let alone give out one of our main projects. international push can prize a. another can just video out of the diet, which can e wasn't with, with the intention that it has dial the junk of melodic referrals to raising my report. then you actually got the one guy until you can chill off cover a feeling, a victim garden with doors diminished, the pretty john nova the picture. ah, let's put in sweat snake. yeah, i'm still in the appointments. the russian power left marianna. now whom of recorded that just for arnold schwartzenegger? look what's been going on in don't bass is
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a met once seem to get on. and he spoke highly of a athletic prowess level image that would start to like i'm on which flip back over nick dall option. i gotta admit in d o. yep. the most close one was that it's been a source mega, marianna told arnold she'd been visiting don't bass for 8 years. she'd met kids living near the front lines. she encouraged them to love sports. and when she told them that she was going to meet their idol arnold, they wrote letters for him. yeah, those are well show can we have to go to you can always a bit of with not what it lets me pick my on though i'm a router. no one that was think effectively though, i watch the most, the one that will never get sick with out there with her. you know, he always wants to buy more stuff. there's more 0 equal. that's what i she'll, i could variable though. she has
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a a steve, which will be on a swimming. yeah. yeah. 0 or the process was yes. i mean as much from the ground. i ask, is it a certain way as reason? mm. the counsel culture has it all disciplines. russian national teams compete in today. it's strong painfully in beijing where the barrel in peons came for the 2022 winter olympics after the hard work and training camps. they'd arrived in beijing only to be told they were banned from the games. ah, a different movie to new mileage. luckily,
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but don't ask me. she'll give it a new fly and get away. hey melissa, with frog, but there was some way or a bus monday that i saw it at the middle of brown. there's a lot of chord summers patel in the yellow blue spot of the invoice in the going can be up long. those mission barons. i wish i was to buy yours won't. if i'm on the, on the directory, i could not hear of which will diverge to 1st floor we're checking with. it's not the 1st time russian paralympic athletes have been banned from sports. it goes back a long way for them. it's a history assessment that is your goal that's,
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that's not there yet. and i got it done. so some choice, not but them choice. they studies that kind of them. but back on, on the cholesterol labor, which was dated by a say it was, i mean as though i believe that it was an issue with the dish. fun studio almost usually duties room with moms go with. i'm not local to the school of up with me. i'm well, you already so no nasty staiano phone. i don't normally i would offer to not need to be in durham point with you. richard street, artists from naples 31 years old, very popular with young people. he was ahead of the curve. but what he's doing now doesn't fit with today's agenda. melissa, in more than those has been all,
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i believe. so. yes, it will look, we can last. there was somebody in moon lake qualifies at buell. you can change that i think was so mean to happen to and i'm with ally bill cycle by lighting more than a part of the building up. i like to change it to move is nigelica when you actually literally holders near them and that is i will listen. your domain name at me? no, no, no. so hopefully as many, i'm on as up a little square decidedly. feel there because you the stay your school was having his already validated us with amazon digital media. a local the fireplace monday, monday will start a monday i live a and i still don't know how to do so i'm on the line or who needs to go to southern standards as evolution. should i the course for the approval?
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so paranoid parallel up into those 2 years, not so no. is that it will also leave a, a whole bunch of any time, i guess it will show up until the number is on yesterday too. i do see is going to be joining us from the avalon godaddy. expedited a. ringback johnny von did was to complete the trial mccord with our la should enter a if you share a meal. i for you my a nasty little glove our law course near justice is down at the fist down which mooney bizarre over so these dresses weren't event. she'd be preparing for her
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whole life. my shuttle scheme of chic bush can eat dinner and i should of came valve cheerfully out of my ever forest. to bol mascara, every year she has the grand russian bowl in rome, except in 2022. it's not happening. a batch with russian count has been swamped by a tsunami of cancellation, sweeping through european theatres, the bow choice tours concerts honoring to come skin shostakovich, all cancelled famous artists including russian conductor valeri give. haven't his gave them there was simply at the funeral school. no, yes. i see. but you might so wish that okay, was of the got tauriel mo,
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on the letter like not so he needs his immediate merchandise. she, tim, bullshit, rosky was a comp ah d with us soon enough that we will believe. what's a good idea to support the proposals running limited good. i believe in both those to the, to be the was the rational lawyer. crash could literally just when you know, but you know what the guy was okay before they plug become a system and then you push, ah, ah, in lisa come to the russian state. little narrative. i've stayed on the north lansky with fishy babble. been okay,
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so mine is gonna be new. when else with we will van in the european union, the kremlin. yup. machines. the state aren't russia today and switch r t spoke neck. even our video agency, roughly all band to on youtube with ah, ah,
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i rhonda with with you, i'm with no additional yes no, no. the only light weight near dollars by yet 2nd when you're done. what i see is yes, yes, yes, no. you don't. can you by, you know, was idea easiest. myoshi. shes brought you from us. i told her us, new people. okay. what, yeah, please do my. so could i in rapid proprietor because i should have gotten
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a contract, no contract to meet each total bargain. yes, keep us lost by source from our p. c. union greenacres. she had to bill my pride. yeah, i thought a team that has nice skin, but as a novelty. ah, i gotcha farmers coma, coronary issue. think what the hell off one of the common talk then escobar stumble, finished with a disclosure. uh huh. she's miss of. if you post office mr. for your friends, god, i'm sure you'll don't be storing your footing up on the me. you know, somebody look at the cost or your passcode when you're putting it, was new synnex toyota, a book, not much in the past. i mean us not removed a question on my son carson. do the cash flow should have been a week or so ago?
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well, i mean, you could, could me, telephone that otherwise ocean move in through which modem threeish, unless i'm a glo, much the only with most of chefs of that me shut my tooth and that sounds without him. and they gonna let him either. so you used to do to click outside, you will select 3 nipple there at the clue the when upload my option, you me just off the russian cancellations, co founder of the pushkin price in rome, junia bizarre about was unable to get any information. a telephone motel new days, she saw support from italian journalists. only one responded with figures that zip over to a rings your for your mental give you a note about john franco published
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a story about julia and his newspaper. but backlash quickly followed julia and her friends were accused of promoting the interest of a hostile country. they had to seek legal advice levels to drop a line of stuff that i did see on the levels duda about the same that i'm all stuffed audio. but it gave an associate our sense of thought, a sense of food are no now food food. just do. i mean i'm already done with or put to know then when shot it is from and by the bed lateral began. duck, is the foreman tumble audio going from today? she does. he need to see a niggle thrown to the you danica, i'm not up to go so far. the identity of those who rode, threatening notice to friends of great russia is unknown. it is the mara don't aside on the other side, j. r. sure. it is history,
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especially italian history. he says he's an anti fascist is for social justice and against the far right. the idea lago all done. it's all done now to the, to go on the east side. moving any of weebly, got more on a skid out and go home and you know, she didn't do the, the daily data going to go out who's just the mileage. so a lot you'd anticipate being esl in we're not running funds either a few more dollars to get for a for most of us to give you one of the, a lot of that with us that it would fall out. so got all photograph be upload the roy all day, did so maybe as you're almost random on to the rule. so that a little slow. but alexander, he's got to you regarding the most go, well,
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can offer me some grammar school addition to what i do and our borders with so much to go out in abilene, i should try a gentleman out for us. it was killing an extra step in the line and go with the call with a pin. why? why they had the number in there for streaming. that is a, it was a cookie to my stuff was in my price it april 2022. despite sanctions, marianna, now whomever went back to don't bass to see her friends. i mean, you can, you put it on the sit in the line is here to cook with it all. well, you know, it's not as pros and can get us. there was news to lose it on the promotions on western opinions. the smugglers with questionnaires that
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a peaceful digital. i'm saying. yeah that's that has the smoke. exceptional skin is a slight, ashton, give me a position to set these if not see is jim got guys to fight. so for assistance for the mass specimen, the me o me and yet nikia lucy, mr. with the guilt discipline, i think what? because the, which was much i knew i live was i just, i know that those are pretty sure. yes, that wouldn't be. that's one thing that i love lucy, just a silly continue with this. the case was just out of her several wrong looking at because oh but his teacher,
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he that she knew that she attended c store lutekey from lincolnton. but it just it's amanda. missed the yes she was cured of that. yes. yes. yes. but it open open and they had to look at how he could into it. there was a shorter with those completed mason come busy. sig, that will be just be up with the master. please come when. wish that 230, with the receive the get any so no booster little mueller. got it, you know, bill lower or cj in by be were in the work you really need to extend that all the time. will you do a bomb, lee? you redo choice, conflict pushes to we get the worst of it was of a shade public or under to to shade daughter julia could reached your role. is miracle belize near local. go to church for the benefit i schoolstore. no,
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there's no new much clue for children. mm for them, but there's all the students crew, mama is up and that means that that amino nip english halima. cuba spoke to another board. chesney said in the one it with the glue. yeah. blow to petition. it moves no battles because it's up on up and you're still, you would appease key commission. she just will do any separate to push you ah, let me do for most of were me addition exception. and your bristle exploring, produce a new by new mine in those of us with a school for what the meaning that the renewal on those are pulled me away near sort of social is the shop and then the school tomorrow tons. occasion a 7 time well drove champion, has been down from the world rating that's currently a credit. let us know when you book the decision was taken by the
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president of the world drops federation. during a championship match in 2021. you remove the russian flag from tomorrow's place. he did that right in the middle of the match. just to remind you that it's to put something that ranching the chest cedar chest. chris boots give it to german, conducted his laden, who learned no debt with his russian wives since 2015. a speaker, especially in his 1st year. in april 2022. he wrote an article for the german newspaper, north korea condemning cancel culture. today he refers to russians, is the new jews going parallels with the events of world war 2 are here, various members. network of particles goes up to a school. cynthia
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sutton, my social's, 2 numbers with sophomore, for our most did the i need to. yeah. to school called today. oh fine user, but he t feed him of contrib, didn't died. so to school crimes, what god teaches, fee to me union with whom school you go and use, appreciate with me. illusion of us doing it at the meeting. again, when you log in again, us the new lube, the portion of it, them go, eddy whiskey, shoes. and so the experiment guy, do you like the union id to you? nice one, it is no such thought. at least we just have to understand that as a way to not belushi musket nip it is 9 neglect avoided double vacuum that are very lucky to acclimate shavelle a any been asked the lady,
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my little money that i can chill as shown at a loss school keep saying, hey, they wont let me until i so anthony got the volcano in oakland, the needle that a k inc or bought it, go down the street doughty ground, the boy he ground the will the hasty guess one of the saw the trend pushing 1005 at been a gauss any more. they had a when i ground this to be that gina, was that a la garza delete eva egon? that goggle echo went out to him by shuttled it up on to the fatal. that luck will duda alida, that'll shake bad. yeah. no, hulu, hulu. so in the hood, put them in audio, giggling vonage, it took to loma, oh, a clue. did with you to the melinda with module 5 and then for the little yellow piccolo keel philippines?
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filipinos, good publisher, he had the left of the. the key. ah, good dinah wister chin shorter to assure no convene. he would not important they'd. what would they on the case? she has by yet chin sorratto. luckily buddha, he don't get this yellows by yet the listen soon. you been on the get go get the police. he got gabriel. i'm a pretty much put him on blanket. we'll give you on saturday morning to they'll go do. do they fight theni? die dover elementary, w, but i will put, i mean, so that he does italian mother gordon. but of course, the other eel. i'll post the lyla paulina galena, a avenue in little north austin. i listen. sony economy gave lila conchella cylinder the logwood duda la la miss invoice. good god, join boy, good died, joe da, the delane, d. e o. c younger the event. good. all she had been good at all said that i looked at the work that is charlie. i misread
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that though, the most of the sub wretched random e a predator de moines, this is the russian center in row. that's been the latest news. the italian government is declared a large group of russian diplomats persona non grata what that is. the chess not was soccer modern, yet nipping at that. i said by dia squan out. i see him norm whipple, a chamber spanish, mcneish law, supp shanie, the slow ram. if i didn't get this love, i me, nissan. glenn. it's well, it is can post some guy. tory was the last crana. i'm not born. yeah. chris raphael, guy prices, keith leon, sky. ah
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ha. what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with russian state little narrative. i've stayed on the north lanfield davis. mm hm. then. okay, awesome. so i'm at for a group in 55 when. okay,
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so mine is provided must be the one else with we will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine, the state on russia today and spoke ortiz spoke mckibbin, our video agency, roughly all band on youtube. and pinterest tele put a big if, if even close with me ah ah mm
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