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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, it is a war in ukraine, as you call it. it is a proxy war of the west against russia. russia tells the un it is the west to blame for starting a confrontation against russia by turning ukraine into a bridge head for battle. graves in the back yard had a playground inside residential area is a horrible but suddenly rather common seen here all across on boss and hain, the town of rubinez to a correspondent report from the 16 little guns republic now reportedly cleared of national forces when much needed humanitarian aid is being delivered to locals and
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hunger, his prime minister slammed the latest you sanction plans against russia, which include an oil embargo saying it will be a historical failure if adopted that risks. the blocks unity ah hello, and welcome to our international way. we're coming to life or my headquarters here in moscow. i'm paula sneer mint. it's a pleasure to be with you. we stop at the latest on the ukraine conflict. ukrainian forces have accused russian troops are violating the ceasefire at the as of stone. still planned in mario paul at the criminal spokesperson said an order was publicly given to halt any assault. earlier as all fighters reported, he offered to exchange 15 civilians at the plant for food and medicine. the criminal spokesperson said such claims or similar to what was heard from santos. it comes off to russia, opened new who monetary and corridors on thursday to allow civilians to leave the
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plant. the united nations has been helping with evacuation of civilians from the site and started a 3rd operation summary opal in joint efforts with the way across the u. n. has helped nearly $500.00 civilians feed the area. the un secretary general says the evacuation operation has been a definite success. according to the russian defense control center, more than 15000 people were evacuated to russia from ukraine, and the dentist and guns republics yesterday. also, according to the russian military forces, rush, an air defense systems shot down 3 ukrainian drones in the hockey region. the new guns for public and in the area of snake island and russian missiles had 2 ammunition to pose near denise. it was reportedly an explosion in the city of comma tours, but both russian and ukrainian sides have not commented on this information. a proxy war of the west against russia, that's how mosque was representative to the un has branded the conflict and ukraine
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for ceiling. bender insists it was the west who 1st started hostile actions against russia. what does it do? i mean, for 2 months now, we discuss ukraine and beyond the flow of hostility, lies, deceit, fakes hatred and insults. what keep getting asked, how could unprovoked russia have attacked a sovereign non aggressive ukraine, which never posed any threat to russia. i accept that there can be sincere people among those a things this way. but don't understand what's going on. but there are also sly people and countries who long dreamed of turn and ukraine into brit heads for a battle against russia. it is at war in ukraine is equal. it's only because it is a proxy war of the west against russia. it is as if he were eagerly await for this moment to unleash repression against russia whose duties could you know what the un headquarters where the 15 member body that leads the united nations. the security council convened the meeting, opened with testimony about the situation facing civilians and human rights going
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on in ukraine. we heard among others from the testimony of michelle batch olette, who talked about the fact that on both sides it seems like civilians have suffered and targeted averaging negotiations urging a ceasefire, urging the use of humanitarian corridors to evacuate those that would be in harm's way. so now when the members of the security council, the countries started speaking, i became clear, there were very big differences between the major powers represented are when the representative of shyness both use the opportunity to call for a d escalation. but also to criticize the nato coalition. and call out the anniversary of the day on which nato forces a tax to the chinese embassy and yugoslavia. delivering a weapons to ukraine will not deliver peace and the conflict has no witness dialogue with negotiations, the only and inevitable way to resolve disputes. far from making europe any safe up
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nato's constant east would advance since the cold war have so the seeds of conflicts. on the 7th of may, it would have been 23 years as nato fought a number of precision guided missiles at the chinese embassy in yugoslavia. china will never forget such a barbaric atrocity and will never allow this to be repeated again. just now the representative of the united states. so who was sharing the meeting and her rotating role as she's the rotating president of the un security council? she spoke, and when she spoke, she accused russia of simply lying. she didn't get into specifics. she just claimed that basically everything russia says is somehow again spirit, the theory or ally. and went as far as to say that the idea that ukraine had ever killed its own civilian was simply a pure, absurd fabrication. this is what she said before. the 15 member body that leads the un rushes even claimed that ukraine is attacking itself,
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that they bomb their own buildings attacked their own people and assaulted their own democracy. these lies defy all logic, all evidence and common sense. now the whole world knows that since 2014, there has been shelling and attacks on don boss and the eastern regions of ukraine . that there has been a huge effort to lock a russian speaking people in ukraine out of the political process. there has been relentless attacks, my son against civilians, i and, and what she's saying simply doesn't match the very well by a verifiable record of the dance that are taking place in that country. now the russian representative took to the floor and took an opportunity to try and give the side of the story that western media is not highlighting. and western leaders are refusing to acknowledge in their remarks that international gathering 19, you don't know, and you don't want to know what insults and hatred was targeted against everything
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related to russia. not just the everyday level, but also the level of governmental officials and public figures. you don't know that since he korean against independence observed ukrainian school history books have spoiled an entire generation of people full of hatred of russia. rooster phobia has become a national idea. you won't find in russia anything of the soul to was he crane and ukrainians. and his remarks, the russian ambassador, made clear that the united states and the nato alliance don't really care about the ukrainian people. they're simply utilizing them as cannon fodder against russia. they have a desire to keep this conflict going that to help ukraine, but to hurt russia. he furthermore went on to point out that all kinds of evidence of crimes and atrocities committed by ukrainian forces has been brought before the un security council and to the united nations. he went on to talk about how odd, there are instances many,
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many instances where essentially ukrainian forces are not allowing, you know, the civilians, to flee through the humanitarian corridors. and those who managed to escape or actually shot in the back by you granting forces. he talked about how there is a cultivation of extremist and anti russian fanaticism by the united states and the nature of powers. and then ultimately, the goal should be a de escalation. the goal should be a negotiation through which the violence can and now again, very clear in the testimony that was heard as well as from the remarks made by various countries. it became very, very clear that there is a big gap between how the major power is represented in the security council of the, of these of that. so us leaders have a narrative where russia is simply acting nonsensically without any possible provocation. russia, on the other hand, is pointing out what has led up to the situation and the real crimes and atrocities that have been committed over the past 8 years since the added states toppled the ukrainian government 2014 and installed
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a kind of nato puppet regime. and at that point, you know, they're, they're just doesn't seem to be clear point of agreement about what's going on in ukraine among the great powers. you know, we have china speaking up and talking about nato's actions around the world that have led to instability. in other parts of the world, so quite a meeting, but not really much accomplished in terms of countries finding common ground at the un security council. well let's get the take on all this now and speak to michael malo for former senior security policy analyst in the us defense secretary office. thanks very much for joining us. well, it doesn't seem as if anything new is being said. it was words in the us for the last 2 months, with harsh rhetoric and strong words heard from western nations and from russia. well, 1st of all, how effective all these discussions they're totally inexpensive. i think what it does bring out is how in ensconced the united states is in distant formation
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to the world that they don't take into account that we see what's been happening since 2014 in the dom boss region. and, and don't even acknowledge that ukrainians have been shelly ukrainian, and as ukrainians who are ethically rushing it for the most part. and it's and, but this, this doesn't, this doesn't get any kind of notoriety, especially in the west and most particularly by the western media. you're not going to see it on c a. m, or, or a and b, c. nothing of that kind. so it's been, it's really strange because the united states right now, the homeland security office is trying to set up a, a dis, information, truth ministry if you will. and it's just all of this information, the,
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even the people who are going to be running it have been shown on videos of just spewing lies totally lies constantly. and this, this really absolutely undermines the total credibility of the by the administration and earlier where, where it was said that ukraine is a proxy war for the us for a greater or larger geo strategic purpose is true. ukrainians are just being used by the united states. the united states will never acknowledge that, but the reality is very, very obvious. and then and when you have victorian newland and who, who is the under secretary of state for political affairs and who was involved in the 2014 coo it it doesn't leave too much to the imagination as to who the real target is, which is russia not going to contain russia,
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but now we are seeing that the whole idea is to have regime change of moscow. and that is the ultimate goal of these, the economist. and then coming here and asked about china, china voice that criticism over all the weapons being delivered to ukraine, insisting that doesn't achieve peace. will china be heard? well, i think they better be heard and china in other media. and another way is basically saying that the united states doesn't even have the capability to build the the javelins, even if it, even if they decide to go to war against, against china. so it's, it's, it, i hope i hope united states is eating what china is same and they are right. they have pointed out rightfully that nato has expanded at least 5 times since russia was given the assurances, i believe in 1994 that there would be no such expansion. and there are multiple
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agreements to that effect and they've all been violated. will it obviously makes the question about how interested really are western nations in peace and ukraine? well, i think this is really u. s. driven, if it was, if the u. s. was not involved in this, i don't think you would have seen the other nato countries go to this limit. it never would have happened. and it was the united states that, that pushed those zalinski not to adhere to the men squandered, meant to agreements. and then more so the, the european countries know better than to try to pick a fight with russia they've, they've, and the extent of the trade that exists between them, all of that has been totally disrupted. as a consequence, europe will not be the same in light of what has happened again instigated by the u
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. s. what about the fact that the russian ambassador blamed the waste for starting the confrontation and turning ukraine into an anti russia bridge head? can this really serve as a justification for sending troops into another country? i, it depends upon who's going to be sending troops where, if you think nato is going to send troops into ukraine, i doubt that that's going to happen. and 1st of all, you're, you, nato would need unanimous agreement to do that. they will not be unanimity already . croatian hungry for openers have said that that will not occur. they will even object to such countries as sweden and finland, even joining nato at this point. because it and because natal requires unanimous approval. so if you have, you have a fracture within the nato structure itself. and i think again,
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if it wasn't for the united states, was she these, this narrative against moscow? the european countries never would have gone to this limit as they were, they again were pushed and were given the assurances of backing by the u. s. and the u. s. has a, is notorious for breaking all of its agreements. malcolm and o 5 for me. senior security policy analyst in the us defense secretary office. thank you very much for joining us here on naughty my pleasure. thank you. ah, well, ukrainian forces have accused russian troops are violating these ceasefire at the as of stoles steel plant, mario pool. but the criminal spokesman said the russian military had not stormed the plant, but been suppressing attempts by ukrainian militants to take up positions. it comes off to new humanitarian corridors, have been opened to allow civilians to leave the site. the united nations has started a 3rd evacuation operation from the plant. the un secretary general said the evacuations had been
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a success. and nearly $500.00 civilians have already fled. the obstacle area we heard from locals about the current situation in multiple you think he was yet we see peace. how long will this go on? our apartments burned down. we live in the basement. it's time to start. we want people's lives in forgiven argument. we want to celebrate victory day on may 9th. my grandfather fought in world war 2. she went from kia to berlin. yo. we would like to enjoy the holiday and have a victory parade here. like in moscow, we are waiting for peace. we wish every one only piece and tranquillity and other plants around which there has been severe fighting is the zaria chemical factory. earlier russian military forces came, the city, claimed the city around will business situate by the plant had been cleared of national forces. locals are now trying to return to some semblance of normality in
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the devastated city, which still has no water or electricity. r t 's, maria financial reports where now it will be as no northwest of logan's just days ago, the frontline town, it's relatively safe at this moment. it is under the control, the russian forces right now, but it has been seen of fierce fighting for many weeks. the front line now moved from 5 to 7 kilometers that way and live and people how slowly. but coming back here, it's possible to leave here, but there is now communication in the city, but at the moment it's safe here. my rental, do you have on water, electricity? there is no water, no lights, no gas in the yard. we all cooked together whole. it's good that it's summer now, but if it was winter and most people could freeze, my baby sleeps under 3 blanket was in that he says, mom, i'm called after shelley, he doesn't talk lou bomb. keith closed in on himself as a lot of this cars of recent battles are everywhere. graves, hain, the back yard,
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had a play ground inside residential area is horrible, but suddenly, rather common seen here. all across don, boss, and hain, the town of rebellion a to once peace. he's back here. they will be re buried properly at the city cemetery. but until then, this is where they are going to rest in peace. that may happen soon, the military se, there's at our gunpowder plant on the cities outskirts is the ukrainian forces, last position, and the joint. russia, le, ganske republic, army, he's moving steadily forward. i see those of her. thank you lot. thank you for the help for the humanitarian aid with you. we are grateful that you have brought us a glimmer of light and we will soon get out of this. hell, we are like beatles buried in the ground, but still living. i knew we will live with russia. i mean, the town school number 2 has long been turned into control and command center. you see it's also been targeted, but after the frontline moved further away from here,
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the military left is building and in its basement breezes. civilian shelter for local residence, this is where they've been hiding. during heavy shelling, we go to check whether there is life on the ground. we are told not everybody's ready to leave their shelter just yet. there is no fighting right now in the town, but there are still some people hiding in the shoulder because they are houses have been destroyed. it's dark here, there is no light. so we turn the camera haine to infrared regime thrust grown from noisy seat for the day. miss robertson was this woman. you mustn't gordon what you want to be recorded to the truth. sorry, she is the flip was you. so we brought some candles and bread. so we're gonna bring it to these people. and i can't even say how many the are here. i was is toya, you know,
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voice voice him. there are 8 people here in this tiny room and i'm literally suffocating. here, there is no oxygen here at all. terrible conditions. one floor up local volunteers have organized and make shift clinic and pharmacy. melissa, monitoring them up in the run, no hospitals, we have nothing. we help all citizens are. all pharmacies have been looted. there is no medical help. we received $63.00, a wounded in a month and a half, not one died. we treated everyone, even those whom we thought we would need to take to the hospital. martha, you are heroes. we have diapers as a madison's can we give them to you? we ask people where they need little. of course you can. i'm tired of fighting for medicine so we just don't have any supplies. there is no place to take them. we leave everything we brought with us, some bread medicines and children's products at the school. these are packages sent out people in russia,
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packed for those suffering to meet the conflict in the don bus, which they asked us to deliver as aide. in this conflict, journalists often connect those in need. with those willing to help, there is hope that some normality will return to the town in future. but it's cleary, they'll need a lot of outside help or quite some time. brief nationality. it will be as now. meanwhile, russian territory came under fire on thursday morning with the local authorities claiming ukrainian forces shelter town in the bog award region located just a few kilometers from the border. 5 houses were damaged with one entirely destroyed, with no injuries were reported among the towns. citizens power lines are also said to have him hit billboards. governor said all the holmes hit, a shilling will be rebuilt. locals have spoken about how they live in the face of constant locker to attacks was pasta. roy no was left right there. my house was also damaged rockers, fragments fell a little further over there,
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you see everything has also suffered. the roof was damaged there. through the doors, there were also damaged. everything was damaged via blue mo, there were 2 missiles, one, let it outside the village. well, they are often here. the military showed them down only the fragments or landing. we're a big oh, we hear explosions all the time. we will leave. what else can we do? we might even leave today. dan gavin prime minister has written a letter to the e. u commission, accusing it of undermining unity with its plan for full embargo of russian oil had to all been claimed. it would be a historical failure if adopted. he also stated that hungry cannot support the new package of sanctions in its current form. neither hungary, no, they use a whole is ready to adopt and implement the measures as proposed by the commission . sanctions should be adopted at a time when all necessary preconditions are met in old member states. each unity is
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under threat, that is, according to hungriest prime minister victor open. he has made the claim as the block members currently, once again trying to thrash out a new deal. the sanctions, a 6 package against russia now open has been pretty clear. the budapest will not support the proposals that would undermine its own energy security. and the hopes of a complete embargo when it comes to importing russian oil would do exactly that. he's written a letter to ursula vaughan delane outlining his concerns. if the commission insists on the adoption of his proposal, it will have to bear full responsibility for historical failure. in the course of european integration, now he is also poured cold water on the plan saying that neither hungry knew the e. u as a home is actually ready to adopt and to implement such measures. they're both
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hungry and slovakia have been offered. the extension of an additional year on this embargo, which would take them until next year at rather than at the end of this year. however, this hassan apparently convinced either of them. now that is likely to put both countries at loggerheads with poland, which has been pretty clear, its prime minister once again stressing that a complete band not just on russian oil but also on gas is needed. this is motor, bi etzky, who also wants russian assets and federal reserves confiscated i've always advocated for the harshest set of sanctions. so i know what i'm talking about. we should not look for any kind of scape goat or point of this or that country, because we know that there were much bigger countries that were trying to stop, to decelerate, to postpone to procrastinate. no motivates. he had said that some countries had actually wants to be more dependent on russian gas,
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adding that everyone knows who they are. a fairly thinly veiled reference that to berlin, which had been due to approve the news stream to gas pipeline. this readable gas straight from russia, directly into germany. however, more via sky doesn't believe that the difference is about positions that we've seen from some countries over oil and gas will hold out. he doesn't believe that they will be a block on sanctions. but of course, those discussions are due to continue on friday and possibly over the weekend to if the 27 member states cannot meet and have an agreement. the u. s. senate is expected to possible that could leave members of the opaque group of leading oil producers and a partners open to legal action. it will allow the federal courts to enforce
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judicial anti trust decisions against oil producing nations. so let's break this down. both opec member states and oil companies are currently protected by sovereign immunity laws. the so called no pick legislation is apparently intended to protect us consumers and businesses from supply cuts and global oil price hikes by opec of which america is not a member. the bowl comes and grow intentions between washington and oil. cartel members off to opec refused to increase production in march. the grouping recently claimed that there was no spare capacity to replace sanctioned russian oil supplies, co director of the institute for the analysis of global security. dr. gold loft still believes that the ball has a long way to go and could provoke a response from members of the oil patel. i expect that it will not become law and it will never reach the president's desk. because it's ineffective,
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barely legal. and it will bring about considerable retaliation by those little bit countries that are targeted by this bill. i think it will backfire because the saudis have already said a long time ago when different durations of this bill whenever it popped up. and they said that they're. busy going to retaliate by starting to shift the oil trade from dollars to turn it in currencies, which could open the floodgates. expedite the fall of the dollar from a prone as global reserve currency, at least in the commodities market. that's why i think that we cannot discount the retaliatory measures that some of those countries can take, especially now when this is not only back, it's also open. plus,
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which means not only the members of cartel, but also all the other exporting, including russia. india has hit new records in its coal output, producing around 777000000 tons in the past financial year. that's a hefty 8 and a half percent increase compared to the same period a year ago. coal accounts for more than 70 percent of india is electricity production. the country is the 2nd largest consumer of the resource globally. new disney has faced increasing caused by western nations to face it out and switch to renewable sources. but energy expert, for when the coma aurora says india's received little of the promise support for green energy transition. what really happens is that it does something with you going to sit on and off. so all has be the main source of our energy for quite some time. and we feel that before we get into it,
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the more rich can really reduce the or we will have to really improve our resources on, on the, on the renew was definitely in this sense that we are ready as to what we can achieve. because the off growing, the big investment in the renewables require us to also make big get hold of the big money? no. where does the big money come from? no day we were actually promised by the western countries that once you increase your renew was then we will try to give you some sort of assistance. but that assistance network game did not come. then in that guess we depend on our own resources. well that brings us to the end of the bulletin. i'll be back with the team at the top of the hour. of course, you can always catch all news on our website, said
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r t dot com until i see you again. thanks for joining us. ah ah ah


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