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the, i don't not on the channel as the farm is starting to create a measure to show done for each for this chart is 30 stars. i bring your bar look, draw ross. it's brought. i thought i know dies of as i hear no drug. i let me not let me know. yeah, we're on prison. irish. yes, you're very most awesome,
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right? yeah. right. well that brings us to the end of this volition. i'll be back with the team at the top of the hour. and of course, you can always catch on news on our website at r t dot com. so until i see you again, thanks for joining us. the ah ah ah
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mm ah, with a dollar you talk to you about a
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year with a lawyer, grimes group where they are pulled up or what interested or se julia? does she somebody over there or socially bud zamarelli, but she wanted to put you with a a dual might
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be for ah ah, well, you will not put out the whole amount for crying or not, but she knew because you learn, you got a young them you got
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a good sign is why you must say, like a synagogue . then you find that i did a lot that you do it that way. you love the idea that was a blue cross. they knew it was a me of when i see they still i that would work a little i'm with that is but of all of you got the ability to have 3 of you. cool . i'm with you know, machinery to sort of tunnel with all my god. bless you, bye dr. scott, it's betsy buffy. i'm thought buggery over here. look out a new wheel, but see bob, our bus. so if you buy a one,
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you look at your with a for her do after dorm with her, she needed to provide me with british huge. it was really hard. but don't study. of course no,
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really what you choice worth of to shoot in a put you know that you want. i don't know real sure. sure. i mean it's with sure you want. sure would. man you're actually it isn't. you're provided with finance very few little on the 2nd. but you know, a
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good does not say which guy, when you bundle by the school as a, do you most likely you build up what you did or not? i got a yellow guy, you know, i knew was a name awards a deal up last last night. that was a cool deal. all sounds good. yeah. i all know will it says lloyd's already. so yeah, but, but you need say that the wave was get beat out, spoken about those 2 thought it might be southwest a lot more if i need some, all of us moves and push it and you were you try these now? you close to guys?
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yes. yes, if it's all fine, you'll see a lot different from the home. so wasn't it? but he needs a thumb, usually with oh, can i either meet say i got, what are those novel us up rather start a new prostate with a new to us, the reply to the chip lodge a new but the need to walk through the socio federal a m l a w should've been they have such a boston duper would use delete guns. they say yeah. your policy with florida. my you know, i thought it was still a good question with a with
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yes, i'm sure you don't wash my younger portion flu shot. it's not straight, can you with most would ship it as veterans united sub steel, christmas time is that there's only piano and then there's no and because she doesn't have all been up on the ladder, still see me ask only celia cut. all right, i'm wounded. i'm yes, you must keep your team section and it was a wash. nikki has also cut. it will not be able to pull check when you thought on information, but most of them was 9 miles for sure. i'm not sure if i was by animal or she is still yet. yes, it shows them this. will she list i'm on my calendar to come for the conditions today. sure, sure. and yeah, very clear that talk newly diagnosed about started
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a shop with a blunt i'd say you do say we're doing this, but i've got pieces share a more strict mean. sure. it's a way at that for you. it's your vote i, you'll need catherine. control it on the bottom of it, they will get over it and you go, go to not somebody under pressure, you lost my stuff, but i be able to deal with them. it was nice talking when you say i knew that you knew anybody. we always want to keep this company is a veteran issue. what you needed to know it's from it's a little bit better then you don't you already mean the kind of control in the film industry? still with you on the for them, you know, i need to does actually in your stick
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a little from interested chance can little bit of the but he's already, it says that she's, he's just in the system as australia to that are both. if you show a clear, yes, i'm still in the middle to west and you said that or yes, what's up to him in the middle of the other other about to with with a border with i don't know
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if there's a lot to work with of them you know, there's a little home talk with
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people too much. ah, a lot of it with like you are eligible issue was uniform. her lilian poetry inquiry stopped apparently. oh no, no, but the closet door, but you know, if it shows them system is there was a ticket when you get off that interested in it's just a little over it with
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a moment. what is of you are actually to do it or not, but normally knowledge personable knows they don't pass more. they're gonna put shirts on what come with the show, just getting rid of a gospel, but donna display personal, a booklet, but it brought out a spot. ah, now it shows the wrong one. i just don't know any with an engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds
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apart, we choose to look for common ground american assistance. ukraine continues apace, so much so it begs the following question. at what point will russia consider the us to be a co belligerent in this conflict? the fact is, washington is at war with russia, and russia is being forced to respond good . i'm with the water. shouldn't pay for it. you're going to you when you're here, when you go to college students, there's $40.00 a night, $38.00, somebody doing that? you know, we're going more sort of, it was close to that. you don't personally orders. deborah, go to move you up with our headquarters, but he's only was a good. i'm just public school need to speak to you quickly. i'm sorry. i wasn't
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a nurse, which is like with a lot of us with you. did this at mila with alice o'brien with, isn't going through, but i didn't buy my new place. there was a bunch of luck. we'll come here. this is a joke on some of them shows like, you know, you of course are stores from it though another to help you get to church. you just
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know the video that you sent g g. thanks. beth miller is dealing with medical sim glitch cut by you glasses that are in your life. where did you indicate the wish to us a good bit by the years a new, unapproachable, ah, a new or new resource with
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where do i to go? because i love a 3, are you a deal? the role it is the roots always will they get there? mm hm. a, it was a way i can go ask you a list. mm . are so that you have good or
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evil and they all could you with would be the most that just the other guy because i did, but i didn't know my a my inwardly this is with numbers level with we have much go about doing me on those are those not you had you to hear him with couples and i wasn't. it was a mess because it's a grocery store. lydia. a must have to rush me like my or if i'm yearbook over year
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you bob scott: right? or your mom lisa. so i knew his name was bla. nope, i said you miss it's a been listed to learn about doing almost one of the still spicy room in the gym so never so full of stuff. i was more come on, which was great, a thought. so let me ask a quick worked with when his name, external forgot that i was just supposed to come soon to pool. i'm still getting, it's very well done with our chest welling piece with a cruise run. not that out. the results of north of michigan is completely up to you on the hood said, here score our students that on if that are done with
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the teacher choices with escrow can the even on the line with me, 60 me with the limits on the funds with
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them the lowest in scope with marshall and angela to sure seattle for good or crap is what the most waco with me. it's just for us to serve in charlotte or the forms cochrane. there's not a good that. it's just that you don't need to put him in that order. who would sustain needed? rankings 9 was to move digital in both georgia. i was fresh, shorter. mary, i'm very bird leader caucus. from the fallen off. if the sure with
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latisha's spanish engine i suggest with babies to speech with a kid is dina with diner. when dealing with all of the morning with
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dawn bus and down to maryville, go on another little rescue mission. we're picking up an old man with some bad legs, so welcome to mary. you can do on ads in 2014 december, 2014. after seeing the war crimes and installed american installed with the regime of when a burg people to death and beat them to death in odessa, when they bombed the lou, god's administration building killed civilians. their booth
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ukraine has real fascism. i watch some idiots last night. some so called professor somewhere saying, oh there's no nazis in your grand zelinski is jewish. the residents do is there can be not that's a lie that's alive with a former suggest. oh shaw. you see me? apollo chose no slaves. the museum of bush get them all with the vehicle, but they are just on the water that lower section it to us all bus. i got it on cell bus as well. no, but ill buy them through bump. ibm got him 3 tomatoes on the circle up
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a built that will say you will hold. okay, it's good that i should, than that hon of war. and daniel would have, but i mean, you're sort of like, you know. mm. mm. quite a story that you didn't like. i don't know that you're crazy over here with us. no hostility or are going to be with our dog. we're for sure. you're, you're probably not sure. rush, you thought we, my shifter you wish you might not? my daughter are more fragile, valuable, but what or a little sure. do started a possible drive time with
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an idea or that way you know, doing what ah, it's really tragic. it's really sad. but you know, when we were at the humanitarian aid, oh, there's thousands of people there. ah, and it's russia bringing them food, bringing them water, bringing them help, bringing a medicine. they're like a mobile pharmacy go on. and it's russians that are helping these people today. not the ukrainians, not the nazis in just russians are helping them with
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national been yes or no. yeah, no diesel or yeah, we are you with your eye on that or the or the america? nobody is good. it's like going to live the show and i would have a feel by ceeback who died a while ago long when i was showing wrong. when i was just a few feet out this day because of the advocate, an engagement, it was the trail. when so many find themselves will depart, we choose to look so common ground. ah,
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just a, we are live in a, in a state of information war or more accurately disinformation or, and his target is russia. russia tells the u. n. and has a west to blame for starting a confrontation against russia. they're turning ukraine into a bridge head for battle. graves in the back yard had a play ground inside residential area is horrible, but suddenly rather common seen here all across don bar. send him the town of rebellion a to a correspondent report from the 15 little guns republic now cleared of nationalists forces when much needed humanitarian aid is being delivered to locals.


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